Episode 71: What the Akashic Records May Reveal About Your Home with Deniz Mustard & Celia Marques

The Akashic records is a record of our soul and using it can heal the soul. In the case of property realignment if trauma has occurred previously in the house, or someone is experience emotional responses for no reason other than moving into a new property we can clear this negative energy to realign to the homeowner or tenant.

My guests, Deniz and Celia, read the Akashic Records of properties, such as homes, businesses, and land, to discover energetic portals and gateways, negative thought forms, earth-bound souls, anger spears, and land assignment (if your property is located on a burial ground or previous battlefield, for example).

This Episode’s Guests

akashic records reader deniz mustard

Deniz Mustard is an emotional fitness coach who specializes in taking women from their emotional pain into their power. As part of her energy work, she looks at other factors, including the home — a place where a lot of trauma and stress can exist. She examines how past, present, and future energies affect women in their current reality.

Celia Marques has spent many years in self-discovery and improvement. Honing her gifts as a channeller and helping women to discover their true selves by connecting them to their gifts and removing their blocks along the way. Supporting them to be the best version of themselves.


Show Notes

In this very interesting episode, I chat with Deniz and Celia about…

  • what it means to read the Akashic Records of a property, home, or business
  • how negative energies become stuck or trapped in homes and businesses and how that energy directly affects the residents, owners, tenants, customers, and children
  • the process of opening the Akashic Records of a property and the process of property realignment
  • share the types of entities, spirits, thought forms, portals, and more than may be discovered in a property’s Akashic Records
  • discuss how souls become “earthbound”
  • discuss how negative, uncleared energies may affect the sale of a property and how clearing a home’s energy can help it sell more quickly


Hello and welcome to the very last week. Almost the last day of this month, um, February is over. Y’all. And I couldn’t be happier about it. Um, what this means for our family anyway, is that we will be tapping maple trees. Probably within the next week to 10 days. And that means that spring is officially on the way that means that the temperatures will be above freezing during the day.

But they will still drop below freezing at night. And in case you don’t know anything about maple syrup being the freeze thaw freeze thaw cycle of the weather is actually what stimulates the maple trees to wake up from their winter sleep and to start pulling. Water and nutrients. Up towards there. Branches.

So that they have all of the energy and sugar, they need to bud out. And the period from when the freeze thaw cycle starts until the maple trees, bud. Is maple syruping season. And sometimes that lasts five weeks, six weeks, sometimes 10 weeks. You never know, it really just depends on what the weather’s going to do, but that’s what our family does every year. And we typically make between four and six gallons of our very own.

Maple syrup every year. And I will definitely be sharing that process with you as it happens on Instagram. It’s something that my followers have really enjoyed in years past. And so I will continue that this year for sure, but we have made it through the long dark cold winter here in Minnesota, and the light is coming back.

The warmth is coming back. The snow will be melting. The trees will bud out soon. And holy shit. It’s almost time for summer, which means I get to lay on a blanket and my yard when it finally warms up and the grass and the ground are not muddy and wet from melting snow. If you can’t tell I’m really, really freaking excited.

I love summer so much. So today’s episode for this last episode of February is pretty different. We are going to be talking to Denise and Celia. They are the ladies at the school of change in the UK. And in this episode, we are going to be talking about what the Akashic records may reveal about your home.


So in case you guys don’t know about the Akashic records, this is a record of our soul and the Akashic records are constantly being added to, and there are people, I mean, really anyone can access their Akashic records, but there are people who read Akashic records for people professionally. And it’s basically like a library of souls and all of the information events, happenings energy.

That is going on in a person’s soul or in a lifetime or in a home or a business it’s all kept in the Akashic records. So in the case of it being about our homes or our properties or our businesses. Then what is really interesting is that. If trauma has occurred previously in that home or business, or if someone is experiencing emotional responses for no reason.

Other than maybe they just moved into a new house. Then it’s possible to open the Akashic records, find out what’s there and then clear the negative energy so that it’s realigned to the homeowner or the tenant or the business owner and Denise and Celia. My guests today are going to be explaining all about this.

Much better than I can. And in this episode they explained what it means to read the Akashic records of a property, home or business. We then discussed how negative energies become stuck or trapped in homes and businesses and how that energy directly affects the residents, owners, tenants, customers, and children.

We explained the process of opening the Akashic records for home and land. And they share what doing a property realignment or clearing actually means. We compare the Christian practice of blessing, a new home with spiritual clearing via the Akashic records. They share the types of entities, spirits, thought forms, portals, and more, that may be discovered in a property’s Akashic records and discuss how souls become earthbound.

We then talk about how negative uncleared energies and homes can affect partnerships, success, health, and even the sale of a property and how clearing a home’s energy can actually make it sell more quickly because the energy of the home is more appealing to. Buyers. Denise and Celia did an Akashic records reading of my home and land, and they discovered one earthbound soul, and one energetic portal that needed to be closed.

And to be honest, I never even realized that there was an open portal or an earthbound soul. I’ve never had an experience of feeling like a ghost or seeing a ghost or hearing something weird in the middle of the night, but you never know. Um, and it’s also interesting when you think about what the land, your house or a business was on before buildings were there.

So if your home or business is now sitting on what used to be a battlefield or a burial ground. There might be some stuff there, some energetic portals, some negative thought forms, some earthbound, souls, um, things like that. And you never know. Right. So I was really grateful to have been introduced to Denise and Celia and have the opportunity to have the Akashic records of my property red.

And even though there wasn’t a long list of things. Going on there um it was still nice to know that we did it and we made the vibe of our home and our land be the best that it possibly can be so before we dive into this episode i just want to introduce you to my guests today denise

So Celia has spent many years in self discovery and improvement honing her gifts as a channeler. And helping women to discover their true selves by connecting them to their gifts

Removing blocks along the way. And supporting them to be the best versions of themselves.

And then Celia is a partner in crime partner in property. Realignment is Denise mustard, who is an emotional fitness coach who specializes in taking women from their emotional pain, into their power. As part of Denise’s energy work. She also looks at other factors such as their homes. Which can be a place where a lot of trauma and stress can exist and one that needs to be addressed and she helps clients look at how past present and future energies can affect them in the present so i hope you guys are ready for something a little bit out there today i’m totally here for it but um i’m interested in knowing what you have to say about it so sit back relax and enjoy what the akashic records may reveal about your home

Hello, Denise and Celia. Welcome to the holistic trauma healing podcast. Thank you so much for being here. Thank you for having us. Amazing. I’m really interested in what we’re talking about today because it’s probably one of the all just the weirdest things that we’ve talked about on the podcast so far.

