Episode 45: On Self-Trust, Rest, & Other Good Stuff

In this solo episode, Lindsey discusses self-trust. Self-trust is THE key to unlocking our healing. We can’t and won’t heal unless we trust ourselves to heal. Likewise, we also won’t rest, change gears, take risks, set boundaries, start something new, or think critically without self-trust. Holistic Trauma Healing work will ALWAYS direct you back to yourself, and this episode is a powerful and personal monologue on listening to your messages and your body to know that everything will be ok even when you slow down or do nothing.

Before my new course, Belief Beyond the Binary, was even finished, I intuitively KNEW rest was next on my to-do list. In years past, I haven’t allowed myself to rest because I was living under the hidden programming of unworthiness and scarcity.

I didn’t necessarily think rest was lazy; just that I couldn’t justify rest because there was always another project.

This time was different! I know I’m healing because I trust myself enough to rest. I trust that listening to my body and my intuition won’t result in the failure of my business or a financial hit.

By the way…

I released a new course!

Belief Beyond the Binary: the course that teaches you how to identify binary belief systems, why your nervous system is so attracted to them, and how to reclaim your personal sovereignty through self-trust and critical thinking.