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Episode 110: A Conversation with my Daughter, Addie Play in new window | DownloadIn this episode, Lindsey and her daughter, Addie, discuss Addie’s struggles with food and their shared journey towards healing their relationship with food. They explore the impact of parenting patterns and the generational disconnect between Gen-X/Millennials and their Boomer parents. Lindsey acknowledges her role in shaping Addie’s disordered eating […]

Episode 109: The Transformational Power of Your Creativity with Sarah Teresa Cook Play in new window | DownloadSummary In this conversation, Lindsey and Sarah Cook, a writer and trauma-informed mentor, discuss the transformative power of creativity and why it’s so important to create simply for ourselves, apart from external validation or goals. Sarah also explores the cyclical nature of creativity, the need for periods of rest […]

Episode 108: Shiny, Happy People — Religious Cult Deconstruction with Tara Oath Play in new window | DownloadIn this episode, cult survivor Tara Oathout shares her experience growing up in the IBLP cult (think the Duggar Family/Quiverfull Movement) and the impact it had on her life. Tara and Lindsey open up about the effects of purity culture and the shame they felt around sex, despite growing […]

Episode 107: WEBS OF TRUTH — Responsibility in Coaching from the Perspective of Coach & Client with Kat Lee Play in new window | DownloadWebs of Truth is a monthly sub-podcast of The Rooted Business Podcast with Spiritual Business Mentor Kat Lee and the Holistic Trauma Healing Podcast with Holistic Trauma Educator Lindsey Lockett. In this conversation, Kat and Lindsey explore the concept of responsibility from both the perspective of coach and client […]

Episode 106: WEBS OF TRUTH… On Authenticity with Kat Lee Play in new window | DownloadLindsey is joined by returning guest Kat HoSoo Lee to explore authenticity as a pathway to having our needs met. This conversation was sparked by the requests from Lindsey’s and Kat’s Instagram audiences of, “How do you show up authentically online??” Many of us have lost touch with our […]

Episode 105: Secrets of an Entrepreneurial Mom with ADHD with Theresa Lear Levine Play in new window | DownloadLindsey speaks with returning guest, Theresa Lear Levine, an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioner and author of Becoming More Me, Tapping into Success, Subconscious Secrets of an ADHD Entrepreneurial Mom. The book details Theresa’s personal journey, discussing her traumas, ADHD challenges, client experiences, and insights into emotional freedom techniques, […]

Episode 104: A Peek Into My Annual Appointment with My Psychiatrist Play in new window | DownloadIn this episode, Lindsey delves into her personal experiences with psychiatry, tracing her struggles with anxiety, insomnia, and a suicide attempt in 2019. Misguided medical advice led her to self-advocate and push against standard practices, especially concerning tapering off medications. A turning point came when she met a supportive […]

Episode 103: A Year Without My Mother — Reflections on Complex PTSD & Abandonment Triggers Play in new window | DownloadIn this solo episode, Lindsey delves into the insights, lessons, pain, triggers, and progress she has been through. She vulnerably reveals a strained relationship with her mother and a year of non-communication and emotional pain, even while expressing a hope for future reconciliation. Lindsey discusses her understanding of her […]

Episode 102: Business as a Spiritual Practice, Ethical Marketing, & Developing a Reciprocal Relationship with Your Biz with Kat HoSoo Lee Play in new window | DownloadIn this episode, we’re chatting about business as a spiritual practice, ethical marketing, and cultivating a reciprocal relationship with one’s business with frequent podcast guest Kat Lee. Kat shares her experiences with various businesses and how they have shaped how she does business today. Lindsey and Kat explore the […]

Episode 101: Trusting Yourself After Evangelical Christianity with Catherine Quiring Play in new window | DownloadIn this episode of the Holistic Trauma Healing Podcast, Lindsey interviews Catherine Quiring, a licensed mental health counselor and self-trust coach who specializes in religious trauma. They delve into the challenges of growing up in evangelical Christianity, discussing the disconnection from oneself and the body, as well as the […]

The 100th Episode!!! Q&A About Feeling Anger, Struggling to Apologize, Confidence & Self-Trust, Healing Gadgets, & Awareness Play in new window | DownloadWe’re celebrating 100 episodes!! In this Q&A episode, Lindsey is answering juicy questions like… What is the best way to deal with frustration and rage? Can a lack of self-confidence come from nervous system dysregulation? And will trauma work “cure” it? Any tips to move through ego when I […]

Episode 99: Feminine Embodiment, Expression, & Spiritual Practice with Peggy Khoucasian Play in new window | DownloadIn this episode, Lindsey interviews Peggy Khoucasian, who shares her journey into holistic modalities and her passion for providing women with integrative, sustainable mental and emotional support. The conversation explores self-expression, embodiment, and authenticity in the healing journey and personal growth of women. Peggy emphasizes the importance of recognizing […]