And I don’t mean that as a slight to your work, I just mean this is one of those topics that I had never even heard of before you reached out to me, Denise. And so it was really interesting to me and I’m guessing that a lot of our listeners also have not heard about Akashic records for property and land.

Although we have done an episode before where our guest Ashley would talk about. Reading the Akashic records for people and for animals. And she has a course that teaches people how to read the Akashic records for themselves, for clients, for their family members, for their animals, like whatever. But the whole concept of Akashic records for property and land was even like weirder to me.

That’s something that I was even like, why, what is this? Can you just share what are the Akashic records from your perspective of property and land?

Whoever wants to talk about her skin?

Yeah. So what it is everything’s energy. So we are all energy. So energy gets, can also get stuck in places, for example let’s see. Many years ago before your land was your house? It might’ve been, it might’ve had an assignment of say a graveyard or in indigenous land where it was like a ceremonial land or it could have been a war sites.

So that being said, you want to clear your lens so that you’re designating it back to it. This is a home. So it’s not a ceremonial land. It’s not a war site land. It’s no longer a burial ground, which usually if it’s a war site land, it’ll also be a burial ground. Because back then the wars were so much that you just got buried and wherever you got, Wherever the war was at the moment.

And the reason you want to bring it back to being assigned as a Homeland or an office land, depends like I do businesses too. Because you want to let go of that anger, that the land and say, Hey, it’s okay, calm down. This is now home. And with your house, it also affects your house, obviously, because it’s all about land, but you have let’s take a house that’s like a hundred years old.

Let’s say it has had many people. So that’s a lot of different people’s energies and you don’t know what the energies of those people have brought into the house. So if you have a couple that the husband was very abusive and he hit his wife, his kids, everything else, he was always angry. He was always drunk.

Whatever that energy stays stuck in that house. So a person who moves in and can’t figure out while then the husband and wife had loved each other so much. It’s like fighting like crazy because well, these energies affect you because we are all energy. They also can have, earth bound spirits, so that person passed away.

And now it’s stuck in this house because they can’t figure out how to get out of it. And so that will also affect, or that couple could be stuck in the house. Still arguing. There, there goes smell, but they’re still arguing and affecting everybody else who lives there and their energy. So it’s basically really important to just get a clearing of the house, a property clearing, so that new energy that’s in is a happy, peaceful energy.

And it really aligns to what your energy is, which hopefully though, that couples getting along, we want good energy so that everything in the house. And so it’s not only for the, the people that are paying the rent or the mortgage because you have to have an energy. So for me to do the clearing, that person has to be either the owner or the renter.

They have to actually pay rent or pay a mortgage or own the house, whatever it can’t be. Somebody that’s living there for free, because that’s not your energy. You don’t have an energy to that house pertaining to, you’re paying for it. But when you clarify. Say the husband and wife are the owners.

It’s also going to benefit everybody else living in the house because now you have clear clean energy without the impact of all the negativity that wasn’t there before. Okay. That makes sense. Yeah, it does. It does make sense. I’m just curious. How did the two of you get into this?

I actually did an, the cash records course. And in the course, not only does she teach you to do the cache of records for people, but also for houses. And I just found that really interesting because it’s like you said, it’s a little out there and I liked that. So for me it was like, oh yeah, this is cool.

And just to see the people come back to you and say I feel like I can breathe again. I feel so much like they lose their anger, they lose their anxiety, they get start to get along better. And it’s very exciting for me to see that because it’s not with the cash records of a person, which is also fantastic.

You’re helping that one person when you’re doing the house and the clearing of. You know the land, you’re helping everybody in that house where you’re doing their property. As far as business, you’re also helping everybody that walks into that business, not feel bad and anxious and everything else. So it actually helps in business because everybody walks into your door and goes, oh, I feel so good here.

And then want to keep coming back because they realize when they walk through the door, that it actually feels good there. So that’s exciting part for me is like just help helping a ton of people all at the same time. It’s just, I think it’s awesome. Yeah. What about you, Denise? How did you get into this work?

I’ve known a Celia for a good few years now and and she was doing, and I was like, oh, that sounds like something I want to do. And and she’d done my clearing for my house and and I’m in contact with a lot of people all the time. And when you’re coaching or doing any sort of healing work is something that you want to say, okay, you want to rule that out because the amount of clearing energetic clearing that you’ve done with someone it’s hang on, there’s something isn’t right here.

And it was like, for example there was a conversation I was at session. I was having with a client and it just kept explaining to me how much anger he was receiving to the property his business. And and I was like, this doesn’t feel right. And I said, can I get your permission to do your house and your Business and and he said, yes.

And and we did the clearing and because in the property that he was in there had been two previous businesses and they had both become become bankrupt. So they, the businesses like failed. And and when Celia went into it, there was loads of anger, spheres directed at the business. So people had been like annoyed at the business and that just energy just stuck.

And so once you clear, once we cleared that was gone, like he was just actually getting inquiries. Cause it wasn’t, it’s not normal to have a business. And just people constantly ring up pissed off with you. It just doesn’t make sense, especially cause it was a gym. So it was interesting. And then and he had two earthbound souls in his house as well.

And he hadn’t verbalized anything. And and when we went into you, he was like, oh yeah they actually named the ghost. I was like, this is so weird. Like, why have you not told me this? Come on, we’re doing crazy sessions. Why are we not having this conversation? But it was obviously not something that he had got used to has his little girl would wake up in the middle of the night, all the time, the cat, they bought this expensive cat, the cat wouldn’t even get in the house.

Once the clearing had done, the cat came back in, he was like, I don’t even know why I bother getting the cat because it just lips tricky. Yeah, it was really interesting to see how his, like the dynamic of his business and And his home life changed. And it’s really important because, we get we are energetic beings as Celia said.

So when we walk into something, we get a vibe. And it’s natural to to feel it, to, to feel cold or, I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been to a lot of like Roman amphitheaters and this, that, and the next thing ruins in Turkey and some of it, the energy is really heavy, so it would make sense to clear it.

Just on the logical, like when, you’re like why are we not doing this everywhere? When there’s so many like wars and souls that may be trapped and, instead of ghost hunting, why don’t we just clear all these that, so that actually we are living in more positive energy.

