Episode 48: Consciousness Is So Much Bigger Than Social Justice with Janira Martinez

desire coach Janira Martinez

This episode is ON FIRE, y’all!

There’s some discrepancy in the current mainstream social justice narrative. The cancel culture, binary thinking, shaming of white people, and more is NOT how we’re going to move forward and finally eradicate the symptoms of our collective trauma: poverty, racism, homophobia, transphobia, consumerism, the destruction of our planet, war, and more.

My guest and I aren’t pretending that everyone sitting in ayahuasca ceremony and crying together is going to heal the planet (though, we aren’t opposed to this idea either). The 3D steps we’re taking such as government reform, education reform, police reform, and legislating equality and access are important and necessary.

But, we think it’s time to inject some spirituality into the current mainstream social justice movement. Not spiritual by-passing, but radical self-responsibility for soul-healing.

This episode talks about all that and more.

desire coach Janira Martinez

Janira Martinez is a Desire-based life coach, teacher, and master of diving into the depths. Described as “a woman who not only talks-the-talk, but walks-the-walk — with amazing grace and glory” her coaching lands in a way that can only be communicated by a true practitioner. Dedicated to truth, Janira’s mission is to guide powerful women back home to the magic of their bodies and the wisdom of their souls.


Show Notes

In this incredibly HOT episode, desire coach Janira Martinez and I…

  • reveal why, as a Black Latina, Janira refuses to call herself “anti-racist”
  • discuss why speaking our truth is non-negotiable
  • talk about the consequences of not aligning with the current, mainstream social justice narrative
  • reveal our thoughts on racism and bigotry in general and how that relates to collective trauma and healing
  • discuss why being “anti” anything hinges on the continued existence of whatever we’re against
  • talk about spiritual bypassing and how it’s different from incorporating spirituality into a movement
  • discuss our shared opinion that trauma is the root of all evil
  • discuss racism as a symptom of deeper collective trauma
  • discuss the delicate balance between passion and detachment
  • talk about the ridiculousness of “call them out to call them in” and the shaming tactics of mainstream social “justice”
  • talk about how healing is possible without justice or an apology
  • discuss science behind way behind spirituality
  • discuss Earth as a school that our souls chose to attend for our evolution and growth
  • share the role of plant medicine and psychedelics in our journeys and why integration work is more important than the trips themselves