Episode 98: Pleasure, Rebellion, & My Inner Teenager (solo episode) Play in new window | DownloadIn this episode, Lindsey reflects on her recent experiences of pleasure and rebellion, highlighting the importance of pleasure in the healing journey. She discusses the shift in her relationship with fear and consequences, emphasizing the need to widen the window of tolerance for pleasure. Lindsey distinguishes between pleasure and […]

Episode 97: Nurture as Trauma Prevention with Dr. Greer Kirshenbaum Play in new window | DownloadIn this episode with neuroscientist, author, momma, and doula Dr. Greer Kirshenbaum, we… discuss nurture and the science of how nurture actually has the capability to prevent trauma talk about how the infant brain is wired and how both nature and nurture play crucial roles; it’s not one or […]

Episode 96: A Fun Chat About Psychedelics & Ghost Pipe Medicine with Andi Grace Rose

poplar rose holding a fern in front of her face Play in new window | DownloadThis is the second part of a two-part conversation about plants and mushrooms for mental health with herbalist and forager Andi Grace Rose. In this episode, we… share Andi’s long-standing relationship with psychedelics, which she was introduced to in the music festival scene discuss both micro-dosing and macro-dosing suggest […]

Episode 95: Plants & Mushrooms for Mental Health with Andi Grace Rose

poplar rose holding a fern in front of her face Play in new window | DownloadIn this episode with herbalist and forager Andi Grace Rose, we… discuss some commonly used plants for supporting the nervous system talk about the complexities and nuance of using allopathic medicine, herbal medicine, and/or a combination of both to support mental health discuss using plants and medicines alongside pharmaceuticals […]

Episode 94: Emotional Freedom Technique for ADHD with Theresa Lear Levine Play in new window | DownloadIn this episode with Becoming More Me Podcast host and EFT practitioner Theresa Lear Levine, we… discuss the many camps of belief around ADHD: from it being a superpower to it being a potential sign of brain inflammation and nervous system dysregulation share Theresa’s experience of ADHD, what it […]

Episode 93: DON’T Do These 15 Things When Your Nervous System Is Really Dysregulated (solo episode) Play in new window | DownloadWhen your nervous system is really dysregulated, you need safety signals more than ever. Things that signal safety? Slowness, being satiated, co-regulation, sleep, a serene setting, setting boundaries, reaching out for support, and a sense of satisfaction in your life. The “things” in this episode are the opposite of […]

Episode 92: Emotional Freedom Technique for the Nervous System with Theresa Lear Levine Play in new window | DownloadIn this episode with EFT practitioner and teacher Theresa Lear Levine, we… share how Theresa found EFT after struggling to figure out how to be more successful, recover from perfectionism, live with ADHD and high-functioning anxiety, and navigate “normal” life traumas like childhood, divorce, re-marriage, and more discuss EFT […]

Episode 91: Alarm in the Body & Anxiety in the Mind with The Anxiety MD, Russ Kennedy Play in new window | Download In this episode, I’m chatting with The Anxiety MD, Russ Kennedy. Dr. Russ and I… talk about his upbringing and the toll it took on Russ’ nervous system to be the child of a father with severe mental illness (bipolar and schizophrenia) discuss what anxiety is and what […]

Episode 90: Protect Your Space — Social Media Boundaries (solo episode) Play in new window | Download In this solo episode, I … share about my personal experiences with cancel culture, accountability culture, online callouts, harassment, stalking, and bullying from 2020-2021 discuss the necessity of having boundaries with followers on social media, especially if you’re an entrepreneur, healer, or teacher in the holistic + trauma-healing […]

Episode 89: Slowness Signals Safety + 11 MORE Ways to Signal Safety to Your Nervous System (solo episode) Play in new window | Download In this episode, I share 12 ways to signal safety to your nervous system and why these signals are so nourishing to our nervous systems discuss our current culture of urgency, hustling, and capitalism as the opposite of safety; it is a huge source of our individual and […]

Episode 88: Healing the Mother Wound with Michelle Roberton Play in new window | Download In this episode with returning guest Michelle Roberton, we… share examples of how mother wounding shows up in our lives discuss Good Girl Programming as a “symptom” of mother wounding talk about how mothers pass on body image issues discuss the subtleties of mother wounding, even in people […]

Episode 87: The Good Girl — an Archetype, a Nervous System State, & How to Break Free (solo episode) Play in new window | Download In this episode, I… share ways to know if you’re operating under “Good Girl Programming” discuss the perfectionsim, shame, inner criticism, and judgment that’s underneath Good Girl Programming talk about recognizing the voice in our heads — the voice of our Inner Judge or Inner Critic share a […]

