Episode 53: Exploring Your Purpose & Remaining in Question with Dr. Janine Kreft

Sometimes, we truly have to get to a level of such pain, disgust, and discomfort with our lives and choices to wake up to the truth that our conscious and unconscious choices have created our reality all along. This is consciousness, and it’s the only way to create a new reality for ourselves.

When we live in this place, we are stuck. The ego (victim consciousness) identifies with what’s “wrong” with us or our lives, further confirming in our unconscious what the pain body already believes to be true: that things never work out for us or bad things are always happening or of course something went wrong, that’s how life works.

Anytime we think we’ve figured something out or make a conclusion about something (yes, even our own lives), we block awareness and consciousness. No new or contradicting information can come in.

However, this episode’s guest presents an alternative: remaining in question. Remaining in question allows us to receive and expand our awareness to what else might be possible because nothing is certain. Rather than jumping to the conclusion that bad things are always happening, we can create more ease, lightness, and expansion with questions such as:

“What else is possible here?”

“What else can I choose?”

“What could come out of this that I don’t expect?”

There are unlimited possibilities!

This Week’s Oracle Card:

This Week’s Guest:

Dr. Kreft is a holistic, trauma, & spiritually informed Psychologist turned Consciousness Coach. After working for over a decade in the therapy space, she recently made the transition from helping others heal to creating optimization. She is passionate about facilitating people through transformation & breaking through subconscious blocks. With a collective following of 770k followers across social media platforms, she loves creating short film content that is entertaining & educational.


Show Notes

In this episode, trauma-informed psychologist turned consciousness coach Dr. Janine Kreft (@kreftscouch) and I…

  • talk about Dr. Kreft’s reasons for adding alternative modalities, such as EFT and neurolinguistic programming, as well as consciousness and awareness to her traditional psychology education
  • discuss the necessary intersection of mental health, spirituality, and consciousness
  • share about Access Consciousness — a method Dr. Kreft loves for breaking out of the jail cell of the mind
  • talk about the power of choice and empowerment
  • share how traditional psychology and the disease model of mental illness didn’t align with Dr. Kreft and how she broke out of the mold
  • talk about Dr. Kreft’s hopes that consciousness and spirituality will eventually re-create the mental healthcare system
  • explain what consciousness really is
  • talk about questioning narratives in government, healthcare, and media and how the hidden programming of the oppressive systems we live under individually and collectively makes us easily controllable
  • share what it means to “remain in question”
  • explain what it means to raise your frequency or vibration
  • share how listeners can transform their lives through exploring their purpose and healing trauma





Hello. Hello. Welcome to the very last Sunday in August. Oh my gosh. I can’t believe it. I can’t believe it’s really the end of summer. I’m actually sad about that. Um, let’s see. What’s new where I am. So there’s been a fire burning, a forest fire, um, about 15, 20 miles from my house for almost two weeks. Now it’s burned over 22,000 acres.

We’ve had firefighters and forest service workers from all over the place. Keeping this fire contained. Um, in fact, I don’t think they have been able to keep it contained, but so far it hasn’t destroyed. Anyone’s permanent residents that I’m aware of, but this summer, the drought, oh my gosh. It was so bad.

Like it was so bad. My yard has been brown. July my garden barely produced anything this year because watering with a sprinkler is just not the same as watering our water from a deep soaking rain. Um, it’s been, it’s been a weird. Weird summer, like in a lot of ways it’s felt sort of apocalyptic kind of like just surreal.

Um, so the last two days though we’ve gotten clouds and some rain, it hasn’t been in deep soaking rain, which is what we need, but there has been moisture in the air it’s currently foggy right now. It’s on Saturday morning. Um, I’m editing this episode, uh, less than 24 hours before it goes. So as I’m looking out my window right now, it is very foggy, cloudy, and there is a lot of moisture in the air, which it’s not rain, but I will definitely take it.

Um, yeah. Other than that, there’s not a whole lot else going on in our lives right now. Um, I am still accepting applications. If you would like to work with me, one-on-one in my holistic trauma healing coaching program. This is a 12 week intense focused container for not only educating you about your nervous system and the way trauma has impacted your nervous system and how to regulate it again.

But also, you know, the next step beyond that, like let’s dig deep, let’s excavate the stuff that makes you, you, that may not be serving you anymore patterns and behaviors that you’ve had to. Um, use to adapt to a dysfunctional environment that aren’t really serving a purpose for you anymore. How you’re showing up in your relationships, how you’re setting boundaries, like what is even possible for you?

Are you even living the life that you want to live? Are you creating the reality that you want? Um, or is it all on autopilot? And if you’re asking those questions already, then I can tell you that you are a perfect fit for the holistic trauma healing coaching program. And inside this 12 week container, you’re going to get six one-on-one zoom video calls with me.

These are going to be yours. You know, personal coaching sessions, um, where I don’t hold back and really, um, help you reflect on some of the things that you’ve been doing in your life. Some of the ways you’ve been showing up that may or may not be serving you anymore, but even deeper than that. You know how to heal it, how to step outside of that and begin creating something new for yourself.

And for everyone that’s going to look different, which is why, instead of making this into a course that anyone can buy, I want to do a one-on-one coaching program because I know that sometimes those courses can be really informational, but sometimes you need something more personal and customized for you.

So that is what the one-on-one program is going to be. So you get six zoom video calls with me. In between those one-on-one calls, you also get access to my private slack channel so that you can ask questions and receive support in between our sessions. Uh, people who are accepted into the one-on-one coaching program are also going to get lifetime access to my online membership, the trauma circle.

And what else do you get? I feel like there’s something. Um, oh, weekly homework assignments. Yeah. That’s, what’s part of the coaching program really important weekly homework assignments. So this is the work that you’re going to be doing in between our one-on-one calls. Um, this is the work, you know, it is only personal work.

You can hire a coach. I can share you on, I can help you in any way that I can, but at the end of the day, This is your responsibility and it’s your work. I’m just here to help facilitate and support you and coach you through it. So if you are interested in working with me, one-on-one for my holistic trauma healing coaching program, there will be a link below the show where you can apply.

It’s going to take you about 10 minutes to fill out the application. And then I’m going to read over all the applications and I will choose the handful of people that I feel like are going to be a good fit for us to work together. So check out that application again, the link is below, and then before we dive in today, today’s episode, of course I have drawn a card for you.

So I actually. To have the intuition to take a video of drawing the card for you this week. And I actually posted it on Instagram and my stories, um, Saturday afternoon. So if you’re listening to this early Sunday morning, you can probably still catch that story. But I shuffled the cards. I held them up to my heart.

