Episode 70: The Second Wave — Transcending the Human Drama with Kerri Hummingbird

In this episode, Kerri and I discuss several key parts of her book, The Second Wave, as well as share a synchronicity and our shared spirit guide, White Eagle.

This Episode’s Guest

kerri hummingbird

Kerri Hummingbird inspires people to lead their lives wide awake with an authenticity, passion and purpose that positively impacts others. She catalyzes mind-shifts that transform life challenges into gifts of wisdom. Kerri is also the author of several international best-selling books and is the host of the Soul Nectar Show.



Hello, friends. And welcome back to the holistic trauma healing podcast. I have a confession to make this episode was recorded back in the fall of 2021. And I had it banked up with some other episodes that I had recorded. And then I took a big podcast break. From October to the end of November, published a few episodes, took another little break.

And now I’m finally getting to some of those episodes that I had recorded back in the fall. So, um, but you know what? I just believe that like, everything is unfolding as it’s meant to, and this is the perfect timing because this is what the timing is. Right. So, um, this is a little bit of a longer episode and I don’t want to take up too much of your time with, um, chit-chat and intro stuff.

But I do want to tell you about my guest. Her name is Carrie hummingbird. She is a soul guide and the host of the soul nectar show. Um, and she’s also the author of the number one international best-selling book. The second wave transcending, the human drama. And an award-winning best-selling book awakening to me, one woman’s journey to self-love, which describes the early years of her spiritual awakening. And I will link to both of those books in the show notes below.

Carrie inspires people to lead their lives wide awake with an authenticity, passion, and purpose that positively impacts others. She catalyzes mind shifts that transform life challenges into gifts of wisdom. Her newest book is already a number one international bestseller and is called love is fierce healing. The mother wound and describes the most direct path.

To spiritual enlightenment. So all three of those books will be linked in the show notes, and then she also has a free gift for you. So she is giving you access to her love mastery game. This is an Oracle card game that explains the love lesson you’re learning and in particular challenge. So that is going to be linked for you as well as you can get that free gift.


And this episode, we are actually discussing her book. The second wave transcending, the human drama. I read this book and as I was reading it, I was going through and highlighting so many paragraphs. And whenever I decided to interview Carrie for the podcast, Um, I basically just went through some of my highlighted paragraphs and asked her to talk more about them. So it’s kind of a book discussion in a way, but before we get into the discussion about her book, there is a really cool synchronicity that Carrie and I share. And it is that we both have a spiritual guide named white Eagle and white Eagle has appeared to both of us in different ways and through different synchronicities.

And it was. Just really exciting to have this connection with Kari. The other thing that’s really interesting is that her last name is hummingbird. And the hummingbird is my late grandmother’s symbol to me. So a few years ago, whenever I started doing ancestral work, I just told the universe. That I wanted to know when the spirit of my Meemaw, which is what I called my grandmother. I wanted to know when the spirit of my MIMO was near or watching over me or when she was trying to send me a sign or tell me something by seeing hummingbirds.

And that became my sign for my grandmother and in Minnesota, it’s really easy to see hummingbirds in the summertime. They’re everywhere, but I’ve had some really incredible sightings. Um, and synchronicities of hummingbirds, even in the winter time when there are no hummingbirds for thousands of miles. Um, and I share about that in this episode as well.


So please sit back, relax and enjoy this lovely conversation with Carrie hummingbird.

Hello, Carrie, welcome to the holistic trauma healing podcast. Oh, thanks so much for having me on the show. Lindsay, I’m really excited for the conversation we’re about to have our conversation on your show was really fun. So I’m that’s my standard for this one. It’s going to be a lot of fun we had to repeat or one up it.

Yeah, that’s right. Okay, so you and I have this, I don’t know, very creepy, not creepy and like a bad way, but like in the kind of way that you just can’t make this up kind of way connection with a spirit guide called white Eagle. And you did not know that about me whenever we met the first time. And I did not know that about you.

And in fact, I don’t even think I found you. I think somebody. Reached out to me and was like, have you thought about Kerri hummingbird for your podcast? I really think you’d like what she has to say. It seems like she would align with your show and sure enough, you did align with the show. So we scheduled this interview, but we had a chat before, before I interviewed on your podcast and all that, just to get to know each other.

And it was discovered that we had this mutual connection with this spirit guide named white Eagle. And I remember because I showed you the cover of the book. I showed you the second wave book and it has this rainbow eye on it and you, and I said, yeah, and see, it’s channeled by it’s like channeling of white Eagle and your whole face was like, whoa.

And like your eyes got as big as saucers. And I was like, what’s going on Lindsey? And your. White Eagle. I said, yeah. And you’re like, I work with white Eagle and that you’re really one of the first people I’ve heard that says that they work with white Eagle too. So it was like, wow. Okay. Yeah, you are not lying.

Like I was, my jaw was on the floor and I was like unable to pick it up for quite some time. I just could not comprehend. And what made it even more synchronicities? I don’t even know if that’s a word. Was that literally like the day or two days before? I had been in my car, I was listening to a podcast and she was talking about Jesus being one of her guides.

And I was like, okay. And I know that Y Eagle is one of my guides and the way that I know that white Eagle is one of my guides is the very first Oracle card deck we ever bought was called the keepers of the light deck. This was like in 2017 and. When I was going through my dark night of the soul, I was drawing cards like a mad woman, because I was like trying to find this is my very egoic way of trying to make the cards, make my life different.