Episode 86: Honoring Our Cycles, Period Positivity, & How Our Nervous Systems Affect Our Hormones with Adele Wimsett Play in new window | Download In this episode with women’s health practitioner Adele Wimsett, we… talk about women as cyclical beings and why our cycles are our superpower discuss ways to honor our cycles through lifestyle shifts discuss the gender bias against women that is present in the medical industry talk briefly about […]

Episode 85: Get Your House in Order — Easy Ways to Nourish Your Nervous System (solo episode) Play in new window | Download In this solo episode, I… talk about the importance of surrounding ourselves with beauty share how cluttered, chaotic environments stress out the nervous system give ideas for free ways to drastically increase the peace in our spaces discuss our external environments as mirrors of our internal environments share […]

Episode 84: Identity — Where Almost Everything’s Made Up & the Points Don’t Matter with Teva Johnstone Play in new window | Download In this episode, psychotherapist, social worker, and parent coach Teva Johnstone and I… question the identity points system, particularly as it appears online, and how neoliberal identitarianism values identity and identity points when deciding if someone is allowed to speak or not discuss why people are so attracted […]

Bonus 32: Lifestyle Inflammation & Reciprocal Relationships with Kat Lee (part 2)

This is part 2 of my spontaneous conversation with my friend and colleague Kat Lee. We talk about lifestyle inflammation and the role of non-reciprocal relationships in lifestyle inflammation. Reciprocity in relationships means no one is ever giving without receiving. There’s always enough, even if you don’t have a spoken arrangement around what each person […]

Bonus 31: Lifestyle Inflammation & Reciprocal Relationships with Kat Lee (part 1)

Something that’s been coming up for me for a couple of months is the idea of reciprocity in relationships, the difference between transactional and reciprocal relationships, and an invitation to notice how I’m showing up in my relationships with friends, family, and even clients. The relationships that are the most regulating to my nervous system […]

Episode 83: The Department of Homeland Security Story + a Candid Conversation On Nervous System Awareness with My Daughter Play in new window | DownloadMy 16-year-old daughter joins me on the podcast to share an incident we had with the Department of Homeland Security during our return from a mother-daughter trip to Mexico earlier this year. She tells the story from her perspective, including what she was feeling in her body and her […]

Episode 82: Wake Up! Change Comes from the Bottom with Latonya Williams Play in new window | Download In this episode with the fearless Latonya Williams, we… discuss the small-scale Freedom Convoy and how it is a micro movement that mirrors the macro movement of collective awakening discuss the 4 points Latonya made in an IG Live that went viral regarding the mass loss of freedom […]

Bonus 30: Men Deserve to Heal, Too with Chris Willburn

I feel really sad, y’all. All over the Internet, I keep seeing posts that are essentially denying healing to men — especially straight, white men. And I *hate* to use this word, but it’s… problematic. While it’s true that a lot of abuse, harm, and violence occurs through the actions of men, it is also […]

Episode 81: Openness in the Body, Cosmic Spankings, & Vulnerability in Relationships (part 2) with Kirby Criddle Play in new window | Download   This Episode’s Guest Kirby Criddle is a teacher, writer, illuminator and guide, in service to the mystical and physical forces that bring our highest Self through to this world. Using an intuitive combination of coaching, energy work, meditation, breath, and plant medicine, she supports people with trauma […]

Episode 80: The Healing Is in the Opening (part 1) with Kirby Criddle Play in new window | Download I was on vacation in Mexico when I came across an Instagram post about opening from my friend Kirby Criddle. Instantly, I felt YES in my body. I reached out, invited her on the podcast, and here we are. The concept of opening has been coming up over […]

Bonus 29: The Importance of Owning Your Story with Kevin Patterson

Enjoy this fun, deep, insightful chat with one of the most authentic people you’ll ever hear — my Instagram friend and psychologist Kevin Patterson! I hope this gives you the courage and a nudge to embody your authenticity and OWN YOUR STORY — no matter what! It’s how you got to where you are today. […]

Episode 79: Responsible Spirituality — Spiritual Consumerism, Instagram Shamans, Red Flags, and Pre-Capitalist Practices with Anya Kaats Play in new window | Download This episode is 4 months in the making… Back in December 2021, I felt a nudge to ask my Internet friend Anya about capitalism and white people without ancestral knowledge and spirituality. I am a “white” person. I don’t identify as “white”, but the world identifies me as […]

Episode 78: Client Journey — I Was Ready to Surrender Before I Knew What Surrender Meant with Brynn Strickland Play in new window | Download Welcome to another amazing client journey! You can learn about working with me as a coach on a sales page, but I don’t think there’s any substitute for real-life story. I don’t share these journeys because I want you to see what kinds of “results” my clients have. […]

