Episode 47: Sexual Trauma & Healing, Spirituality, & Soul Growth with Ally Gayle

sexuality and sensuality coach Ally Gayle

This episode was originally intended to be all about sexual trauma and healing, but as per usual, it flowed into something else! My guest Ally Gayle and I do talk about sexual trauma (we have a LOT to say about trauma comparison), but then we go deeper into spirituality and soul growth.

It doesn’t matter how I “plan” for these episodes to go; they truly take on a life of their own when my guests and I begin to flow with each other. So, there’s stuff in here about sexual trauma and healing, therapy, psychedelics and plant medicine, soul growth and evolution, cancel culture, and MORE!

sexuality and sensuality coach Ally Gayle

Allyson Gayle is a Reiki Master, Spiritual and Sensuality Coach. She has her Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and practiced as a therapist before she became a Coach. Allyson specializes in trauma, depression, anxiety, as well as Spirituality. She helps people access their divinity through Spirituality to become their best selves and live an intentional life.


Show Notes

In this episode, sexuality and sensuality coach Ally Gayle and I…

  • question why talking about sex is so taboo and off-limits in our present culture
  • talk about sexual shame’s beginnings in childhood with cultural stigma that discourages children’s natural curiosity about their bodies
  • discuss the harm of sexual trauma comparison
  • talk about how repressed sexual trauma and feelings will erupt at some point in life to be healed
  • share Ally’s favorite healing modalities, including types of therapy, hypnotherapy, plant medicine, and more
  • discuss the role of psychedelic and plant medicine in healing trauma and awakening spiritually
  • discuss reincarnation and soul growth and evolution as it relates to victim consciousness
  • share the role of Reiki in Ally’s healing journey and in her work with clients
  • discuss the unlearning of limiting beliefs
  • discuss acceptance, self-responsibility, and grieving in our healing journey