Bonus 28: Real Talk About Ego with Pippa Leslie

We’re diving into the ego in this episode! I know, I know… sigh

Ego stuff can sometimes feel heavy, confusing, and annoying, but in this episode, my guest Pippa Leslie and I are having a good laugh and encouraging you to laugh about your ego, too. It makes ego work feel lighter!

This Episode’s Guest

Pippa Leslie is a Spiritual Teacher and Healer. She works with women on their spiritual path to discover their inner lighthouse. Through Pippa’s teachings they release the patterns of the toxic ego, to remember their true nature, and to connect to their Higher Self. As a result, they move into alignment and an energy of peace and serenity, living everyday feeling divinely guided.


Show Notes

In this episode, Pippa and I…

  • share what the ego is, why we aren’t afraid of it, and why we don’t want to get rid of our egos
  • talk about the connection of the ego and the nervous system
  • share Pippa’s most helpful tips for recognizing when we’re operating in ego
  • talk about the importance of fun and humor when doing ego and shadow work
  • talk about integrating the ego and “ego death”
  • talk about constructive vs. deconstructive ego
  • discuss ego and triggers, especially with people close to us