Bonus 25: Noticing the Voice in Your Head

There’s been a theme happening this week with my clients around the voice in our heads. When a theme occurs in my 1:1 coaching work, I always pay attention.

Usually, the theme isn’t just for my clients’ healing; it’s also for mine — if I’m willing to look at what my clients reflect back to me.

So, the discussion in this episode is about not just noticing the voice in our heads (the Inner Critic, Ego, or Pain Body) and making a conscious choice for how we react or respond to the voice BUT taking it one step further: can you trace the origin of that voice back to someone who isn’t you?

Is the voice your mother’s or father’s? Is it a former teacher? A former friend?

Sure, now it is recognizable as your Inner Critic, but it didn’t originate with you. Can you go back to where it originated and do some healing work on that part of you (your 7-year-old self, for example)?

I’m still developing my thoughts about this and am definitely going to be listening to the voice even more closely — not because I believe it but because I want to shed anything that isn’t MINE!