Episode 77: Client Journey — Increasing Self-Trust & Decreasing Control with Chris Willburn Play in new window | Download Interested in 1:1 coaching with me for Summer 2022?? I’m taking a VERY LIMITED number of summer clients and applications are NOW OPEN! Learn more about the Holistic Trauma Healing Coaching Program and apply here. This Episode’s Guest Chris is a transformation coach who helps people transform their […]

Episode 76: Reclaim Authenticity & Free Yourself from the Us vs. Them Paradigm with Holly Toronto (part 2)

body image coach holly toronto Play in new window | Download Welcome back! This is part 2 of my interview with returning guest Holly Toronto. During our conversation, we realized we couldn’t have a discussion about us vs. them thinking without talking about the role of authenticity in freeing ourselves from the binary. Reclamation of one’s authentic expression IS […]

Episode 75: The Us vs. Them Mentality Is Shrinking Us with Holly Toronto (part 1)

body image coach holly toronto Play in new window | Download Us vs. them thinking causes a dissonance within yourself because you know something to be right for you, you know it feels like YES or NO in your body, but because you have been taught to value others’ opinions more than your own, you find yourself at a […]

Episode 74: Navigating “Mental Illness” Diagnoses, Psych Meds, Med Tapers, & Nervous System Work with Darcey Segers Play in new window | Download We have wildly different experiences with psych meds and psychiatrists, but Darcey and I share an incredible conversation in this week’s podcast episode! This Episode’s Guest Darcey Segers was a teacher in the public school system for five years. She has two daughters, and is a mental health […]

Bonus 28: Real Talk About Ego with Pippa Leslie

We’re diving into the ego in this episode! I know, I know… sigh Ego stuff can sometimes feel heavy, confusing, and annoying, but in this episode, my guest Pippa Leslie and I are having a good laugh and encouraging you to laugh about your ego, too. It makes ego work feel lighter! This Episode’s Guest […]

Episode 73: You Are Not Broken — an Embodied Approach to Healing Sexual Trauma with Michelle Roberton Play in new window | Download My guest Michelle Roberton writes: My Life has been my learning. At the tender age of 48 and what appears many lifetimes later, I am not sure there is any life situation I cannot empathise with. Life has taught me well with its tapestry of colours… From a […]

Bonus 27: They’re Not Your People If… (10 Ways to Know Who’s Not for You)

In this bonus episode, I’m sharing 10 ways to know who’s not for you. I hope this helps with awareness in your friendships, partnerships, marriages, parental relationships, and more. Just because someone’s not “for you” or doesn’t feel like “your people” doesn’t mean you need to cut them out of your life — although, it’s […]

Episode 72: The Anatomy of Anxiety with Dr. Ellen Vora Play in new window | Download This is such an important episode because we get to talk about one of my favorite topics — anxiety! — with one of my favorite doctors and Instagrammers ‚ Dr. Ellen Vora! This Episode’s Guest Dr. Ellen Vora is a holistic psychiatrist, acupuncturist, and yoga teacher. She takes […]

Episode 71: What the Akashic Records May Reveal About Your Home with Deniz Mustard & Celia Marques Play in new window | Download The Akashic records is a record of our soul and using it can heal the soul. In the case of property realignment if trauma has occurred previously in the house, or someone is experience emotional responses for no reason other than moving into a new property we can […]

Episode 70: The Second Wave — Transcending the Human Drama with Kerri Hummingbird Play in new window | Download In this episode, Kerri and I discuss several key parts of her book, The Second Wave, as well as share a synchronicity and our shared spirit guide, White Eagle. This Episode’s Guest Kerri Hummingbird inspires people to lead their lives wide awake with an authenticity, passion and purpose […]

Bonus 26: The Nemechek Protocol (My Favorite Brain-Healing Tool!)

I’m SO pumped to share my FAVORITE brain-healing and nervous system-healing tool with you: the Nemechek Protocol! Now, I know I talk a lot about not needing supplements and protocols and all that for healing. I want you OFF the hamster wheel of wellness! However, there’s no denying that trauma — of ALL sorts — […]

Episode 69: Unpacking Chronic Pain & the Nervous System with Dr. Marysa Meyer Play in new window | Download Chronic pain is not all in your head, chronic pain is not all in your body For those who have been told that the pain is all in their heads, know that there is a bodily and physiological component to your experience. For those who have been told […]

Bonus 25: Noticing the Voice in Your Head

There’s been a theme happening this week with my clients around the voice in our heads. When a theme occurs in my 1:1 coaching work, I always pay attention. Usually, the theme isn’t just for my clients’ healing; it’s also for mine — if I’m willing to look at what my clients reflect back to […]