Yeah. Great question. Probably, cause we don’t know we don’t know what we don’t know. I didn’t know. I certainly didn’t know until you reached out, this is not even something that was on my radar at all. So I’m curious. What is the process of opening the Akashic records of a home, a business, a piece of property.

What does that process look like? And then once the records are open, how are you receiving these messages? Are you seeing visions? Are you, are, is it spiritual downloads? Is it like flashes of images? What is it exactly that you’re reading and what is the process like of opening the records for these places?

Do you want to answer that Celia? Sure. While it’s fairly easy, it just, it’s a little time consuming, but it’s an easy process. So going into the Kashic records, you’re asking permission for the first to say the name of the person or persons that owns the property or rents the property and the address to confirm that, and it’s a full address.

So I often say because there’s people from all over the world, it has to be the full address as far as even the country, not just, I live on Baker’s road and it’s okay, where’s this it’s in Canada. Oh, okay. So the full address, postal code and everything. And the reason we do that is so that we can.

Really hone it to that house to make sure that there is no other house that is that name in, sometimes in different countries we have the same street, there could be a main street in us. There could be one in Canada and England. There could be another the same name. So you want to really hone into that street.

And once you do that basically you take a Pettit alum and you ask the questions. So the answers are coming from spirit and basically spiritual as well. So spirit of the house, because you’re talking to the house, if it’s a person and it’s, and you’re asking it the questions and it’ll give you a yes or no.

And you just write it down like that, have a big form where I ask all the questions. And I’ll either say, yes, there’s a portal or no, there’s no portals. If it says, yes, I’ll ask it. How many are there? And you just, you have to number it. Is there a one, is there two, is there three analyze?

So you want to get to whatever the number is. A lot of people have had to, and then if it’s a spirit, you asking that same question. So as this, an independent spirit, or is this, just what kind of spirit is cause, and dependent spirits are more, they’re not really, they’re just somebody there that’s really there to bug you.

Like they don’t, they’re not, they don’t have an attachment to a person, say your mom passed away and now she’s in the house looking after you They’re more of just, I don’t have a connection to that house, but I’m going to come and bug you anyway, because I was walking by and I saw your house I’m coming in because they saw a portal and they walked through and they start bothering those people.

Cause they’re a little nasty. So you would find out from that. You can also go as far as say, okay, you’re an Indian, you’re a spirit. Why are you here? What are you messing with? And then there’s a chart that will give you like everything, anger, jealousy, whatever. And your pendulum will tell you exactly.

All this spirit is causing anger in your family. This period is causing. Sadness. So somebody is always sad. I had a friend who was always sad, like to the point he got pressed because he was so sad and it’s just, it had nothing to do with him. And I’m not saying that it doesn’t sometimes it’s just the person.

Mental health is mental health, but sometimes it just isn’t, it’s interruptions in your land and your home. And you’re, you can’t really help going to the mall if there’s interruptions there because it’s not yours. So you can’t clear it. But you can clear say you go on vacation and you have a hotel room that you’re renting for the moment.

You can’t clear the whole hotel, but you can clear your room. So if you’re there for four days, you can clear your hotel room for the four days to align to you. So that’s also a good thing. And then once you check out of the hotel room, And does the clearing last or does everything come back because you left?

It lasts to your vibration, but your vibration might not be the next person’s vibration. Got it. Might be different for them. So if you’re there for the four days and you argue with your husband, you’re going to leave that behind and the next person’s coming in and going, oh, what the heck? But there might not be any more goes, so yeah, it’s it’s and then once you do, once you have your whole report of all these different questions, then you would go through it and you found out, okay.

Like the niece said in anger, spirits, fear is basically somebody, your neighbor is pissed off at you and he decides all, sorry, I don’t think I was supposed to use that word. You’re having trouble with the neighbor and he decides, I’m going to just he’s sending you mental hatred toward your house and that’ll stick. So you get that cleared. And once you have your whole area and your whole house cleared and realigned to you, it’s also protected from whatever else anybody else wants to think or do towards you.

It just bounces off. So it’s it’s almost like a shield you’re now shielded. So after doing all that process, then I would put in a prayer to clear all of that. So I want to clear the portals and. I w didn’t want to mention that for the people that they it’s cute. If your relative is still around looking after you.

I understand from grief, you think that’s all, that’s wonderful. It really isn’t for them. You really have to love them enough and say release them because imagine your whole spirit world being stuck by somebody, and sometimes now you pass on and they’re still stuck. So the best gift we can give our loved ones is to release them and let them go on to their next destination until we see them again.

My husband and I used to be pastors and Christian evangelical church. And the Bible belt and the south and something that was very common in the church that we went to was if someone in the church bought a new home, like a prayer group or their life group or something would come to the house and everyone would what we did, I don’t know if this is what everyone does in the south, but what our church would do is like the pastor and his wife and some of the elders.

And like people in our life group would come over to our house and everyone would hold hands and pray and pray blessings on the house and cast out like anything that wasn’t, back then, obviously it was about being aligned with Jesus and the Bible. So there was casting out of demons. Often they would anoint like the front door and the back door with anointing oil.

And I have a lot of sarcasm towards Christianity, but that’s one of the like rituals or ceremonies that I actually really enjoyed because it made moving into a house, feel like this very sacred process that your community was part of because they were coming in and. Speaking blessings over the home with you and praying for your prosperity and for there to be happiness and love and peace in the home.

Whether or not it aligns with like, how y’all do the Akashic records clearing. I don’t know. But in every home that we ever lived in that happened, like we didn’t have experiences of feeling like there was weird energy or feeling like there was like, something that would make the hair on the back of your neck, rise up whenever you walk past a certain room or whatever.

I guess what you’re saying is something that I’ve actually participated in before, just through a different lens, I don’t know, Denise, what do you think? Do you think that, that has the same power as opening the Akashic records and then clearing what you find in the Akashic records?

Or do you think. No, I think it would be the same because all about intention. And when the intention is pure, then the outcome is going to be positive. Whether you release like you close the portals and the gateways. I don’t know that would need then maybe it could, I don’t know. Again, it’s intention.

So you could clear the negativity from there, whether it would show cause normally Celia correct me if I’m wrong, but when you close the portals, you actually pause it and then you would leave like an Archangel Michael to guard it so that it doesn’t open again. And that’s done like again on purpose, whereas if you’re just doing a general clearing, you might just it might be like the smudging, and using Sage It could just get rid of the negativity I guess like a spring clean, you just clearing the negative energy and, but there is a possibility for coming back again.