I said a prayer for you as I always do. And then I spread the cards out and there were two cards that were sort of sliding off the edge of the table. And so I gently. Push them back up onto the table. And as soon as I hit my hand away, they slid again, it was like this card was sliding out. Like, Hey, pick me, notice me.

So the card that slid off that wanting to be revealed to you guys this week or that, um, hopefully resonates and has some insight and support for you this week is from my work. Your light deck, always. This is my, this is my favorite deck. Um, and it’s the card. It says mirror who or what is triggering you.

So here’s the message of that. The filter of our own experience as how we experience life. 90% of the time through our own projections. When someone reminds us of an unhealed experience, we get triggered often it’s an unconscious thing. People and situations can trigger our mirrors to reflect back to us what we believe to be true in life.

The universe and ourselves mirror’s pointing to our shadow and our light mirrors revealing the parts of us that are yet to be accepted, witnessed, or loved. This card is guiding you to look closely at what experiences or people are currently triggering in you and what they could be mirroring back to you.

When have you felt like this before? Could they be opportunities to heal something in you or are they shining the light on something that longs to be witnessed in you? This goes for the good and the bad, the good those who we admire and put on a pedestal. If we do not realize that we are attracted to them because we are like them, we will need to cut them down in order to rise to their right.

The bad those we despise are envious of and put down. If we do not realize that they trigger something in us than it is still yet to be healed and we will remain hurt and wounded ourselves who are, what is triggering you? What is it in you that they are triggering? And what part of you longs to be witnessed?

So, honestly, I couldn’t have, if I had spread all the cards out and chosen one myself that was applicable to this episode, I couldn’t have done better. The universe chose for us because this episode is, uh, very closely related to, um, to that card to what’s triggering us and how. It can be reflected back to us.

And how can we be curious about what triggers us instead of being defensive and instead of putting our hands out to try to defend ourselves or trying to run away and hide from our triggers and pretend like they’re not there or distract ourselves from them, like how can we instead lean in and be curious?

What about this is triggering for me? When have I felt this before? I wonder why when this person says, or does this thing, it elicit such a strong response in me. I wonder what that’s all about. Wonder what that means. Can I get curious about that instead of being defensive, instead of running away, instead of distracting myself, instead of placing the blame on them, how can I look at myself and realize that whatever it is I’m reacting to in them is actually something I’m reacting to in myself because every person in every situation is a mirror to us.

Usually unconscious things about ourselves that are coming up to be witnessed, healed, or dealt with in some way. So honestly, this card was completely perfect for this episode and I will post a picture of the card in the show notes@lindsaylocket.com forward slash podcast. This is episode 53, and I will also post a link to the work, your light deck, which is my favorite card deck in the show notes below this video.

And now let’s dive in to this week’s episode. I’m so excited about this week. So I have on the show, one of my personal favorite people to follow on Instagram, I try to catch everything sheep out there. She is the queen of making amazing reels and she has reals about setting boundaries and trauma responses and exploring your purpose.

So many good reels. I mean, honestly, you could just watch her reels and get like a crash. In nervous system education and trauma healing. I’m not even getting whenever I say that, so I don’t want to leave you hanging. My guest is Dr. Janine Kreft. Dr. Kreft is a holistic trauma and spiritually informed psychologist, turned consciousness coach.

After working for over a decade in the therapy space, she recently made the transition from helping others heal. To creating optimization. She is passionate about facilitating people through transformation and breaking through subconscious blocks with a collective following of a hundred thousand Instagram followers.

She loves creating short film content that is entertaining and educational. So as I said, she is the queen of reels. And actually we did this interview a few months ago and she only had like, um, Like 80,000 followers on Instagram. And this last week, she got to a hundred thousand followers. So really exciting.

I’m so happy for you, Janine. And, um, I know that this episode is going to be so revealing and also supportive for these, the listeners of this podcast. So I really hope that you enjoy.

Hello, Dr. Janine Kreft. Welcome to the podcast. Thanks so much for having me. I’m so excited to be here. You know what I didn’t ask you before I hit record. Do you prefer to be called Janine? Dr. Kreft, Dr. Janine, what do you like? I tell people just to call me Janine. I used the doctor. Yeah. Yeah on emails and stuff, but I just, I have people call me Janine.

Yeah. For your street cred. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Just that few thousand dollars I spent on that degree. Like hundreds of thousands. Yeah. It’s me sweat. When I think about it. That’s okay. Oh my gosh. One day we should do. One day, there’ll probably be a diagnosis in the DSM for like student loan drama. Yes.

Yeah. Okay. Let’s get down to business. Let’s be serious. Okay. So first of all, I’m honored that you’re here. You have a very large platform on social media compared to my very small platform. So I acknowledge out of the gate that this is probably more beneficial for me than it is for you. But thank you for being here.

And I personally love what you put out into the world. I feel like you are the greatest real maker ever. If that’s not on your resume, like bad-ass Instagram real maker, you should ask. To your resume. I’m going to hire you to create all these like catchphrases for me, I think. Okay, cool. Sounds good.

Yeah. I need a psychic. You’re not enough going on. One of the things I’ve noticed though, like over the. Last month or so you’ve really shifted, like you were doing a lot of focusing on like trauma responses. Bonding was a big thing that you were talking about for a long time. And I’ve noticed the shift that you’ve made into these two phrases that I really want to talk about today.

Phrase is exploring your purpose. And I know that you have a whole group program called exploring your purpose or EYP that we can talk about. And then the other phrase is remaining in questions. So how do you feel about talking about those today? Yeah, that sounds great. And yeah, I have made a pretty, just a hard right turn I didn’t even prep my audience.

So I was just like, here we go. You’re no longer the right or not, and I so I basically I finished my traditional psychology training and immediately once I got licensed, I was already looking for what is more expansive, what’s quicker and healing. I just couldn’t, I wasn’t settled with that was enough.

And so I just. Seeking all these different kind of alternative treatments, if you will, EFT tapping emotion code neuro-linguistic programming, access consciousness, et cetera. And I, it was challenging for me to really, yeah. Put myself out there too, as being seen, being heard on social it’s like the wild west sometimes and people can be pretty intense.

It’s a whole thing. Yeah, no, like you’ve been through the ringer lately, so it’s yeah, totally. Yeah, no, I get it. It is like the wild west you’re right. There’s no laws. Everyone takes the law into their own hands and makes it up as they go along. And you never know, who’s carrying a pistol. Like it’s really tough.

Early. So if you already have a challenging time and now for me being a people pleaser and like trying to speak to everyone and not offend everyone, I was like, this is, I can’t, I’m not even me anymore. I’ve just lost me. And so I just started to become more comfortable with identifying first myself as like holistic and trauma-informed and spiritually informed and et cetera.

