Episode 52: Spiritual Gifts, the Akashic Records, Soul Lessons, & Past Lives with Ashley Wood

I am so new to learning about the realm of the Soul, and my guests’s work has been integral to this new aspect of my journey.

Learning about the work of my Soul, soul contracts and lessons, the Akashic Records, and past lives has been so healing for me — because I now understand that it’s not all random coincidence.

The many lives I’ve lived before this one, the karma I’m working out in each lifetime, the other souls I chose to incarnate with and learn from, ALL of it is for a greater purpose: my Soul’s growth and evolution.

We each carry the energetic imprint of our past lives, whether we have any conscious memory of that lifetime or not. Our Soul remembers.

This Week’s Oracle Card

This Week’s Guest

Ashley Wood is modernizing the Akashic Records with The Line. Through her channeling, she discovered that within each of us is an energetic Line connecting us to the same realm as our Akashic Record. Living in the space of The Line means accessing the infinite wisdom of your soul whenever you need to show up as your Highest Self.


Show Notes

In this incredible and fascinating episode, spiritual teacher and Akashic Records reader Ashely Wood and I…

  • talk about Ashley’s lifelong sensitivity and connection to spiritual gifts and messages
  • share how Ashley’s connection to and knowledge of past lives intensified during her pregnancy and how her daughter told Ashley in a dream about her past life and how she died
  • discuss how Ashley learned about the Akashic Records and how her spirit team, The Pinnacle, taught her to read the Records
  • share how each person receives spiritual messages from their Highest Self that provide guidance and wisdom
  • explain how our current lives are filled with energetic memories of past lives
  • discuss the energetic roots of physical problems
  • explain that we don’t have to know all the details of a past life to heal the energetic imprint of that life
  • talk about soul contracts and karma
  • talk about freedom from victim consciousness through understanding our soul’s choice to incarnate in this lifetime
  • discuss how to know our spiritual messages are real and why we don’t need proof
  • discuss deja vu and imaginary friends
  • share some ways listeners can know if what they’re experiencing is related to past lives
  • discuss Earth as a difficult school that our souls chose to come to for growth
  • Ashley shares some real stories of past lives


Hello everyone. And welcome to this very special podcast episode. I think I say that about every episode. Like every episode is more special than the last, but it’s not, they’re really just all special to me. And this one is no different. So before I dive in to this really juicy, incredible episode that you’re just going to love.

I’m not going to do a lot of talking here at the beginning. I don’t really have any life updates to share nothing really crazy or exciting is happening right now. But I did draw card for you before I hit the record button. I am back using my work, your light Oracle card deck, as this is one of my favorite decks. And before I hit record, I said a prayer and I asked to draw a card that would support the highest good of the listeners of this particular episode of the show.

And so whether you listen to the show on the day, it publishes, or five years later, This is the card that I drew for you. And if it resonates, then it’s for you. If it doesn’t resonate, then leave it. It’s not for you. And that’s okay. But definitely don’t turn the show off because this episode is a really fantastic one.

And I can’t wait to tell you more about it in just a moment. But first here is the message that the universe is giving us today from the work your light deck, the card I drew is called deep replenishment. This card is all about rest retreat and be home.

The most selfless thing you can do is to fill up your own inner well, when we are running around half filled, we subconsciously look to things and people around us to give us the nourishment and nurturing that we so deeply crave. Nothing can grow embarrassing. You are no good to anyone.

If you’re running on empty, the feminine is bountiful, fertile and rich tend to your own well, and watch as the amount you have to give multiplies. If your inner well isn’t full, you will find yourself craving things from the outside world to fill it. This is our body’s instinctive way of reaching for the grounding and nurturing that we are not allowing our.

What nourishes you? What refuels your body? What is nectar for your soul? What brings you back to life? What is your secret medicine? What makes you feel abundant and fertile? Overspilling with. It may be gardening, arranging flowers, getting a massage using luxurious essential oils. Snuggling up on the couch, hiking, sipping a good coffee at your favorite cafe.

Attending a women’s circle, reading about sacred sites, spontaneous bike rides, walking along the beach. . Or anything else, whatever nourish nourishes you is your medicine. When you give yourself the medicine that you need to be nourished, you nourish all those around you for there is more than enough to go around, do something that deeply replenishes you today.

Ooh. I love that card. Wow. I love the word nourish. I know I’ve said this on the podcast before, but nourish. Is one of my favorite words. My food blog was called all the nourishing things.com. And I just think nourish has such full and juicy and satisfying energy. It’s more than being full. It’s more than, when you eat and you get full, that doesn’t mean you’ve nourished yourself.

I can eat and get full on like snacks and chips and whatever else, or I can eat and get full on a gigantic salad with homemade dressing and, lots of yummy things in it from my garden. One of them is going to fill me up. One of them is going to actually nourish my body and soul. So I love the word nourish.

And I love that the message we’re receiving this week is to replenish ourselves because it’s true. We can. Really be of any service to anyone else, if we are running on empty or half empty ourselves. So I hope that supports you today. And with that out of the way, let’s dive in. So this episode for me is.

A dream come true. I have followed my guest for about a year now and I have consumed so much of what she puts out there. I’ve taken two of her courses. I listened to her podcast, faithfully. I watch all of her Instagram stories. Her work just deeply resonates with me and I find it so useful and supportive and very spiritual, it really nourishes me. And I think it really nourishes a lot of people.

But anyway, I don’t want to drag you along anymore. Teasing you I’ll just go ahead and tell you who I have on today. I have Ashley. From align within and Ashley is also the host of the line podcast.

So let me tell you a little bit about Ashley. She is modernizing the Akashic records with the line. Through her channeling. She discovered that within each of us is an energetic line connecting us to the same realm as our Akashic record, living in the space of the line. It means accessing the infinite wisdom of your soul.

Whenever you need to show up as your highest self. And Ashley explains that there’s a line that runs inside of each of us, it’s an energetic line. It comes from the highest realm. So you might call that heaven or the spirit world or. Ashley calls it the realm of the Akashic records. I think it’s all the same thing.

This line runs through everyone. It enters at the crown of your head. It runs through the midline of your body and it exits through your feet where it goes into mother earth. And there are messages being sent to you through the line. Every second of your life from the moment you take your first breath to the time that you leave this physical life, you are being sent guidance and support from the highest realm.

And they’re coming from your Akashic records, your spirit guides, and they’re unique to you and yours. You can think of the line, like a filing system that contains all of the information you’ll ever need to know about your soul journey and your purpose in this life. The messages you receive through the line guide you toward the path your soul chose to live in this life.

And all you need to do is be able to pick up on these messages and take action. And when you act on these messages, you’re living out your purpose. That’s the life your soul chose to have. When it incarnated into this present existence, and that is like the best way to go into. What this episode is about.

And also a quick note, if you are a member of my trauma healers circle, Ashley also recorded a bonus episode with me where she actually opened and read the Akashic records of the trauma healers circle.

So if you’re a member that episode has already published, you can log into the membership portal and find it’s bonus episode number 11. It was so meaningful to have Ashley do that, to know that this membership that I have created or that the universe has created through me is something that was not only divinely inspired and guided, but also something that was meant to exist in this lifetime.

And that I was meant to. Birth in this lifetime. And so there’s information contained in the Akashic records about my membership there’s information in the Akashic records about everything, about who us, our past lives, the messages we’re receiving this lifetime different people that we come across. Our soul family, soul contracts are.