Okay. So definitely in, in Christian world, there isn’t talk of portals and gateways and even ghosts. So like everything would be like an E like a spirit that’s like evil or a demonic spirit. That’s what it is. See I’ve been out of it long enough. I’m starting to lose the vocabulary. So it’d be a demonic spirit.

And so you would, what we would do is we would like, we wouldn’t ask what spirits are here. We didn’t want to talk to them, but it was just like any, demonic, spirit of anger, spirit of. Oppression spirit of poverty, like whatever the spirit was like, they would sometimes call it out by name and then be like, we bind you in the name of Jesus and cast you back into the pit of hell.

And then we invite like the holy spirit to reside in this home. And because the church that we went to definitely took, there’s a Bible verse that they took very literally, that was like, if you cast out a bad spirit and then you don’t invite something good to fill in its place, then that spirit can come back.

Sevenfold. Is what I’m saying, is that familiar to you guys in your world too? Or is this just like a very like evangelical, charismatic Christian thing? No, it makes sense. Especially when you’re doing machine records, if you’re taking something negative out, you have to put something positive in. So it seems same but different. I guess that, and this is what I have some church of Scotland, friends who they would consider it. I feel like they, they believe that what they believe is the only way. And so this is what we’re talking about is like new age or, something that is, it doesn’t align to them, but it is it’s, I guess spirituality is something that is more is for everyone.

It’s not just for, if you have that’s, doesn’t create the oneness that we are. So it’s it just creates more division. So yeah. Yeah same, but different, I think. Okay, you brought up smudging and I actually have that on my list of questions. Celia can someone accomplish the same thing by smudging and just generically saying like any energy or entity that isn’t for the highest love and the highest good of every person in this home or this business, or on this property, like needs to be gone.

And I’m sending you towards the light and like you’re banished. This is all sounding like very Formal and ritualistic, but is the smudging, is, can it work the same way or are there really specific things like burial grounds and land reassignment and portals and gateways and earthbound souls and all of these different things that you find in your readings and clearings, is that part necessary or is it like Denise said where it’s more of the intention of the thing?

What smudging it’s like the me sentence, it’s a, like a spring cleaning, but you really needed to get into the cash records to be able to close those gateways on those portals and everything else. And yes, anything you take out and that includes for people you want to go in and take out. Whatever from their cash records, you want to re you want to replace it with something positive ball.

So when you take out or when you close the portals or the gateways, and you want to fill it up with, something else. So you’re with a gateway, you would put an Archangel there and you were thinking, oh, so for the rest of their lives, they have to stand at this gateway and never move.

The rest of their lives that the parents did, this house is one second to, to them where it’s a hundred years to us. So that’s not that’s really, it’s not like they need to eat or go pee or anything else. That’s what they’re here for. So they’re not gonna, they don’t complain about it because that’s what they’re here.

Angels are here to help humanity. Thank you for that angels. We appreciate it. And so that’s just part of their, Hey, there’s another house we have and they could be in everybody’s house all at the same time. So it’s not like you have one Archangel for every house. You can have the same one for every house he’s going to watch over the same area.

So it’s really important to be able to go to the cashier, crackers and close everything that doesn’t belong there and clear out everything doesn’t belong there. And that else, Barrett’s third demonic. Not all of them are bad. Some of them are confused and don’t know where they are. Some of them passed away years ago and just didn’t realize that passed away.

And they’re walking through your house going who are you? And they don’t like it. So you’re picking up that energy from it also.

Exactly that. Say that again? Denise, say what you said again. I didn’t hear it on my end. Lay that Nicole Kidman film. I can’t remember what it was called. Oh, the others? Yes. Okay. So they’re just, they were earthbound souls. Yeah, I think so. Okay. So that’s all right. So that’s the next thing that I want to get into is the types of things that you find whenever you’re reading the records of a home or a property or a business.

I have a list here and I’ll share with everyone listening this list, and then we’ll go back to the beginning of the list and we can talk about what each one is specifically, if that sounds good. So you read, you look for and clear energetic portals and gateways and dependent, negative, thoughtful.

Earthbound souls anger, Spears, and land assignments. Is that correct? Yes. Is there anything else that I missed anything?

Let me see. There’s something called negative thought forms. That’s different from independent negative thought forms. Yes. Okay. So independent, negative thought forms are something attached to your property. That’s rubbed that is, is running its own. How do I explain that?

So in Atlanta assignments, running through that. Land is always, if it’s a war zone will always be anger. So that’s always like the form, that’s the energy that’s running through your house. But with an indictable independent, negative thought form, they don’t really run a program. They do whatever the heck they want.

So if they feel like shooting, making you angry, they’re going to do that. If they feel like it’s almost like

that person that likes to do practical jokes on you, that you don’t feel as a practical joke, that in a way it’s cruel, but to them, they’re laughing their head off. That’s an independent negative thought for him. He does whatever the heck he wants to you. And then he’s laughing about it.

Meanwhile, you’re going, I don’t know what just happened. Like you tripped over something that wasn’t there and you’re looking back and I dunno what I tripped over. Cause nothing’s there. He stuck. And he’s laughing, but makes me wonder. I used to live in a, I used to live in a house where I stubbed bro, like all the time.

Like I stubbed my toe constantly in this house. And now it’s making me wonder, I wonder if there was like a, something there, my dough. Okay. So that’s the difference between independent thought forms or independent negative thought forms and negative thought forms? So Denise, can you describe what energetic portals and gateways are?

So a portal is they’re both ways of transiting through the universe

to go through. But the, a gateway is like a highway, so it’s just like lots of energy going through it. If you imagined. Living next to a highway with the door open, it would be really loud and noisy and yeah, you would feel restless, right? It wouldn’t be a nice environment to live in. And recently we cleared one where they had one on four earthbound souls.

So they had basically an entire family living. I don’t know if there were really, you don’t get that much detail, but there, there was four earth pencils in the house. Plus the high highway, the house constantly felt like busy and there was a lot of like confusion, a lot of anger, a lot of blaming one another for things so that the vibe was completely off in the hives until that was cleared.

And the lady even said that. Even when she was going to bed switching the light off, she was felt like she was going to bump into something because the house felt full all the time. So that’s what, like a gateway can create that survey energy, which, you’re not gonna be able to relax in your house then, are you when when your environment is like that or two on the other hand it depends what comes in and out.

