Episode 55: Are We in the “End Times”? & a Fall Equinox Astrological Report

Tammy Antoinette

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It’s so fun to have my favorite astrologer Tammy come on the podcast at the start of each new season to give us her reading and predictions! This Fall Equinox episode is packed full of good nuggets that you can use from now until the Winter Solstice to level up.

This Week’s Guest

Tammy Antoinette


Tammy is an Astrologer and Energy Healing Therapist at thestarqueen.com with over a decade of experience in empowering people to have the opportunity to transform a life of fate into one of destiny and fulfillment. Her specialties are in the use of Ancient Astrology to chart the blueprint of your life and to find remedies within this soul blueprint together with the moving Universal energies, as well as using her experience as a Reiki Master to clear and balance any blockages and clear traumas with rapid ease.

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Show Notes

In this episode with resident astrologer Tammy Antoinette, we…

  • discuss Mars energy as it relates to the crisis in Afghanistan, social media polarization, and collective and personal aggression
  • discuss the possibility that the biblical “Tribulation” might be happening
  • share how the 9/8 New Moon Cycle will affect projects, crises, or anything you begin at that time
  • hone in on sovereignty, finding your yes and your no, and tuning into your own discernment
  • explain why self-trust is crucial during this season
  • share how there may be an increase in power in systems of government, restrictions etc. in conjunction with Jupiter being in Capricorn
  • explain what we’re going to see over the next 20 years after the December 2020 Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction
  • discuss when is the best time to do research, start a new project, focus on your finances, and get creative
  • talk about a rise in optimistic energy coming in October 2021
  • discuss gratitude as a way to remain in flow


Hello. Hello. And welcome back to another episode of the holistic trauma healing podcast. I am Lindsey your host. Welcome. Thank you for being here. This is a long episode today. Um, I have Tammy the resident astrologer of the podcast on to give her report for the fall Equinox through the winter solstice.

So that is what is in store for you today. Um, Technically the fall Equinox is not until September 22nd. And when I announced that this was going to be the episode I was publishing this week in last week’s podcast, I was thinking that this Sunday was the 19th, the day, like two to three days before the S the Equinox, but it’s actually the 12th.

So normally I would not publish the, uh, astrological episodes of the podcast. Uh, over a week before the solstice or the Equinox, but I was a week ahead. So here you go. You have an extra week to know what’s happening in the sky from the Equinox to the winter solstice. And then of course, Tammy will be back on the winter solstice or shortly before the winter solstice to give our next update.

So exciting stuff. Um, before. The app before I hit record for this episode, of course, I drew a card. Uh, my husband and I invested in a couple of new card decks. And so I drew from one of our new decks. This is the angel prayers, Oracle card deck. I will link to it below in the show notes. And the card that I drew is called trustworthy friends.

So I will take a picture of this and put it in the show notes of this episode. So you can see what the card looks like. You can find the show notes for this episode@lindsaylocket.com forward slash podcast. This is episode 55, um, links and show notes are also below on iTunes and Spotify. But for the picture of the cards, you have to actually go to my website.

So I do the trustworthy friends card and here is the message. The friends you spend time with are without a doubt trustworthy. When you pick this card, you are surrounded by many earth, angels and souls who have your best interests. The people who make you smile, laugh and cry are the souls who will be with you throughout your journey.

And you’re being encouraged to enjoy spending time with the friends you have in this lifetime, because you have so much in common. And as you have fun with your friends, the angels will join in and enjoy themselves. You may have felt a little left out recently and unsure who is being real in your life.

Don’t concern yourself about it. The angels are here to help you by surrendering any friendship issues or worries you have to them. You will allow a source of love to guide you to the peace you deserve. The angels will help you see, realize, and know who is really on the same vibration as you so that you can truly enjoy your social time.

If you feel that you don’t know who your friends. Follow the prayer on this card. And the angels will direct you to those who will support you and allow you to support them. Friendship means balance, and it is as blessed to support as it is to be supported. And then the prayer or the intention on the card is thank you angels for surrounding me with people I can trust and love.

So I, this is brand new deck, so I didn’t even know this card was in the stack. Um, whenever I drew it, but it like basically jumped out at me. And the funny thing is, is, um, without planning to draw this card or even knowing that it exists, um, This is a perfect way for me to share with you that my membership, the trauma healers circle is open to new members.

It’s going to close in the next couple of days, technically on Instagram and in my email list, membership is already closed because I told everyone that it was going to close on Friday the ninth, but for podcast listeners, I realized I hadn’t told you about the circle being open at all. And so I wanted to give you a chance to join this private online community as well.

So trauma, healers circle. What, what is up with that? Right? This is my online membership. Is really a place for people who are holistically healing trauma to come together, cheer each other on and become the heroes of our own stories. I mean, it literally is about community. And I have certainly recognized that it can be really difficult to find people in your real life that you can have, um, conversations with, you know, like.

I’m really fortunate to have beautiful friendships and community in my real life. I don’t have many of these people, but I have enough of these people that I can talk to them about my struggles and what I’ve been through. And I feel like they understand me, but that hasn’t always been the case. And I think with the state of the world now, that’s probably not the case for a lot of people.

And there are still certain things that like, I can’t talk to certain friends or family members about, because I just don’t feel like they’re going to understand. So if you feel like you’re on the right track in your healing journey, but something maybe still feels like it’s missing. Um, if you struggle to talk to your real life, friends or family about what you’ve been through and how you’re healing yourself, maybe talking to your therapist or psychologist feels cold or sterile, or maybe you just feel like there’s certain things you can’t talk to them about.

Like a lot of people in the spiritual community have a hard time talking about their spiritual journeys with therapists and psychologists, because it’s not quote unquote based. Um, and so they don’t feel like they’re able to bring that up and that can be really hard. So if we learned nothing else from 2020, I hope it taught us the importance of community, how important it is to find our people.

And we’re all doing the work. And I think we need to be honest that sometimes doing the work can be lonely. We need other humans we’re packing. Um, there’s all kinds of reasons why we need other humans and it is so hard these days to have genuine conversation with real life people who don’t think we’re weird because we want to bypass all the surface level BS and get straight into the restorative deep healing relationship and conversation.

I know for me personally, I’m a human design projector and. I’ve always been sort of ridiculed for how I can’t hold chit-chat I can’t hold surface level conversations. Like I don’t care what diet you’re on. What favorite brand of clothing you have? I don’t care. Like what disagreement you had with your babysitter or your housekeeper.

Like, I don’t, I don’t care about any of that. I want to know. What happened to you in your childhood? What is your relationship with your parents? Like now, have you tried hypnosis, have you done mushrooms? Like those are the kinds of things that I want to have conversations about. I think as we heal trauma, we are less attracted to the sort of surface level chit-chat and we long for deep relationship and conversation about stuff that really matters to us.

