Episode 94: Emotional Freedom Technique for ADHD with Theresa Lear Levine

In this episode with Becoming More Me Podcast host and EFT practitioner Theresa Lear Levine, we…

  • discuss the many camps of belief around ADHD: from it being a superpower to it being a potential sign of brain inflammation and nervous system dysregulation
  • share Theresa’s experience of ADHD, what it feels like for her, how it’s her superpower, her choice about medication, and how she personally uses EFT
  • discuss how Theresa’s experience of ADHD was totally fine for her all throughout school, but then really made things more difficult when she became a mother
  • talk about why Theresa ultimately sees ADHD as her superpower
  • share about how using EFT helps to get to emotional roots of ADHD-type behaviors such as procrastination and overwhelm
  • discuss how Theresa can use EFT to help “get her there” when she’s not in the mental state for certain things like meetings and work projects
  • talk about self-criticism and self-doubt and the role of acceptance with ADHD
  • expand upon the connection between ADHD and the nervous system
  • talk about how emotional regulation can be challenging for the “ADHD brain” and how EFT tapping can help with emotional processing and regulation


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