You can have a portal and there could be nothing happening or you can have an entity coming through and yeah, Celia had one in her house. I don’t know if you want to talk about that.

Yeah, I’ve actually been lucky cause I’ve had portals and not not gateways the niece was saying a gateway is like a highway. So imagine yourself on a really busy crisscross highway. In the middle and you’re dodging every car that’s coming. That’s how the, you would feel in your house, dodging every piece of energy that’s coming your way.

Whereas a portal’s a door. So basically on the other side of the veil, they could all see this door and whoever feels like walking through the door just helps himself. And it’s not always nice. People are nice. Souls are nice things walking through your door, so it’s better to close the door, lock it and don’t come back.

Okay. Then I guess that’s a interesting question then. Can these portals and gateways allow positive things through, or is it only negative things that come through these things? Positive things I’ll really come through the door to call. That’s not the way they communicate positive will always communicate.

Your intuition will always communicate you with you in a positive way, with reassurance and reinforcement and loving things. They don’t need to walk through a porthole. They don’t positive things. They value and they respect a person’s energy and privacy. So it’s like somebody coming to your door, like my door right now, it’s unlocked because I let my dogs out all day long.

It’s like somebody coming in my door, opening the door and just walking in, they don’t knock, they don’t ring the doorbell and positive energies. They would never do. They’ll get your attention in a positive way. They’ll ring your doorbell. They’ll knock on your door. You’re asking them a question, the Lancer, but they will never just turn the knob and walk right in.

And that’s what negative energies do. Got it. So positive energies, respect, boundaries. Exactly. Perfect. That makes total sense. And my listeners will understand that. Okay, Denise, what are earthbound souls? I think we mentioned it before is as someone who has passed over, but they don’t know that they are where they are, so it ghost. Yes. Okay. Like Celia said, you you wouldn’t want to be stuck yourself, so we owe it to The soul to send them back because you’d want somebody else to send you back if you got stuck. Yeah. How would you, how does the soul get stuck? How does this whole not go back to the light or to source or to energy or whatever we go back to?

How do they get stuck? Yeah, I’m not sure explain that.

I’m going to use my brother as an example. So about 38 years now, no, 28 years ago he died. He was in a. Doing a hand gliding. He was at the beach and he was hang-gliding and the guy that was driving the boat came too close to the shore and he fell and broke his neck and died. And for a long time, he just, he didn’t know he was dead.

It was something that was, he didn’t have a long illness, so he didn’t know that was gonna happen. He was 36 years old. He had a loving family, just had a new baby. So because he had the shock of passing on so quickly out of the blue, he just didn’t know he was gone and he just walked around aimlessly for awhile.

That can happen with somebody that has an maleness, but usually they already know that their time is coming and that’s the same illness that happened today. And like next week you’re gone, which I worked in a hospital for 15 years. So I did see that. But normally that’s how that, a car accident, for example, they, something they didn’t expect and they passed on and they were, they’re just not ready to walk into the light.

They want it to go see their family. They want it to be at home. They’re stuck. So if a person, if a family member like you didn’t understand this how do those souls get back to the light? Cause I’m just thinking about myself. I’m like, man, if I die in a car accident next week, I want to make sure somebody in my family like knows, to send me back to the light because I don’t want to be stuck in limbo land for however long.

So how would a person even know about this? If they’re not into that, like for me, I’ve always seen souls walking around. So has my mother, so has my grandmother, so I can see people, but if you’re somebody that doesn’t know that doesn’t believe it or anything, then that’s soul. That’s why you’re doing declaring the house is a hundred years old and it’s got these soul stuck.

Nicole. Kidman’s there with her kids. That’s why you’re getting the cash at crackers because nobody you to help those souls, that ad one time was their relevance to move on to the light. Gotcha. That’s why we’re here. Got it. Gotcha. All right. And then the next thing is anger Spears who would like to tell us what anger Spears are?

Anchor sphere. So what I was explaining with the businesses, you would get anger, Spears more typically with businesses, but we had one. And our home, but I reckon it was from the last like owner blame him. He wasn’t a good customer to buy off. And yet it’s just, it’s almost a negative thought form, but it’s projected at either the person or the business premises where they’ve had a bad experience or whatever, and they want bill and it just kinda, it just sticks.

It’s it just sticks. So we cleared that. Okay. And then the last thing is land assignment. If it was a battlefield or a burial ground can one of you explain more about that? Yeah. Are obviously the earth is very old. She’s a very old girl Not that anybody’s proud of it, but we’ve all had wars in our countries and the south versus the north or whatever.

And so people have come on the different parts of the earth and just gone to war from machetes to whatever, even if it’s just like your neighbor hated you and came over and killed you, he’s already made it a war zone. So because of that, it has all that anger, all that sorrow, all that pain attached to it.

So until you assign it into a home, clear it and say you don’t, you’re no longer a of ground. This is, this land is now designated to be a home, a loving home for whoever lives in it. Then he’ll still have that pain, that sorrel, that anger. Death attached to the land. So yeah, that’s basically what it means.

Amazing. Yeah. That makes a lot of sense, especially if I know, so our listeners don’t know this, but Celia and Denise did an Akashic records reading and clearing on my personal home and property. So you found two earthbound souls and two portals. And I don’t know if this is what you tell everyone, or if this was specific to my property, but you said that the two Let’s see, I’m scrolling down through my report to find it.

Oh, that the earthbound souls were creating violence, weakness and withdrawal. Like one was the abuser and the other was the abused such as in a husband and wife relationship. So is that just like your generic this is what earthbound souls do or is that the specific things that they were creating in my home?

No, that was specific to your home because I have a list of questions. It’s three columns, which has with four rolls that has six answers in it. And I go from answer to answer and I ask, Hey, is this what it’s creating? And it tells me yes or no until I got like exactly what they were creating.

And source told me about. The man and woman. So for you, that’s actually the first, you’re the first person that I have encountered where it’s actually been a couple, that’s been a, one has been abusive to the other. So it gets very specific as far as, okay, this is what’s going on in your home.

It won’t get specific as far as well. Who’s the two people, what were their names? That’s not it doesn’t matter who they were or what they, it just matters what they were causing in the house. And that it’s gone. Interesting. So in our home, we are only the second owners of our home. The people who owned this home before us were the builders of this home.

