Bonus 16: You’re Comfortable Being Uncomfortable… But Can You Be Comfortable Being Comfortable, Too?

Lindsey cold plunging in Lake Superior

I’m pretty sure the official motto of the Trauma Healers Circle is…

“I am comfortable being uncomfortable.”

And, while healing is absolutely about widening our windows of tolerance so we can live fuller lives without needing to be rigid or restrictive with ourselves, there’s value in being comfortable, too.

In fact, I think I haven’t placed enough emphasis on the importance of cultivating a space space within yourself and in your home and relationships so that you DO have a place to retreat and rest.

This episode gives you permission to not have to be growing all the time. It’s ok (and necessary) to come back inside your window of tolerance where you can be safe and cozy. We need that space to integrate the healing work we did while we were uncomfortable!

So, I know you’re comfortable being uncomfortable. But… are you comfortable being… comfortable?