And I know that can be. Difficult to find. So I have a fix. Um, I created my online community, the trauma healer circle to give you and me and anyone who joins a space to go deeper and connect with others on our healing journeys. And I used the word circle very intentionally. I know that calling online communities a circle now.

Kind of trendy and popular tribe used to be the word that everyone likes to use. And then because of colonialism and the anti-racist movement, like we’re moving away from using the word tribe, which is totally understandable. Um, so I think circle has kind of become. The replacement for that. But for me, I chose the word circle.

Very intentionally. Um, circles have been used as sacred symbols for thousands of years. Um, they don’t have a beginning, they don’t have an end and they’re not linear. And that was the part of my holistic trauma healing journey that I kept getting tripped up on was whenever I realized that I was trying to make it a linear process, like start here and here.

Do steps, a B, C, D, and F on the way. And like I realized, oh, it’s not linear. It is actually a circle. And sometimes we circle back to things over and over, and we see new perspectives and new layers sometimes have the exact same memory or person or situation from our lives. Um, when you sit around a circular table, everyone is equal.

Everyone’s voice matters. There’s no hierarchy. And in fact, I don’t even consider myself to be the leader of the circle. I’m just the person who created this container. Um, So I would like to invite you if you like, what you hear on the podcast. If you follow me on Instagram and you like what you see there and you want more, the circle is how you do that.

So the trauma healers circle is a place to dive deeper down the rabbit hole of holistic trauma healing so that you can gain more insight and add tools to your trauma healing, toolbox. Most importantly, find your people, the people that you can bypass all that surface level to attack and get down to support and community and the deep healing restorative stuff.

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So if you’re catching this. On Sunday, September 12th, when it publishes, then you still have time to join the circle and there’s like no commitments. So if it’s not for you or you decide you’re not utilizing it, you’re free to leave anytime you want. So again, Lindsay lockett.com forward slash circle. You are going to get so much value from the trauma healers circle.

And I can’t wait to be in community with you. You’re cool people. And I want to hang out with you and this is how we do that. So go check it out. I did not plan that, but this friend’s car, this trustworthy friends card, like. Was like, you got to tell them about the circle. You’ve got to keep it open for another few days to let people on the podcast join.

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And with that said, let’s get into today’s astrological episode. I hope you enjoy.

Hello, Tammy, my favorite astrologer and the resident astrologer of the podcast. Welcome back for another incredible episode. Thanks for being. Thank you, Lindsay, it feels so good to be here with you and to get to do this reading with you again and talk to you about what’s going on in the world. Yeah. So speaking of what’s going on in the world so for our listeners who are tuning in Tammy is the resident astrologer of this podcast.

And four times a year, she comes on and she gives us the lay of the sky, like what’s going on in the sky and what that means for us. I used to be skeptical of astrology. I used to think it was a bunch of bullshit. And since I’ve been working with Tammy for almost a year now, both personally in my own life and also on the podcast, I am a convert.

I’m a believer. It’s been a really incredible for me. And so I’m really grateful for. What you’ve taught me. And for the ways that astrology has really helped to guide some of my big life decisions. And I think I say this on every episode we do together, but I don’t think I’ll ever make a big decision without consulting astrology ever again, because it’s just been that beneficial for me and I, myself, even usually about halfway through a season, I’ll go back and listen to these episodes.

And it’s amazing all of the little things that ring true or that I can see playing out in front of me. And it reminds me like, oh yeah, this is what I’m supposed to be focused on. This is what I’m supposed to be doing right now. This is a good time to journal. This is a good time to relax.

This is a good time to be careful or whatever. But before we hit the record button, we were talking and I was sharing with you, Tammy, that I have just felt like this is the weirdest. Summer of my life. This last summer, 2021 is just so weird. And what I mean by that is I’m not even just talking about weird, like what’s going on with COVID and vaccines and new lockdowns and like what the fuck is happening in Australia?

I have no idea, like all kinds of craziness. I’m just talking about feeling crazy energy, just in my own little pocket of the woods up here in Minnesota we have been in one of the worst droughts I’ve ever experienced. Like the grass in my yard has been brown since the beginning of July. And normally it’s so lush and green and beautiful and amazing up here.

And the rivers have all been super low. So the swimming has been weird. My garden is like doing nothing because you can’t water it enough. The trees have been like yellow. Like everything is just had this very yellow, brown tent all summer long. And then to top it all off, we’ve had this 22,000 acre wildfire burning in Northeastern, Minnesota.

And so the sky has been really smoky the clouds or the way the clouds cover the sun. It makes the sun look like this really creepy orange color. It’s cool and creepy at the same time. And I was just telling you that it’s felt almost like an apocalyptic kind of energy. It’s almost like.

In the introduction of the apocalypse. And I don’t, I’m not trying to say that to be dramatic or whatever. As a former Christian, whenever I make apocalypse jokes, it’s really like my way of poking at what I used to believe in a sarcastic funny way. But I don’t know. I’m being less sarcastic and funny about it right now, and I’m being more serious about it.

So I know you’re going to share with us what’s going on during the fall Equinox to the summer or the winter solstice, but I’m just curious are you feeling this like weird yeah. Apocalyptic energy as well? Or is it just me in Minnesota? That’s blazing with fire, right? Yeah. I personally I’ve been feeling like I’ve just been flying by the seat of my pants and it feels like such a wild ride.

And my reminder has dish and keep trusting in the universe, keep trusting. We, whenever we’re connected and lined up to, that source energy, that, that pure energy from beyond, and the cosmos the Hermes, trust me, I guess that’s calls the infinite then then nothing can harm us.

But yeah, it’s funny how you say the it’s not funny, but it makes sense. We’ve got the fires and the burning and the heat right in the hottest part of summer, but also. Mars. The planet is so fiery and unpredictable and hot. And the one that, that can be like really aggressive and malefic was went invisible, which means he’s close to the sun.

And so you can’t see him so burned out by the sun in early July late June, early July, depending on where you are in the world and Mara’s will become invisible again at the end visible again. So we can see at the beginning of, at the end of November. I’m sorry. And what this means is that this.

This energy has become even more concentrated, but in like a, more of an underhanded sneaky way. These energies that I stated of Mars and the collective. And at the same time Mars coming close to the sun and then conjunct the sign meeting with the sun. So they’re having a meeting right in the sky these two deities.

So Mars catches up to the sun and then when Mars passes, the sun, Mars is going to be forever changed. So this energy of how we use our will, our drive, our ego our aggression, our like, get things, done, energy, make it happen, energy. It’s been concentrated to go within to create this like internal Inferno, if you will.