Bonus 24: Spiritual Awakening & the Ripple Effect of Individual Healing on the Collective with Amanda Monnier

  Important Announcement! Join me for… Nervous System Hygiene: a 4-week group program to help you learn new nervous system-regulating tools, finding what feels good, and how to create your own Nervous System Hygiene Practice Registration opens February 1, 2022 and closes February 10, 2022. Because you’re a Circle member, you get PERKS! You can […]

Episode 68: Dao, Deconstructing Identity, & Sovereignty with Kat Lee Play in new window | Download This Episode’s Guest Kat Lee is a Trauma-Informed Spiritual Business Mentor and host of The Empowered Curiosity Podcast. She uses the tools of trauma-informed somatic and emotional alchemy to guide soulful entrepreneurs to approach their business as a spiritual practice. This allows them to cultivate businesses that are […]

Episode 67: 9 Free Ways to Support Your Nervous System (solo episode) Play in new window | Download The health of our nervous systems is, I believe, the most overlooked aspect of modern-day healthcare. And yet, it is the one aspect that radically and quickly shifts our overall health — mental, physical, and emotional — as soon as we implement some practices to care for our […]

Episode 66: Listening to Your Body — Your Cravings, Need for Rest, Intuition, ALL OF IT with Caroline Dooner Play in new window | Download Let’s talk about your nervous system with a bucket analogy… A lot of people’s buckets are full because they’ve been sitting under the leaky ceiling, collecting water without anyone emptying the bucket or replacing a small bucket with a bigger one. Need me to keep elaborating? So, a […]

Bonus 23: Somatic Tracking for Pain, Anxiety, & Body Connection

In this bonus episode, I’m sharing the practice I used to heal anxiety. At the time I started doing this practice, I didn’t have a name for it. I just called it “being with my body’s sensations”. Then, in 2021, I read a book called The Way Out by Alan Gordon. In this book, he […]

Episode 65: The Physiological Effects of Chronic Stress & Healing Your Nervous System with Dr. Jennifer Love Play in new window | Download Chronic stress has real effects on our physiology. From elevating stress hormones like cortisol to creating inflammation in our bodies that leads to autoimmune disease, “mental illness”, reproductive issues, and more, chronic stress dysregulates our nervous systems just as much as “Big T” trauma. I discovered this truth […]

Episode 64: When Crisis Strikes with Dr. Jennifer Love Play in new window | Download Crazy enough, my guest on this episode — Dr. Jennifer Love — and her co-author Dr. Kjell Hovik were in the process of writing their book, When Crisis Strikes, BEFORE the Pandemic hit. In December of 2020, their book was released, providing a practical blueprint for getting through […]

Bonus 22: The Messages I’m Receiving from the Universe Right Now

I didn’t know what this episode was going to be about. I’ve learned that not knowing usually means WAIT. Wait and see. Wait to hear. Wait. Don’t react. Nothing is urgent. Just wait. And when I lean in to the waiting, the answer almost always comes quickly. As I was falling asleep last night (12/26), […]

Episode 63: Holistic Pelvic Health with Kate Coletti Play in new window | Download Pelvic health care is one of my favorite tools in my trauma-healing toolbox. Pelvic health care, including pelvic floor physical therapy, is part of my daily Nervous System Hygiene practice. Due to messages from religion, shame surrounding menstruation, and society’s taboos about the female body, I was disconnected […]

Episode 62: Cultivating Close Friendship: Boundaries, Communication, Differences, & Love with Honor Schauland Play in new window | Download This Week’s Guest Honor Schauland is a community organizer, anthropologist, director of our local community center, master apple tree-climber, and my real-life best friend. She hates being called an “expert”, but in matters of community, she is an expert in my opinion. I have learned so much about […]

Bonus 21: Q&A — Boundaries & Family, the Mother Wound, Breathwork Posture, Toxic(?) Positivity, & What if I’m the Problem?

In this first-ever bonus Q & A episode, I’m tackling these questions: Am I making the best healing decision to set big boundaries with my family or am I running away, avoiding triggers, and missing an opportunity to heal? How do I heal my Mother Wound and move forward? Is there a way to make […]

Episode 61: Craving Connection: Community, Finding Your People, & the Apocalypse with Honor Schauland Play in new window | Download This Week’s Guest Honor Schauland is a community organizer, anthropologist, director of our local community center, master apple tree-climber, and my real-life best friend. She hates being called an “expert”, but in matters of community, she is an expert in my opinion. I have learned so much about […]

Bonus 20: You Know You’re Healing When…

How do you know you’re healing? I think that’s sometimes pretty obvious, and I think sometimes it’s not. This is probably one of my favorite bonus episodes. In it, I reveal 10 ways that you can know you’re healing. I’m a big believer in celebrating our wins… big and small. Here are a few of […]

