Episode 96: A Fun Chat About Psychedelics & Ghost Pipe Medicine with Andi Grace Rose

poplar rose holding a fern in front of her face

This is the second part of a two-part conversation about plants and mushrooms for mental health with herbalist and forager Andi Grace Rose. In this episode, we…

  • share Andi’s long-standing relationship with psychedelics, which she was introduced to in the music festival scene
  • discuss both micro-dosing and macro-dosing
  • suggest some resources people can look into if they want to know more about psychedelic medicine, its uses, its history, and contraindications
  • discuss the lack of information about psychedelics in the Western pharmacopia
  • talk about what an interesting time it is to be alive for the resurgence and potential legalization of psychedelic drugs
  • discuss the Spirit Bear microdosing tincture Andi makes with psilocybin and lion’s mane mushrooms
  • share the benefits Andi has experienced with microdosing, including microdosing during pregnancy and breastfeeding — something there is NO information on
  • talk about microdosing’s effects on the emotions and increased emotional sensitivity that can cause anxiety when microdosing
  • share Lindsey’s recent experience with psychedelic support in feeling and processing the grief of her son moving out and transitioning out of the active mothering phase of her life
  • talk about one of Lindsey’s recent “bad trips”
  • discuss the phenomenon of how psychedelic trips change how we approach life and stress without our actual circumstances changing at all
  • briefly discuss the implications of taking psychedelics out of indigenous ceremonial use and into the mainstream
  • talk about psychedelic’s ability to help people lay down addictions to smoking and alcohol
  • discuss our differences in how we have used psychedelics
  • dive into our thoughts on seasonal affective “disorder” and capitalism
  • share Andi’s experiences in working harm reduction and trip-sitting for people
  • talk about a favorite ephemeral plant medicine: ghost pipe


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