And then when the sun changes it and it comes out and becomes visible again at the end of November, we’ll see new energies. We would’ve learned learn lessons during this time of invisibility of of what we need to change in this area of our life, what needs to be transformed.

So in that process, it can feel ugly. It can feel uncomfortable. So it’s like all of our hard stuff is coming out, our ego if you will and it’s coming out. To the surface so we can look at it before we transmute it and transform it and release it. Yeah. Yeah. So do you think that this energy that we’re experiencing, like if it’s like shining a light on our ego to be like, Hey, this is what’s going on, do you think it’s also shining a light on the collective ego?

Of course. Yeah. It’s how collectively we assert ourselves, our start our will and our drive. And it also rules this energy collectively also rules I mean in different parts of the collective, right? And the people and also in the leaders too. So in the, there can be a lot going on behind the scenes.

A lot of a lot that, a lot of. Like it could be like, it’s the energy of war, but it’s more underhanded, sneaky kind of attacks that kind of energy. So yeah, the whole collective is going through this together. And right now in September, Mars is in Virgo where Mars is actually not strong. So in Leo, so whenever last month in August, when Mars was in Leo, he had more strength, but in Virgo it’s like.

His energy is being put into doing research and healing and really finding the truth and with trying to Mars, I’m sorry, I’m trying to Venus from Saturn also. All these energies are in Virgo this month. It’s, that’s really, it’s a concentrated energy, so it really gives us lasting results.

And like what we find, what we discover is gonna, it’s gonna last a long time. It’s going to stay with us individually and collectively. Yes, individually and collectively. So we’re recording. For everyone listening. We’re recording this right now at the very end of August. So the Equinox is not happened yet, but that’s the way podcasts work is you’re recording ahead of time.

So I’m curious, like in what real life, tangible, practical ways have you personally seen this Mars energy? Just being really aggressive and how you were describing, like in what tangible ways could you maybe help our listeners understand what you’re talking about? Maybe some signs that we’re seeing in the world right now?

Yeah. So the people actually like with Martin. In Leo, for example, the people have been actually rising up more and protesting and saying, no, we don’t want to, we don’t want to be told to do things this way. We don’t want all these rules and restrictions put upon us, but whenever Mars goes into Virgo in September, it’s people, aren’t going to be so outspoken and strong-willed so Mars is our will and our drive.

So with the changing of signs of constellations, it’s going to have that, that, that effect on Mars, because Mars doesn’t, Mars is not at home in Virgo. Leo is a fire sign. It loves being Lena Leo, but in, in Virgo, it’s an earth sign and it’s gotta, come down and really focus its energy on becoming organized, for example.

So how have I seen this in? I have seen, we have seen, oh goodness. So when Mars was moving from cancer to Leo at that time was when ever shit hit the fan over in Afghanistan, whenever the troops got pull our military got pulled out of there and then all hell broke loose and the Taliban took over.

So whenever Maras was at the very last degree of cancer and the first degree of Leo, that’s literally the energy of drowning and it’s a really hard transition for any planet to make, especially Mars invisible and that’s. Yeah. That’s that’s that’s war right there. An aggression, like quite literally all this trans translates quite literally.

When you think of it, like we really don’t have to overthink the astrology. Yeah. And obviously what’s happening in Afghanistan is a big global example of what you’re talking about, but also I think like the way that the aggression and the way that people are, I think we’ve talked about this in every single episode we’ve done together.

Just the polarization online, the divisiveness, the aggression that people are experiencing towards each other, the fear, all the, all the binary thinking. So like you’re either pro mascara or anti mass you’re Provax or you’re, anti-vax you’re black, or you’re white, you’re a racist, or you’re not, or, or you’re a white supremacist or you’re an, anti-racist there’s so many binaries that we keep trying to default back to that are clearly not working for us, but for people who aren’t in awareness of that, they keep defaulting to that binary and it’s really just keeping them stuck.

And it’s also creating more. Aggression and division. So are you saying that maybe at the end of November, when Mars comes back out again are we going to see some things settled down? Are we going to see some peace and some understanding or are things going to get even crazier? Let me actually look at that whole picture right there.

I’m going to pull up that chart and see, let’s see, there’s actually, it’s a full moon on November 19th. So I’m going to pull up that chart and look and see what to expect.

So that looks like when Mars becomes invisible, he will do so in Libra, which is the area of justice and balance and relationships and art. So depending on where you are on the planet too, if you’re further north, so I’m in Texas, so he’ll be visible probably November 25th and Texas. But if you’re in the Northern states or even up in Europe it may be up to a couple of weeks later.

So you’ll have to actually look in the sky to see where Mars is at that time. To know exactly what to expect in that area. I’ll have to come on and give updates. I’m sure. But we really want to look at the sky and see what’s going on at that moment. Whenever we see, Hey, we see Mars, like what’s the whole, this whole picture look like whenever we are looking at it with our eyes, But yeah, we have the chart and we can look because, and the reason I say this is because Mars is so unpredictable.

Oh yeah. Most definitely. Yeah. Feel unpredictable planet of all. Even like, whenever you think he’s going to appear in the sky, he doesn’t. Whereas other planets, like Venus are more predictable, when they’re going to come. So we expect him to come at the end of November. If he’s late, then that could mean more trouble.

Okay. End of November, early December, he should show up in the sky. Let me see. Whenever he shows up. He’s going to oppose Uranus in the sky that’s even more unpredictability. No. Great.

Yeah. Yeah. And yeah, he’s going to show up in this big T square with your innocence Saturn. The best thing to do is to really tune into your own intuition and and don’t let others the way you do your own research, do what’s best for you and your body. Mara’s also, he rules our energy, our fire, our will, our drive, right?

Our free will, as humans, we have free will and regardless of the astrology, what we do with these energies. The energies could play out differently for different people, depending on where they are in their state of consciousness. So if we are stuck in this belief system, like it’s my way or the highway and and I’m going to, and I’m going to do it, or even I’m going to do what I’m told and I’m going to follow all the rules, no matter what, or it could be.

I am I don’t want to ruffle anyone’s feathers. I want to avoid confrontation. So I’m just going to lay low and I’m going to stay covered and I’m going to hide and I’m not going to speak up like any of those energies will cause an imbalance and you could run into some trouble. With the Mars energy, whenever Mars is born again in the sky he’s strong, he’s new, he’s fresh and revitalized.