The depth of information, like literally all of the information about everything in the world, in the universe, excuse me, that has been or ever will be, is contained in this amazing library. Ashley opens that library for the membership, the trauma healers circle. And if you are a member, please log in and listen.

And if you are not a member and you would like to be, you can find more information and become a member@lindsaylocket.com forward slash circle. The circle is now. Open again, it’s been closed since may, but it is open again. And circle members receive two bonus podcast episodes every month. Like the one I’m telling you about where Ashley opens the Akashic records of the circle, that is a bonus episode.

That’s not found anywhere. Available to the general public, you have to be a member of the circle and you have to log in to the membership area and play the episode from there. So circle members receive two bonus podcast episodes per month that are not available to the general public. You also receive one.

Circle zoom call with me and the rest of the circle every month. This is like a group coaching call with me once a month. But it’s part of your membership. Those calls typically last an hour and a half long, and we’ve had several months of really amazing. Circle meetings with these people, like they’re showing up, they’re doing the work, they’re cheering each other on, they’re supporting one another.

They’re sharing resources, they’re swapping stories. It’s been really magical to watch this develop. And so I am ready to open the doors. Invite you to join us. What else do my circle members get? Oh, yes. Access to our members only community forum. So this is where our members can chat with me and with each other in between our monthly calls and share resources, support one another.

Yeah. And it’s just been a really special place. So yeah, the trauma healers circle is now open membership is less than $30 per month and you can find more information and join@lindsaylocket.com.


and maybe this episode is the reason maybe the universe is sending you a message through this episode to explore past lives, past life trauma. Maybe some things that have come through. From previous lives that you’re here in this lifetime to work out. So please enjoy this episode with. The beautiful, amazing, fascinating, and nourishing Ashley Woods.

hello, Ashley, welcome to the holistic trauma healing podcast. Hi Lindsey. Thank you so much for having me here. I’m so honored to share this time with you and with your listeners. It’s an honor for me because I follow everything you do. I listened to your podcast. I have two of your courses. I’m a big fan.

So thank you for being here. It’s so nice. Thank you so much. So we’re going to talk about past lives and past that trauma today. But before we dive into that, anything that you want to share with us about your story and how you got into this work and doing what you do now, I know we have one thing in common.

You used to be a food blogger. And so did I, so that’s crazy. So what else do you want to share with us about yourself? The story could be so long. It could be the entire podcast that I will speak at briefly. I believe that we are all born very open. And I know we were just talking about this too, and we’ll get into this further as children, we know so much about just the energy that’s around us and our soul.

I watched this in my daughter. She’s four, she’s so deeply connected. It’s a connection that I support within her a lot to talk about her energy and what she sees. And she’ll just say such beautiful things. Like last week we were at the beach and Ms. Dragonfly was drowning in the water and I went and picked the dragon fly up.

And I said, let’s save this dragon fly. Whenever we see Atlanta animals, whenever we see insects drowning in the water at the beach or the river or anything, we always take them out and give them Reiki and try to bring them back. But this dragon fly, we took it out and it settled. Finger for 55 minutes, which was very symbolic because I’m going through massive transformation in my life right now.

And apparently the number 55 indicates transformation then a dragon fly itself is self realization transformation. So it sat on my finger for 55 minutes and then we decided to leave the beach because it was, had been a lot of time already. We were there all afternoon and we put this dragon fly in the bucket and took it home instead of leaving it behind.

And we gave it Reiki and we tried to like, bring this dragon, fly back to life and it didn’t work. And when, by the time we got home, the dragon fly had passed. But because she and I talk so openly about energy and about the body, the physical body as a container, the soul, she fully understood. And she’s oh, the dragon flight transitioned.

Okay. So we buried the dragon fly together and then the very next day. I was laying in her bed with her in the morning and my eyes were closed. Cause we hadn’t woken up yet. I always end up in her bed at some point in the night and then that’s where I wake up. But my eyes were still closed and I just felt this dragon fly and I like, I could see it and I was awake enough that I could see it.

And I was very aware that she was beside me is still sleeping. And all of a sudden she opened her eyes and she was like, mommy, I feel the dragonflies energy. And we had both felt it at the same time. And so I believe all children are born very open. And when that supportive. In the family or by the caregiver that openness continues.

Now, I was born very open and it wasn’t necessarily supported in my house. At all, it wasn’t supported at all, but I had a grandmother who was my first spiritual teacher. And this was just divinely planned, clearly a sole agreement that we had together. And she has passed now for years, but still works with me all the time.

And I would have all of these experiences and I wasn’t comfortable nor did I feel safe nor was it even appropriate to ask my parents about it, but I would talk to my grandma about it. And she lived in the small town that I grew up. So it was easy to go to her house every day. And we would talk about crystals and about just spirits.

And she would tell me so many stories. Because of my grandma, everything felt so normal to me. I didn’t think that this was different. I knew I couldn’t talk about it at home. Really. Just cause I was told it was weird, but I didn’t know that it was so different and that other people weren’t having experiences like this.

Of course I realized that as I grew older and I became a lot more closed off and I didn’t really share it with a lot of people and I didn’t tell a lot of people what I could see, what I knew, what I felt, what I experienced, what like, just even just being outside. Like I, I could, I remember as a child, I could feel the pulse of the earth.

Like I could feel a heartbeat. I could feel the life. And I knew that was so different from every, all the other people around me. Weren’t experiencing that because I’d try to explain it and I’d be like, how do you not feel this? And they’d be like, what are you talking about? Yeah, these experiences that I would have, I kept them closer and closer to myself.

As I got older through my twenties, I blocked a lot of it out. It would come in waves, come in and out of my dreams is knowing, but it wasn’t until I got pregnant that I could no longer ignore what I was experiencing. And I had gotten I had been food blogging and everything through this.

So that’s a whole story of how I started food blogging as well. An angel came to me. It was so beautiful. But when I got pregnant and I had a second soul living in my body, a second heartbeat in my body, my gifts just intensified. They like really became so real. I couldn’t ignore them. And it’s talking about past life healing and past life work.

It was my daughter who brought this to me. I had a dream when I was three months pregnant that I had given birth to her. And she came out with a full head of hair and her eyes were open and she was a girl, which I didn’t know, we didn’t find out until the child was born. If it was going to be a girl or boy.

And she looked up at me and she started to talk to me and she told me the date that she had passed away in her most recent life, how it happened, her age. And she also told me I have been in this place in between waiting for a family and I chose your family and I can’t wait to come and join you. And I woke up immediately and I was like, I met our daughter.

I met her. I know she’s a girl. I know where she was before. How she transitioned out of that life. I learned that space in between, although it had been years, time doesn’t really exist there. So it can, it’s not like you’re just sitting in this place for years and years. It’s like a continual movement.

It doesn’t feel like you’re in a space in between. And I just suddenly, it was like, I learned so much and I had done a little bit of under exploring and whatnot with past lives because I had quite a few experiences with other family members and whatnot in my dreams. I’ve just seeing. Other place other dimensions, but I hadn’t ever had a close connection with, I had a life before this and now I’m coming into this next life.

I was like, whoa. Okay. My learning is getting deeper. This is going to be interesting. And so I read one book after that dream called many lives, many masters by Dr. Brian Weiss, only spiritual book I’ve ever read. However, I bought a second one yesterday. I don’t know if I’ll read it or not. But that’s a fantastic book.

