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Bonus 32: Lifestyle Inflammation & Reciprocal Relationships with Kat Lee (part 2)

This is part 2 of my spontaneous conversation with my friend and colleague Kat Lee. We talk about lifestyle inflammation and the role of non-reciprocal relationships in lifestyle inflammation. Reciprocity in relationships means no one is ever giving without receiving. There’s always enough, even if you don’t have a spoken arrangement around what each person […]

Bonus 31: Lifestyle Inflammation & Reciprocal Relationships with Kat Lee (part 1)

Something that’s been coming up for me for a couple of months is the idea of reciprocity in relationships, the difference between transactional and reciprocal relationships, and an invitation to notice how I’m showing up in my relationships with friends, family, and even clients. The relationships that are the most regulating to my nervous system […]

Bonus 30: Men Deserve to Heal, Too with Chris Willburn

I feel really sad, y’all. All over the Internet, I keep seeing posts that are essentially denying healing to men — especially straight, white men. And I *hate* to use this word, but it’s… problematic. While it’s true that a lot of abuse, harm, and violence occurs through the actions of men, it is also […]

Bonus 29: The Importance of Owning Your Story with Kevin Patterson

Enjoy this fun, deep, insightful chat with one of the most authentic people you’ll ever hear — my Instagram friend and psychologist Kevin Patterson! I hope this gives you the courage and a nudge to embody your authenticity and OWN YOUR STORY — no matter what! It’s how you got to where you are today. […]

Bonus 28: Real Talk About Ego with Pippa Leslie

We’re diving into the ego in this episode! I know, I know… sigh Ego stuff can sometimes feel heavy, confusing, and annoying, but in this episode, my guest Pippa Leslie and I are having a good laugh and encouraging you to laugh about your ego, too. It makes ego work feel lighter! This Episode’s Guest […]

Bonus 27: They’re Not Your People If… (10 Ways to Know Who’s Not for You)

In this bonus episode, I’m sharing 10 ways to know who’s not for you. I hope this helps with awareness in your friendships, partnerships, marriages, parental relationships, and more. Just because someone’s not “for you” or doesn’t feel like “your people” doesn’t mean you need to cut them out of your life — although, it’s […]

Bonus 26: The Nemechek Protocol (My Favorite Brain-Healing Tool!)

I’m SO pumped to share my FAVORITE brain-healing and nervous system-healing tool with you: the Nemechek Protocol! Now, I know I talk a lot about not needing supplements and protocols and all that for healing. I want you OFF the hamster wheel of wellness! However, there’s no denying that trauma — of ALL sorts — […]

Bonus 25: Noticing the Voice in Your Head

There’s been a theme happening this week with my clients around the voice in our heads. When a theme occurs in my 1:1 coaching work, I always pay attention. Usually, the theme isn’t just for my clients’ healing; it’s also for mine — if I’m willing to look at what my clients reflect back to […]

Bonus 24: Spiritual Awakening & the Ripple Effect of Individual Healing on the Collective with Amanda Monnier

  Important Announcement! Join me for… Nervous System Hygiene: a 4-week group program to help you learn new nervous system-regulating tools, finding what feels good, and how to create your own Nervous System Hygiene Practice Registration opens February 1, 2022 and closes February 10, 2022. Because you’re a Circle member, you get PERKS! You can […]

Bonus 23: Somatic Tracking for Pain, Anxiety, & Body Connection

In this bonus episode, I’m sharing the practice I used to heal anxiety. At the time I started doing this practice, I didn’t have a name for it. I just called it “being with my body’s sensations”. Then, in 2021, I read a book called The Way Out by Alan Gordon. In this book, he […]

Bonus 22: The Messages I’m Receiving from the Universe Right Now

I didn’t know what this episode was going to be about. I’ve learned that not knowing usually means WAIT. Wait and see. Wait to hear. Wait. Don’t react. Nothing is urgent. Just wait. And when I lean in to the waiting, the answer almost always comes quickly. As I was falling asleep last night (12/26), […]

Bonus 21: Q&A — Boundaries & Family, the Mother Wound, Breathwork Posture, Toxic(?) Positivity, & What if I’m the Problem?