And so I was doing a lot of trauma content around that, and that was somewhat popular. And then I just. Again, feeling out of alignment and just needed to be my weird whew stealth and took the hard right. Turn into some of these like wacky tools that I’m talking about now really do stem from access consciousness, which is this whole modality that I actually found a long time ago in 2016, but I didn’t want to be too weird.

I didn’t want to be judged. Cause it is just very different. A very different way of looking at reality and just navigating this reality to create more ease. And it’s very different than what we’ve seen. So tell us about access consciousness, then let’s get really weird here. Yeah. Okay, cool. So access consciousness is a modality created originally by Gary Douglas.

And I found it when someone said, Hey, I just had this weird thing done. And she was like, someone put their hands on my head. And for three days I didn’t have a negative thought. I’m sorry what is this? So I wouldn’t have done. It’s basically called getting your bars run and someone puts their hands on 32 different points on your head and runs your bars basically creates an electromagnet.

Wave in your head to release beliefs, thoughts, structures, feelings, all sorts of things that are like geeking you up. And it just creates so much space and ease. And I describe it in the sense of when I first had it done. I felt do you remember, when did you watch the Twilight zone? Of course. Okay. So when Bella turns into a vampire, she’s finally a vampire and now she can see like everything in the forest she’s experiencing with such depth and perception and highly sensitive sensitivity, so to speak.

And that’s literally how I felt afterwards. That’s how I feel when I’m like tripping on acid or mushrooms.

I’ve even said that before, like in the middle of a trip I feel like I’m Bella right now and everything is just like coming alive in micro detail. And it’s so amazing. Ah, yes. Oh my gosh. Yeah. You need to give it a try if there’s someone in your area, but yeah. Yeah, so exactly. That’s how I felt. I was like, what is this?

It created so much space and ease that when I found out that it all came from access consciousness, then I like deep dove into it. What is this what’s going on here? And basically it’s all sorts of different. I would say energy-based tools. So a lot of even quantum linguistic type tools to help you break out of the jail cell in your mind that we’re putting ourselves in.

And really they do come from a similar viewpoint of NLP where it’s all about impact. Or you have a hundred percent sovereignty in yourself, creating your reality, creating your future, how you think about things. So there’s all that. And then there’s also these like energetic body processes, like the bars and other things with the body.

Recently I’ve rediscovered that and I’m just going in hard. So is access consciousness is it a cognitive thing? Is it a spiritual. Yeah. It’s like really? They’re like, are not definable. That’s the thing they’re, aren’t linear. Like even the website is just what do you want to choose?

It’s just classes all over the place. And you’re like, where do I go? What do I do? Because they just want you to choose for you. And basically they’re all about empowering what, running everything through your own way. And so it is partly cognitive where there’s a lot of verbal tools or processing, or just the way we look at the world to create more ease along with other energetic tools.

And it’s spiritually, I would guess I’d say informed in the sense of one of their kind of beliefs is that we’re infinite beans or if not beans, where we’re just having this temporary human experience. So it’s all informed from that. That sounds totally right up my alley and up my listeners alley.

We like woo-hoo stuff here. Gosh, I will send you all the details. So good. Excellent. We’ll put the details in the show notes, but I will go down that rabbit hole myself, because actually that sounds like something my husband would really love to go down the rabbit hole with. Yeah, totally. So you like explore this access consciousness stuff and that led you.

Where? Yeah, so that I would say, so I explored it and then stopped it. And now I’m back into it. And currently with a coach, who’s been a facilitator with an access for a long time. So that’s just really starting to inform what I’m embodying now, which is just identifying, loosely as a consciousness coach.

So pivoted from psychology and. Therapy of holding a healing space to really getting to a place of optimization for people helping people thrive. It’s once they’ve done the healing, the foundational work, the next step is this consciousness coaching work, where you’re really looking to create expansion and ease in your life.

And so that’s currently what I’m doing now. I see one-on-one clients and I’m creating this group program called exploring your purpose and. Came up with this based on the current clients, who I was seeing, and a lot of them were having, as you would say, these kinds of ego deaths, these awakenings, especially with 2020, we have so much more space and time to really take a step back and look at our lives and see, is this really working?

Is this really how I want to be getting up every day? Is this really how I want to be living my life? And then now. Drastic hard-right turns, making major changes and it can be very scary, right. Then the ego freaks out to all that. And folks are really just needing support in that process.

Basically I created this group container three-month group container to guide folks through that. So guide them through some healing, foundational basics. So in case they haven’t done a ton of healing work that’s there and then leading them through other energetic tools from neuro-linguistic programming, from access consciousness.

I love that create change fast in service. Helping folks gain clarity to really step into their power step into their authentic selves and create the reality they want because ultimately, no one’s coming to do it for us. We have to do it. Yeah. 100%. So one of the taglines to the podcast I guess, is that I help people move out of victim role and into the role of empowered, conscious creator of their best possible reality.

And I am a huge believer in. We have the ability to create whatever our reality is, and that includes quote unquote, bad realities. And that includes quote unquote, good realities. So I’m curious. Because one of the roadblocks that I’ve come up against with people that you start talking about this, and they immediately say that must, that’s fine for you, but here’s what I went through.

And what I went through is so much worse and it’s not going to be as easy for me to get over this or the other one, my very favorite. You’re saying that as with a lot of privilege that you can create the life you want. That’s a very privileged thing to say. How do you respond to those types of things?

Do you get those? Do you get that? Okay. All right. Let’s talk about, I could say like a lot of things about it. Victim consciousness is super prevalent right now, and it’s a safe place to be. We don’t have to take full responsibility for our lives when we live there. One of the commandments with access consciousness, which I love, and it’s the complete opposite of psychology is do not tell by or listen to the story.

Which means the story is the justification for what I’m choosing. I can’t do that because I’ve had Lola it’s it is literally as we could go back and forth all day long deciding, is that true? Is that accurate? Is it real? Is it valid? None of that matters, ultimately, because if you’re putting your attention to that, then you’re right.

That is what you’ll create and you’re right. It can’t, it will stop you. However, if you see it. Yeah. Just a story, just what you were telling yourself, you empower yourself to choose. And so ultimately to me, the reality is not everyone really wants to change. People connect over their problems. It seems to make life valid and, they just get stuck in their stories.

And they don’t want to change. And so I think we have this idea that, oh people want change. They want to improve it. They don’t. And that’s the first thing I have to check in with my awareness when I am even working with people. Can they hear what I’m about? What I’m about to say, or they just, or they just need to be in the story and workshop it a little bit. Because we all do that. We’re human. We get stuck in what we’re telling ourselves. And so ultimately, I think we’re seeing a lot of that online with the, arguing for limitation, so to speak.