And he’s young. So think of a young, aggressive teenage boy that doesn’t know what to do with his energy versus an older man. Who’s more predictable, right? Yeah. Sounds like my 17 year old son

versus my almost 40 year old husband. Yeah. So before you like dive into the full reading for this next season, these next three months you and I were chatting beforehand and yeah. Tongue in cheek, but also semi seriously, just being like, is this the apocalypse? Like this energy just feels so apocalyptic and you were like yeah, it is depending on who you talk to we might actually be in this seven year period of really crazy uncertain, volatile times.

And of course, as a former evangelical Christian, like I know exactly what that means. And to me that means this event that’s prophesied in the Bible called the end times or the tribulation. In the Bible, and this is in the old Testament, as well as the new Testament. There’s like scriptures in the book of Daniel.

And which is in the old Testament and also in the book of revelation, which is the last book of the new Testament that talk about this seven year period of just a lot of trial and tribulation. And it basically describes the world. And of course, if you’re, if you know the lens or the perspective through which the Bible was written, then the world quote unquote, the world to them was that world that they lived in, that they had awareness of, which was the middle east.

I’m unsure if this applies to like the whole globe or if this just applies to like that one geographical area, because that’s where they lived. I was taught to believe that it applied to the whole world, but everything that I was taught about the Bible. History, all of that was pretty inaccurate.

But anyway, I do remember like all of these sermons and Sunday school lessons and Bible studies and books that I read, like the left behind series, like all of those types of things that talked about how this seven-year period was going to be like the rise of the antichrist and the false prophet, and like the shit was going to hit the fan and every way imaginable.

And there was going to be a one world government and a new world order and a one world currency. And like all of this stuff was going to come to happen to, to be. You were yeah, I think we’re like in year two of that. Can you from, because you’re not a Christian and I’m not either anymore, but you weren’t raised, like I was so can you maybe from a non-biblical perspective, share your thoughts on that?

Yes. Oh my goodness. There’s so much astrologically that comes down to this. So yeah, it said that we are actually in the first year and a half to two years of that seven year tribulation and who says it? If they’re not Christian, other than the Christians who says it well, that’s who I’ve heard, but also, yeah.

Astrologically, we can see this too. Okay. Let’s talk about that. Yeah. And then. And it goes into actually this larger cycle too. So there’s cycles within cycles. So right now we’re in a very challenging time and yeah, like you said, over in the middle east is where the stories were told of.

And even though the energy has astrologically influenced the whole planet, there are different, at different points in degrees and times of the day that we see astrological occurrences happening that influence different regions on the planet, different countries. So for example, an eclipse, whenever an eclipse happens, it’s got, you could say we saw the eclipse and the first night watch the second night watch the third night watch.

And these would each be a lot to different countries. So like where, what would, how the eclipse would affect which country more prominently, for example. And yeah, we did see last year the eclipses had a huge effect over on the middle east. They still have an effect on us over here, but, and they receive it even more.

And these cycles are just taking us through these lessons that we need to learn, without these lessons of conflicting beliefs, light and dark all these different lessons, these challenges, we wouldn’t have evolution. So how would we evolve? How would we gain wisdom?

Yeah. So they’re as painful and difficult as they are. They’re also necessary, unfortunately. And how you learn to handle the challenges is key. No. Is your life going to be blissful and joyful or is it going to be full of just like heavy trial and tribulation and feeling ill? So it’s really what lens are you looking at life through?

And that, so whenever we do our personal development, that can really help to help us to take, to receive the higher end of the energies of these transits rather than the hard challenging lessons over and over again. Yeah, absolutely. I’ve been hearing like in various corners of the internet, I’ve been hearing that Something is going to shift in 2027.

That something is that is coming. I don’t know what it is. I have you, do you know what I’m talking about? I have not looked into this. It’s coming in 20, 27. Yeah. I just, from a lot of different people that I follow, I just seen stuff like from astrologers, from just spiritual people who are part of various lineages and traditions are like 20, 27 is supposed to be a big shift kind of year.

And I the vibe that I get from it is it’s a positive thing. Like good things are coming in 20, 27, but the seven years leading up to that are like a shit show. And so that would make sense because the beginning of 2020. Let’s be honest things weren’t amazing before then, but at the beginning of 2020, it was when the shit really hit the fan and seven years later is 2027.

Do you know what I’m talking about or have any thoughts on that? I hadn’t looked at the astrology for 20, 27, but I’m looking right now and it actually does look positive Jupiter, which is like in a really difficult place right now is going to go into Leo where he is. He’s going to be ruling like, so the king will be in the place of the king.

So that right there shows me that. Oh, and Neptune, conjunct, Saturn over in pike. Yeah. There’s a few astrological configurations actually that. Yeah, a lot of changes are going to be made during these seven years, but it will get better for sure. Sure. Yes. Yeah. All right. Should we dive in specifically to this next season, the fall Equinox until the winter solstice?

Yeah. All right. Sweet. Let’s do it. Oh, it’s 3 33 right now. Great. I love it. Okay. So you talked about Mars. So is there anything else about Mars? We need to say? Not right now at this moment. I don’t think let’s see. Let me look, or any tips or advice that you would give people who, especially, maybe for somebody like me, you’ve seen my chart inside and out.

Mars is pretty prominent in my chart. Maybe for somebody like me who has a really prominent Mars or whatever do you have any advice for us? Yeah those who are ruled by Mars more, so those who have Aries, ascendant, or sun or moon will, or if you’ve thought like Mars, conjunct, your sun or another strong planet.

Or your north node. So anyway, so we’re on your mid-heaven. Yeah. So if Mars is on a strong, prominent point for you, and you can often feel this Mars energy as you have a strong, will you have a strong drive, you you have a strong sex drive, you have a lot of energy and vitality, and sometimes you do have to be careful to not let your ego lead the way of your life.

And pull back from that, right? So that could be your lesson when you’re ruled by Mars. But so is this time right now when Mars is invisible, then that means that energy in a way, literally goes invisible. It goes to within, so it’s not projected outward like Mars likes to be like, Mars is supposed to be projected outward.

It’s a circle with an arrow. It’s the masculine energy. So it’s being brought in word instead and Mars doesn’t really like that. And it could show up as passive aggressiveness or just or even just an imbalance in that energy overall. So you really want to be patient is what I’ve found, be patient with yourself and really be diplomatic with others.

And stick to certain, maybe even make some rules for yourself on how to interact with others, or whenever you’re having a stressful situation, like really like meditation would help. Lots of course. And everybody says this but it’s true with any of these difficult aspects, meditation’s going to help a ton because it helps you put, it helps to put you back into operating from source energy rather than being directed by default energy, which is for example, this Mars energy.