And one thing led after another, I just completely surrender to the universe and I was following my messages and I was open to learning about whatever it was that my soul was bringing me. Through to experience. Like I could tell I was on this major transformation. That’s like completely different life was about to unfold for me.

I had been food blogging before that I had been always working different jobs. Like I was a makeup artist at one point with Mac, I worked at a bank. I was, I worked with at-risk youth in drop in centers and the justice system. I worked with women who had their children taken away from them, like through adoption agencies.

Like I was all over the place and all these different jobs, never knowing where I fit or what I was supposed to be doing. And I could tell that I was on this huge transformation where I was actually going to be using my gifts to, to share healing with the world, like to. I wasn’t exactly sure what it was going to become, but I was given a message to start a podcast.

And I was like, okay, I can do that. I can talk, I’ve been food blogging forever. I can have this podcast about food and health. I had no idea that it was going to be something different because the messages were just coming through. No, you are sharing. You are like opening yourself up in a new way.

And so my first podcast was like a documentation of my own spiritual awakening, where I would have guests on, who were teaching about the very, the men, the wide range of modalities that are out there and all the different ways that you can experience spirituality. And one guest shared with me.

You. She asked me, have you ever read the Akashic records? And I said, no, I don’t even know what that is. But at the same time, when I heard that word, the two words, Akashic records, it was like a remembering within me. I’m like, what is that? I suddenly became very curious. And she gave me the name of a book and said, go and get this book, read it.

I feel the records are going to change your life. All the guests that came on the show were Amir to me. Like they, the more I listened to them, the more awakened within me. It’s like a remembering I’m like, I remember, yes. I remember. Yes. It was like a journey finding my way back to myself because we build up these layers and these rules and what not.

And although I’ve always been very intuitive and I’ve always followed my heart. I closed myself off so well from my own gifts, from anything that was weird. I tried so hard to be conventional normal. And as you peel back these layers, And find your way back to yourself. It’s a remembering and it was a beautiful experience.

And when I got this Akashic record book, I read, I don’t know, the first 24 pages or something. And I was like, that’s it done? I’m good with this. I’m going to try it out. It’s all I need. And I went into the records for the first time. The Akashic records, by the way, are a complete metaphysical library of the soul history.

Like it’s energetically your soul history, everything your soul has ever experienced. It’s incredible. And I went into my own for the first time on April 1st, 2018. And it was as life-changing given experience as having my daughter, like I knew my life would never be the same again. There was no going back.

It was like a transformative point of where, what was life? What was life like before this? And so at that point, I started to teach about the records on my podcast. And of course this includes past life because you’re looking at soul history, not just this one life you’re looking at all lives, all experiences.

I started giving Akashic record readings to people around the world. I was just so supported in this because anytime I would open a booking, it would get booked up immediately. I’d never had an appointment, not get booked. Like it was like by making myself available, my teachers came and I would call the people I’d read for them.

My teachers, because I learned through every single reading, I learned more and more. And one thing led to another. After doing hundreds of readings in one year, I very much overworked myself and burnt myself out. But I gained so much information from these readings that my husband and I started to build courses and to teach people about.

Their own soul, their own energy, their own experiences. And at first it was all about coming back to yourself, like remembering who you are, but it became more and more intimate, I guess we’ll say. And we started looking at past lives and we started looking at how to read the Akashic records and we, my husband left his job and we started a company together.

And that’s the whole story, of how I got to where I am right now. It was just following message after message, but also allowing myself to fully be me, even when it wasn’t always comfortable. And even when I didn’t exactly know what I was doing at all, it was having that trust in the universe, which Lindsay, I know you also have experience with and you also know.

It’s this beautiful flow that doesn’t lead you astray. When you follow the messages you’re receiving from your highest self, you will constantly be protected and guided and pushed and challenged and broken open time and time again, because we can comfortably put these layers back on. Like we’ll get to a place where okay, I’m good.

And those layers can start building up again, but it’s a beautiful ebb and flow. I love your story so much. I have so many questions, but I’m going to refrain from asking all the little detailed questions that I wanted answers to, and we’ll get into the meat of this podcast. So for our listeners I.

Discovered you Ashley? During Salan of 2020, when I was scrolling through Instagram and I came across your past life course, and you had it on sale for someone. And so I think it was like 1130 at night, and I shouldn’t have been on my phone scrolling at all, but I was, and I am every night and I bought it.

It was totally an impulse purchase, but I had been thinking about past life stuff for a while. And. I was just, again, trusting that when it was time for me to learn about my past lives, that the information would be presented to me and I would have the opportunity to learn. And I’m learning not to go out and seek stuff all the time, but just sit back and wait for it to come to me.

And so your course, like definitely came to me through my Instagram feed. I don’t even think I was following you at the time. I don’t remember. Maybe someone had shared it and I don’t remember how I found you, but it dropped into my lap and I started following you immediately.

And I’ve dug into the past life course. I went through it for the first time in, I think a week. I think I did the whole thing in a week and I’ve learned so much and. I guess what I’m curious about, because this is still unclear to me and I don’t think it’s because you didn’t do a good job explaining it in your course.

I think it’s something that I’m not understanding. I don’t understand how we can have an awareness of what happened to us in a past life or who we were or how we died or whatever. And then if that carries through, into this present life, do we even do, can people not heal from past trauma unless they can remember their past life?

Does that make sense? Yeah, it’s not that they can’t heal. It’s not that they can’t heal because I believe anything is possible. And when you get to the root of the reason, like the energetic root of the reason, which you can get to. This life because it’s an energetic memory, right? It’s an energetic remembering that comes into this life.

Energetically. Let’s talk about time for one sec and then we’ll get into this linear time. As we know it in the physical realm, earth plane moves the way we see it. Like every day, 24 hours in a cycle, we know birth, we know aging, we know death. We see how linear time works. We can watch the clock 1 55 right now, 55 transformation.

Linear time always moves forward. Whereas energetically time is all happening at the same pace, the same speed it’s all happening at the same time. And so if you want to think of your body, I would like to use this example, anyone who plays guitar might like this example of, if you want to think of your body as the arm of a guitar, and then all of your past life memories, experiences loves traumas.

Joys. Sadness is everything. They are the strings on the guitar. And then as you move through experiences in this life that will match that frequency or vibration that is energetically you’re carrying it’ll feel like that guitar is strum and the vibration travels through your body. And so what we experienced in this life has trauma.

When we hit that trauma pain point and that happens, it strums that energetic connection to the past life that is directly connected to the reason it’s happening in this life. Like it’s happening for a purpose to heal. And as long as you can get to the energetic root as to why it’s coming up in this life, you don’t necessarily have to know the past life.

Physical body symptoms are a perfect example of this because every single physical symptom you carry began as an energetic, emotional pain or trauma emotional wound that went untreated unnoticed on I’m recognized and suppressed. And we all do this. It’s not, no, one’s perfect. We all have, I had a migraine yesterday because I had been.

Repressing something I’m not sharing it and not speaking it. And it became a migraine. That’s how it always plays out for me. But, and then of course, the reason why I wasn’t speaking is connected to a trauma is it constantly, there’s constantly a reason. But when you think of healing from trauma, if you can figure out the energetic reason that is moving through your life, like the learning there real, real deep learning that you’re receiving from that on a soul level so often.