Bonus 19: Anxiety — Do You React or Respond? (+ Thoughts on Consciousness & Surrender)

Oof. It’s been a month. A great month. And an exhausting one. I’ve spent all of November 2021 creating, manifesting, writing, marketing, and then teaching a new workshop, Nervous System 101. Some of our Circle members attended NSYS101, and it was so nice and comforting to have some familiar faces/names in the Zoom room. So, […]

Episode 60: Why Learning About Your Nervous System Might Be the Most Important Thing You Ever Do (solo episode) Play in new window | Download For over a decade, I hopped from practitioner to practitioner, spent thousands of dollars on supplements, and cut whole food groups out of my diet. Not a single healthcare provider ever talked to me about my nervous system and how trauma affects it. Once I learned about how […]

Bonus 18: How Our Thoughts Create Our Reality & How to Change Your Reality

I believe we create our reality. The good, the bad, the ugly, all of it. I also know that most people are creating their realities unconsciously — from the ego. In his book A New Earth, Eckhart Tolle writes, The ego is not only the unobserved mind, the voice in the head which pretends to […]

Episode 59: Trigger Warning — This Episode Is About the Self-Responsibility of Facing Triggers (solo episode) Play in new window | Download This is the one-year anniversary episode of the Holistic Trauma Healing Podcast! And, I’m tackling a topic that I’ve wanted to talk about from the moment I decided to start a trauma-healing podcast: TRIGGERS! I have a different perspective on triggers than most people. I don’t believe they’re […]

Bonus 17: A Conversation About Panic (& How Cold Plunges Helped Me Train for an MRI)

I had an MRI on Thursday, October 7. Would you understand what I mean if I told you that I feel like doing cold plunges and other exercises that require leaning into discomfort helped me “train” for an MRI? You see, I’ve always been very claustrophobic. Not in elevators or closets. It’s when I can’t […]

Episode 58: The Episode for Empaths & Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) with Kristen Schwartz Play in new window | Download Several years ago, I learned that I would be classified as a “Highly Sensitive Person” or HSP. (Yes, this is really a thing.) Learning this about myself felt so validating. I felt seen and understood and hopeful that there were other HSPs in the world who were also […]

Episode 57: Healing Triggers & Trauma with Hypnosis with Rebecca Wiener McGregor Play in new window | Download  This Week’s Card This Week’s Guest Rebecca Wiener McGregor is an Amplifier of Love and catalyst for breakthroughs! She shares her gifts as a transformational hypnotist + money mindset coach committed to helping visionary women live their Truth, step into their Divine Purpose, and create the life of […]

Bonus 16: You’re Comfortable Being Uncomfortable… But Can You Be Comfortable Being Comfortable, Too?

Lindsey cold plunging in Lake Superior

I’m pretty sure the official motto of the Trauma Healers Circle is… “I am comfortable being uncomfortable.” And, while healing is absolutely about widening our windows of tolerance so we can live fuller lives without needing to be rigid or restrictive with ourselves, there’s value in being comfortable, too. In fact, I think I haven’t […]

Episode 56: On Integrity, the Cancel Mob, & Boundaries on Social Media with Lux ATL

stripper with a Ph.D. Lux ATL Play in new window | Download I started following Lux in 2020 and immediately fell in love with her “don’t give no fucks” attitude. She is a wildly successful entrepreneur, TikTok-er, Instagrammer, dancer, stripper, and former English professor. During the winter of 2020, I jumped at the chance to take her Social Media with […]

Bonus 15: It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to… Control

Feeling like you need to control everything is a doozy, y’all. It’s something that’s been a huge struggle for me personally, and it’s deeply affected my marriage and my relationships with my children. There’s nothing profound to learn in this episode, except that I want you to know that I’m still healing, too. I have […]

Episode 55: Are We in the “End Times”? & a Fall Equinox Astrological Report

Tammy Antoinette Play in new window | Download It’s so fun to have my favorite astrologer Tammy come on the podcast at the start of each new season to give us her reading and predictions! This Fall Equinox episode is packed full of good nuggets that you can use from now until the Winter Solstice to […]

Episode 54 (Q&A episode!): Workplace Trauma, Nit-Picking Your Partner, Shame Cycles, Can’t Do Cold Plunges, & Self-Discipline vs. Self-Punishment

Lindsey Lockett sitting in a field of green leeks with falling leaves Play in new window | Download Welcome to the very first (of many, I hope!) Question & Answer episode of the Holistic Trauma Healing Podcast! In this Q&A episode, I’m answering these listener questions: What are your tips on healing from workplace trauma when you continue to experience it daily? How do I stop […]

