Episode 46: Exploring Human Design with Melissa Kirk

In this episode, my guest Melissa Kirk — a Human Design, manifestation, and Theta Healing expert — explore Human Design! Human Design is NOT another personality profile test, like the enneagram or Myers-Briggs. In Human Design, you don’t have to answer questions about yourself; it’s completely based on your day, time, and place of birth.

We’re just scratching the surface of Human Design in this episode, but it’s so exciting that it makes me want to go deeper and learn all the things!

Melissa Kirk offers the comprehensive capabilities and deep industry knowledge to help you solve the most complex issues of your inner blueprint. People hire Melissa to get the results they have sought after, explore her out-of-the-box ideas, use her expertise to find and align with their passion and purpose, shift their mindset to be empowered and create the life they desire. She helps people get to the root of the issues in their lives and turn things around to match their dreams, goals, and aspirations.


Show Notes

In this episode, Human Design expert Melissa Kirk and I…

  • share how our purpose and blueprint for our lives is often over-shadowed by our social and/or familial conditioning
  • share the origin of Human Design
  • talk all about the BodyGraph: gates, defined and undefined emotional centers, and more
  • discuss the difference between Human Design and astrology and also the connection between HD and astrology
  • share our observations on the powerful energy shifts of 2021
  • talk about the 5 Human Design types (with an emphasis on Projectors)
  • discuss why HD is different than personality types such as DISC, Enneagram, or MBTI
  • talk about how living out of alignment with our HD type can manifest physical health issues
  • discuss how HD can guide us in living in alignment with our purpose and gain clarity on what we want/need
  • connect HD with holistic trauma healing
  • share how you can learn more about Human Design and even become an expert yourself

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Unfortunately, there is no transcript for this episode. The transcript software I use glitched out on me and only transcribed bits and pieces of this episode. My apologies for anyone who relies on transcripts for consuming this content. I hope to have it fixed ASAP.