Bonus 17: A Conversation About Panic (& How Cold Plunges Helped Me Train for an MRI)

I had an MRI on Thursday, October 7.

Would you understand what I mean if I told you that I feel like doing cold plunges and other exercises that require leaning into discomfort helped me “train” for an MRI?

You see, I’ve always been very claustrophobic. Not in elevators or closets. It’s when I can’t move. Hence, why an MRI was pretty triggering for me.

But, I’m freaking proud of how I not only remained perfectly still and calm for 40 straight minutes; I also realized how far I’ve come. Getting an MRI is not something I would’ve been able to do a couple of years ago!


Show Notes

In this episode, I…

  • share my definition of panic and the mind-body dissonance of panic
  • share a special experience of helping a child do a cold plunge and what it was like to co-regulate with her
  • share my recent MRI experience and how I was able to get through it without panicking
  • ask 3 questions that I want you to discuss with me in the community forum: 1) what do you think of my definition of panic? Would you add to it or change it?; 2) do you think you’re more sensitive to the energy of panic now that you’ve learned how to regulate your nervous system?; and 3) is panicking a choice?