And that is not expansion that’s contraction that will keep us playing small. Yeah. I see people arguing for all the reasons why they can’t or shouldn’t be expected to do. X Y or Z. And then also people swooping into the comments to argue and defend other people for why they shouldn’t be able or expected to do.

The things it’s like, everyone is defending everyone else’s victim consciousness. And they’re like creating this like miserable little, like friendship bubble that they live in, where they’re all like holding hands. Like we love being victims and and it hello. I have to be really careful with what I say here.

Like it drives me crazy. It honestly drives me crazy because not to brag on myself, for sure. I’m not bragging on myself, but I have a really shitty story. Like a really shitty story. I have a ton of childhood abuse. like I was raised in a religious cult. I have gotten out of that.

I’ve experienced like chronic health issues a suicide attempt. Like I have a really shitty story. And so for me to be able to. Overcome that story and realize that the only person who was holding the rains the whole time was me. Like I was driving that cart wherever it was going to go. For me to realize that and be like, I have the choice to change the direction that I’m going in.

Like I can choose to heal and not be a victim anymore. And sure. What happened to me in my childhood? I didn’t choose that. I wasn’t driving the cart then, I didn’t have the reins back then. Fine. But what I choose to do with it is still my responsibility. And it can either be like the defining thing about my life, that I’m always stuck in this awful reality.

Or I can pick up the reins and change the direction that the cart’s moving. And I just tell people like, if I can do it, there’s no reason why you can’t do it. But. They hear that. And they’re like, oh it’s because you’re a privileged white woman. That’s why you could do it. Like you have access to resources about these things.

You have money to buy these things or to pay for therapy or whatever. And yeah, some of that is true, but also everything. I know about my nervous system. I learned on my own. I didn’t learn it from my therapist. I didn’t learn it from my psychiatrist. Like the information is out there. And even most disabled people unless they can’t see or something, everyone almost has access to the internet.

There’s so much stuff you can find for free on the internet that you don’t have to pay for. I don’t know. Am. I don’t really have a question I’m just yeah, I know. I felt that. And because you really just empowered yourself and that was your choice, ultimately, and people can choose to look at the disempowered stance and focus on that, and then they will get more of it.

It’s like our beliefs create our reality. And and if beliefs are just thoughts, we tell ourselves over and over again, then we are also empowered to change them. And yes, of course, because a lot of this stuff that has come up, the political and social stuff, that’s going on, you, there are kernels of truth.

Absolutely. More privileged in some areas and people have more access and yes and we could, again, like all day long, try to, figure it all out who has the most, or what, whatever. And then what is the point that ultimately it is just one big distraction from us actually creating our lives.

So anytime that we go into a victim stance, it’s a justification and distraction from us actually choosing. And so we can avoid being fearful. We can avoid being afraid and putting ourselves out there and being seen, being heard and receiving more judgment. And ultimately that’s what it protects us.

Yeah, it’s almost like we’re, we think we’re protecting ourselves from something that’s going to be really bad and painful, but what we’re actually protecting ourselves from is like the most awesome. Possible reality we could have. Yeah. We’re keeping ourselves from having it. Yeah, absolutely.

What was like, for me, I’m just paying to, I’m curious what was the thing that kind of broke you out of that, everything you went through that was perhaps like a defining moment. Yeah. My defining moment was the day that I checked myself into inpatient mental health care.

Because my husband didn’t want me to go. We didn’t have health insurance at the time, so I couldn’t really afford to go, but I was in such a hell like such a deep dark hole. And I had been for months. Like it was months of insomnia, multiple panic attacks every day. Like I had a prescription for clonazepam, but I wouldn’t allow myself to take it because I was afraid I was going to become dependent on it, or I was afraid I was going to run out or so even the tools that I was given to try to help me, I wouldn’t use them because I was afraid of them.

And yeah, I remember. It was March 7th, 2019. I walked out into the cold wearing nothing, but my pajamas and I live in Minnesota, so was very cold, walked out into the cold and my intention was to go get lost in the woods. Cause I live in the woods. My intention was to get lost in the woods and I would freeze to death and that’s how I would die.

And I didn’t take into account that we had 14 feet of snow on the ground and. I couldn’t get very far. So my husband like came outside and was like, seeing me, like trying to get through this. No. And he’s what are you doing? Why are you doing this? Come back. And two days later I checked myself into the hospital and he didn’t want me to, I couldn’t pay for it.

I didn’t know how I was going to pay for it, but I knew something had to change and it was only going to be my choice. And I knew I don’t believe psychiatric meds were forever for me, but I knew at the time that I needed them and it was a really long wait to get into an office visit to see a psychiatrist.

And I knew that if I went into the hospital, that I would get the meds immediately, I could stay as long as I wanted, I could check myself out when I was ready. And that really, it was the most radical act of self responsibility I’ve ever taken. And my husband even told me later, he said you’re the bravest person I know.

And that, that was the defining moment for me, where it was like, I have the power to choose and I’m choosing to do whatever I need to do to help myself because I cannot live in this hell any longer. Yeah, it really was a choice. Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. And I, there’s something so powerful about that, that sometimes, truly we have to get to that level of pain and like ultimate discomfort and discussed, which is life in general to really almost, and this is why people say, wake up and it’s in the sense of waking up to another level of consciousness and then another level of consciousness.

And it’s almost like we break out of this unconscious trance that we’ve been in to oh, I can choose. I can choose something different here and I can create something different. And that’s just wow. That’s so pivotal to your whole entire story. Yeah, it really is. And so that’s why I’m saying like, for people who are like, oh, I can’t I’m like, honey.

No, you actually can. You can. You’re terrified too. You’re really afraid too. But when you do that thing that you’re not sure if you’re going to be able to do it or not, you do it. It gives you so much more strength and confidence and you feel more empowered. And so like now anytime I face something difficult to do, I’m like I have spent five days in a fucking mental hospital.

I can do whatever that thing is. Like I’ve gone through two benzo tapers in two years. I can do whatever that is. What’s that song. I can do hard things as I freaking can. So how, tell me how, like these, this realization about empowerment that you’ve had and victim consciousness coupled with access consciousness, like how did that catapult you into purpose?

Yeah cause I was starting to look at that in the sense of a, just a lot of my clients who were like, oh, I’m doing this job, but I’m not a super thrilled about it. And then I was looking back at my own journey in this and because I started off as a ballet dancer for 17 years and did that pretty intensively and thought that was going to be.

What I did, it was my purpose is my passion or whatever we’re told, to define it as we need to find whatever we’re supposed to do and do it well, and be good. And then you’ve won it life or something. I was probably like, oh, I don’t know, early twenties. And I was just having a lot of health issues.

