Bonus 7: Food Addiction, Hyperpalatable Foods, & Whether Any of That Matters if We’re Being Present with Dr. Maria Paredes

lindsey lockett holding a fork with a brussels sprout and smiling

lindsey lockett holding a fork with a brussels sprout and smiling

This is the remainder of the episode I recorded with trauma-informed eating disorder therapist Dr. Maria Paredes. As always, I saved the juiciest part for you, Circle members.

I have recently become aware of the term “hyperpalatable foods”. As a certified health coach and former health food blogger, I thought I had heard it all when it came to “healthy food”, but this is something new for me. I’ve noticed that hyperpalatable foods are demonized and implicated in food addiction. These foods are typically high in both fat and salt or fat and sugar (think bacon, donuts, ice cream, etc.).

While I acknowledge that I am no expert when it comes to food addiction, eating disorders, or hyperpalatable foods, I can’t help but wonder if more emphasis on “good” or “bad” foods is actually helpful for healing either addiction or eating disorders.

And, Dr. Maria joins me in a conversation about these foods.

She really brings it back to what’s truly important, in my opinion: PRESENCE. Does this focus on good/bad foods and food addiction (which might not be addiction at all) even matter if we are living in the present moment? It’s a food addiction/eating disorder conversation turned existential and conscious.

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