And I feel that this is just when we think of the 3d physical body or the 3d life, this life, we look at inner child trauma and inner child healing. I’m like get to the root of the inner child. What happened is the inner child. Okay. Look at the parents, look at the family, look at the ancestry. Sure. All of that is physical.

You can find the physical. Problem or the root physically, but you need to dig deeper for the real healing and find the energetic behind that. And the energetic is simply emotional, emotionally. What is connected to that experience and emotionally, how has that played forward in everything in your life?

And when you find that string, you don’t have to know the past light as to where that came from, but in order to fully heal it, you need to find that energetic, emotional part. And not just that happened in my childhood. So I need to heal my child and take care of her physically and nurture her and whatnot.

It’s dig deeper emotionally, energetically. Where is that coming from? And that’s where the past life connection is. Does that make sense? It does. Yes. And my husband plays guitar. So the example totally resonate. It usually does. I can totally see that. And the thing that came up for me whenever you were talking about that.

Yeah. When that emotional frequency is struck and it resonates within you that can feel like for some people, maybe deja VU. Yes. Okay. Yeah. So some people can feel like deja VU, people that can just feel like this is always what’s happening to me. This is always me. It can feel very victim.

This is my story. This is always what comes up for me. And that is so much more, it’s so much deeper than just this life. That’s a story that’s come through again of, this is always what happens to me because it’s a deeper remembering than this physical life. It’s no, this really did happen to me before, too.

And that’s why it feels like in this life, it always happens to me. Okay. Let’s use my own childhood for an example. Just cause I want to make sure that I, in real time, I’m able to understand what you’re saying. So I was physically abused by my stepfather, starting at the age of seven. And it went until I was 14.

So for them that’s hard. Thank you. I’ve done a lot of work around it and I’m actually not mad at him anymore, but he’s also not in my life. And he was a person who you could tell that he really enjoyed the power that he exerted over me. You could tell that he really got a sense of sick satisfaction.

And so the healing work that I’ve had to do obviously has been around like, not being able to defend myself, feeling helpless, feeling powerless, feeling unloved, feeling rejected, feeling like everything I do is wrong, and then on the flip side of that being a perfectionist so that nothing I do is ever wrong.

So that’s been a lot of stuff that’s come up for me and perfectionism as a wound that I’ve been healing. Probably and we’ll keep continue healing it for the rest of my life. That’s a big wound for me. So how do I take the feeling like, are you saying that the feelings of powerlessness and helplessness and and all of that, that I felt because of my stepdad, but it’s actually rooted further back than my relationship with my stepdad, I would say most likely.

And I don’t know if you’ve taken, first of all, though, I just want to preface that I see you and hear you and fully acknowledged what you have gone through as so hard. And I want to give you some love and I, don’t the word, congratulations. Isn’t really the right word, but love, and I see you for the healing that you have done and to show up and continue moving through that because you’re breaking cycles too, which is.

Really beautiful for the women in your life and whether you continued to have your own family or not like you’re breaking a generational cycle of what’s. Okay. Yeah. And so that’s really important. I don’t know if you took this through the past life workshop to look at your soul contract with him, you have a soul contract with him.

Okay. Okay. I actually, I w so I need to do the workshop again. I’m feeling the pull to do it again. Yeah. And the first time that I did the workshop through, he never really came up at all which was surprising. And I even noticed oh, this is really weird that my stepfather did not come up during this, all of this journaling and stuff that I’ve been doing.

And And I thought, oh, it just must mean that I healed from it. Like I’m just done with it. Oh, we can tie a little bow on it and put it away. Like that part of my story is done. But no, I think you’re, I think you’re right. That there is some sort of a social contract there. Yeah. You were most likely able to move through the healing again, the layers, you moved through one layer and then as you go deeper and deeper, you discover more and more. And the reason that I say this is because when I was doing Akashic record readings for people, and in two years, I did like over 600 for people around the world. There’s like, when I say I’ve worked myself into the ground doing it, I really did.

But I was learning so much, like I’m like, this is like getting a seven year doctorate in two years, just like constantly being in the field and learning about all these other social experiences. And then having it mirrored back to me to learn about my own soul. Like every single person was a teacher.

And I read for a lot of people who experienced abuse in their childhood, in their marriage, in like physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, so much abuse. And every time it was a soul contract between the abuser and the survivor. And the dynamic in the past life was usually very different.

It wasn’t like, this is just coming to me as an example right now, but perhaps you worked together, maybe you owned a business together. Maybe you were both men, maybe you were the alpha male and you like really dominated him in that past life. And so in this life, he’s I’m gonna get, I’m gonna get it back.

And there’s a contract of finding a balance and the healing then comes in like finding that, that balance. And this is just an example, like I have no idea. I’m not getting. Messages. Yeah, just using an example, but when you learn the contract of what you are to learn from that person, you’ll never know unless they share with you what they learned from you, and that doesn’t matter, but your soul comes into this life with so many soul agreements, contracts.

So family, a variety of different soul agreements. And when you understand what you are learning from that contract, it can really support your healing because you can find that gratitude for it. Even the hardest situations. And I’ve gone through different kinds of abuse in my life as well, even the hardest, most traumatic situations that feel so raw to touch.

You can find a gratitude for it once you’ve gone through that deeper healing, because you really know what your soul had designed to learn in that experience, which. Only comes from a long time of work and a deep understanding of the contract. But understanding the past life connection can really support that healing even deeper and further because you see it beyond the physical body in this life, you see the two souls being like, I’m going to teach you this in this life.

And you’re going to teach me this and we’re going to work through this together. And it might be messy, but our souls are going to evolve because of this. Okay. So you said you’d never read spiritual books, but I want to tell you about these two books by a guy named Dr. Michael Newton. One is called, heard of him.

You not, you don’t have to read the books, but maybe our listeners are interested, but he wrote two books. One is called destiny of souls and one is called no, sorry. The first one is journey of souls. And then the second one was destiny assault and he developed a. What type of hypnotherapy that he called life between lives therapy.

And he would hypnotize a person into a super deep state of consciousness. And then he would interview their soul while under this deep state of consciousness. So their avatar was talking, but it was the soul that they, that he was interviewing. And he recorded all of the interviews and he built hundreds and hundreds of case studies of these interviews of people interviewing their souls.

And he would ask them about what was it like when you died? Where did you go after, when you died? Who did you see once you got there? And in over he writes about over 60 cases and the books and in over 60 cases, they all said almost the same thing. Like they all had the same experiences. They talked about the learning process and the soul family that they had and the lessons that they learned together.

And they described it as like they were going to school in this like spirit world. And they talked about the council of elders that they appeared before. And even for souls who had human experiences that were not good, like someone who was a pedophile, for example even after they died, there was no hell there was no punishment.

It was, they were taken to a place for rehabilitation and rest and restoration and their guides would work with them. And, it was like a very slow process to rehabilitate this soul. And then of course, eventually the soul and the guides would talk together and they would decide, okay, now it’s time to incarnate again.

And they would go through the process of choosing. The body and the family and all of that. So you’ve never heard of this book. That’s fine. But everything that you’re saying completely resonates with what he writes in this book and what you mentioned about victim consciousness. The reason why that stood out to me is because after I read these books, I was like, I don’t have any reason to ever feel like a victim ever again, anything I ever go through my soul chose this.