Like just some like bad ones, like one that almost killed me. And so I in a lot of injuries as well, and I just got to the point where. I was like, I cannot keep doing this. I can’t keep dancing. And it’s just no longer I’m forcing it. I’m no longer in flow with it. I’m no longer enjoy. So I have to stop.

And when I chose that, it was like very jarring in the sense, because it was like all I identified with, I didn’t know who I was without it. And so I had to start redefining myself if you will. And so it was like, okay I guess I’ll be a server and maybe I’ll work up in hospitality.

And I was like okay, this is okay, maybe I’ll do fitness instructor because that’s similar to dance and that’s active. And that, that, and then like nothing was really landing until then I switched gears to psychology and I went back to grad school. And so then I felt okay, I found my new purpose, fill my new purpose.

I got this. I’m going to do it right. Psychology. I can do it till I’m 92 or whatever I can do until I’m senile. And this is great. And so I go through school and get my doctorate and get licensed. Wait a second. What else is there again? I had that kind of similar feeling where, I didn’t let it go as far this time like with ballet, but I just realized, I just, I need something I need to pivot some way.

And it’s just whether it’s like the type of people I’m working with or the problems I’m working with how I’m functioning as a facilitator and something about psychology therapy, which just was no longer aligning with how. Viewing healing, growth and expansion, and, Not everyone. Certainly because I went to therapy and found a lot of benefit.

And I think a lot of people find benefit in therapy and there are limitations to therapy. Because in the sense of, if it just becomes a emotional dump of more of the victim story, and then it’s okay, great. See you next week. And then again, comment, we’re just reinforcing those same neurons of the story to justify why can’t choose.

And then now if we have a whole narrative. With the medical system and it’s oh if you have this diagnosis, like a personality disorder and you have it for life. And I just, none of that resonated with me because again, it’s not a place of empowerment. It’s not a place of yes, you can heal.

And so that’s where I was just, I was having a hard time and I was like, I just want. Work in a different capacity. I want to work with people all around the world and coach people in a way that comes from the place of empowerment. Yes. You can heal from whatever’s going on. Yes. You do have choice and I’m happy to facilitate you through that if you want to choose it, but I’m not here to force people or even work with people who are not ready for that or might not choose it.

And that’s okay. That’s their choice. And that’s just not where I thrive in. Not where I Excel. Yeah. If they choose it being the key phrase. Yeah. Wow. I have so many things I want to ask you. So as a doctorate of psychology, do you think that like the next level of, I hate the phrase mental health care, but I’ll use it cause that’s what psychologists do.

Do you think that the next level of mental health care will be more. Awareness around conscious. I’m hoping. Because it’s really interesting here we are in this system that abuses us, keeps us small and needing to be the people pleaser. And then we go to another system of healing, mental health.

Says, okay, you’re broken and now you might need a medication to fix. You will, maybe you’ll never get fixed and you’ll need to do these tools, but now you have a mental health issues and now that’s your identity. So you have, a black mark on you and maybe it’ll be okay. And I just, all of that, I was like, this is.

Still. So to me, traditional mental health is still part of a broken system that is not really empowering people to heal. I’m hopeful that as we’re seeing in real time, the collapse of a lot of really broken, abusive systems, that new systems will be built where people will see that consciousness really is impactful.

People can come from a place of empowerment and choice and create the life that lights them up the life of their dreams. And that was really the whole point of purpose is like consciously create your life because you are empowered to do no one else is going to do it for you. And so what are you going to choose?

Yeah. So here’s a big question for you. What is consciousness to you?

Awareness? Awareness of this moment, awareness of this moment and how much awareness am I willing to receive, right? Because like at any given moment, we are blocking out a lot of awareness in order to have this conversation right now, I’m having to block out certain sensory input in order to be here and now.

And so I think to me, it’s really being able to receive more and be able to. Absorb it from others being able to work with the energy that comes through and just allow it to flow so that we become these little radio receivers that are like receiving information, data processing, and allowing it to go and being able to receive more and more.

Yeah. And it flows in and it flows out like it’s always changing. It’s always flowing and you are. Here still the observer, allowing things to flow and move. And I think that’s, it’s easy for people to, it certainly was for me, it was easy for me to picture myself like going with the flow and being able to handle the fame.

When I got X, Y, and Z in my life figured out, like when I was making the amount of money that I wanted to make, when I got this health issue figured out when I moved to the house that I thought I needed to be in, when my relationship was at a certain place, like then, okay. If I can just figure out those problems, then I can be.

And awareness, like I’ll find my Zen or whatever. And of course I quickly discovered that wasn’t actually how it worked and that awareness doesn’t work because then I was always like into the future, like I was still not present right now. It’s I’m still looking into the future for when I get this figured out when I’m making this amount of money when I’m living in this house.

And I’m curious what your own journey into presence and awareness was like, yeah. It’s still happening, I guess I would say. And so continuing to have. Increasing levels of awareness where it’s oh yeah, I woke up, I’m awake, I’m spiritually aware or whatever. And then, three years later I’m like, oh no, I was still pretty asleep or ignoring certain things that I wasn’t ready for.

And so it really, 2016 when I had my bars run was like a first awakening when I found access consciousness. Oh my gosh. Because their definition of consciousness is it includes everything and judges, nothing. Which I love, because it’s just the idea that we can receive things without a point of view.

And the stuff that locks it into our bodies is when we put a point of view about it. And that’s what creates the dis ease in our body is because we’re locking that energy in and then that’s creating some sort of matter to some degree. So I would say that was like a first awakening.

And then I would say probably even within, as in 2020 and everything that went on there. Yeah. I was like whoa. I was like awake to Ooh consciousness. And then 2020 really woke me up to the corruption of the system in general. However you want to define that? There’s many ways to look at that.

And then, and that put me down again in the sense of, oh my gosh, because it’s tough to have all these awarenesses and realizations of things, not being the way you thought they were. It’s like maybe the first time, if you have like healthy-ish parents and then you realize, oh, but they’re like not so great.

Like they have their own stuff to figure out it’s bubble burst, so to speak. But this obviously on a much grander level with the system that I think was like another level of awareness, I was like, oh, and so it’s just been one after the other especially this year, because then when all these like, narratives get pushed out in the media, it’s okay, yeah, this was going on.

I’m like, oh no, but that’s just a narrative. That’s not actually what’s going on. And so being able to separate that has been huge and that’s probably where I’m at now. Yeah. Would you clarify for people listening? I think I know what you mean, but I don’t want to assume. Would you clarify what you mean by.

