Episode 95: Plants & Mushrooms for Mental Health with Andi Grace Rose

poplar rose holding a fern in front of her face

In this episode with herbalist and forager Andi Grace Rose, we…

  • discuss some commonly used plants for supporting the nervous system
  • talk about the complexities and nuance of using allopathic medicine, herbal medicine, and/or a combination of both to support mental health
  • discuss using plants and medicines alongside pharmaceuticals
  • talk about self-experimentation without fear and with intuition, personal responsibility, and agency
  • expand on the neuroplastic properties of mushrooms that pharmaceuticals just don’t possess
  • elaborate on why hitting the “easy button” of psychiatric medications may not be so easy after all
  • discuss using psychedelics and SSRIs at the same time and serotonin syndrome
  • expand on micro-dosing psilocybin
  • talk about the incredible benefits for both brain and nervous system of lion’s mane and other medicinal, non-psychedelic mushrooms
  • discuss our shared insomnia experiences and how we’ve tried “all the things”


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