I am not a victim of this life. My soul chose this, my soul chose my stepfather, my soul chose my mother, my soul chose you. My soul chose this and I’m not a victim of it. Everything is for my highest evolvement for my soul. And what he the studies he did. It’s so interesting. You brought him up because the one book that I mentioned that I read by Dr.

Brian Weiss, he did the exact same thing. He hypnotized people. Recorded them talking. And this inspired the line activations that I created for the workshop, because you’re essentially interviewing yourself, like you’re doing that. You’re your hip. Like it’s, I guess you could call it hypnotherapy, but you’re going into a very deep state of feta traveling into the many dimensions of yourself, finding your highest self and asking your high self questions.

Like you’re doing the exact same thing. And then receiving that knowing, and you’re not speaking it aloud at the time, but you could press a recorder and speak it instead of journal. It. That’d be really interesting. Maybe we should invite our community to try that if they’re comfortable with it, because it’s the same thing.

It’s the same thing. And oh, what was I going to say? I had a thought and it’s gone, but yeah it’s really, it’s good. Oh, okay. I was going to say, I, this is what our podcast is about today. Actually, I’m going to find the teaching. I don’t know if you listened to the episode or not today. I sound like I’m in a dream state because the whole thing is practically channeled.

Maybe I’ll be able to find it. Maybe I won’t. But when I went into the Akashic records a little while ago, oh, am I not going to find it? It doesn’t matter. I wrote it in my journal yesterday when I went into the Akashic records and I was asking these questions about oh, I want to know this. I want to know that I want to know this.

I want to know that. And they said to me, allow your desires to melt away and open yourself up to service. It’s the only way meaning. It’s not that we can’t have desires and know what we like and know what we want in life, because we can’t. But when they say service, it means the work of your soul. Open yourself up to your soul, moving through these experiences, and don’t try to control and manipulate your life because your soul has already established these opportunities of evolvement.

And when you allow yourself to be open, to just move through that with awareness to yourself, your messages that you’re receiving through your line, that consciousness, but you allow yourself to surrender a little so that you don’t carry that victim mindset and you don’t carry the I’m going to control this.

I’m going to make this happen. I’m going to manifest this out. I’m going to do that. I’m going to do that. There’s that much higher understanding of my soul is going to move through this and it’s going to be okay. And I am protected and I am guided, but I’m here to learn. It’s such a different process, but it’s very exciting to me at the moment that teaching was like, whoa, when I received it, I was like, okay.

Yeah, that is exciting. It’s so interesting. I so this is an aside very tangent, but I have been listening to your podcast for awhile and whenever you channel. The Pleiadians. I listened to what they have to say. And one day I was driving in my car and I was listening to your podcast. And I suddenly had the thought of one of my guides and his name is white Eagle.

And I suddenly had the thought of white Eagle. And I hadn’t thought about him in a while. And I had a, I have a tarot card deck that he’s in and that’s how he was first introduced to me. And I’m not even kidding. I, when we first got this taro deck was when I was super, super sick and I drew that white Eagle card, like six times in a row on six different.

Times that I was drawing cards. Like he was the one that came up every single time. And my husband does Reiki and my husband would be doing Reiki on me. And he would be like, I feel what you go, he’s in the room right now. And so he’s like definitely one of my guides and I hadn’t thought about him or talked to him or done anything with him in a while.

And I was driving, listening to your podcast. And all of a sudden his name like came into my awareness. And you were doing an episode where you were channeling the pedicle. And so I was like, I wonder if I could channel light Eagle. And so I kept driving and I was going to tell, and I was running my errands and I walked into a store.

And as I was walking through the doors of the store, a teenage boy walked out and he was wearing a green sweatshirt with the words, white Eagle on the front of the sweatshirt. And I was like, oh my gosh, what is happening? Cortex day? What? I was journaling, not morning. I was like, okay. And I just started journaling.

And I asked a question in my journal. And then I put down that pen and I picked up a different color pen and I started answering it, but I was answering it, not as myself, but as someone else, like someone else was writing through me was speaking through me and I asked who it was. And they said, we are the cast C a S T.

And Y Eagle is in your cast and Jesus is in your past and your higher self as in your cast. And there are others, but who they are is not important. And facial make cast as an acronym. And it stands for cosmically aligned support team. And when I told my husband about that, I was like, can you believe that, like I have this like spirit guide team and they identify by themselves to me as the cast and that’s an acronym.

He was like, I totally believe that. That sounds exactly like something you would love. So anyway, I know that was totally an aside, but I. The way that you hear messages and how you write them down and all of that, I just want to not only validate what you’re doing, but also share with our listeners that like, this is real, this isn’t something that we’re making up.

These messages are they’re here. They’re available to us. They’re coming through us all the time. If we just slow down enough and turn out to not be other distractions and all of the other things that keep us distracted and tune into these messages is that they’re there. And so when we’re talking about like working with guides, like now I know that I have had white Eagle and Jesus and the rest of the cast in my soul’s development for a really long time, because I have not only lived in this one life and I’m, I don’t know.

I’m one of those people that sort of project. Insecurities outwards. And so right now, as I’m saying all of this, I’m thinking to myself, like the listeners are going to think that this is so woo or this is so we’re just making this up or there’s no way to really prove that any of this is real. So I’m wondering if you could maybe answer that question of like, how do we even prove that this is real?

Is it necessary to prove that it’s real? How do we know that the messages that we’re receiving are actually from our past lives and not something that our imagination is making up? So the answer, your first question, how do we prove that this is real? You can’t, I don’t even try to prove that this is real to people.

I share my stories. I share my teaching. I share what has come through for me to share. And if people are going to resonate with it and believe it they are, and if they’re not, and that’s their journey and this is my journey. Nothing else matters, like it just doesn’t, it doesn’t matter the energy that we’re in right now, this time that we’re in, of moving into the age of Aquarius, which symbolizes the breakdown of organized religion as a system, as a structure, these structures are breaking down.

This does not mean that organized religion is going to go away entirely. If you feel comforted at the church at the synagogue, wherever you go, that’s amazing. Like whatever resonates with you and your heart and makes you feel that comfort and protection and that love and that support. That’s amazing.

When I say this, the. Ideology of, I’m going to tell you what to believe, and I’m going to convince you, and I’m going to hold power over you. And I’m going to control you through a fear or through some type of manipulation. That’s, what’s breaking down. And so if you’re listening to this and you’re like, I don’t believe anything.

You’re saying all the power to you. It doesn’t matter to me. I hope it doesn’t matter to you and Z. It doesn’t matter because we’re all on our own journey. We are all moving through our own experiences and we’re all gonna resonate with literally the frequencies that resonate with us. And that’s all that matters.

That being said, none of this is coming from outside of you. This is all these messages, everything, your soul, your highest self, even the Akashic records, it’s all you. And so where these messages are coming from and past life knowing and all of this, it’s coming from your Akashic record. And I know I briefly touched on that, but what the Akashic records are they’re a metaphysical library, a vibrational energetic library of your entire soul’s history.

So the first point to know if you believe in this or not is to believe or to know if you believe in reincarnation, or if you believe that you have one life and that’s it, that’s the first point. Cause if you believe that you just have one life and you come in and you’re done and you die and you either go to heaven or hell or whatever, nothing happens at all.