The systems not being what we thought they were. Yeah. Yeah. I guess like in the sense of oh, government systems are out to protect us and they really have our best interests at heart. Things like that. And I just really started to question why are certain narratives game pushed out?

Especially like the race narratives that have been pushed out and black lives matter and whatnot. And of course Being my white skin color, vanilla skin color. Didn’t really feel like I could say anything about it. And I was just like, okay, that doesn’t feel right. And I know that’s probably right when I found you and your, you were talking about this and saying this is very much like cult-like behavior.

When we say that people can’t say anything, you can’t have an opinion. You can’t question it. You can’t critically think so. Whether that be. The race stuff that COVID stuff. Everything that’s going on right now, I think it is extremely dangerous that we’re not allowed to question things.

Think critically. I created videos on Tik talk the summer of 2020 that work. Cause I was doing boundary videos at the time and I was doing so people were asking like, Hey, I want to wear a mask. Do you boundary video on that? I’m like, okay. So I did that. And then I did the opposite for somebody who wasn’t wearing a mask, like someone had PTSD, like had crazy panic attacks, wearing it, whatever, because I saw that.

They got that. And I got raked, raked raked, tons of unfollows 10 and just totally abused in the comment section and woo that definitely lit up a trauma response for me. And it took me a couple months to then realize whoa Hey, we got some like collective wounds going on. And like, where is this coming from?

It’s coming from a narrative from the system, whether it be the media or whatever. And this is creating a lot of. Collective. Co-dependency a lot of collective wounds and and not, everyone’s ready to hear that because they weren’t able to like step outside or have those awakenings, having that level of consciousness to see what was going on.

Cause if you’re in it, you don’t question it, you can’t hear anything outside of it. Yeah. It’s interesting. I was having a conversation with my husband last night. And I promise this relates, but it might take me a little bit of a tangent to get there. But so my husband is this very like peaceful, gentle, compassionate, stable, safe presence, and anyone who knows him like that is what they love about him.

When David walks into a room, if there’s conflict happening in that room, he can immediately shift the energy of that room. Presence. Like he’s a magical being, but. I of course have been with him for 20 years. I’ve lived with him. I’d been more intimate with him than anyone else in the world has.

And so of course, I see him as this very safe, very secure, very gentle, loving, peaceful, compassionate, calm, not anxious. Easy-going kind of person like, yes, that is my experience of him. But I also see his shadow side. Like I see his stubbornness and his procrastination and I see these things. Other people don’t see because they don’t have this level of intimacy with him.

And so we were talking yesterday about this and I told him that I have noticed myself in years past feeling like I have an issue with him, or there’s a conflict that is in me that I want to resolve with him. And because I see everyone else’s perspective of him, it makes me question.

My own experience because it’s no one else has this experience of him. No one else is annoyed with him in this way. No one else feels this way when he does this or that. Even my own mom has told me, Lindsay, no one in the world would put up with you the way David would put, puts up with you.

And so and it’s probably true, but it’s made me like, Sort of silence myself or second, guess myself, whenever I do have a problem with him that I want to talk to him about, because it’s like, why am I the only person who’s experiencing this with him? It must not be true because no one else has this experience of my partner.

And I was talking to him about that last night and I was like, it’s almost like a Gaslight myself. Out of I need to say something, but I won’t let myself say it because I think that the way I perceive something as wrong and the way that I feel like it relates to what you’re saying is I think that a lot of people have felt very safe and secure and at peace.

With the way the government does things with the pharmaceutical industry, with the media, like the education system, like all of these things are such a part of the fabric of our lives and we feel safe with them. So then whenever we see or hear something about them that doesn’t align with how we’ve experienced them, we’re like wait, that can’t be true.

Even if we’ve had an experience with them, that was like less than not. Okay. We can like gaslit ourselves, because I think that we Gaslight ourselves because it’s our brain’s way of trying to protect us, because if we were to really acknowledge the severity of what we’ve experienced or what’s been done to us, if we were really to be real and raw about the abuses that we have suffered each of us under these systems, It’s, it would be too much for us, like just acknowledging what’s real would be too much.

And so our brains are like, oh, that’s not really how it is, do you see what I’m saying? Yeah. Yes. I’ve had conversations about this recently, too. So I’m so glad you brought this up because it’s literally like. Obviously I also could describe it as a matrix, like we’re in the system, we’re in this programming.

And so curious that the programming has us as such where we doubt ourselves so much. It’s like we almost have ourselves under our own thumb and where you’re saying like, yeah, Gaslight myself. It’s okay, so you have a full population of people that gaslit themselves. They’re very easily.

Because if you had a full population of empowered citizens that were sovereign and knew that they could take care of themselves and didn’t need the system, they wouldn’t exist. But here we are collectively right. Under all this trauma that we’re just still an, I agree, like we’re in this like massive trauma response.

That’s It’s I almost can’t digest. And like you said, people can’t even hear it. It’s like I’m in NLP. They say, we delete distort, generalize, incoming information that doesn’t match our beliefs. So if it’s totally different, like when I started to hear about all these different, I guess conspiracies, if you will, it’s oh, I can’t be true.

And again, that’s all, it’s still part of the programming that it’s it’s so off what I could even believe or how we’ve been like programmed to believe that I won’t even allow it into my work. Yeah. And people listening to this. We’ll hear what we’re saying and there’ll be like, oh, there’s those COVID denier Q Anon conspiracy.

Mascarinas yeah. All of that, because that, you’re using language like the matrix and things like that. And people hear that and then immediately turns them off because it’s like, Nope, I won’t listen to this anymore. You’re clearly like a right wing. Like COVID denier Trump supporter, which I know you’re not, but it’s that language that then gets associated to the identity, the group of people.

And so if you use that language, even if you don’t align with the values of that group, by using the language you get lumped into. That being your identity. And then that gives people another reason to come after you, which is exactly what I’ve been experiencing. Yeah. So I believe in like sovereignty, like I am a sovereign being and like one of the, one of the ways that you’re supposed to be able to tell if someone’s in Q Anon is if they talk about personal sovereign.

Yeah. guess we’re in the club, anyway, that was a little bit of a tangent, but yeah. Thank you for understanding, like what I was saying. So is this a good time to shift into remaining in question? Or is there anything else we need to talk about? I think one last point I was gonna make was like, it’s interesting because it’s a really, I wanna say like lazy way of thinking when people are like, oh, you’re right.

Because you’re this, you must be this it’s just, there’s no critical thinking here of no people, aren’t just two boxes. There are infinite amount and look, I don’t, I it’s run definable truly, but that’s like too much effort for the brain to process. So when people just want to project their own wounding, cause really that’s what it’s coming from.

