Bonus 1: Emotional Neutrality & Nervous System Literacy with Poplar Rose

You are a product of your environment and your nervous system. You are not the sum total of all your life’s choices. When you recognize this, it creates so much room to make decisions ON PURPOSE. When you can stop, think, contemplate and then act — not from your brainstem like a dinosaur but from awareness — then you have developed nervous system literacy, flexibility, and resiliency.

poplar rose holding a fern in front of her face

Poplar Rose is a plant-loving witch. Their magical practice pulls from Celtic folk, radical queer, and activist reclaiming traditions, while also being a part of the modern explosion of feminist witchcraft. Her mother is also a witch as are many of the women in their mother’s family. Her activism and professional life reflects their commitment to enlivening a more just and sustainable culture. Poplar Rose it’s also a trauma informed yoga teacher, youth support worker, facilitator, author, and whale song lover. She lives in a forest full of mushrooms by the ocean with her dog, cat, and 2 goats.