And they lived here for over 30 years until they both died. And one of them, I know the man died in the home in my bedroom actually is where he died. So I have never felt any kind of. Energy, any kind of like weirdness, like I’ve never felt anything like that in our house. But after my husband and I moved here and I guess now that I have this report, I’m like, oh, maybe this makes more sense now, but before y’all did this for me, like the last six years that my husband and I have lived in this home has been so hard for my husband and I, because right after we, or right before we moved here, we had just, my husband had quit his job as a full-time pastor.

And we had left our home and our family members and moved 1200 miles away from Texas to Minnesota. And then at the same time, because we had just left our religion, we were deconstructing from all of that. We were healing a lot of trauma from all of that. We didn’t have. We basically ripped everything about our relationship down, including the foundation, because the foundation for our relationship was built on Christian principles of the husband being the leader of the home and the wife being the submissive, like godly, quiet, person who met his needs sexually.

That was literally what, what the foundation of our relationship was. And so we basically pulled it all down and have started over in the last six years and have fought so much in the last six years. And I would never say that any of the interaction that my husband and I have had has been abusive.

But we had just had a lot of very strong, like egoic fights and arguments and And we it’s been a growing process for sure. I don’t have regrets other than I wish we could have gone through it faster, but it is what it is. But I’m wondering now how much of a role those two earthbound spirits were playing in the dynamic and my husband and my relationship and was it just coincidence that we happened to move to this house at the same time we had left religion and we’re starting over with our lives and our identities.

And also these two bound spirits just happened to be at my house. And all of this is happening at the same time. What was the role that those spirits played in my husband and my relationship and the discord and the, and all of that.. , so let me add to that. When you get into a house, any house you’re, the house is attracting new. You’re attracted to the house by the energies going on. So the fact that you had all that going on six years ago, you attracted a house that already had that in it.

So it just magnifies, right? And remember abuse is not always just physical, right? There’s mental abuse, there’s verbal abuse, there’s psychological abuse. There’s a lot of different abuses that can occur. With people. Yeah. Yeah. I wouldn’t say that the abuse was part of my relationship with my husband.

I would just say that it was like a very difficult to multipurpose. Both of us kind of causing each other a lot of hurt, because we were. We were each going through our own separate sort of identity crisis and trying to be in a relationship that we had been in for 13 years prior and also raising children and also doing normal life things like having businesses and going to work and and all of that.

But, okay. You did the clearing for my house on August 14th. So that’s one month we’re one month later now at the time of this conversation. And and maybe, I don’t know, again, is it coincidence because we’ve been working with a relationship coach for the last seven weeks. And I would say that like about the time y’all did the clearing was about the time whenever I felt like a lot more open and I don’t want to hopeful is the wrong word.

Just I felt like there was a relaxation of tension, would be the way I would describe it. So do you think it’s coincidence or do you think the wreck, the clearing had something to do with it? I’m going to say I’m positive. It was clearing. And not just because I do it’s because I’ve seen enough of this work to realize that yeah, like it’s, I haven’t heard one person say that it hasn’t been beneficial to them and not everybody has feedback, but there are some people that will write back and say, Hey, it’s made such a difference and it’s fantastic to hear because everybody wants to live more peacefully.

So would you say with both you and your husband, it was more of a calmness where you were more listening to each other now instead of. Talking to each other. We’ve been in a process over the last, particularly the last three years of learning, how to communicate in a way where we’re not listening to respond, we’re listening to understand.

And also trying to communicate, not just for communication’s sake, but also to comprehend each other. So we’ve definitely been intentionally focused and working on that, and I’m really proud of the progress we’ve made. And we’ve made a ton of progress working with this relationship coach for the past six or seven weeks.

But in the middle of all of that, you all came in and read the records of my house and found that I had these two earthbound souls that were like arguing or abusive towards each other. And so I guess my question is to, if the couple that built my house. We’re the only previous owners and the building didn’t even exist before they moved here.

Do you think that’s who the two earthbound souls were? Or do you think that they were like two other souls who happened to live on the land or near here before it could be them, or like you say, what was there before they built their house? The world is how many years it could have had a little tiny house there before that got ripped down.

Eventually somebody else came along and built another house on there. So it could be the energy from the previous house or it could be them. It’s hard. I know that where we live, all of the structures that exist here are the first structures that have ever existed here because it was woods before it was just for.

Before. So now it’s possible. Like where I live was like home to indigenous people. I don’t know if my specific land used to be indigenous land. I guess it was because all land in the United States was indigenous land at one point. Yeah, so I don’t know, but I think what I’m like sensing into just intuitively as I feel like it was the husband and wife who lived in my house before who built this house, it’s what I’m getting a feeling of too.

But obviously I’m not back in the cashback records. But that’s the energy. As soon as you, you said to me, it was the builders. It’s he popped right into my head. Yeah, hopefully they don’t do that a reoccurance back in their next life, right? Yeah. Bill and Betty, that was their names bill and Betty.

She was a hoarder and he was a game warden. Like we, we live in a very small community and the people in our community know that people who used to live in this house. So like they’ve told us stories about them. I never heard any stories about their relationship in particular, just about who they were individually.

Betty was this like very like broad stout fat woman who. Had an online shopping, hoarding problem and used to sit in the kitchen and watch the birds out the window. Cause she had bird feeders everywhere. So that’s all we know about Betty who’s living in my house. Okay. That’s probably enough about my house.

I just have a few other general questions. Obviously for you to do the work that you don’t have to be in the house. You can do it from a distance because in the spirit world time and space don’t exist. So that was one of my questions, but you’ve already answered that. And then I guess I would be curious to know if you have any stories of for children who grow up in homes that have these portals or these earthbound souls or these different things, like how much of the child’s experiences are influenced by those types of things that could potentially cause trauma for the child.

I can even just talk from my own personal experience. think before we even spoke or after we spoke we were having trouble with my son, cause we were on, on holiday in Turkey and my mom and dad’s house. And the week we arrived, he just wasn’t sleeping for two hours at a time. And at first I thought it was maybe two hots.

There was like, he needed to drink water. He needed something. Okay. He was by himself, but maybe he was scared or whatever. And then there was one night and and normally like in, in the home here, we, if he wakes up in the middle of the night, I will give him his war if he’s like, where’s my war. Yeah.

And he’ll drink it and go back to sleep. His eyes were like wide awake and he was just blinking, like just staring. And when I looked at me, look at me and he was just staring at me and he was not like sleepy. Like you would expect somebody who wakes up at two in the morning and then eyes wide open for two hours.