Like wherever you’re at on that. The first thing is to know that your soul has had far more experiences and is having far more experiences beyond this physical life. And I like to use what we can see physically as proof of this. When you look at the universe, our galaxy, and then the amount of other galaxies we can see with our eyes and drama.

The galaxy of Andromeda, which is larger than the Milky way galaxy, which is where we live. And to know that we can physically see a galaxy that is larger than our current gap, like our home galaxy, and to wonder how many planets live there or are there, and what’s going on there. And to know that’s just one other in the most likely millions, if not billions, if not trillions, if not infinite, other galaxies, this is all physical.

We can see this scientists and astronomers study this, like this is physical, these aren’t theories, this is real. And so I just think that a place to start is to know that you are a reflection of what you see outside of you. We are one with nature. We can see this nature is very healing to us. We can see the reflection of.

Mother earth has she is going through a massive transformation right now, a cycle, a rebirth, a death, and rebirth as a humanity. So are we, and we can see mother earth is very sick on many levels. It’s a reflection back to humanity. That’s so are we. And so when you see outside of yourself as a reflection back to yourself, and you look at the energetic, you and look up to space and see a reflection back to yourself, you see how infinite you are and how there’s more than just this physical container, this 3d life.

If I haven’t lost you yet there, the Akashic records, going back to that, your soul history, those are energetically stored in the store, in the star cluster called the Pleiades, which you can’t see in the sky, in the Northern hemisphere right now it’s a winter constellation, but you can in the Southern hemisphere, you can physically see these stars.

In our solar system, any given night from, I think October until around March or April, they are in the sky and they’re beautiful and are still history is energetically stored there. And so when you look up at the stars, the plate is, and that energetically you are receiving from there. It brings again the physical and the energetic into a harmonious connection.

Since the Akashic records, you’re still history lives up in the Pleiades. Every time you receive a message that it’s two to 2:00 PM right now, every time you receive a message, that information is coming through you from your soul history and those stars delivered to you by your most important guide, which is your highest self.

This is the most pure divine, beautiful version of you that does not carry shadow. That does not carry trauma. That does not carry woo. But also does not carry over joy. Like it’s just neutral love. And this is everyone has a highest self guide and this highest self is delivering these messages to you.

These messages are coming to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Every moment of every day is an energetic transmission. It’s flowing through your body constantly. And they’re coming from your soul history as guidance on how to move through this life in alignment with your soul’s evolvement and growth.

It’s like step-by-step and it can be as small as drink, more water right now, or take care of that email right now. Like these are very they’re every time you make a decision, you’re acting on a message or you’re not like you’re making a decision. And so as you’re receiving these messages that are energetically connected to your past life, you’re also writing it because every single emotion that you experience conscious or subconscious will be recorded into your Akashic record from this life and your Akashic record is so delicate that even the most subtle emotions you experienced are being recorded.

And so it’s this constant flow of receiving from your past lives, recording from this life receiving from your plus size recording from this life. It’s a cycle, just like your energetic experiences. Remember yourself as a guitar. It’s a cycle it’s con you’re constantly receiving from them all the time as well.

And so if you didn’t believe before, hopefully that, that explanation at least got you curious, but again, if you think that’s all rubbish, that’s fine. Throw it away. How do you trust. That this is all coming or it’s not just your imagination. Your imagination is brilliant. Trust your imagination. Your imagination is usually working with your soul.

It’s your ego that comes in. That’s like shush, quiet down. Trust your imagination. Your human mind is a huge part in this because your human mind decodes all of this and receives all of this. It comes through as energy moves into the earth, beneath your feet, where it’s activated and brought into the physical and then comes back up to your body to receive it.

So you can imagine your brain and your soul, your highest self your cast, your guides, like they’re all and we call it the line, which is the energetic, super highway going through you where all this information is coming in, coming out. Imagine this all is like a braid. It’s all working together.

Your mind, your imagination is a very crucial part because that’s how you receive it. Usually your imagination is telling you the truth. Maybe it’s grabbing from parallel lives and from different experiences and from different stuff to shape the story. But your imagination is giving you so much information.

That’s your creativity, that’s your flow? Allow that to happen. So often people are like I don’t know if I lose my mind. If it was my highest self it’s your mind tells you what your highest self is saying. If it’s coming through. As this like grounded awareness, it’s like a grounded awareness of just knowing you can trust it.

It does not bring fear. It does not bring it. Doesn’t bring fear. It doesn’t bring judgment. It doesn’t bring scarcity. It doesn’t bring shame. Your human emotion can very quickly attach onto a message and be like, oh my God, I’m not ready for that. Oh my goodness. I’m scared. But that’s the human emotion and the ego being like pulling you back.

But when that message comes through right away, or the first moment when, it’s a message it’s so grounded and solid that it just makes sense if that resonates. That totally resonates with me. Yeah, totally. And I think. Doing your past life course actually gave me permission for the first time to trust my imagination.

That was a huge, that was a huge deal for me. I think that in and of itself was like a healing step for me to be like, I actually can trust my imagination. It’s not going to lead me somewhere crazy and awful. It’s just leading me back to my highest self. Yeah. So totally. Okay. Let’s get into some of the juicy do you see like past life stuff?

Let’s talk about imaginary friends first for a second. I have heard that when children have imaginary friends, but those friends are actually either people they knew in their past lives or other souls that those children are playing with. And I myself had two imaginary daughters. Whenever I was a child, their names were Joni and Frankie.

My mom told me that I play with them all the time. I remember talking about Joanie and Frankie. And when my mom married my stepdad and we moved, I was seven years old and I don’t have any memory of playing with or talking to Joanie and Frankie after that. But through doing your past life course Joanie and Frankie came back to my awareness and I remembered that they were my daughters and the past life and I was their mother and I was taken from them.

I was actually in a hollow in the Holocaust. I was killed in a concentration camp. And so I still had their energetic memory in me whenever I came into this life. And so when I was able to use words and to play and all of that, they were part of my childhood experience. So is that your understanding of my mountaineering friends?

Yeah. I don’t think it could be one way or. Not definitely other souls, definitely like your children from a past life. For my daughter, watching her with her imaginary friends, when she was little, it doesn’t happen anymore, but it did a lot when she was 1, 2, 3, 3, it went away. They were her guides for sure that cause she would describe to me what they looked like and they weren’t human, so they didn’t look like human souls.

But I have heard something very quick story. I had this really good friend growing up, she was a couple years older than me and our moms worked together. And when I was, I think I was 19, 18, 19, she went through a really rough patch in life and was really unhappy and was texting me and was like, we should go out for coffee.

We should do this. We should do that. And like lifetime, like it just wasn’t aligning. She ended up taking her life, which was really hard to move through. But I felt her around me for about a year. I would feel her play with my hair. I’d feel her talk to me and my ear. Cause it was her voice. Like I, I knew it was her.

She would sometimes change the water temperature in the shower and tell me I’m here. She told me she was guiding me because I was dating someone who was not good for me and who was into a lot of the same unhealthy addictions and behaviors that she was into before she had passed. And so she was looking out for me and didn’t want me to be in a situation that she was in.

And then eventually she moved on and I don’t actually remember the reason or what happened. As to how she moved on or like how I knew that I knew the moment she was gone and had moved on from me. But what was so beautiful is that she had miscarried a baby a couple of months before she passed.

And she wanted to be a mother so badly. And this was one of the many things that like layered on to the end for this life. But she had a niece who was two, I think at the time. And her niece would go into her bedroom and close the door and have tea with auntie and auntie’s baby. And her niece of course didn’t know that she had.