Episode 53: Exploring Your Purpose & Remaining in Question with Dr. Janine Kreft Play in new window | Download Sometimes, we truly have to get to a level of such pain, disgust, and discomfort with our lives and choices to wake up to the truth that our conscious and unconscious choices have created our reality all along. This is consciousness, and it’s the only way to create […]

Bonus 14: Inner Child 101 in 45 Minutes with Evelyn Hale

I totally forgot that Bonus Episode 12 was also about the Inner Child when I invited our very own Circle member Evelyn to record this bonus episode with me… That also happens to be about the Inner Child. Nothing is random, folks. Nothing. So, in this episode, you’re going to learn about Inner Child work: […]

Episode 52: Spiritual Gifts, the Akashic Records, Soul Lessons, & Past Lives with Ashley Wood Play in new window | Download I am so new to learning about the realm of the Soul, and my guests’s work has been integral to this new aspect of my journey. Learning about the work of my Soul, soul contracts and lessons, the Akashic Records, and past lives has been so healing for […]

Episode 51: No One Is Disposable (solo episode) Play in new window | Download In this solo episode, I share my core values around nervous system education and trauma-healing resources, food access, bigotry of all forms, healthcare and medical freedom, authenticity, integrity, abolition, Mother Earth, and more. This Week’s Oracle Card Solo Episode! Lindsey Lockett is a trauma coach and educator and […]

Bonus 13: Do You Treat Your Inner Child Like a Stepchild? (+ How I Am Actively Re-Parenting Myself)

Treat your pain as a hurt child you are trying to comfort, not as a stepchild — always demanding and begging it to speak to you and tell you what it wants and why it’s misbehaving. Have you tried that on a kid? Or had it tried on you? You were hurting and confused and […]

Episode 50: Your Sacred Self — Personal Sovereignty & Responsibility with Madison Morrigan

leadership coach madison morrigan Play in new window | Download Self-responsibility is the gateway to self-sovereignty. What happened to you wasn’t your fault or your choice.. It wasn’t fair. And yet, your own choice to heal is the only way. That requires radical responsibility. No one can do it for you. Contrary to what your hurting Inner Child […]

Bonus 12: Can We Heal in an Unhealthy Environment or Relationship?

A member of the Trauma Healers Circle recently asked a hard question: Can you heal in the same environment or relationship that’s making you sick? Whew. That’s tough. There is so much complexity in a question like this, particularly if the relationship is a spouse or partner and you have kids, finances, a house, etc. […]

Episode 49: Calling Back the Fragmented Parts of Ourselves with Holly Toronto

body image coach holly toronto Play in new window | Download I had never heard the phrase “fragmented parts of ourselves” until I met Holly. Her message is all about women calling back the fragmented parts of ourselves — the parts we had to piece off to fit in, to please, to be good, to be desirable. We’ve been […]

Bonus 11: Ashley Wood Opens the Akashic Records of the Trauma Healers Circle

I am brand-new to exploring the Akashic Records (aka library of souls), but my guest isn’t! In fact, she read the Akashic Records of over 700 people before releasing her course, How to Read the Akashic Records with The Pinnacle. Now, she teaches you how to read your own Akashic Records or how to create […]

Episode 48: Consciousness Is So Much Bigger Than Social Justice with Janira Martinez

desire coach Janira Martinez Play in new window | Download This episode is ON FIRE, y’all! There’s some discrepancy in the current mainstream social justice narrative. The cancel culture, binary thinking, shaming of white people, and more is NOT how we’re going to move forward and finally eradicate the symptoms of our collective trauma: poverty, racism, homophobia, transphobia, […]

Episode 47: Sexual Trauma & Healing, Spirituality, & Soul Growth with Ally Gayle

sexuality and sensuality coach Ally Gayle Play in new window | Download This episode was originally intended to be all about sexual trauma and healing, but as per usual, it flowed into something else! My guest Ally Gayle and I do talk about sexual trauma (we have a LOT to say about trauma comparison), but then we go deeper into […]

Episode 46: Exploring Human Design with Melissa Kirk Play in new window | Download In this episode, my guest Melissa Kirk — a Human Design, manifestation, and Theta Healing expert — explore Human Design! Human Design is NOT another personality profile test, like the enneagram or Myers-Briggs. In Human Design, you don’t have to answer questions about yourself; it’s completely based on […]

Episode 45: On Self-Trust, Rest, & Other Good Stuff Play in new window | Download In this solo episode, Lindsey discusses self-trust. Self-trust is THE key to unlocking our healing. We can’t and won’t heal unless we trust ourselves to heal. Likewise, we also won’t rest, change gears, take risks, set boundaries, start something new, or think critically without self-trust. Holistic Trauma Healing […]