Instead of realizing that I was creating my reality and the cards were simply like confirming it. But I was like, so sick, so anxious, so sick. And I drew the white Eagle card and it was a message about ancestor healing. And that really sparked my own journey into learning more about my ancestry.

I started asking my parents all kinds of questions about their parents and their grandparents. There was so much, I didn’t know about my family and that first drawing of the white Eagle card really prompted me to learn more about my ancestry. Then I just kept drawing it and Five six times in a row.

I started being like, what is going on? Because I would shuffle the deck. I would like, it would be, so I would even have my husband be like, I need you to draw a card for me. I don’t want to draw the card. I want you to draw it for me because then it’s really random. And he would draw white Eagle for me.

Like it was crazy how white Eagle just kept coming out. Then I got better and I started my holistic trauma healing journey. And then fast forward to earlier this year, when I was driving in my car, listening to a podcast where she was talking about Jesus being one of her guides. And I remembered that I like white Eagle.

I haven’t worked with him in a while. I haven’t heard from him in a while. By this point I had bought a bunch of new card decks. And so I wasn’t using my original one very often. And so I was like, I wonder if I could start channeling him the way that the person who was on this podcast channels like Jesus and her higher self and the Pleiadians and things like that.

I wonder if I could channel white Eagle. Then I got out of the car and I went into the grocery store. And as I was walking into the grocery store, the automatic doors slid open and a teenage boy walked out and he was wearing a green sweatshirt and on the front of the sweatshirt where the words, white Eagle, and I was like, no fucking way, can’t make this up.

Can’t you cannot make it up. Yeah. So then I went home and the next morning I was journaling and sure enough, I like opened myself up to channel and he came through, along with Jesus. I learned that Jesus is one of my spirit guides as well. I started channeling and journaling and I’ve been doing that ever since.

And then the next day, you and I had our first meeting and you were showing me your book, the second wave, and that it was channeled from white Eagle. And I was like, no way. It was just, yeah. It was crazy. And it’s amazing. Do you find that white Eagle has a sense of humor? I find him very funny he’s he has a very huge sense of humor and he likes him mystery.

So like his whole thing, he told me they’ll never see it. That’s his big thing. They’ll never see it coming. Now. That was when I was writing the the second wave book, transcending the human trauma. And I was channeling from him. And what I would do is I would hear the message. It would come in pretty strong.

It wasn’t like a voice or anything like that, but I would just, I would feel this blob of data come in and I would parse it and it would be words. And then I would put those words on the paper or on my computer. And then I would go back with my pendulum and double check did I get that right?

Cause I was really being methodical with how I was jailing things from him. Cause I would just started working with him. So I didn’t really know. I didn’t have a fluid like conversation going with this guide. Yeah, and it, I remember at one point he was just, I was in a plant medicine journey with him and he showed up like full on sitting in front of me.

In this plant medicine journey and I’m like, whoa, like I’m sitting in front of white Eagle wide. He goes let me just connect a few dots for you that you seem to have missed. And he just went through my whole life. And can I say to all of these dots.dot.dot.dot.dot.dot dot.dot. And he’s listen, timing is important.

And so he, I kept seeing his finger tapping on the floor in front of me. Timing is everything. Timing is important. And I was like, I got the message, like basically follow him. And then he chuckled and he’s oh, there we’ll never see it common. This is going to be. So this is his turn it’s white Eagles turn on the planet.

Jesus had Jesus turn. And so now it’s white Eagles turn and he’s really excited. He’s super excited because everything is going to be different and it’s playful, and it’s joyful. And so not to say Jesus wasn’t playful and joyful. We’ve had some suffering going on for several thousand years, right?

Yeah. A little bit deeper. We’re ready for something new. And I remember years ago and I believe it was white Eagle that was talking to me then, but I thought I just named it. God, I didn’t really know what it was talking to me. I’m on the path. And God, in my understanding at that time was like, I’m just having this conversation with God.

And God’s Carrie, why don’t you surprise me? And I was like me surprise you. That’s a good one. How is that going to happen? And God white Eagle was like I’ll tell you. As long as it’s not a tragedy or human drama, I’m open. If you want to do a comedy, if you want to do a romance, if anything, but drama, anything, but traumas is your choice.

You get to pick whatever it is. So I feel like that’s that, to me, that’s the nature of white Eagle. That’s like how he is. He’s just listen, we got to elevate the perspective. We got to see things from new angles. This doesn’t have to be so hard. There’s so many more possibilities and potentials that we could be living in and what we’re doing right now.

Like it’s so vast and we’re hanging out in this tiny, dark little corner of the map of what’s possible. And it’s like a little pinprick of a whole universe of possibility. And we’re hanging out here as if it’s life depends on it to hang out in this trauma. And he’s just like, why are we doing that?

That’s ridiculous. So he’s going to blow the whole thing wide open. And so I’m excited to be. Already listening to what he’s got to say before he even shows up like, he’s, he hasn’t really totally shown up yet. He’s only the book has been on the market for what, like 110 weeks now on the charts, but that’s just still a handful of people.

That’s really not that many people listening to this message yet. Yeah. I feel like you also have a much deeper connection or a deeper dialogue with him than I have. He, I can channel him, but so far he’s really only given me messages about like my life.

And or like where I’m at or whatever situation I’m like dealing with in the moment. He was really supportive whenever I was learning about my ancestry. And then I feel like I got to a place with learning about my ancestry and doing some ancestral healing. And it was like, he didn’t show up for a while because it was like I had done what I needed to do or what he had inspired me to do for that time.