Miscarried, you don’t tell a two year old that, but her mom would go into the room and be like, who are you talking to? And she’d have a little tea thing set up. Oh, I’m having TV of auntie and her baby. And so I absolutely believe that souls visit children and whether they’re from past life or not, or whether they’re guides like this is what I meant at the beginning when I said children are so open they’re.

So they’re so receptive to what’s around because they don’t have those layers of conditioning, be normal on them yet. But anything could happen. I think that when children have imaginary friends or they talk about whoever is in their room or with them, for parents listening to get really curious and to ask questions and to.

Nurture that and to protect it, instead of saying there’s nothing there. I noticed even now, if my daughter she’ll see words on the ceiling and I don’t see them, she’s incredibly gifted. And I don’t share a lot about her because that’s her life and her journey, but she’ll see words on the ceiling and she’ll read them and she’ll say, mommy, do you see that?

And I’ll say, no I don’t see that. I’m sorry. I don’t see it, but I believe you that it’s there and you need to see it for a reason, but can you tell me about it? Can you read it to me? Can you tell me more that she’ll get frustrated that I can’t see it, but it’s important to teach your children that they have their own unique gifts and that it’s special for them to express them and that they’re going to see things that other people can’t see and they’re going to feel things and experience things that other people can’t see, but that doesn’t make it wrong or bad or incorrect or not normal, like really foster that within children and give them the space to explore it and to.

Just cultivate that curiosity within themselves in a place that’s safe. I didn’t have that as a kid. And it took a long time for me to break free of that. And I know a lot of people don’t have that as children to really look through that. But yeah, children are brilliant. They’re brilliant. It’s so interesting to watch a child experienced the world at such a young age, without all the layers put onto them.

It’s amazing. I’m so sorry about your friend. Oh, thank you. So sorry. Thank you. And yeah, everything that I’ve heard you share about your daughter Babu is so just she seems like a magical being. She’s a little unicorn. I love it. When we are, again, juicy, detailed stuff about past lives what are some ways that we might.

Sniff out whether or not we’re on the path of maybe this has something to do with the past life, like what are some of those clues that we might be able to follow? I think just being openly curious and asking yourself, is this familiar? Does it feel like I’ve gone through this before?

Does this feel deeper to me than this specific surface level experience? Am I dreaming about this? Have I dreamt about this? Do I remember this working out or turning out in a certain way, even though it hasn’t happened yet? Are you having future premonitions about something? Is there a theme related to what you’re experiencing connected to other experiences you’ve had in your life?

Is it like a trauma or a fear or. A wound or something. And where is that? How has that played out in different experiences in your life? Whereas the theme, where’s the connection and be openly curious. This podcast is about healing trauma, but healing trauma is not fun. Going deep within, it’s not fun.

It feels really uncomfortable. It hurts. It’s not fun. And so being openly curious about past life stuff doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be fun. Like some past life stuff is amazing, but some of it is really hard and really painful and really traumatic to open up and relive again, because it brings up the feelings that you had in those other lives.

There’s someone in my life right now, a soul family member who we have had, I don’t even know how many thousands of lives together, but in so many of those lives, he passed away before me and in this life, he’s really sick. But he’s not going to pass away before me in this life. I know that, but in moving through the connection and understanding the dynamic of this energy and our role in each other’s lives, I relived in one day 12 of his deaths, it was like, it was such a hard day.

Like hard doesn’t even begin. I was like sobbing, but it was energy. I had to clear to get to. Almost like to come into this life. It was and that doesn’t mean that you’re going to go through such traumatic experiences. I feel like I go through a lot in order to teach this, like to understand it.

It’s like pro athletes go through the like gruesome physical training, but I have no desire to do. And I go through all this soul training to teach it. But it doesn’t it’s sometimes it can be so enjoyable and so fun. If you go to a place on earth where you’d be like, put your feet in the ground, and you’re like, I’ve been here before and I had the most beautiful life here and it’s just as deja VU and remembering of joy and love and inspiration and comfort and creativity.

And I love the food and the colors. And I’m just thinking of the Mediterranean right now. I’m just being like, this is just so home to me. There’s that experience as well with past life work. And so just remaining curious and open and allowing yourself to move through it because that’s the sole experience it’s to feel the wide range of emotions to evolve through it, to grow from it, and to also know your own pace and your own comfort level and your own readiness.

So when I started channeling the cast I was chatting with them about this lifetime compared to my last lifetimes. And they shared with me that in this lifetime I chose a life that was more physically free. So I’m self-employed. So I have a lot of freedom with my time and my schedule. I live in the woods.

I can go into the woods and get lost anytime I want to. It’s amazing. I’m free from like the busy-ness of cities and the noise pollution and light pollution and all of that kind of stuff. But I have a lot of inner stuff that I’m feel trapped by. Whereas in my last life as a Holocaust prisoner, I didn’t have freedom physically.

I was in a very restricted, confined, awful place, but I met my death with like bravery and grace because I had inner freedom. And so it was like in this life, things, heart are, flip-flopped where I have the physical freedom that I didn’t have in my last life. But it’s the inner freedom that I’m trying to get in this life.

And that’s me just telling you that, sharing that with you feels like the most raw truth. I could tell someone, there’s no question in me that oh, is this real? Is this accurate? Am I making this up? It just, I know that. Real. And also, I also, I know that I couldn’t have come up with that on my own.

You know what I mean? Like some of the stuff that I have learned through your course from the cast, from other work that I’ve done is I know that it’s real because it’s something I would have never come up with on my own, that’s exactly right. That’s how it comes through for me too.

Even when I channel from the pinnacle and share with the community, they were talking about surfing with the alignment tips episode and about a surfer and how they calculate their decisions and their moves and whatnot. And I’m like, I don’t know. I don’t know anything about this. I had to actually ask someone after who surfs I’m like, is this real?

If I say this publicly, am I going to look like I have no idea what I’m talking about? They’re like, no, that’s real. And I’m like, yes, I had no idea because that’s a very basic example, but I don’t know what it’s like to surf a wave in this life because I never have, and yet it comes through me.

The stuff comes through me as truth to share. And that’s when, yeah. And it often comes through, I don’t know for you, but it comes through as rhymey comes through as like really playful and fun, like on the other, in the other realms. It’s very beautiful. There’s earth. Plane is a school.

We leave earth plane. It’s a little lighter. Yeah. I agree with you. I think it, I, what I’ve read from Michael Newton’s work. I am not afraid at all of dying and of going back to the soul world, because I know that place is not anywhere close to this place. Like this place is so dense and so scary and so traumatized.

And you’re right. It’s a school like our souls could have chosen to go to all kinds of other planets. And sometimes they do. Sometimes our souls do incarnate on other planets, but our souls chose the earth planet for a reason. And it’s because even in Michael Newton’s books, the souls that he interviewed, occasionally he would come across an older soul.

So a soul that had lived thousands of lifetimes that the people, the souls would describe the age of souls is having colors. So very young souls would be like white. And then as the soul matured, they would go from white to a light yellow. And then there would be like some red in there.

And then at the older they got, there would be like purple and blue. And so he, obviously, he didn’t have as many chances to interview the older souls that were like blue and purple souls because they don’t incarnate as often because they’re becoming spirit guides themselves and they’re guiding younger more or less mature souls.