People not doing their own healing, going through their own healing process and projecting all their shit, onto others. Yeah, for sure. I couldn’t agree more. I totally couldn’t agree. More like quit trying to be the savior of the world and go save yourself. That’s how I feel about it. Okay, cool.

Now that we’ve established that we are COVID denier, anti masker, conspiracy theory, saying that as a joke, people, please talk to them. Clarifying the too complex to even explain all the nuances and intricacies of things and like really does, I’m, I’d be pressed to think that someone really thinks they know everything that’s going on right now.

That’s the thing. No one does. Everyone’s just trying to piece together the information we have, the awarenesses we have and make sense of it all. So it doesn’t, it’s not realistic to just say you’re in this camp you’re in, I can’t know, like you, you have no idea. What’s even going. Yeah.

And we’re probably not going to figure this out on Instagram. Yeah. So stop, go save yourself. All right let’s talk about, take me through what remaining in question. Yeah. So this is so this is again like an access consciousness tool, which is to live as the question. And it was just something, as I was rediscovering access, I was like, oh, I think this would be a helpful digestible tool for folks because the idea here is that anytime we go to conclusions, judgment about something, we block off our awareness.

So similar to what we’ve been talking about now, with everything in the sense of once, I think I’ve decided I’ve figured everything out, then no more new information or even contradicting information can come in because I’ve decided. And so the idea here is that when we live in question, we’re able to receive.

Much more expand our awareness, our consciousness to see what else is possible. And it just creates more ease in our lives. So it’s a little bit, it’s almost like taking reframes from psychology up to the next level, I would say. So instead of going into something happens, you really wish it didn’t happen.

You’re like, oh, this sucks. Like I hate this. Like, why is this happening? And go into it. Okay. Acknowledge it. Like God that didn’t show up the way I wanted it to. And what else is possible here? What else could I choose already? Again? It’s just coming from empowerment saying that I can choose something else here.

Something else is possible here. I just don’t know it yet. It’s not my awareness yet. However universe I’m willing to receive it, and so that’s the whole idea of starting to be the question, staying in question as frequently as possible. So that energetically, you start to vibrate at that frequency of being in question, because it’s quite different to be there.

It’s expansive, it’s hopeful versus to be in the dread and the density of conclusions and judgment. Yeah. And you said earlier Can you repeat the quote that you said that access consciousness says consciousness, is it included? It includes everything and judges nothing. Correct. As you were saying that I was like, including is an inherently expansive word and judgment is an inherently constrictive word and trauma is inherently constructive state.

And so I think it’s pretty reasonable that people who are living in traumatized nervous systems, like they live in this. Always constricted state. And it’s very difficult for them to open up and let things in because there’s a lot of fear. What if I get hurt? What if this doesn’t work out? My, my life history has told me that bad things always happen to me and nothing ever works out for me.

And so they don’t realize that because of that, they’re seeking confirmation for what they already know. Their confirmation bias is like neon signs flashing. And so they’re. They’re creating the reality and then whenever it happens, they’re like, see, I told you so how could someone who maybe feels like they’re in that Luke use?

Remaining in question. Yeah. Stop the cycle. Yeah. That’s a good question because truly it does require wire folks to do some healing, have that foundational healing work, being able to regulate their nervous system because we’ve, we are in a fight or flight mode constantly. We can’t vibrate at that frequency of question.

I worked with veterans. Almost seven, seven years exclusively. So I worked with a lot of complex PTSD and that wasn’t something people could, get to, unless they had done healing work. They’re able to regulate their nervous systems enough to feel calm enough. To see that other things are possible because there is something about, when we first experienced a trauma where our mindset does shift in order to protect us in general.

So like for instance, if somebody is like sexually assaulted or something by a male, then this person may start to be nervous around all males. Cause it’s just, they’re just going to start to generalize in service of protecting themselves. And they might not even realize they’re doing this right.

And so it’s like literally the brain is rewired to protect itself after trauma to some degree. So there has to be next and awareness that’s even happening. And so that is the first step when I see folks with traumas. Okay. What, how, what are you thinking about this? How are you thinking about this?

What are you telling yourself? How accurate, how true is that? We got to question that belief system first, before they could. Take the next step to live in the question of awareness consciousness. And something else I wanted to add was with regards to the consciousness, includes everything, judges, nothing.

They say it also includes yeah. Which I love. Cause they’re like, they don’t say to have no point of view in general, another commandment is to have an interesting point of view. So it’s in service of getting to more neutrality, but also saying that, as humans, we, I don’t know if it’s possible for us to completely be free of judgment.

It’s so it’s being aware when we go into judgment, when someone else is going into judgment. And just being conscious of that and just seeking to have more of an interesting point of view versus, going into a really judgmental point of view, because again, the whole thing of this is anything that’s going to loosen up the energetic barriers of how your, how we’re jailing ourselves kind of in this box of only seeing things one way.

Cause like you said, then we have that confirmation bias and we can’t receive alternate data, even if it’s just blatantly right in front of our face. Yeah. So you’ve mentioned a couple of times now. Raising your frequency and aligning with with a different frequency, which is, I know what you’re talking about.

And I understand that we’re on we’re tracking there. But I have had someone in the past, whenever I’ve talked about raising your frequency, raising your vibration because things like love peace, acceptance. Those have a higher frequency than things like anger, guilt, shame fear, stuff like that.

So whenever I got the question from this person, they were like, Show me the scientific evidence for how you measure frequencies. And so I went to Dr. David Hawkins book letting go, where he actually like outlines in their different emotions and what their frequencies are. And I screenshot it or I took it.

Pages from the book. And I sent them to her and this person was like but there’s no scientific evidence for that. Like you’re just as, is there someone else who’s talking about this or is it just this guy or can you explain, this is a two-part question. Can you explain what you mean by, vibing higher or aligning with a different frequency and is there like a quote unquote scientific.

Basis for this that I maybe don’t know about outside of Dr. David Hawkins work. Yeah. Yeah. And please, excuse, I have a little construction going. I can hear it. It’s okay. This is what we do okay. So with the frequency. So I really aligned with the idea within Chinese medicine in that when we are at the highest health mentally, physically.

Our frequency or our vibrations are moving energies moving quickly in the body. Stagnant energy causes this ease. So that really resonates with me. And so when we’re talking about these things and I would imagine you pulled up that kind of chart that has oh, like you said, those are love and peace or higher vibrations, I’m actually not too sure how they are measured.

Just right off the top of my head, I’ve heard it many times and I just, there was a. Research to support frequencies and energy in general with quantum physics. And I know Massaro, Emoto’s studies with water and, like putting words on water and then crystallizing them afterwards and being really beautiful snowflakes.

