Bonus 15: It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to… Control

Feeling like you need to control everything is a doozy, y’all. It’s something that’s been a huge struggle for me personally, and it’s deeply affected my marriage and my relationships with my children.

There’s nothing profound to learn in this episode, except that I want you to know that I’m still healing, too. I have my own coach who challenges me to embody my Highest Self — and that means releasing the ego’s illusion of control.

I know the control struggles started in childhood for me. I believe it’s partially rooted in perfectionism, but more deeply rooted in fear. After all, perfectionism is the fear of not being perfect, is it not?

Anyway, this is just me sharing with you like I would if you came over for tea. If this resonates or you hear yourself in my story at all, bring it to the forum and let’s chat!

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