Hey, I’m Lindsey — a trauma educator, coach, awareness junkie, and nervous system ninja.

I help people heal from trauma and the subsequent nervous system dysregulation, brain inflammation, unconscious patterns, and soul fractures that happen as a result of trauma.

I create gentle, yet powerful containers to ignite awareness, illuminate out-of-alignment lifestyle choices, soothe brain inflammation, and reduce nervous system dysregulation.

These are the 4 Pillars of Holistic Trauma Healing:

  • Increase awareness
  • Decrease lifestyle inflammation
  • Decrease brain inflammation
  • Decrease nervous system dysregulation

Holistic Trauma Healing is the term that dropped into my awareness one day as I was in what I would later realize was the liminal phase of my own healing: going from survival, fix-it mode in my own body, mind, and soul and transitioning into a teacher and coach.

I googled the phrase “holistic trauma healing” and came up empty. 

Surely I didn’t make this up! 

I still don’t believe I made it up or that it randomly appeared in my life at that time. Now, I understand Holistic Trauma Healing as an entity.

It has its own consciousness, its own frequency.

It is just as alive and breathing as you and I are. It communicates with me, telling me how it desires to be expressed. (Call it downloads, insights, whatever; I don’t think about the how very  much.)

So far, this expression looks like…

I fully expect to receive additional expressions of Holistic Trauma Healing as there are infinite ways that healing manifests.

Holistic Trauma Healing isn’t better or worse than the modalities of other teachers, therapists, or healers; it’s simply a different frequency. (But don’t worry: I’m never going to tell you I’ve downloaded “codes” and put them behind a paywall. Cringe.)

Actually, it includes spiritual lineages such as the teachings about presence, ego, and consciousness from people like Eckhart Tolle, Michael Singer, Adyashanti, and Paramahansa Yogananda.

Holistic Trauma Healing also incorporates the somatic processing and healing of trauma from pioneers in the mental health field like Dr. Bessel Van Der Kolk, Pete Walker, Peter Levine, and Resmaa Menakim as well as Dr. Patrick Nemechek, a trailblazer in the field of brain and autonomic nervous system healing.

In many ways, Holistic Trauma Healing creates bridges between what were once separate ideas and methods.

For instance, I have personally experienced with myself and with my clients the radical shifts that can occur when combining awareness — and its ability to create the perfect conditions for brain neuroplasticity — with shifting the state of the nervous system.

I have also witnessed profound healing when combining parts work with nervous system work with consciousness. 

Many clients and I have expedited our processes when combining bottom-up, somatic work, and nervous system regulation with the top-down reduction of brain inflammation.

It’s all connected. We do ourselves a great disservice when we separate into manageable parts that which is intrinsically connected.

The spider’s web has served as a great teacher for me, providing metaphor and imagery where any intellectual explanation has failed.

A spider’s web is designed in such a way that the tiniest vibration on one strand of the web ripples out to the entire web, vibrating everything. Through an intricate network, every individual thread is connected to every other thread. Nothing happens to one thread that doesn’t somehow affect the rest of the web. 

It is not unlike the web of neurons in our brains or the threads of our nerves that connect the enteric brain (gut) with the intrinsic cardiac nervous system (heart/brain) with the actual brain.

Everything is connected. 

We cannot separate consciousness from the nervous system or the brain from our lifestyle choices. Nor can we separate our own selves into various organs and systems. 

We cannot fragment our wholeness and pretend that our mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, and ancestral health don’t directly affect and influence our entire way of being.

This is Holistic Trauma Healing.

It invites us to see ourselves as already whole beings, not healing in order to become whole, but healing in wholeness.

Trauma affects every aspect of our existence: our physical bodies, our emotions, our minds, our ancestral lineage before us and those who will come after us, and our spirits.

If we’re going to heal — truly, sustainably heal — we have to do it whole. Not in parts that we will eventually piece together to create the whole. 



Now, about me…

I think the Etiquette of the Internet dictates that I must tell you about myself, so here goes.

Rather than writing my entire life story here (which would be way too long to read), I’ll just say that I had a pretty crazy childhood. My home life was dysfunctional, even though I know my parents were doing the best they could.

