Bonus 9: Mom Guilt Doesn’t Serve a Purpose + a Beautiful Guided Visualization with Jeremy Tan

Remember Jeremy from episode 39?

He’s here with a vulnerable and raw bonus episode. We talk at length about relating with our own parents, as well as my experience with raising a teenage son who I have felt increasingly distant from.

Jeremy ends this episode with a beautiful and touching guided visualization. I truly hope this special bonus episode supports you.

psychological astrologer Jeremy Tan @sacred_saturn

As a Psychological Astrologer and a Purpose Coach, Jeremy supports his clients on their journey to reparent inner-child wounds and release the emotional attachment to past trauma so that they can begin to safely embody and express their Unique Purpose. His signature 6-Weeks From Trauma to Purpose Program incorporates the modalities of Astrology, NLP techniques and Embodiment Practices to facilitate transformation on the cognitive, emotional and behavioral level. At the heart of his work, Jeremy hopes to inspire others that they can be the Parental Figure they always wanted for themselves but never had.