And then last week he showed up for me again, I got the keepers of the light deck out again shuffled truffled, spread the cards out on the floor before my hand even touched the card that was like calling to me. I knew it was going to be him. Sure enough. I picked the card up very was I chuckled and I was like, you’re always like showing up like this.

And then the next day I went to use the same card deck. And I put him back in the deck, in the middle of the deck. I shuffled it several times. I put the cards back in the box, put the box back on my shelf. The next time I went to use the deck, I got the cards out. I spread them out. I drew my two cards. I was like, oh, okay.

Here’s these two cards. I went to pick them back up to put them in the box. And when I picked up the book for the card deck, the white Eagle card was stuck to the bottom of the book.

Yeah. He’s very humorous that way. I find him delightful. I as much time as I can spend with him, I spend with him. But it’s also, at some level, like trying to understand our relationship has been interesting. And I know you’ve been reading the book some of the story, but it’s, I’ve, I feel like.

I think the way that certainly Jesus knew that in order to affect change, he had to be embodied in order to directly interface with people. That’s just part of it. If you’re like, Jesus is an ascended masters still had to come back down into the flesh. That’s just like how it works when you’re going to get your message out, and so the same is true for white Eagle. And I, I don’t know how many other people are embodying an aspect of white Eagle. I am embodying an aspect of white Eagle. There could be many more that you just don’t know about yet. And I’m curious to find out because I want to know, like I’m excited for the big reunion, how many of us have been hearing for white Eagle, but it’s just, it’s it’s really exciting to see what he’s bringing, and the book shares a lot of his messages.

And so I’m really excited about what he has to say. And I feel it in my heart is truth. So if my heart is resonating as truth with so much of these words, so I’m excited about the new. Yeah, me too. Let’s get into talking about the book. So your book is called the second wave or one of your books.

You have several books that you’ve written. This is just one of your books. It’s called the second wave transcending, the human drama. You actually give white Eagle credit for being the author for being the author of the book. And that you were simply the person who was writing down what it was he had to say.

So I love that. And I’ve been reading this book, I’m loving it. And I have like doggy ears and underlines and highlights and notes all over the place so far. So I would just love to talk with you through the book as far as we get. Would that be cool? Yeah, absolutely. Okay. So can you briefly, I’m going to encourage people to get the book the second way of I’ll link to it in the show notes, but can you briefly just describe what the second wave.

Yeah, absolutely. And there’s another great reference for it too. Delores cannon wrote a book, the three waves of volunteers. So Delores cannon did a ton of work around the subconscious and how to interface with our souls through deep hypnosis. That technique is now called quantum healing, hypnosis technique, QA H and her daughter is sending that into the world.

Cause she’s Delores, Canada’s beyond the veil now supporting us if theoretically. And so th the three waves of volunteers are star seeds, essentially, mostly star seed. Some also Guides, like other beings on earth that I’ve chosen to incarnate as human Starseeds that have chosen to incarnate as human to come into this dimension and pave the new way for new earth, so we had to do it embodied. There’s no way to just not be embodied as human. So the second wave is essentially the first waves job was to like, was to bushwhack. You could see a lot of the. Neale Donald Walsch. She like a lot of these teachers, certainly my teacher, Alberto, Villoldo lots of teachers that bushwhack to get consciousness known about.

Like we use Hayes. A lot of people that really did a lot of trench work to get people aware of, spirituality of like different ways of being, of connecting to the earth, things like that. The second wave is here to build on that momentum. And so the second wave does a lot of deep trauma healing on the human psyche and on ancestral wounds and childhood healing.

So the second wave where people who have had fairly traumatic lives up until now to some way shape or form and had to resort to personal growth, like, how am I going to heal this stuff? Because this stuff is dense and nasty and I’ve got to, I have to do something for myself and others to heal. And so without even knowing that you’re part of the second wave, if you’ve had a lot of trauma and then just been very focused on some personal healing that is, that’s your service to some degree until we move into this next phase, which we’re getting ready to do. And people like Lindsay having podcasts as messengers. There’s a whole lot of us now with our own podcast, maybe like 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 years into the podcast, sharing these messages of enlightenment sharing these messages of the unique thumbprint journey.

You see that message come through quite a bit, like in different ways, we’re sharing each other’s journeys because that’s a big part of this next message is that we’re not cookie cutters. So there’s lots of second wave messengers. There’s lots of second wave healers therapists, psychologists, you name it, embodiment therapists, yoga teachers.

It’s just all over the map. All the ways is expressed itself and we’re here to be in service for the collective, which is just getting ready to wake up now, like it’s just gotten painful enough that, maybe there’ll be some stirring and some choice to have some new reality. So that’s what the second wave is here for.

Do you believe that. 2020 was one of the light catalysts for the awakening of the collective consciousness. And that’s why, or one of the reasons why people in the second wave, I think I’m part of the second wave yeah, I know. I know you say in the book that you see that the common human design type for second wave people is generators and manifesting generators.

I’m a projector, but here’s how I knew I was in the second wave. So I’m going to read this from your book. Like I literally could have written this myself. Verbatim. This is on page 61. So here’s what you said ever since I can remember, I felt like a novice, constantly learning from other people that surrounded me.

And this went on way after childhood. Actually, most of my life, they seem to be in on the games. People played with one another. They seem to innately understand the rules of the human dynamic. I always felt this innocence within me, that was curious about why people behave the way they did. I found myself watching others as if I was absorbing information that would someday make sense to me.