In this first-ever bonus Q & A episode, I’m tackling these questions: Am I making the best healing decision to set big boundaries with my family or am I running away, avoiding triggers, and missing an opportunity to heal? How do I heal my Mother Wound and move forward? Is there a way to make […]

Bonus 20: You Know You’re Healing When…

How do you know you’re healing? I think that’s sometimes pretty obvious, and I think sometimes it’s not. This is probably one of my favorite bonus episodes. In it, I reveal 10 ways that you can know you’re healing. I’m a big believer in celebrating our wins… big and small. Here are a few of […]

Bonus 19: Anxiety — Do You React or Respond? (+ Thoughts on Consciousness & Surrender)

Oof. It’s been a month. A great month. And an exhausting one. I’ve spent all of November 2021 creating, manifesting, writing, marketing, and then teaching a new workshop, Nervous System 101. Some of our Circle members attended NSYS101, and it was so nice and comforting to have some familiar faces/names in the Zoom room. So, […]

Bonus 18: How Our Thoughts Create Our Reality & How to Change Your Reality

I believe we create our reality. The good, the bad, the ugly, all of it. I also know that most people are creating their realities unconsciously — from the ego. In his book A New Earth, Eckhart Tolle writes, The ego is not only the unobserved mind, the voice in the head which pretends to […]

Bonus 17: A Conversation About Panic (& How Cold Plunges Helped Me Train for an MRI)

I had an MRI on Thursday, October 7. Would you understand what I mean if I told you that I feel like doing cold plunges and other exercises that require leaning into discomfort helped me “train” for an MRI? You see, I’ve always been very claustrophobic. Not in elevators or closets. It’s when I can’t […]

Bonus 16: You’re Comfortable Being Uncomfortable… But Can You Be Comfortable Being Comfortable, Too?

Lindsey cold plunging in Lake Superior

I’m pretty sure the official motto of the Trauma Healers Circle is… “I am comfortable being uncomfortable.” And, while healing is absolutely about widening our windows of tolerance so we can live fuller lives without needing to be rigid or restrictive with ourselves, there’s value in being comfortable, too. In fact, I think I haven’t […]

Bonus 15: It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to… Control

Feeling like you need to control everything is a doozy, y’all. It’s something that’s been a huge struggle for me personally, and it’s deeply affected my marriage and my relationships with my children. There’s nothing profound to learn in this episode, except that I want you to know that I’m still healing, too. I have […]

Bonus 14: Inner Child 101 in 45 Minutes with Evelyn Hale

I totally forgot that Bonus Episode 12 was also about the Inner Child when I invited our very own Circle member Evelyn to record this bonus episode with me… That also happens to be about the Inner Child. Nothing is random, folks. Nothing. So, in this episode, you’re going to learn about Inner Child work: […]

Bonus 13: Do You Treat Your Inner Child Like a Stepchild? (+ How I Am Actively Re-Parenting Myself)

Treat your pain as a hurt child you are trying to comfort, not as a stepchild — always demanding and begging it to speak to you and tell you what it wants and why it’s misbehaving. Have you tried that on a kid? Or had it tried on you? You were hurting and confused and […]

Bonus 12: Can We Heal in an Unhealthy Environment or Relationship?

A member of the Trauma Healers Circle recently asked a hard question: Can you heal in the same environment or relationship that’s making you sick? Whew. That’s tough. There is so much complexity in a question like this, particularly if the relationship is a spouse or partner and you have kids, finances, a house, etc. […]

Bonus 11: Ashley Wood Opens the Akashic Records of the Trauma Healers Circle

I am brand-new to exploring the Akashic Records (aka library of souls), but my guest isn’t! In fact, she read the Akashic Records of over 700 people before releasing her course, How to Read the Akashic Records with The Pinnacle. Now, she teaches you how to read your own Akashic Records or how to create […]