So the older souls that he had, the opportunity to interview would tell him like, I didn’t want to come back, but I talked to my guides and we decided that this was what I needed or it was hard.

It took me a long time in earth time to make the decision to reincarnate on this planet again, because I’ve had so many hard experiences or I had so many hard experiences on earth, but I chose to incarnate on another planet for a few lives before I decided to come back to earth because I needed a rest from earth.

So like earth stocks, earth is also so beautiful. It is, but the lessons and the trauma and the the density of earth is really hard to handle. So I think that’s why we have mother nature is rights are protected, right? So how often do you do past life work? Every day? Yeah. That’s like my life. No, honestly, I don’t do necessarily the workshop and whatnot every day, but I meditate every day.

I go in the records almost every day. I give myself Reiki every day. I have people in my life who are soul connections that I’m exploring. It’s the chapter in my life right now that it’s always in my awareness every day. Yeah. I think I’m in the same place. Yeah. Not just with past lives, but just with my, like my spiritual development.

That seems to be the purpose that I have right now. Yeah, totally. Okay. Just something fun. I don’t, I’m going to put you on the spot if you don’t want to share. It’s totally fine. Are you willing to share good, bad, fun, not fun details from any of your past lives? Yeah, let’s see, I’m, this is brand new.

It just came through for me last week. There’s a location in the world that I’ve been very drawn to my whole life. And that is Scandinavia since I was a child before I even knew what the midnight sun was when I was a kid, I would have these dreams of walking down a street, going home into a house, looking out the window.

I would pull back the curtain. It was like a Lacy curtain. I was in this older bedroom. My bed was up against the window. I pull back the curtain. And the sun is in the sky. And I would look at the time somewhere it was not so long ago that there was a clock or a watch or something.

Somehow I knew the time and it was three in the morning or one in the morning or two in the morning and I would wake up and I’d be like, what’s it? I remember that, like, where was like, did that happen? I remember when I was in high school, I’d be like, did that happen? Cause there’d be people in my dream that I, my friends would be there.

So it feels so real. And I think not necessarily those people were from my past life, but it was like mixing this life and the past life and like really feeling it as real and for so long, I was so confused as to did that really happen? Cause I would dream it so often that happens. But I’m like, I couldn’t have happened because where I live, the sun is not up in the morning at that early in the morning.

And I had never heard of the midnight sun and yes, we have them in nice sun and in Canada as well. But the way that this looked was not Canada, like the streets, the houses, it was not Canada, Northern Canada anyway, which is very open and very Arctic, very vast. And this was developed and it was in nine November of 2019, I was watching a YouTube video about the midnight sun that I had never heard of before.

And then I saw it and my eyes filled with tears. My whole body was covered in goosebumps. And I had this total knowing I was like, I’ve been dreaming a past life or possibly many of the midnight sun, which is also. Why I love the darkness of winter because wherever that place was also had extreme darkness in winter, and I find it so restorative and comforting and for many years of my life, very challenging, but I really love it.

I love the polar extremes, like the bright light in the summer and the darkness in the winter. It’s very comforting to me. And so this whole time, I just kept it in my knowing that it was a past life and I had my astrocartography or geography map looked at, and I have lines through Norway and significant lines through a place in Finland.

Very important that place in Finland and just recently randomly the way that things happen. On the new moon eclipse. I met someone on Instagram from that place in Finland. And I had no idea that, that this person was from that place in Finland. And then just through talking, I was like, yeah, I’m really deeply connected to

And this person is I lived there for 20 years and the parents still live there and I was like, you’re kidding me. So then I knew there’s like a past life, something there, but then I was doing Reiki and saw the past life and but saw a different version of it, like a different time, because this was way back when, so I’m exploring that right now and learning, I feel like I’m at the very beginning of a beautiful journey of understanding why that has been a connection for me.

That sounds amazing. And I have to travel there now. Yeah, you definitely to do when I can. Okay. Certainly like travel with a quarantining and stuff. I don’t even know if you have to quarantine them. Scandinavia right now that just doesn’t have an appeal to me of staying in a hotel for four days, but it’s not fun.

But as soon as I can travel, without that, I definitely have to visit these places and just feel them and just feel them like just physically be there and feel them and see what comes. Yeah. So you, I’m sorry, what is astrocartography? Oh, it’s basically taking your birth chart, your astrological birth chart and mapping it to the Meridian lines of earth.

So you see where your planet signup on earth, based on the earth grid, and then, places on the earth where you’ve had past lives, where you have deep learning to do where your Pluto line runs, which would mean great transformation where your Kyron line runs, which is like a healing line for you.

For me in Finland. Yeah. Venus Jupiter and the moon, which means Venus is love beauty creativity. Jupiter is expansion. So expands that exponentially. And then the moon is like maternal energy caregiving, creativity love. So it’s like a beautiful place for me to be. And that all goes there. Yeah. That’s what that is.

Oh my gosh. I’m going to have to look into that. I’m going to, it’s really interesting. I’m going to have to get the number of your astrocartography after we recorded. Absolutely. And I can show you how you can look it up for yourself too, on astro.com, put in your birth details, and then it will bring you up a map.

You have to have a bit of knowledge of the planets and what they need and whatnot. But if you know a bit about, you can read your own map and if not, there are a variety of different people who can help you with that. Amazing. Wow. I just learned something new. I had no idea. Something like that existed.

Yeah. I find astrology to be the most supportive. This work. I find astrology really helps in understanding soul connections with other people. If you can get their astrological birth details, like after you go through this knowing and this past life work on your own, and then you bring other people in and you really, if you haven’t gotten the full picture for yourself or you want confirmation or something, astrology science, I know that’s probably controversial for some people, but I believe it’s science and that’ll show you like the conduct.

Yeah. Yeah. I happened to how it happened. I’ve found astrology to be extremely supportive, in fact, so much so that every Equinox and solstice I have. An astrologer on the podcast to tell tell us what’s going on and, and to support people. And then I get my own readings pretty frequently because I it’s been not supportive for me.

For sure. Yeah. It’s very supportive. It’s just one of the tools that supports this work. Can you tell everyone where they can find you and how they can learn from you? Yes, absolutely. So thank you so much, everyone for listening and for spending this time with us and for hearing my stories You can find me on instagram@alnwithinandthewebsiteisalnwithin.com.

And the workshop that we’ve talked about a couple of times over this podcast is called activate the line past life. And then we also have a workshop called activate the line, know your soul, which takes you through a much deeper understanding of your soul and its journey, how it communicates with you.

You’ll learn a lot within that as well. And then we have a variety of different workshops and courses on how to read the Akashic records and a foundational course, if you’re really new to this four different workshops that support you in receiving your messages, understanding them, releasing your fears on trusting yourself, like all the basic stuff, but it’s so transformational.

And we’re actually giving that workshop. It’s called clear the line, a whole new revamp this week, and also anyone who does our work is welcomed into a support group as well, where you can ask questions and share with other people who are also moving through the work.

We never want you to feel alone. And so if you feel alone in your physical life, talking about this stuff, we’ve got you covered in an online support group where you will not be alone, where you’ll have many people from around the world to safely share your feelings and your experiences. Thank you so much for being here.

Ashley, this is such a pleasure. You’re welcome. It was wonderful. Lindsay, thank you for having me.

I told you that you were going to love that so much. Wasn’t it just magical?

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