Bonus 14: Inner Child 101 in 45 Minutes with Evelyn Hale

I totally forgot that Bonus Episode 12 was also about the Inner Child when I invited our very own Circle member Evelyn to record this bonus episode with me…

That also happens to be about the Inner Child.

Nothing is random, folks. Nothing.

So, in this episode, you’re going to learn about Inner Child work: what it is, what it isn’t, how to connect with your Inner Child, how to know if what you’re experiencing is a manifestation of a wounded Inner Child, and more.

This is a foundational episode for Holistic Trauma Healing work.

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My Guest

trauma coach and inituitive evelyn hale

Evelyn Hale is a master healer trauma expert, and intuitive with a rich background in psychology and personal transformation. She works with women who have experienced childhood trauma and teaches them how to safely go back inside their bodies and find their own source of peace and wellbeing, which was taken from them early on.