Good word. Good word of advice. Whether you Mars is prominent in your chart or not. That’s a good word of advice. All right. What else is in store for us? So September 8th is the new moon. And I want to talk about this because at the Equinox, we are in the energy of this new moon cycle. So the beginning of the cycle sets the stage for the whole 30 day cycle that we’re in.

That and that new moon is with Mars and with mercury in Virgo, when Mars has just passed through Virgo, just fresh. It could amplify this Mars energy we’ve discussed even more. So this new lunar Crescent in the sky that was September eight may of, if you started any projects or anything new at that time, you could see them now later in September being you may have some troubleshooting.

You may it may not go so smoothly. You may need to make a lot of changes. You may even experience small crisis in anything that you began at that new moon time. Starting new projects with the energy of Mars conjunct, the moon in Virgo is I would suggest like really doing our research this month, this whole month.

That’s great for research with these planets in Virgo. Because if the energy behind the way we do our research with these planets in Virgo and being in positive aspect to Saturn is the energy of finding the truth and finding what’s going to be healing. So there are other times, especially in the past few years, last year, and this year, whenever we do our research or go, and we listen to what’s going on in the world, we get so much conflicting information.

There is so much Just like the wools pulled over our eyes. Like we are, there’s so many lines and it’s manipulations that that this is really a golden time the month of September to do your research and with the intention and finding the truth and then finding healing for yourself and for others.

Yeah. So do your research find your truth? Specifically your truth, like what is true for you may not be true for somebody else. Truth is relative. There is no one truth, right? Yeah. Yeah. It’s a great time to dig, go down those rabbit holes that you may have avoided, or you may, that may have confused you before, or you may have been even didn’t feel like they resonated with you before.

I go down those rabbit holes and really Virgo is a very intuitive sign too. She’s the Virgin she’s sovereign. Really hone in on that sovereignty and whatever you do find discover, learn this month is going to have a lot of stability behind it. It’s going to have a really positive long-term effect for you with Saturn in a harmonious aspect to this and to these energies.

So it’s gonna, it’s going to be a real stabilizing and Jupiter has been in Aquarius for most of this year, but he’s retrograded back into Capricorn as of September 8th and he will stay in Capricorn. Until the end of November, also just like Mars will be visible after the end of November. So what this means is so Jupiter in Aquarius has been giving more, has been expanding on our freedoms and on community and being able to be optimistic out in the world.

It’s been giving a lot of power to the people. So it’s going back into Capricorn. Now it is back in Capricorn now as of September 8th and it will be giving, first of all, it’ll be weaker because it’s in its chronical setting, which is like a waning period. Just like the moon as its phases. The planets also have their phases.

So he’s going he’s weaker. Jupiter does not like to be in Capricorn either. We really need to depend on our, we may not be feeling so optimistic anymore, and this will also give more power to the government. Great. Great. So practically for people listening, what might that look like? This might look like more restrictions.

More, more, yeah, more restrictions, more locked down. So if you’re listening to this, after, right now, at this time at the Equinox, we’ll be feeling this all yeah, so more lockdowns, more restrictions, more mandates, all these things. And the people won’t be rising up so much to to fight for their freedoms.

Interesting. But they will, the people will, we will as collectively be going down and doing our research. So that later, whenever Jupiter is more powerful, we will have that fuel to to go forward in a better way with wisdom. Yeah. And I know that I know the planets and the stars in the sky, like they’re neutral as far as what’s happening in the earth.

They’re, they don’t, they’re not caring one way or another. They don’t have an opinion about it. But do you think that. The more like lockdowns, more mandates, more power for the government, whatever. Is that also a necessary thing to help us wake up and get free ourselves? Or what are your thoughts on, because it’s not like Jupiter is making the government have more power.

It’s just, that’s what the energy is doing. So I don’t know. I don’t even know how to phrase the question, do you? No, I think I do yeah. So these planetary energies, these, this is all just mathematics that have been set into motion since the beginning of time or the earth, at least, or the beginning of humans.

However you see it, but yeah. And these cycles have been set into motion so that we can. Make sure collectively like certain things happen or we achieve certain evolution. Yeah. The, I guess what I’m trying to ask is I know the planets don’t have an opinion, but are, do you think that the government having more power and doing more restrictions, more lockdowns, more mandates?

Do you think that’s actually necessary for the good of the people? Or do you think that’s like an abuse of their power? Do I, personally, of course, I think it’s an abuse of their power, but at the same time they’re going to abuse their power as far as we allow them to. There are more of us than there are of them.

And we have been taught to. Do what are told, do what we’re told, go to work, pay our taxes and just do what we’re told. We were taught this in school, right? In, in the institutions and the, in the these are lessons that we need to learn. Like how personally I feel. Okay how extreme does it need to get before people will start standing up for themselves and start being more true to themselves?

And that’s the way to be awakened is to know thyself, to end to thine own self, be true. That’s the real way to awakening. And so this is all a process to get us there. So Jupiter is going to go back into Capricorn, but then he’s going to come back into Aquarius and spend a year there and give power to the people.

But there’s some unfinished business that needs to happen in Capricorn search. And we’re going to be reminded of what was going on during the Saturn Jupiter conjunction December 21st, 2020, whenever Jupiter goes back into Capricorn because they’re not going to be in a conjunction like that again, that only happens every 800 years, but they’re going to be in the same sign that they will be.

We will have that, those energies reminding us. And w what are we doing with this next? That’ll be like, a, almost a redo in a sense. So how do you feel personally about some people truly do believe that the best thing is to stand up to power, to not let the government abuse its power, to not be manipulated to, really use our voices and say no.

And like all of that, other people think the opposite that like, this is for the good of the collective. Like we need to do this for the good of the collective. We need to protect vulnerable people. We need to protect like, the elderly and the immune compromised. And so all of this is necessary for that.

And so there’s this sort of tug of war between, what’s better, I’m using air quotes. There what’s better individual freedom or the collective good. Something else that I’ve realized is that some people value safety more than freedom, and some people value freedom more than safety.

Neither is wrong, but we are like, it seems like as a collective, the people who value freedom more than safety are trying to convince those who value safety to come over to their side. And then vice versa that people who value freedom are trying to convince people to come over to their side or safety or trying to convince people’s commitment to their side.

So there’s this always, this polarization of it has to be one way or the other. And I, what I hear, like my highest self is like, What I hear is like people who are afraid and they want to do what’s right. And they want to be good humans. They want to love their fellow, man. They want to love the collective.

That’s all wonderful. And they also want to be able to listen to their intuition and their voice and be able to ask questions and be able to pause before they put something into their body that they’re not sure about. Neither is wrong again, so as far as what Jupiter’s doing in the sky and Capricorn the government, the power, like all of that I know the sky doesn’t have an opinion either way, but is there a way for us to know for ourselves personally okay, it’s okay for me to value my freedom over safety or it’s okay for me to value safety over freedom.