It was a higher frequency. A word and like weird patterns that were not typical sacred geometry when it was like a lower density word. So I know like research is out there. And there’s something about that when folks are really focused on show me the science will show me the science. Anything that you look for, you will find that’s what research told us, tells us.

Science tells us that. So when you seek something out, you can find confirmation for it. So I think that’s where people can of sometimes get stopped up. Or it’s especially with so much like misinformation, as people are saying these days where it’s what’s the evidence. If you look for it, you’ll find it.

And so truly, I think. I know we are being called back to our own knowing because there’s just so much noise out there that we really have to filter it through. What do I know? And what’s true for me. And what’s true for me is light and expansive. Meaning it feels generative. It feels like there’s possibilities.

It feels like there’s hope. Anything that, like you said, trauma it’s dense, contract it heavy, parasitic it’s it doesn’t feel good. And to me, I’m like, that’s not a place I want to dwell on. And that’s like how I understand frequencies. Yeah. I love it. Thank you also for saying that you don’t exactly know because I really appreciate that.

Yeah. And, too, like I think that there’s a lot to be said for maybe I don’t have a scientific study for this, but like I, myself am evidence of that. Like I, myself am evidence you yourself. You are evidence that when you are leveling up in your life, when you are vibing higher, you are creating more of the reality that you want, versus the reality that keeps you stuck in like victim consciousness and, continually repeating trauma loops and patterns that.

Are trying to close and trying to heal. I’m a firm believer that like every time we repeat a trauma loop, it’s an opportunity. Like our nervous system is creating the opportunity for us to heal. And whether we choose to take that opportunity or not, of course, it’s our choice. A lot of people don’t choose it, which is why their lives look like one big pattern that just repeats itself over and over.

And then some people eventually they get to the point where they’re like, Nope, I’m done. And they choose is a different way and it changes the whole story. So tell us about. Exploring your purpose and you’re getting ready to open it up again in September. So tell us all about your program.

What can people expect? Ah, Yeah. So it’s a three-month container group container, wanted to offer a safe place for folks who are going through similar things and find community because especially these days with things being so polarized and even people feeling disconnected from their families, especially in different belief systems that can really nice to just find some like-minded.

To just gather support. So there’s a community aspect where people can be off social media in a community where they can ask questions to me and connect with each other. But basically there’s a 12 week course. So of corresponding course that takes people just very intentionally through, after.

Decade plus of like psychology and all these other energetic tools, what I’ve found to be really integral and essential for people’s healing and consciousness growth. And so it takes people through awareness of nervous system regulation, their trauma responses, attachment styles, mother groaned boundaries, all that like traditional psychology need first and then a nice pivot into NLP access consciousness, all these other energetic tools to start creating change.

Creating choice empowering themselves. And then we at that point, now that we’ve looked at that created foundational healing. Cause what we were saying, we can’t be in these greater levels of consciousness. If we haven’t done that yet, if the body’s in fight or flight, we can’t be there.

It’s not safe to be there. So that’s really important to that first. And then. Affords people to have the clarity of wait. I’ve been, I haven’t been saying boundaries because I haven’t been choosing what I want. So now I get to explore what lights me up, what I’m going to be passionate about and what I could even make money doing.

So there’s actually going to be there is. Money modules in there as well, because with everything going on, I tell folks I am motivated to get healthy people wealthy because I think that healthy people who are out to help others need to be abundant. We need folks to learn how to attract and have money.

I just think that’s so important. We’re not taught it. So that’s in there as well. And so that’s the kind of 12 week course breakdown hypnosis along the way. Again, all my. Fast tools to get reprogramming happening. And then a weekly live Q and a with me. And so I just am chatting with folks just so that they can ask questions about what they’re learning that week.

And that those are just organically created based on what the group is requiring, because I really like to just show up and match the energy like we’re doing today. That sounds fucking incredible. Honestly and so it’s so weird because it sounds like exactly. The trajectory that my own life and my own business is on.

I just so admire your courage just to really put yourself out there. Especially everything you’ve been through. And so just keep shining bright because the world needs it. Oh you too.

Thank you so much. You too. And thank you so much for being here today. This is pleasure. It was my pleasure. Thanks so much for having me on.


All right, everyone. I hope you enjoyed that. I know. I certainly did. If you couldn’t tell by how excited I was having that conversation, I have great news for you. So Dr. Janine’s program, exploring your purpose is opening again this next week. That’s why this episode. Publishing today. So you have a few days before her program opens up again to check it out and sit with it and remain in question about what could be possible for you.

If her program feels like a hell yes for you. I personally have been doing. Exploring your purpose for the last 12 weeks? I unfortunately have not been able to join any of the group calls because they haven’t worked with my schedule, but I have been going through the 12 week course and it’s blowing. Me away, it’s blowing like possibilities and doors wide open.

And a lot of it, I feel like I already knew, um, about like my nervous system and about boundaries and trauma responses, but I’ve also learned a ton of stuff that I didn’t know about, like neuro-linguistic programming and some of the questions and challenges that I’ve experienced about money and scarcity.

So, I mean, it was totally worth it for me personally, even though I already knew some of this stuff in the course, it’s always a good idea to go over that stuff again, that’s the basics, right? Like nervous system, how our nervous systems work, what trauma responses are, what our attachment styles are. Like, all of that is basics.

It’s information that we need to be going over and remembering all the time. That’s the stuff we’ve got to be teaching our kids and the kids in schools like that. Base foundation of this healing work. And then we just add things like manifestation and neuro-linguistic programming and hypnosis and tapping and all of these other modalities on top of that, because we establish this incredible base or foundation for.

Our healing. And for me, healing starts with knowledge. It starts with information. It starts with knowing what’s in front of you. And then choosing like, okay, I can do this, or I can learn more about this. What is possible for me next? And so exploring your purpose has been an incredible course for me to go through.

As a trauma educator and coach myself, it is very, very important to me, to always be investing in myself, to never get to a point where I’m only ever teaching and coaching and not investing in myself. And so I love polishing up what I already do know. And then learning more on top of it. And that is what exploring your purpose has done for me.

So I 125000% recommend, and I have a link for you below in the show notes for, um, exploring your purpose and you can save 10% by using my discount code, Lindsey 10. And Lindsay is spelled L I N D S E Y. One zero that will get you 10% off Dr. Janine crafts course exploring your purpose, which is opening for enrollment again this week.

So please go check that out. I’ll have links for that below in the show notes, as well as how to follow Dr. Janine, some of the other work that she’s doing, what we talked about with access consciousness today and more it’s all on the show. Lindsay locket.com forward slash podcast. This is episode 53.

Thank you so much for joining me today. I’m so grateful that you’re here. So grateful to be on this holistic trauma healing journey with you. And as always, I will see you next week.