Bonus 10: Chatting About Psychedelics with Mike Govoni

Psychedelic medicines have been a powerful catalyst for my healing journey. Psychedelics also have the potential to stall healing journeys as well. I definitely don’t recommend them for everyone, and I believe they should be approached with great care and intention. For me, there is nothing recreational about psychedelics at all. My guest Mike Govoni agrees.

In this bonus episode, Mike (from episodes 41 & 43) are chatting about our personal experiences with psychedelics, including MDMA, magic mushrooms, and LSD. You’ll hear about Mike’s beautiful Ayahuasca journey with his fiance, the healing of childhood trauma that came through when he experienced MDMA, and more.

Disclaimer: This episode is for informational purposes only. In most of the world, psychedelic medicines are illegal. Follow the law and please use discretion and care when exploring any sort of psychedelic medicine. It is best to speak to a practitioner who is familiar with psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. You are responsible for your own mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

addiction recovery specialist Mike Govoni

Mike is passionate about helping people in recovery experience greater healing and transformation. As a person in recovery for over 16 years, Mike has personally walked this path and knows what it takes to not only recover but heal. Mike has overcome hurdles such as childhood trauma, addiction, and chronic illness that led him to have a profound spiritual awakening that he believes was the catalyst to his healing.

Mike’s extensive experience in the addiction/recovery field includes supporting three major hospital emergency rooms in Boston for the opioid epidemic. Today, Mike has a thriving practice a Trauma-Informed Recovery Coach where he believes helping people create a feeling of safety within their own body is essential to becoming well and achieve long-term recovery. Mike believes in addressing the whole person, not only to achieve greater freedom and abstinence from harmful substances, but to empower clients with tools and resources to meet everyday life with more resilience, presence, and ease.