Bonus 8: Solar Storms & Eclipses & Retrogrades, Oh My! with Tammy Antoinette

lindsey lockett crouching on a bed of green moss

lindsey lockett crouching on a bed of green moss

I just loooooooove it when resident astrologer Tammy Antoinette joins me on the podcast! This time, we had a little chat about the intense energies of the month of May 2021.

On May 12, 2021, a G3-level solar storm hit Earth. If you have experienced brain fog, increased sensitivity to lights or sounds, fatigue, vivid dreams or nightmares, wonky things with your heart rate, enhanced intuition, headaches or any other strange “symptoms” during the last 3 weeks, it could be that your body is responding to the energy.

In addition to the solar storms, the Schumann resonance has been spiking, we’re in Gemini season (or Taurus season for Sidereal astrology people), eclipse season has begun along with the Full Moon on Wednesday, May 26. And, we’re gearing up for Mercury Retrograde. Whew!

And of course, the Summer Solstice is on June 20, so look out for Tammy’s predictions and insights on the public podcast!

Tammy Antoinette