And I felt like I didn’t really have the same grounding in the human dynamic that they had. Like I had joined a party that had been going on for hours. So I was missing a lot of the information and I had to act as if I had been there the whole time, even though it had only just. People were a total mystery to me and they felt treacherous.

Like they could turn on a dime and be nasty at the same time. As I quickly learned to be cautious with people. I also had this ability to see the best in people. I could see the highest potential of a person as an overlay to their personality, that somewhat obscured, the more shadowy aspects of their current demeanor, the soul vision made it difficult to see the truth of the moment for the person and what they were hiding from me or what I was unable to clearly see.

And then you go on on the next page and you say, I found myself drawn in by people who seemed cool or aloof or exclusive in some way. What I didn’t realize at the time is that these people were good at hiding things about themselves. And my attraction to them was driven by an innate sense that not everything was, as it seemed on the surface, I was often put up on a pedestal and told that I was talented and smart and a shining star that could do anything.

She set her mind to. I was given the idea that I was somehow special and different than others. Since I could easily pick up new concepts, ideas, and skills and implement them. I was told my voice was like an angel. When I sang people, said they loved my energy. I seem to be able to do things very quickly, that challenge others and excelled at doing things I’d never done before.

My light capacity for intense joy and generous nature pulled people. And to me, when I was lit up and feeling good people loved me when I was feeling good and bringing them along my happy ride, but it seemed there was no room for me to be anything other than happy. If I wanted people to stay liking me, if I was feeling sad or angry, the heaviness or intensity of my emotions seemed to repel people and make them avoid me, that I could have written all of that myself.

Like for my entire life, I have just felt like socially, like I’m missing something. Like even my best friend, she’s this was several years ago. She said, Lindsay, do you ever feel like maybe you’re not picking up on social cues or like social norms? And I was like, yeah, I feel that way all the time. So it’s just incredible to me that you described.

And that’s your experience. And mine is very similar. So I always felt like I didn’t belong somehow. Like my perspective was different. There were things about people that I just didn’t understand while at the same time, I’ve always been this like gullible, naive, assumes the best in everybody kind of person.

And then I get really hurt. And that’s how I learned that I can’t assume the best anyone. And then growing up my like, by the way, my mom and my teachers at school talked about me. Like you would have thought I was the best at everything I’d ever done. It just seemed like I was always able to learn quickly.

I made really good grades. I was smart. I was athletic. Like I was the cream of the crop or whatever. But I was never allowed to be unhappy or angry or. Sad or have like negative feelings that weren’t bubbly and cheerful and happy, which is how most people perceive me to be. Is this like very bubbly social, cheerful person.

I’m just, I don’t really have a question. I just wanted to share that with you, that like that part resonated so deeply. Yeah. It’s really, it’s an awkward, strange feeling and it’s taken me like the shamonic practice that I’ve been doing over the last 10 years has helped me to get really grounded with some clear vision to understand what’s going on for people because and and then the thing is, okay, so here’s the thing in the shamonic training that I received.

What I realized was that I was right on the whole time. It’s just that I wasn’t around people that wanted to hear it. When I started my shamonic training, the difference was I was around people who wanted to heal, who wanted to grow, who wanted to have my insights and who found it helpful. And then as I practiced these healing sessions with people who were really interested, I found out that I was like, spot on all the time.

Like very rarely am I off about an assessment or something is some read or some information is very rare. It does happen from time to time, but not very often. So most of the time, what I learned is I’m usually right on like I’m tapped in and I know what’s going on. It’s just that my whole life, I was surrounded by people who didn’t want to grow.

They didn’t want to know what I had to say. They were not interested in that perspective, but it was right on, it actually was very perceptive. So do you think that, that sort of feeling like I’m here, but I don’t know where I belong. I seem to not pick up on social cues or I seem to interact with people differently.

Is that pretty common for those of us who were part of the second wave? It is it’s part of the it’s part of being the second wave and because being part of the second wave, it means a couple of things to me, for my assessment of just my reading of people. It means either a you’ve been on earth a long time and you’re ready to graduate.

So there’s that you’re gone through all your shadow work and you’re this is your last lifetime to be in service to humanity, with your gifts, or it means you’re a star seat. And you’re like, maybe this only is like the fifth or sixth lifetime that you are, have been on this planet because you’re learning you’re here for this big evolution in consciousness.

Either way there’s a commonality in place and it all, or share it by way of observation that the kero shamans gave me when I was in Peru. And 2014, they were looking at me. They were all gathered together. We were, I was on retreat with the four winds and the Cara were relaxing and they were all gathered around together.

And one of the elder shamans looked at me and he pointed to my heart and he said, pure heart. And that, and I, and so I asked, I said, what does that mean? He’s saying I have a pure heart. What does that mean? And the person I asked said, it’s, it means that you don’t have karma on your heart. Like you, your heart is clear, you’ve you, you ha you don’t have like lifetimes and lifetimes and lifetimes of stuff that you’ve got to heal in order to move forward in your earth curriculum.

Like you’ve got a pure heart, you keep it pure. So that’s really the difference is that a lot of people. Influenced by and lately the analogy I’ve gotten forward is it maybe you’ll resonate with this Lindsey based on some of your recent social media postings that you’ve been making. And sometimes you can get this experience.