Does that make yeah. Is it really, I do. Are you really safe whenever you’re listening to the government, tell you what to do and you do what you’re told or, for me, that does not feel safe for me.


I’m not the one out there being an activist and trying to make changes in the government. I’m the one behind the scenes and just like really praying and really working on expanding my own heart energy so that I can be safe within that.


So I had to really work on expanding my own energy to be bigger so that I could take up my own space around me and not have that interference of others. So you asked personally for me, yes. That’s personally how I feel about that. We’re feeling this conflicting energy and with Jupiter going back into Capricorn with Saturn, this is the energy of these two energies together.

They’re going to over the next 20 years, what we’re going to see is a division in communities. We’re going to have, we’re going to see people dividing into their own communities. And it’s going to be people who want to live off the grid, who don’t want to be under the government umbrella, who don’t want to be taken care of and who don’t want to have these rules put upon them by these governing entities that they didn’t choose.

That’s because Jupiter and Saturn are. Yeah. Yeah. Are they like, is it because they’re in the same house or are they going to be in the same house for 20 years? No. So what happens is every 20 years, Jupiter and Saturn come together in a conjunction. But this time it happened at an, in an exact conjunction by degree and Declan nation, which means they turned into one star in the sky, which has not happened in 800 years.

So it was an amplified energy. So yeah, every 20 years they come together in one of the signs and this year was in Capricorn and it’s to make changes to the way we govern ourselves. And then with the Aquarius rising on the horizon, just beginning to more and more of the population is coming into we want freedom and autonomy and we want to form our own communities.

So there’s going to be another part of the collective. Who wants to be taken care of by the government. They want the socialism, they want to be told what to do. They want their big brother to, to tell them what to do and to give them what they need. And this is going to be, and there’s going to be a lot of AI going on in, in both ends too.

But yeah, but we’re gonna see this division and we’re already seeing it right now, but we’re going to physically see it even more over the next 20 years as we go. So in 20 to 30 years, the world’s going to look different than it does right now. And you’re not saying that if there are people who want, the government to take care of them and they want that socialized everything and whatever.

You’re not saying that’s wrong. You’re just saying that’s what they want. That’s, what’s important to them. That’s their truth. And then there’s going to be people who want to live off grid and they want to form intentional communities and that’s their truth. And that’s their choice.

You’re not saying one is better or worse than the other. Yeah. Yeah. This doesn’t involve my opinion or what’s personally best for me, but this is just the collective energies that are happening right now. That’s what’s going on in the sky there and we can see this division already happening. And everyone, like I said, has their own path of evolution and we might not understand what that is for someone else and that’s okay.

Totally. Yeah. Totally. All right. I don’t think I have any more questions about Jupiter and Saturn.

Yeah. So that’s you see September,

I will go on into October.

October 7th, you will see a shift. See the first lunar Crescent in the sky in Libra.

And let’s see.

So this is a good time for new beginnings and we’ll see more balance coming into play in the world. Let me see, hold on. I’m going to go one more day in the future because I think it looks like the money is going to come out October 8th, depending on where you are in the world. Yeah. Yeah.

So more art. Will be developed. The moon is coming into view as the first lunar Crescent October 8th in Libra and the stars of the artist with the fixed star speaker. So yeah, doing your art is going to be the best way to go about this. And we may see some strange art coming out from this time and focusing on partnerships, on being discerning finding in your body, finding what’s your yes.

And what’s your no, and really listening to that. And we all know who we all know. We all have those times that we can think back of. And we can say, gosh, I knew that this was the right thing for me. But I did this other way anyway, because someone told me to, or I got talked out of doing it my way.

Totally. That’s totally, I’ve totally done that many times. Yeah. And then you’ve got these regrets and you’re like, I knew what was, I think. Yeah. So yeah, this is a time to really hone in on that during the month of October is to really tune into your own discernment. What’s best for you.

What’s best for your own evolution. It may be different than what everyone else is doing. And it may feel really uncomfortable. This is, this Mon is squaring, Saturn and opposing Uranus. And what that means is yeah, it’s going to be totally different and out of the norm, possibly. And that’s okay if it really feels right with you for you.

You’ll and we sit on this during the dark moon time. So October fifth and sixth, whenever the moon is black, it’s a good time to plan ahead. So the modern tropical astrologers say that this is the new moon when the moon is conjunct the sun. And if the moon is changed, it is time for a new cycle, but it hasn’t been birthed in the sky yet.

So it’s not time to begin something new. It’s a good time for planning during that dark moon time, October 5th and six to the ancients really didn’t do anything. When the moon was black, they went to the temples. It’s a good time to clean out your closets and do your planning and organizing.

And then whenever the moment goes visible on. That’s the time to start your new endeavors and projects, especially if it’s anything of the artistic nature it’s going to be, it’s going to be well, it’s going to come into beautiful fruition by the time the full moon comes around. And does that I go for any new moon that like, no matter when the moon happens or when, what science center or whatever does that go for every new moon that like, don’t do anything.

That’s a good time to plan to get organized, to clean out, to rust. And then as soon as the, you can see that first little sliver and the sky, that’s your, like your green light to go. Yes, absolutely. and we’ll feel this too. Like whenever the Marines can jump, assign, we may feel like we know what to do. But that’s the time to still plan it, organize it.

Yeah. And then go, when that new moon, that new first linear Crescent is in the sky. So every black moon and new moon, yes. That’s the energy to work with. And then the sun will move into Libra near the end of October. So October 20th is the full moon and the sun has been in Libra for three days. Opposing the moon and the moon is with Uranus this time.

So whatever evolutionary project you began at that new moon will come to fruition then. And it may, but you may be making changes to it along the way. It’s. That moon’s going to square Saturn and Jupiter. So it may feel a little bit heavy and but it’s gonna, it’s gonna bring some good evolutionary change to your life to whatever era of your life is actually Mars rules for you.

So what that means is it’s gonna really, whatever new project you began during that first lunar Crescent, October 8th is going to, it’s going to be really good. If you really follow your intuition and hone in on your creativity, it’s going to be really positively affecting your will and your drive in a very healing way.

So that Mars that we’ve been talking about that’s invisible is going to have a, it’s going to have a really therapeutic effect on that night. Yeah, so Mars, isn’t all aggressive and angry ancients thought so, but, and and it depends on what Mars is doing on what sign is and where are you in our chart?

We need that energy, otherwise we’d all be like trampled on. We all be doormats, right? Yeah. Yeah.