I was just like, yet, this doesn’t feel right. We did the the records and there was two portals and one what was it like? What was it Celia? Can you remember? It was a net, it was a negative male energy. It was a male energy. It was a really negative one because I remember when Celia said that she, when she went into it, she could feel the energy of this, like trying to stop her from clearing it.

And. I think it was like he had woken up. Cause I think I’d spoken to her and we were going to bed. I was like, can you do this while we go to bed? And he had woken up maybe one, two in the morning and I reckon she cleared it round about there. And then he settled back really quickly because he slept till eight o’clock the next that to the morning.

And that was the first time. And he started sleeping through he was still like, he was a bit still restless, but in terms of like being up for hours and why eyes wide open? Not at all. But he was like proper crying and stuff. He was really affected by it. And I felt bad for not like thinking of that because it’s my mom dad’s house we’ve been going there for 15, 20 years.

Didn’t even cross my mind that, oh, I need to do the cashier records on it. So yeah, I think and I know that from when he’s been in this house, when there’s been strong energies, he’s always woken up. It’s especially when I had my awakening process the whole week, he didn’t see. Because the energies were still so strong.

Obviously children are tuned into the serve energies till the age of seven. So they’re very sensitive to it. And Aussie, he could sleep through anything, but Aaron, he, yeah, he will just wake up like split second, what it would do long term. I don’t know. I haven’t experienced any cert children who have experienced like negativity like that long-term was obviously going to affect them.

Especially if they continue to live in that house and it will affect their relationship with their parents or affect their education. No doubt. When you think about it, logically there would definitely be some sort of effect. Yeah, for sure. Sure. So what about, I’m sorry, go ahead.

It will affect her mental health, right? Because. There’s a lot of us are not completely bored with just listening to our kids. The kid says, oh, there’s a monster in my room. And you’re thinking out your imagination. No, they’re serious. There’s a monster in that room. I Think about it. This entity comes into your room and he’s not a nice guy.

And the nieces one, he was not a nice guy. Like he even knocked me off my my ass. And they’re saying like, here’s, they’re scare. They’re crying. There’s something in my room. And the parents were like, oh, it’s your imagination? Go back to sleep. No, now you’ve just diminished. The fact that they’re trust you, your child’s not going to trust that you’ll even believe them.

So why should they share anything to you? So if something happens in their life, Stranger danger or anything like that. They’re not going to feel comfortable coming to you to tell you anything because you don’t believe them. So why should they now they get anxious. They get sad, they get frightened.

Their mental health starts to shatter and they become like teenagers who will either cause trouble because my parents won’t believe me anyway, or end up in the hospital, suffering from anxiety and depression and everything else, because they’re scared. And they’re, their cortisol is going through their body so badly that they’re always on edge, not a good way to live.

So it doesn’t have a long-term effect on people. Yeah. Yeah. What if someone doesn’t feel anything off about their home or their property or their business? Does that mean that they should still get the Akashic records read and stuff cleared? Or does that mean that they’re probably fine and there’s probably nothing there.

I would always start it. I recommend always getting it because even if you don’t feel off you’re, you might not be energetically inclined to listening to your surroundings, but you might feel just shut down. Like you have no emotion, like you’re just cold. What’s going on. I just, you don’t feel like yourself.

Just feel like you’re separate from everything else. How many people have you ever heard somebody say I feel like I fit in nowhere. I have this family. I don’t fit in with my family. I meet people. I like, nobody understands me. They just feel off. Because their minds can’t figure out. What does that feel and why are they not connecting with anybody?

They’re not connecting with anybody because of the energies in their home is not allowing them to connect with anybody. It’s shutting them down. I know from people that have said they don’t feel it, that they’re quite disconnected anyway, so they probably wouldn’t be able to tune into that. Like they wouldn’t be listening to this podcast anyway.

Got it. Yeah. That’s a good, that’s a good answer. Okay. So I know Denise, whenever we spoke before you told me that some of the benefits for clearing the Akashic records of your house is that it can help your house sell faster if your house is for sale. Can you talk about that? Actually that happened to celiac because I haven’t sold my house.

Are you trying to sell your house?

Okay. Yeah. What is your experience with that Celia? Before I learned the whole thing and mean I did the smudging and everything, cause we all know about smudging and the house still wouldn’t sell. And then I said, okay, what’s going on here? And I started to investigate more and that’s when I came across the Kashic records.

Normally when I need to learn something, it just comes to my path and I find it. So it comes at the time that I needed. So I sat down, I did the cash or crackers for my last house before I’m moving into this. It was taking a while. Like it was normally my house has have sold fast, but this one was taking a while and I was like what’s going on?

Because I kept hearing the market is hot. The market’s hot. I’m like,

Not hot enough. Cause mine still has the for sale side. So I said, no. Okay. So I sat down, did the cash breakfast for the house. And two days later it’s old. I was like, all wow. What did you clear? Do you remember what you cleared

in that house? There was an entity and not a nice one. It also had a couple of portals that I closed out. It had a gateway, which made sense, even though I was the only one living there. So I can’t say I was arguing with anybody because there was nobody to argue with, argue with myself. And you don’t want you to watch a TV and you’re arguing with the TV.

But I could definitely feel the energy. I’m I’ve always been, very strong and feeling the energy and my cat did not like that house. Like she was peeing everywhere. I’m like, what are you doing? You have a litter box. Please use the litter box, stop being in the same corner all the time.

Why are you? And that happened to be where the gateway was interesting. So she stopped doing that when I cleared it. Cause it was like I was going to kill her.

Emotionally. I was thinking about it. Yeah. Emotionally, I thought about detaching from her. Exactly. I looked at her and I said, God knows, I love you. That’s why you’re still here because you’re driving me crazy. But she stopped. You have, the animals will feel it, the children will feel it because they’re all still in that vibe area of the other side.

But adults you’ll feel, you’ll just think somebody will think they’re having all these arguments, they move into this new home and then they think, oh, it’s the stress of the new home. We’re fighting so much because we’re stressed. Cause we just moved in, but then it continues on and continues on.

It gets worse and they’re still fighting and now they get divorced because they’re tired of fighting and nobody’s ever thought. The house energy. Yeah. Do you know that house sold in two days? Actually pretty much sold the same day, but the contract was for, I let them wait, just in case somebody else wanted to come.

After they bought that house from me, they resold the house. Six weeks later, they painted and stuff for $106,000 more than they bought it from me. Holy shit. I am not a happy camper, not a happy camper because I really thought it was this nice family. So I left them all these gifts. So that’s my little gift bag, the toys for their son.