Bonus 10: Chatting About Psychedelics with Mike Govoni

Psychedelic medicines have been a powerful catalyst for my healing journey. Psychedelics also have the potential to stall healing journeys as well. I definitely don’t recommend them for everyone, and I believe they should be approached with great care and intention. For me, there is nothing recreational about psychedelics at all. My guest Mike Govoni […]

Bonus 9: Mom Guilt Doesn’t Serve a Purpose + a Beautiful Guided Visualization with Jeremy Tan

Remember Jeremy from episode 39? He’s here with a vulnerable and raw bonus episode. We talk at length about relating with our own parents, as well as my experience with raising a teenage son who I have felt increasingly distant from. Jeremy ends this episode with a beautiful and touching guided visualization. I truly hope […]

Episode 44: What’s Happening This Summer? Summer Solstice Astrology with Tammy Antoinette

Tammy Antoinette Play in new window | Download It’s so fun to have my favorite astrologer Tammy come on the podcast at the start of each new season to give us her reading and predictions! This Summer Solstice episode is packed full of good nuggets that you can use from now until the Fall Equinox in […]

Episode 43: The Deeper Work of Addiction Recovery with Mike Govoni

addiction recovery specialist Mike Govoni Play in new window | Download All healing is self-healing, a journey back home to ourselves. So, anything is an opportunity to awaken consciousness: illness, addiction, divorce, a death, financial struggle, parenting, a move, a relationship — literally anything and everything is an opportunity to awaken consciousness. A big take-away from this episode for […]

Episode 42: The Trouble with Binary Belief Systems (special solo episode!)

lindsey lockett laying on a colorful rug holding her phone and smiling Play in new window | Download SPECIAL LATE-NIGHT SOLO EPISODE! I’m not normally a night owl, but the energy of late May-early June have been intense. Rather than feeling sleepy at 10pm, I’m wide awake… and not in an anxious, thoughts racing kind of way. It’s a peaceful, but inspired awake. And, I’ve felt […]

Episode 41: Addiction & Recovery — Consciousness Prevents Relapse with Mike Govoni

addiction recovery specialist Mike Govoni Play in new window | Download Alcoholics and addicts are people, too. It’s easy to judge them for the destruction and harm they cause due to their behavior. But, addiction is the result of a traumatized person doing the best they can to regulate a dysregulated nervous system. Alcoholism and addiction are not about […]

Episode 40: How to Tell the Difference Between Intuition & Fear with Chelsea Horton

chelsea horton, CEO of Healing Embodied, wearing a blue dress having an intimate moment with her husband Matt Play in new window | Download

Bonus 8: Solar Storms & Eclipses & Retrogrades, Oh My! with Tammy Antoinette

lindsey lockett crouching on a bed of green moss

I just loooooooove it when resident astrologer Tammy Antoinette joins me on the podcast! This time, we had a little chat about the intense energies of the month of May 2021. On May 12, 2021, a G3-level solar storm hit Earth. If you have experienced brain fog, increased sensitivity to lights or sounds, fatigue, vivid […]

Episode 39: From Trauma to Purpose — Astrology & the Inner Child with Jeremy Tan

psychological astrologer Jeremy Tan @sacred_saturn Play in new window | Download Would it surprise you to learn that there are hints about our traumas in our astrological charts? I’m still surprised by this, but also comforted. To know that where various stars and planets sit in our charts may provide clues or even answers about our childhoods, mother and/or […]

Bonus 7: Food Addiction, Hyperpalatable Foods, & Whether Any of That Matters if We’re Being Present with Dr. Maria Paredes

lindsey lockett holding a fork with a brussels sprout and smiling

This is the remainder of the episode I recorded with trauma-informed eating disorder therapist Dr. Maria Paredes. As always, I saved the juiciest part for you, Circle members. I have recently become aware of the term “hyperpalatable foods”. As a certified health coach and former health food blogger, I thought I had heard it all […]

Episode 38: Disordered Eating as an Adaptation of the Nervous System & Listening to the Body with Kindness & Curiosity with Dr. Maria Paredes

eating disorder therapist dr. maria paredes Play in new window | Download Addiction, eating disorders, and any other form of self-harm are adaptations of a dysregulated nervous system to cope — to create faux windows of tolerance to feel safe in an unsafe environment. The body must respond, however, to the trauma of food restriction on a cellular level. Constantly […]

Episode 37: Healing Trauma Is Different for Women: How to Access Your Inner Predator & Develop a Healthy Fight Response with Kimberly Ann Johnson

author, somatic practitioner, & teacher kimberly ann johnson Play in new window | Download Women heal differently than men. The origins and foundations of how we’ve looked at bodies and at healing, from religion to medicine to fitness, have been established by men. In Western medicine, the male body has long been the standard, the one that procedures and drugs are designed […]