There’s a lot of people who, if they’re not home in their hearts, because it’s too painful to be home in their hearts, like their hearts are all gunked up with a lot of karma or a lot of pain that’s lifetimes old or ancestral, or, it’s just like very burdensome. They can leave their home and, when you leave your home you’re susceptible to being swarmed up like CR made part of a swarm of activity by an underlying forces on the planet that can just swarm you right along into behaving a way that you wouldn’t normally behave.

Now I’ve had an experience of being swept up by this. ’cause I I was out of touch with myself for a little while in my life. And I had this experience of what that’s and it, you honestly don’t know why you’re doing the things you’re doing or say, or saying the things that you’re saying you actually are disembodied in some way.

And you’re going along with something that’s painful and you’re actually creating pain and suffering by doing that. And then at some point, luckily I reclaimed myself very quickly. I only hung out there for a year or two, but I was able to reclaim myself through spiritual work, through forgiveness work and things like that.

So a lot of people haven’t done that work and because of that, they can be swept up like the swarm. It’s like the matrix where the agent can pop into anybody who’s not awake and just take them over and start creating mayhem. It’s like that. So this dimension is very much. Bringing your heart back into purity, into health, by healing, the shadowy aspects that have maybe taken you over for a while.

Yeah. That’s not the kind of language that I use. That’s new to me. What the kind of language you just used. But I actually just, this week posted on my Instagram about the Fon trauma response. And then I just did a video today on Instagram about self sovereignty and cultivating a felt sense of safety in your body to be sovereign.

And that’s definitely what I see, what you’re describing is that people have been getting swept up in these waves of collective drama and trauma. And maybe it was happening before. Like 2019, if it was, I’m just not aware of it because I wasn’t hanging out in this space. Then that’s when I was doing a lot of my healing work.

And so I wasn’t really on social media much. So maybe it was happening before, but I really saw it starting to happen at the end of 2019. And particularly at the beginning of 2020 with everything from the coronavirus to the masks obviously, and now the vaccines. And then outside of coronavirus, just like the anti-racist movement and the mainstream anti-racists narrative that was going around and then this sort of eruption of quote unquote woke activism.

And then also with Even voting, like I abstained from voting in the 20, 20 election. Like I just was not going to be part of it. And I got a lot of flack from that because the masses were like, no, you have to vote. It’s the only way, it’s your right as an American it’s so privileged for you to refuse to vote and all this kind of stuff.

And I’m so grateful that I had like that place in myself, as you were saying my heart was my own and I was home at myself. And so I definitely felt poles at times to fun and change or modify myself to fit in or to avoid conflict. But then I just kept coming back to myself and myself was just like, no, no, you have to be true to you, even if it disappoints people, even if it doesn’t make sense to people, even if you’re the only one doing it, you still have to stand true to you. So like that would, that’s my language. And the way that you’re saying it is like a different language, but it’s the same thing I feel like.

Yeah, absolutely. It’s knowing your heart and standing with your own heart. And that is sovereignty. And we are moving into a time of sovereignty out of a time where people have been swept up by swarms and mob mentality. So we’re moving out of that, and the interesting thing is a lot of people say how are we going to get to unity if everyone.

It’s because if you’re connected to your sovereignty, you’re connected to divinity, then you’ll be assigned your right place in the true place for you in the tribe. And when everybody’s connected in that way, we’ll have true unity. It won’t, you won’t need to force and coerce people to do things because it will be true unity and true connection to sovereignty and divinity.

So what we’re experiencing up until now is not that, and that’s why, you notice you’re starting to see it in 2019 and 2020, because 2020 was clear vision that was, we would get to see what’s been going on this whole time and the veil get rich back and to see it. And we’re still seeing it.

Although some people don’t want to see it, because it’s very disorienting to see that some things that you may be placed, your faith and trust into are actually huge lies and based on systems of control by suppression. Suppression of your health, suppression of your wealth, suppression of your own sovereignty, your own ability to make choices.

This is like going on the planet. This is part of the whole system that’s been going on for thousands of years now, we’re moving out of that. And so those people that are brave enough to stand in your own sovereignty are you’re going to get buffeted by the swarm because as swarm wants you to go back in to their way of thinking, yeah, you just have to be strong.

Yeah. Your sovereignty is a threat to them because it’s mirroring back to them, their own lack of sovereignty. Exactly. It’s showing them that they’re part of a swarm and nobody wants to know that they’re part of a swarm. Everybody likes this idea that they’re sovereign, sovereignty is more than just an idea.

It’s an embodiment. It’s actual like embodiment and intentional living as a sovereign being, which isn’t always easy because sometimes your desire to be. Is challenged, so that he very human desire of a belonging is often challenged by stepping in faith of your sovereignty. I was having a conversation with someone on their podcast earlier this week, actually.

And it’s so crazy that we said something very similar and that is that there’s a big difference between fitting in and belonging and fitting in is like how the ego has to change and modify itself and wiggle its way in somewhere so that it feels like it fits in. Whereas belonging is I can be whoever I am in my sovereignty and in my authenticity.

And there are still people who love me and accept me just as I am and that I see a lot of fitting in or trying to fit in going on right now in the world. And I’m so grateful that I’m experiencing belonging for myself. But the only way I’m experiencing belonging, which is that felt sense. Like the embodiment of my highest self and living in my sovereignty, the only way that I was able to experience a true sense of belonging was whenever I left behind the fond response, where I was changing and modifying myself to fit in you don’t change and modify yourself to belong you change and modify yourself to fit in.

And do you think that a lot of us second wave people second waivers, is there a term for us, do you think that we ravers? Yeah. Second waivers. Do you think that we have all experienced like some level of waking up to the fact that fawning or changing and modifying ourselves to fit in was actually like not living embodied as our sovereign selves and we are choosing belonging oversaw or over.