So Jupiter will be stationing to go direct then to October 20th. So Jupiter will have a very strong influence in the sky. So even though he’s in Capricorn and he’s in his Chronicle set. He’s waning. He’s you gotta be strong whenever he’s stationary, because from our perspective, it looks like he’s standing still and that energy is really concentrated on the planet.

So we can really use that Jupiter energy to benefit us by really connecting in with our our beliefs, what we believe about about, about systems of organization, what our beliefs in the area of career and the area of higher learning, anything that we can. And it’s what, when I, whenever I say higher learning, it’s like anything that you learn on your own when you’re done with like traditional school and college outside of that.

So what do you dive into on your own? What knowledge do you gain? What wisdom do you gain? What teachers do you choose or what kind of teacher are you? So that energy will be really strong then. So really honing into that. And it’s an optimistic energy. So we really want to cultivate that optimistic energy by being grateful for anything, just root yourself into gratitude, any way that you can during that time.

And that’s going to. Benefit you the most during the month of October and going forward and especially during that full moon time. Yeah.

November 5th is the next new moon. And so that’ll set the stage for most of November for all of November. And we will see that first lunar Crescent and Scorpio and the moon does not like being in Scorpio. So we could feel pretty emotional during that time or just like emotionally off or like just not quite right.

It as the moon is in Scorpio in November. The new moon. Yeah. The first lunar Crescent begins in Scorpio November 5th or six. You’ll see that first lunar Crescent and yeah. And it’s with the south node. So it’s actually whatever you’re bringing forward during November in your life, you’re going to want to make sure at that dark rune time, before that lunar Crescent, you have done some healing and releasing around that around anything that could stop you or hinder you or or just have things not quite go right.

The moon is with the south node in Scorpio and it’s the area of the sky of healing. Of the healer. So really do your healing work on yourself or yourself for your new projects, whatever you’re birthing new in the world. So that it’s presented in a clean way, so to speak. Yeah.

And we’ve got a whole stellium of we’ve got Mars, sun, and mercury is visible and Libra for part of November. So that’s a great time to do research also and to really see to see the truth and relationships also, that’s a good energy for that.


Yeah. And those energies that sell yum and laborer is wearing a Capricorn, Saturn and Jupiter. So we will feel, we may feel conflicted with, we’re going to feel conflicted with what’s going on in the world. No surprise what the government is doing. So that will start peaking in November. That conflicted feeling great with really wanting to have our freedom, really retired of the, and we’re ready to break free.

And we’ll fill that restlessness there and it could even get a little, it could get chaotic. I feel like some of us are feeling that restlessness now. Yeah, we are. But Mars is going to be opposing Uranus. Like it could get really chaotic in the area of the justice system to see a lot of chaos breaking out at that time.

And then at that full moon, November 19th, the full moon will be in Taurus. So there’ll be a big focus on our finances and our financial system. And we will see. What’s been culminating over the past. The past weeks, the past months we’ll be able w a lot more light will be shed on what’s going on with our finances and even our financial system.

So personal finances and collective finances. Yeah. The financial systems changing collectively. And we can see that already happening. So a lot of light will be shut on that even more so during mid to late, November, we’ll see that.


So we’re in December now, right? Almost to the solstice. Yeah. As, and you should see Mars visible in the sky, incept end December and Jupiter back into Aquarius. So the energies should feel better. You should feel more powerful more power to the people too. You’ll have more optimism towards freedoms.

And we’ll be valuing our freedom. Even more, our beliefs around our freedom can start to become up-leveled. So Jupiter is going to stay here and not go back into Capricorn. Jupiter’s going to stay here for a year and won’t go back into Capricorn for 12 weeks. So we’re done with that energy for now.

Although Saturn is still in Capricorn. Yeah. And Saturn is at home in the cap in Capricorn and very powerful. So it’s been there all year since since December of last year. And he’ll continue to stay in Capricorn for another a year and a half, but so that does give a lot of power to the government still, but also more, still more restrictions, but the people will find their freedoms.

We will. And Mars is more helpful now going into Scorpio, which he’s at home in Scorpio. He doesn’t like being in Libra so much, but we’ll have, we’ll find our will and our drive coming back and and feel more empowered during this time going forward. So the fall is a rough, it can feel turbulent.

It can feel challenging, but really if we just, like I said, really do your research on stay true to yourself. What you know is right for you. Regardless of what, if we can just not be in a state of fear, anything you can do to not be fearful. So don’t like for me to not be fearful, I don’t watch the news.

Okay. So

we can stay in that state of peace and connection. Then we’re really tuned into our own intuition and connected more to source and to our higher self. And we can make the best decisions for us. And then these challenging energies that we’re going through this turbulent time. That we’ll see if it’s for our best and highest evolution over time.

It’ll be easier. It won’t, you won’t feel the effects of it so much. You’ll feel the effects, the more positive effects of it and the positive effects for it are transformation and change into upleveling your life. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I can honestly say that and I know this is a very privileged thing to say, but it’s also my truth and that is that I’m so thankful that I went through my dark night of the soul in 20 18, 20 19.

And by the time 2020 hit, I was one year after a suicide attempt and I had done so much work during that year to find myself again, Really start excavating that like trauma and why I was living in fear all the time, because the reason why I had a dark night of the soul in 20 18, 20 19 was because I was just living in this constant chronic state of fear, fear about my health, fear about my marriage, fear about my finances.

Like just, there was so much fear in my life was totally ruled by it and I didn’t even realize it. And I’m so thankful that I went through that and I learned how to overcome that fear before 2020 started, because I feel like. And again, this is the part that I know is privileged, but it’s also my truth.

I feel like I was not as affected as a lot of people by the stress of 2020. And of course that’s because I’ve also made really other intentional life choices to work from home and be my own boss, for example to homeschool my kids to live in the woods to live rural, like I had already made those decisions and my life and those were intentional choices.

But I think that coupled with the way that I had learned how to face, fear, and breathe through it and not let it overcome me and rule my life really set me up to navigate 2020 with a lot more ease and lightness. And But also it gave like, because I wasn’t so obsessed with fear and living in my fear brain all the time.

I feel like my vision was a lot more clear, for 2020 it’s like before the pandemic was even declared Tammy, I was on my other Instagram account. This is when I still had my food blog. So I had an Instagram account for that as well before the pandemic was even declared, like in February of 2020, I was like, the government is going to try to use this for power.

Don’t watch the mainstream media, whatever the news is, reporting on. Go figure it out, whatever it is that they’re not reporting because that’s what they’re trying to distract us from. Like I was, I was all over it before the pandemic was even declared. And I think it was because I had been able to move through that fear and really face it and overcome it to the point that whenever the pandemic started, I was just like this really sucks.