Bonus 10: Chatting About Psychedelics with Mike Govoni

Psychedelic medicines have been a powerful catalyst for my healing journey. Psychedelics also have the potential to stall healing journeys as well. I definitely don’t recommend them for everyone, and I believe they should be approached with great care and intention. For me, there is nothing recreational about psychedelics at all. My guest Mike Govoni […]

Bonus 9: Mom Guilt Doesn’t Serve a Purpose + a Beautiful Guided Visualization with Jeremy Tan

Remember Jeremy from episode 39? He’s here with a vulnerable and raw bonus episode. We talk at length about relating with our own parents, as well as my experience with raising a teenage son who I have felt increasingly distant from. Jeremy ends this episode with a beautiful and touching guided visualization. I truly hope […]

Bonus 8: Solar Storms & Eclipses & Retrogrades, Oh My! with Tammy Antoinette

lindsey lockett crouching on a bed of green moss

I just loooooooove it when resident astrologer Tammy Antoinette joins me on the podcast! This time, we had a little chat about the intense energies of the month of May 2021. On May 12, 2021, a G3-level solar storm hit Earth. If you have experienced brain fog, increased sensitivity to lights or sounds, fatigue, vivid […]

Bonus 7: Food Addiction, Hyperpalatable Foods, & Whether Any of That Matters if We’re Being Present with Dr. Maria Paredes

lindsey lockett holding a fork with a brussels sprout and smiling

This is the remainder of the episode I recorded with trauma-informed eating disorder therapist Dr. Maria Paredes. As always, I saved the juiciest part for you, Circle members. I have recently become aware of the term “hyperpalatable foods”. As a certified health coach and former health food blogger, I thought I had heard it all […]

Bonus 6: Be Your Own Fucking Alchemist with Bethany Russell

I originally recorded this episode for the public podcast, but something told me to save it just for The Circle. I think I am dealing with some of my own Imposter Syndrome or maybe just fear about posting on what I perceive to be “sensitive” topics. Although I believe with every fiber of my being […]

Bonus 5: Leaving Wellness Culture & Trauma at the Root of Chronic Illness with Syanna Wand

lindsey lockett sitting in a forest with wild leeks

After the public episode 34, I kept the tape rolling and Syanna and I had a fantastic conversation. Interestingly, we share backgrounds in being holistic health and wellness coaches… and both of us left that industry after experiencing the invisible ceilings we’d hit with our clients. No matter what diet changes or supplements or protocols […]

Bonus 4: Bridging the Masculine & Feminine (the Left & Right Brain) Through Hypnosis with Priya Lahki

Lindsey Lockett wearing a white wool sweater inspecting forest moss up close

Let’s talk about bridging the Masculine and Feminine (or left and right brain) through hypnosis! Hypnotherapy can help us re-write the hidden programming (aka autopilot) that we live in 95% of the time. If we’re going to be on autopilot, why not create a hypnosis of success rather than a hypnosis of victimhood? In this […]

Bonus 3: On Moving Out of Victimhood & Into Empowered, Conscious Creator

Lindsey Lockett wearing jeans and a blue checked shirt standing in the woods with her arms raised and her head looking up to the sky

It’s another solo bonus episode… this time talking about my observations and journey of shifting out of victim mode and into empowered, conscious creator mode. This is a touchy subject and not one I’m super comfortable sharing with the general public yet. I admit that my nervous system isn’t ready for the potential fall-out of […]

Bonus 2: Wordless Feelings, Certainty, & Survival

david dietz and lindsey lockett standing in a forest under a birch tree holding each other

This episode is just me, sharing part of my journey and the struggles and realizations I’ve had while healing trauma in my most important relationship: my partner. David is the most amazing husband and partner. He is my best friend and my person. Our relationship has endured many trials, including leaving Christianity, cross-country moves, raising […]

Bonus 1: Emotional Neutrality & Nervous System Literacy with Poplar Rose

You are a product of your environment and your nervous system. You are not the sum total of all your life’s choices. When you recognize this, it creates so much room to make decisions ON PURPOSE. When you can stop, think, contemplate and then act — not from your brainstem like a dinosaur but from […]