And I left him different stuff for them. And they turned around, painted the house and sold it for $106,000 more. Six weeks later. You do a good job clearing it. I was, but also with leaving them things and taking care of their kid and all being nice. Like you cleared up any bad karma on your end doing that.

Yeah. It is what it is. I’m happy for them. That’s a lot of a heck of a lot of money to gain in six weeks. Yeah, no kidding. Yeah, that would be frustrating. But I guess that would be my best example of, I really got rid of that gateway and those nasty little goals. Yeah, for sure. So all them up and say, you’re welcome.

So for our listeners, If you’ve never thought about it, having the Akashic records of your home, your property, or your business, Fred, and any of this negative stuff cleared out could maybe save your marriage. It could maybe save your relationship with your kids. It could maybe help you sell your house faster.

It could maybe make your business more profitable or busier, all kinds of benefits. So can you ladies tell my listeners how they can contact you to have their properties, Akashic records read and cleared? Yeah. We have a website and a. All you would do is just click on to purchase. And we send a you download a PDF, which we just, you just fill in the details.

And then we send a report out a couple of days later and we do it within 72 hours, we call limits. So we will do it within 72 hours and then you’ll have your energy cleared in the house. And it costs, I think, a hundred pound, which I don’t actually know what it is in dollars, 111 pounds. So it’s almost the same in dollars, but yeah, we have a called Lindsey 20 and then we’re going to do, or Lindsay 10, I think not 20. Yeah, I think it was Lindsey. Yeah. So I will have the link to your website in the show notes of this episode and our listeners can click on it. And if you want to use the code Lindsey 10 and that’s Lindsay with an E Y not N a Y Lindsey 10 we’ll get you 10% off having the Akashic records read and whatever is in it cleared for your home or your business.

That’ll be in the show notes. Anything else that either of you want to make sure gets said before we finish up this episode? It’s not only for your house, sorry, Denise. It’s also great for your health because. Health-wise both your mental health and your body health, the body, when it’s very stressed, all kinds of nasty stuff happens, right?

For me, when I’m very stressed, I got, I have IBS. So it’s a week of you’re not going anywhere because you’re stuck at home. Mental health, being your anxiety, your fears, they all get multiplied when your energy of your home, a space, your home and your business are the spaces where you spend most of your time in.

And if those energies are not aligned to you, to who you are, then your body just is not reacting. Even if you can’t see it at the moment, it’s not reacting great to that energy. And as time goes by, it gets your energy of your body gets more and more effect infected effect. And then you start thinking why is this happening?

Why is this happening now? You’re running the doctor trying to figure out doctors telling you all you’re physically fine, you’re not because your energy’s not clear. It’s not right. It’s not living up to its potential as your body should be. Yeah. That’s a good point. Thank you for sharing that.

So if you’re having some physical issues, having the Akashic records of your home or property red and cleared could also help resolve those. Yeah. It was something along those lines. If you’re conscious anyway of your energy vibrations, then you would just naturally want to clear the energy and your hives, especially if you live in a city or in a suburb where, you know, my land was think a battlefield and burial ground.

The chances of having something is we have never done one and nothing has come up, even, for your house, given that there, that was, there was one house, there was still, enough going on there. Yeah, I think if you’re just conscious about living Celia said a healthier life, then this is one of the sort of things that you could consider.

It’s yeah. It’s just it’s just like literal, energetic housecleaning is literally what it is like that’s and that seems like it’s probably a good idea for everyone. It’s probably a good idea to do. Energetically clear your space. So I guess my last question would be, so you found two portals and two earthbound souls in my house that doesn’t seem all that bad quote unquote.

Have you had properties where you just found like tons and tons of stuff and these properties are just like really messed up or is like small things like that. Pretty average. No, yours is actually really good. I even told the niece after I’m like, oh that’s not bad. I’ve had houses where three portals and a gateway and there, the house was always having was always like, I would talk to that person and I could feel the habit going on.

And then kids bouncing off the walls and it was just like, woo, holy moly. So yeah, there’s been other houses where I don’t even know how they survived with having the amount of energy that was going through that house. And and I could just imagine the motions, like just from tapping into their house, I would get I could feel the emotions that I can’t even imagine the people living in there.

They must have been very strong people to be able to take that much discordant the energy going through. All bodies. I had a house where it was a drug house, so I guess whoever owned it, I don’t know whether it was the person that owned it and kept it as a drug house. So I think it was a vacant house and they just, eventually the teens started using it as a drug house.

And the misery of that house was it just made you cry. It just made you cry because. Normally people, when they’re were they’re addicted to drugs, they’re trying to hide. They’re trying to get away from something in their lives. It’s hurting them so much. And the misery of that house was just awful.

And it’s like somebody buy that house and moving into that house could even lead them to drugs because that’s the energy they’re feeling. They’re feeling the energy of people who did that while they were in her house. And then not even knowing why did I get addicted to something that normally I would have never even gone near and not knowing that house was pulling them to have that kind of energy.

So I’m telling you if I knew now what I knew that I didn’t know, then every house I ever owned would have been cleared, but of course, I didn’t know that then. Mind you, I am divorced now, so I could have used it a little while back cause that might’ve caused, but can’t cry over spilled milk. It is what it is.

And now that I know it, I would never ever move into anywhere or have a business where I didn’t clear it. Thank you so much, both of you. Thank you for sharing this very interesting whew topic that I know my listeners. I know they will love it because we love Wu on this podcast. Thank you so much.

It’s been a pleasure as a hobby, both here. Thank you for letting me experience having the Akashic records on my house and property read and cleared myself so that I can understand it in order to do this interview with you. And it’s amazing what I’ve experienced since I started this podcast with the people who’ve reached out to me, the way that Denise reached out to me is I’ve come across so many cool things that I never would have earlier if I wouldn’t have been in this work.

So this is just another one of those really cool things. So I’m honored to have had you here and thank you so much for sharing what you know, it’s an honor doing your cash brokers. Thank you. Thank you.



All right, everyone. That was a little different. Huh? If you are interested in having Denise and Celia read the Akashic records of your home. A piece of land that you may have, or a business. And you want to save 10% off the price. Please use the code Lindsey 10. When you check out on denise and silly as website and their website as well as the coupon code will be linked below in the show notes or in the description box and i appreciate you being here so much and i’ll talk to you again next week


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