This is really annoying. I don’t like the masks. I don’t like the restrictions, the lockdowns. I don’t like any of that, but. I was set up in my house with like plenty of food and toilet paper. Like I know how to grow my own food. I have a really close knit community and we’re very supportive of each other.

We rely on each other, like it is a true community. And I feel like we’ve navigated 20, 20, and now 2021 with a lot more ease and lightness than what I saw in a lot of people. So I guess that’s just my way of telling everyone listening. If you haven’t faced that fear and overcome it yet, just keep leaning in keep leaning in.

And what we’re saying may actually make more sense to you if you’re not listening to it through your fear brain, but you’re listening to it through your prefrontal cortex part of your brain. Yes. I love that Lindsey. Yeah. Oh my gosh. And yeah, I don’t see that as being you being privileged. I see that as you tuning into.

What re being able to tune into what’s really best for Lindsey going through your transformational process, even though it was hard. And then you came out with brighter, more honed in intuition and so that affected the choices that you made and you chose to create your life the way that you did to sustain yourself and to live and the way that you do.

Yeah. And that doesn’t, and that doesn’t mean that I haven’t dealt with fear since then. I deal with fear every day. It’s just that now it doesn’t rule my life the way it used to. And I don’t make choices if I’m in my awareness, I don’t make choices from that fear place, because I know that. If I’m in my fear brain, my limbic brain, which is our survival brain.

That’s where we default to. If we’re being chased by a tiger in the woods we leave our prefrontal cortex and no longer has access. We don’t have access to it. We’re in our survival brain. Our survival brain is very binary. It is life and death. There is no in-between. You don’t have time when you’re being chased by a tiger in the woods to sit with complexity and nuance and listen to multiple well perspectives about different things.

You don’t have time for that because your brain is just I’ve got to save your life right now. So I feel like it’s so unfair and dehumanizing that the media, the healthcare industry and the government have put us for a year and a half, and this fear state in our fear brain. And then we’ve been in this fear state for so long.

And now we’re being expected to try to make logical, rational, analytical decisions concerning our health. From the part of our brain that does not have the ability to logic and reason. And it’s just so unfair. Yes. And so getting out of that fear brain, like even, I can honestly tell you, because I’ve done it myself.

Like I am evidence that this is true. And I, you probably are too. Even when everyone else around you is losing their shit, because they’re terrified of everything, it is possible to remain centered and grounded in yourself. Unafraid like looking at it from like a bird’s eye view, you’re the observer of what’s happening.

You don’t have to like, get all flustered about it. You don’t have to join the drama. You don’t have to be part of that fear energy. You can actually just watch it happen and not actually be part of it like that is possible. Yes. And I did that too. In 2018 and 2019, I did so much inner work because my own astrobiology was pushing for it.

It was a really wild ride and I saw the astrology for 2020. And I was like, oh, I’m better get ready. Yeah. I was preparing myself. And then whenever it hits, and everyone had to put a mask on and everything was going to be closed.

Like all the things. I just looked and I was like, whoa, I felt like I was in the Twilight zone. And I just, the first thing I said to myself was, I’m not going to participate in this. And it was hard but also it takes compassion, like being compassionate for those who aren’t in a state of fear and who don’t have access to their reasoning mind. You’re not going to talk them out of it. No really being in a state of compassion, really? It helps because I have my own moments of fear too. It’s not like I’m not fearful. You don’t need somebody yelling at you about it. That’s the last thing anybody needs is to like, know that they’re in a fierce day and everybody around them is like yelling at them about it.

That’s it’s awful. Yeah. I think I want people to hear, maybe from this conversation, they’re probably hearing us and being like, oh my God, these are like, right-wing conspiracy theorists, like Q Anon. Anti-vaxxers like, that’s probably what they’re hearing, what I hope you’re hearing and said, if you are hearing that you’re in your fear brain, I’ll just tell you that right now.

Like you’re in your fear brain. If that’s what you’re hearing from us, because your fear brain is defaulting to the binary and it’s trying to label us and put us inside of a box so that it’s easier for you to other us, right? Like it’s easier to other someone when you can put them in a box that is labeled bad or wrong.

But I, I hate to disappoint you, but we’re not. Claiming any of those labels, like we are not accepting that you put us in those boxes or at least I’m not, maybe I don’t think you are. I don’t want to speak. No, I feel so uncomfortable when someone tries to put me in a box. But yeah, when you’re living your life outside of the box, it’s impossible to.

Talk someone who’s in a box out of their box. That is their own process. Like you have to wait for them and when it’s their time and they’re ready like that, they will do that. But in the meantime, arguing with people and hating them and othering them is not the answer. The answer is love. Like love, compassion.

Unity is what’s always going to win. And I think the true test of like how quote unquote evolved or enlightened you are as a person is like your ability to stand in the face. So if people who are attacking you or making demands of you or trying to put you in a box and love them anyway and have compassion for them anyway, like that’s the true test I think of where a person is in their spiritual journey.

And I just want to thank you for being loving and compassionate, and, but also still holding to your truth. Like you’re not a loving and compassionate person to the point that you’re like being blown by whatever wind comes to pick you up. Like you’re very anchor. You’re very grounded. I admire that about you.

And I hope that’s what I’m turning into as well. Thank you, Lindsey. I see the same in you. Thanks. This is a challenging time in the world. Really. It’s a time for us to up-level Lacy’s energies to make changes. Absolutely. But isn’t it amazing. We all chose to be here right now. Like we’re victim of the times that we’re living in, we all chose to be here, to live through this, to go through this.

Like we chose this and that doesn’t mean that we choose bad things for ourselves. It just means that there’s a soul lesson for every single person who’s living on the planet right now. Or they would not be living at this time on the planet right now. So when you know that, then you no longer have to feel like a victim to whatever is happening in life, because you’re just like, yeah, this sucks.

It’s hard. But what is possible here? What can I learn here? How is this going to make me a better person? Like remaining in question, just like always letting there be a question for what else is possible. That’s expansive. That’s light versus it has to be this way. You have to be in a box.

You have to do this, you have to do that. That’s not light and expansive. That’s the opposite. That’s heavy. That’s dense. Yeah. Okay. I I want to be sensitive to your time here and we’ve been going for quite some time now, so thank you as always it’s such a pleasure to have you on the show and we’ll talk to you again for the solstice in December.

Yes. Thank you so much, Lindsay. It’s really an honor. And to be able to come forth and to get to talk to you about this. Yeah. Yeah. I feel it’s such a pleasure to get, 📍 to spend this time with you. So thank you. I agree. I agree. Thank you, Tammy. Yeah.