Yeah. I think that the the second wave has been whether it was awake in a, whether a person in the second wave knew they were doing this or not along the way, we’ve been here to love ourselves and belong in a way that’s larger than the human perspective. So the human perspective is the perspective is all based in fitting in and going along with the mob or swarm mentality, that’s, whatever’s present in the moment right.

To fit in and to be a part of, and not to be ostracized or shunned because ostracizing and shunning are tools of the human collective to punish. Who don’t go along with whatever, the main or the majority, or just the leadership wants you to do because there is a very human need to feel belonging and to connection.

So with this, most people in the second wave have been realizing that’s not true belonging, like you said, and realizing that, your ability to belong has everything to do with being plugged into your source. Once you’re plugged back into source, whatever that concept of source you have about, whether you call it God or the planet or whatever, whatever your concept is, when you’re plugged back into your source, you belong automatically.

And you walk around the world, belonging, whether or not somebody is. Belong to their group. That’s just like a separate sort of that’s nice egoic personality, selves. That’s your understanding of belonging, but that’s not true. Belonging, true belonging is connected with your source and then you always belong because you’re in the truth that nothing could ever separate you or push you out or shun you, or that’s just not how it works in the higher understanding of ourselves.

And I think too, if I’m walking around in my sovereignty knowing I belong always, and you’re walking around in your sovereignty, knowing that you belong always, then we belong to gather, like there’s no need to change ourselves to fit in with each other, to try to establish a friendship or figure out what we have in common or whatever.

It already exists because we both belong in ourselves. Does that make sense? It does. And it’s really funny. I don’t know if you’ve noticed this Lindsay, because I know you’ve you also interview people every week. And so you’ve talked to a lot of different people and whenever somebody is sovereign or on the way to sovereignty and already in a space of belonging with the divinity inside of them and being part of that, isn’t it funny how, from that perspective, we all understand the same general things.

Yeah. Like there we get it. It’s called getting it right. You just get it. You don’t need to have a whole bunch of preamble to explain things we’ll just flow back and forth in the conversation. Cause we all get the same thing. Yup. Cause we’re plugged in and that old awkward sense of meeting somebody for the first time and not understanding them is not an experience that I have anymore.

I don’t have that experience anymore. It’s, so what I’m saying is that I’m already, I am already have been experiencing for quite some time now the truth of what I said a little while ago, which is that when people plugged back into their source and their sovereignty, we’ll all understand each other so much better.

And these little disagreements and whatever, all this stuff, it just won’t, that will just go away. That’s just a product of the ego. That’s a product of egoic acid. Yeah. It doesn’t matter anymore. Does it, do you have to know that you’re in the second wave? I guess you, don’t your part of it, whether, you are or not, but does waking up to the fact that you’re in the second way.

Typically change anything for anybody? Or is it just oh, I already knew that I was like here to rock the boat, make a difference and wake people up. So I don’t need a name or a label for myself. I just already knew that I was in that. Or do they like knowing oh no, you actually are a part of something it’s called the second wave and you chose to be here.

And this is why. And what is your experience with that? I’m getting that people fill out different ways about it, but what’s what I find helpful about it. Or what I found helpful about it was that when you’re alone doing your work, like when I was alone doing my work and I was just muddling through all the things and I was waking up and having realizations, and I was wondering, am I imagining this?

Or is this real then when all of these insights came out in the bookcase. I heard from so many people who were also feeling that same way. And when they read the book and they saw like you saw yourself in that passage and you’re reading it and you’re like, oh my God, this is me. I, these could have been my words then it’s so validating because it’s oh, I am part of this thing.

And then you can take it to the next level because without some, it’s just a human thing. It’s very hard to move forward on spirit insights without some little bit of validation. Because you wonder if you’re just making it up, in your own mind. But when so many people read this book and come back to me and say, this is my.

That is it builds a momentum that emboldened each of us to step out, even more boldly than before, and really claim it. It’s no, this shift is happening. This consciousness is changing. I’m a messenger of this. I’m an aspect of this. I’m here to help bring this forward. And I’m going to take more bold steps now, because I know that it’s true.

I’m not just side guessing myself. I’m knowing it’s true. And it’s emboldens me to take that next action, which is why. Why do you go, why to channel the book through me so that people would be emboldened. And certainly I became emboldened by it when I heard from so many people like yourself or this is me, all my God.

I had to highlight like every paragraph I’ve had so many people tell me that, like what you said, they’re like, yeah. I’ve like dogeared. It I’ve highlighted pages. I’m like, and I don’t take it personally cause I channeled it. So it’s just like I’m channeling from white Eagle. Who’s an aspect of me, at a higher level.

But I’m just an aspect who this is called Carrie. This is an aspect of that, that, a thimble full of white Eagle, how much weight are you looking at one person have, so it’s just like symbol full of white Eagles and me and I get to share these messages. It’s just awesome, and we get to be United and move forward more powerfully.

I love it. I love it. Okay. Is there anything else you want to say about belonging before I read the next quote from your book? And we dive into that? No, I’m getting that. We already covered it. Okay, good. Good job. Move on. All right, perfect. So here’s the next place I want to go. This is on page 76 of your book, and you wrote another aspect of life that has been challenging for a second way of volunteers is the feeling that key relationships such as parent child relationships have been flipped upside down.

