Bonus 24: Spiritual Awakening & the Ripple Effect of Individual Healing on the Collective with Amanda Monnier


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This Episode’s Guest

Amanda Monnier is here to assist with the anchoring in of New Earth and Unity Consciousness. The veil is thin, and the old way simply is not working any longer. She has a passion for supporting people and meeting them where they are in their journey.

Amanda believes in each of us activating our Inner Healer and healing through connection with our own Divinity. She holds space for healing ancestral patterns, conditioning, imprints, and limiting beliefs so you can shift into your fullest embodiment of who you are at a soul level.


Show Notes

In this episode, Amanda and I…

  • discuss Amanda’s transformation and transition from law enforcement to spiritual and energy work
  • discuss the “dark night of the soul”
  • discuss nervous system work as a spiritual practice
  • share our perspective on spiritual bypassing
  • talk about the reunification of our own Inner Masculine and Feminine
  • discuss healing as a form of bypassing (tricky!)
  • share how our relationships are catalysts for our healing and give us opportunities to heal in ways we wouldn’t otherwise have had
  • talk about individual healing having a ripple effect on the collective
  • discuss unsubscribing from hierarchy and gurus