When you combine divorce, alcoholism, fundamentalist Christianity, financial scarcity, physical and verbal abuse, and a rural horse ranch on the windy prairie of West Texas, you get my home and family of origin.

I don’t like participating in the weird cultural ritual of telling you all the bad things that happened to me so I can seem heroic and strong or even prove that I am “credible enough” to do this work. 

I went through some shit, simple as that.

I didn’t and won’t let all the struggles define me.

Whether I was physically abused or not (I was) or whether I attempted suicide or not (I did) doesn’t matter as much as what I’ve done with what was handed to me.

Through my own Holistic Trauma Healing work (which I continue to this day), I was able to take radical responsibility for myself and reclaim my self-trust, sovereignty, and authenticity. 

I had a lot of intellectual knowing. I have a smart, sharp, often overthinking mind. This work has bridged the long distance between mind and body for me.

What was once intellectual is now embodied knowing. I no longer need to prove with my mind what I KNOW in my body.

The Parable of the Spider’s Web

On my daily walk through the woods during the summer of 2021 with our puppy Lachlan, I turned a corner on the path and stopped instantly in my tracks, completely breathless.

The sun was beautifully back-lighting the tiniest spider’s web with the tiniest spider I’ve ever seen still busily spinning. No kidding, this spider was the size of a pinhead and this web couldn’t have been more than 3 or 4 inches across.

She had anchored her web on two balsam firs which stood about 5 feet apart. Long anchor threads branched from those trees and it appeared as if her web was suspended in mid-air.

Before I happened upon her, she had already anchored her web from the balsams, spun the primary and secondary frames and radials of the web, and was working on the spiral.

She was quickly and tightly weaving the center spiral of the web — known as the hub.

Suddenly, Lachlan’s floofy tail lightly touched an anchor point. What I witnessed next is one of the greatest lessons of my life.

At first, the spider dropped straight down and hung for a split second. Then, just as quickly, she went straight back up, to the tightly woven center of her web and sat, frozen, waiting for the danger to pass.

If the Universe had spoken to me in actual words, it couldn’t have been more clear.

Before her web could nourish her by catching prey, she had created a place of safety for herself in the middle. In a split second, she dropped from the outer part of the web she’d been working on and went back to her safe place in the middle to wait.

I realized this is what “the work” is — to consciously weave our webs (lives) with a safe place within that we can always come back to in moments of danger or stress. 

Like those 2 balsam trees, we also have anchor points in our lives, from which we weave our webs; these are our physical bodies, our minds, our emotions, our spirits, and our ancestry. Next, we have to focus on the center — on ourselves — and make a safe place there.

Whatever happens, we can return to safety within ourselves.

I wasn’t consciously weaving my web for most of my life. I had no awareness of my whole-ness, of the anchor points of who I am. I also had no safety within myself.

Without that internal safety, everything — within and without — every feeling, sensation, relationship, symptom, and even food was a threat.

My own awakening helped me to see how I didn’t honor my whole-ness, how I wasn’t anchored into the Truth of my being, and how I didn’t know how to feel safe inside.

I was living unconsciously, unconsciously making unconscious choices that unconsciously created a life I didn’t exactly love.

What was unconscious became conscious, so if I was to continue in this life still making the same choices, I would be consciously making those choices. And who would consciously choose co-dependency, fear, anxiety, insomnia, relationship anxiety, people-pleasing, fawning, yelling at their kids, and silencing their truth?

I continue to embody what I teach — which is that in wholeness, with awareness, the gift of free choice, and the ability to regulate my own nervous system, I actually do have so much power to weave a life of continual and sustainable healing.

Anchor into who you are as a whole person first — ALL of you. Then, create safety within yourself so that as you expand, you always have a place to come back to.

So, whether I’m podcasting, teaching a nervous system workshop, or working with 1:1 clients, THIS is what I’m sharing — that in WHOLENESS, with awareness and through regulating your own nervous system, the impossible becomes possible, the unhealed is healed, the pain is alchemized into joy and purpose.

Wake up and regulate,