Meaning that as a child, you held greater inner knowing about love, freedom, and life than your parents. And perhaps felt like you were your parents teacher. This is a slippery slope for the egoic self to consider. And so bring as much humility as you can. When you consider the ramifications of this wisdom, there is no soul any better than that.

We are all on the path to learn and evolve and getting exactly the soul alignments and lessons required to advance us to the next level of understanding the way this information best serves you is to allow yourself to have compassion for your parent who may in fact be a much younger soul who has been doing her absolute best to raise you from the place that she currently stands in her consciousness and from the place that he currently stands in his consciousness.

And I hear the message from great spirit that you signed up to be a teacher on earth at this time through your human systems, with which you integrated. So be the demonstration of love that you are capable of being that was really powerful for me because I have had to do a lot of therapy around being a parental.

And for a long time before I had really integrated the healing when I was still living in a space of judgment and feeling like a victim from my childhood, I did think I was better than my parents. I did have that experience of like, why did I seem to have this shit figured out? And you guys didn’t like, like why is an eight year old, like capable of making wiser decisions?

And like you guys were and I can honestly say that, like when you level up to the place where you no longer feel like a victim where you have accepted, what happened to you as a child, when you accept that who your parents are and that you chose them and this lifetime, like you chose your parents. I feel like there was so much more freedom on the other side of that.

And so what you said here again is just, it’s just been my own experience that like, knowing that maybe you are an older soul than your parents are and everyone, including your parents is doing the very best they can with the consciousness they have at this time. And the way that connects for me yes, this connects for my inner child, but it also connects for me from the wider collective perspective of like everyone on earth right now is legitimately doing the best they can with the consciousness they have.

Can you speak to that more and how maybe people who struggle with the judgment or the shaming of other people can invite that acceptance and compassion towards people who may not actually be making good choices. Yeah, absolutely. There’s a, I can’t remember who was. I it’s not roomy. It’s somebody else said that we’re in a one classroom school.

And so all grades represented in the same classroom. And it’s amazing how that allows us to learn so much, no matter what level of soul we are, in terms of our own growth. So you could have an ascended master in the same classroom with, like a baby soul and we’re all learning and growing because, from that perspective of the ascended master, you’ve got to figure out how to communicate with the baby soul.

Like you gotta remember back oh, what did they understand? Okay. They understand this and the baby souls, like just doing everything I can just understand. I just want to understand I don’t get this it’s going right over my heads and I don’t understand. So we all get to learn and yeah, we do.

It depends on your life incarnation goals, right? So for many of us in the second wave, our life incarnation goal was to be a teacher leader, healer in service of others. And so if we looked at this like a, like a wartime operation at a military, you’d have a commander, you’d have lieutenants, you’d have the ones that hop out of the plane, like fully equipped, like with all their, they’re going to get down and be in service.

You’ve got like troops, you’ve got all these people. So in order to prepare you to do that job, you have to have that training in your early childhood to be able to understand because the, it’s not exactly a war. That’s just like a weird language, but I don’t know any other algorithm to use to describe it.

Cause that’s what we’ve been doing on this planet is having wars. So this kind of. In order to suit up, and get to work on your purpose, work to do your task for the love army. You have to have been through it. You have to be prepared for that from childhood, because this is a psychology war.

This is this is psychology opening the heart compassion for others, listening, empathy. Like these are the skills. It’s not like bullets, it’s like empathy. So in order to have that, you’ve got to have started like way back in your childhood. So that it’s part of who you are. So you just have an embodied in a knowing of what person’s going through in front of you so that you can reach them.

Yeah, so we had whatever parent we needed in order to prepare us. I love the gene keys for this cause. Simplifies like understanding why you chose the parent you chose. Cause I do believe we chose our parents and our parents as souls agreed to bring us in and give us those hard lessons that we needed in order to evolve.

And so in my case, that’s how I healed the mother wounds. That’s my other book that came out this year was love is healing. The mother wound. Part of the thing I did with that was I looked at my mom’s gene key chart. So gene keys, a G E N E K E Y s.com. Richard Rudd’s, technology’s a beautiful, compassionate, poetic individual.

Love his work. It’s all tied into the eating. It’s tied into human design and what it essentially gives you when you put in your birth date and chart and all that, time of birth and location and all that is it gives you a map of your soul’s curriculum. So when you look at your map of your soul’s curriculum and you look at your parents’ map of your soul, their souls curriculum, you’ll find overlap.

Like my mom has a shadow of struggle and conflict and all of these things that she did to me as a child, that then I look back and I go, oh my God. She was teaching me how to speak with grace. She was teaching me how to feel and perceive like someone’s state of mind or being she was teaching me.

She was helping me practice my empathy. So I could detect if she was about to get all like angry or something, out of nowhere. I had to, I had one of those very unpredictable parents. So all of that helped me refine my ability to perceive what’s going on in other people and to feel it sense it, know it to wake those skills up and out of self-preservation, and then how to have empathy for somebody else and to create peace.

And my mom is so funny. She’s got the. We both have the the gene key for conflict, diplomacy and peace. Cause it goes along a pathway. That gift is in the middle of the gift is diplomacy. The higher frequency is peace. And then the shadow is a conflict. We both have that in our Pearl, which is our, like our gem, like what we’re here to bring to the world.

Like we both have in exactly the same spot. It’s crazy. So it helps you to just see the master plan. When I see the master plan, I can accept it. I can go. Okay, fine. You now. I like, I, oh, I openly embrace my mother. I’m like, thank you so much for teaching me about struggle. Thank you so much for teaching me about conflict.

Thank you for helping me to trust myself and stand with a strong backbone and thank you. Like you helped me. I wouldn’t be doing this work today. If I didn’t have her as my mom. Yeah, absolutely. I, that resonates a hundred percent. And okay. So gene keys is, it’s a term I’ve heard. It’s not something I’ve explored for myself.

To this website, like if I put this website for gene keys in the show notes, is it something that people can go and they can get for free? And they, is there anything special needed to interpret it or understand it like with astrology, for example, or is it pretty straightforward? It’s really, he actually has made the system so awesome.

So you can actually go up there and get your free profile. And then when you get your free profile, you’ll, he’ll give you the first contemplation. He has these contemplation audios for the different gene keys he’s already recorded. It’s so brilliant. He’ll give you that for free the first one.

And so you can just listen to it and see if it resonates for you. If you’re like, wow, I’m getting so much from this. You can buy some more contemplation audio. You can take courses, you can get his book, there’s a whole lot of things you can do there. And then if you get really intuitively. Via Mesa key carrier and get a destiny Macy, you can come with me because I use those junkies and my destiny Mesa program, which is like how to create a Mesa from in Peruvian shamanism.

And I tie it into the gene keys. Cause why not? Yeah. Oh, that’s fine. I’m going to, I’m going to go do that. As soon as we get off this call, I’m going to go check out my gene keys. So I would love to look at my parents’ charts, but my mom does not know what her birth time is and she lost her birth certificate and a fire.

And haven’t gotten a replacement. So do you have to know like the exact time date and location, just like you do with astrology and human design, it’s very helpful to have all that. Yes. And it does affect the reading is important. And guess what? You have ancestors and you have intuition and you will probably have a pen.

Or some other way of intuiting the time of her birth. And so this is where we get to trust ourselves. And trust our ancestors are giving us exactly the right information we need in order to pinpoint our mother’s date of birth. I never thought about using my pendulum to figure out what time my mom was born, but it makes so much sense.

All right. Are you ready to go onto the next quote? Yeah. Okay. So this I think is so relevant to what we’re going through right now in the world and you, we are entering, this is on page 95. We are entering a new frontier of human consciousness and awareness. So you are invited to be an Explorer.

The time of relying on quote experts to tell you what to say or do is coming to an end while certainly people who have studied a subject extensively can offer Sage guidance. The encouragement is to realize that all humans are embarking on a new discovery with the age of Aquarius, which is leveling the playing.

Additionally consider that institutionalized information born of historical structures and consciousness may no longer be relevant going forward. If a modality doesn’t help you rise above the human crust or at least navigate it effectively to make progress towards heart opening and expansion of your consciousness, it may not be serving your highest good institutions are created by humans and humans have crust without clarity and guidance from higher realms of consciousness and institution is only as effective as the ability of the humans who created it to navigate their inner crust.

So who can you trust your intuition to guide you to the teachers who can assist you in accessing your own inner truth and be willing to go on the resulting adventure? Ah, thank you for giving me permission to trust myself, not dilute it, but it’s always. To get those little breadcrumbs and nudges of like you are on the right path.

You are the expert of your own body. Trust yourself, the live that I did this morning I’ll link to it in the show notes was with a former pharmacist and she actually left her career as a pharmacist in December of 2020, because it, she couldn’t justify staying in it, it didn’t align with her anymore.

And she felt that people’s autonomy and sovereignty and choice were being violated and she didn’t want to be part of it anymore. And so she is technically an expert. She’s studied extensively to have a pharmacology degree, but she stressed the importance today of you don’t even have to have a scientific study or a resource or some expert tell you what is best for your body.

Even if your answer is no that’s enough, it doesn’t have to make sense to anyone. If it’s no for you, that’s good enough. And you can trust it. Can you maybe offer any other perspectives or encouragement you have on that? Yeah, absolutely. Part of the reason why is because of the human systems that, got formed with crust.

And so I’ll just define what crust is, crest is ignorance and selfish like greed and things that are motivated out of scarcity. And so there’s attempts made, for example, Western medicine is an attempt at, serving humanity through technology or learning about the human body and providing solutions.

But that attempt is only as successful as the person’s ability to navigate their own internal. So to speak their own inner crust. And when you have a whole organization, a whole system set up that’s monolithic really in its approach, it doesn’t get challenged the way it needs to get challenged in order for new ideas to surface and for change to happen within the structure.

And there’s like a set it and forget it. And we’ll just we only want it to be this way. And then new ideas get, get, basically creamed. So anybody who steps out of that monolithic swarm, right? So back to the swarm mob mentality, like the entity wants to protect itself.

In this case, maybe the entity is called Western medicine wants to protect itself. It’s an entity. And so it’s made up of lots of different people that are maybe not at home in their sovereignty yet. And so they’re going along with the swarm and they’ll defend themselves. It’s like a war.

They feel attacked. If somebody else comes from the outside and says, Hey, I don’t think it works that way at all. I think it’s like this. And that’s, what’s happened with alternative measures. So the thing with alternative medicine is that all of those people, like I would venture to say all I was going to back off of that I’ve been told no all of the people in alternative medicine are operating from sovereignty because they’re operate.

Cause how else did they come to the decision that they need to do something different than what’s being told to them by the existing institution? How else did they come to that? And how else did they fight? So hard to have a voice is because they had a personal journey, a unique journey, a thumbprint journey that taught them that exactly what they’re experiencing is 100% true for them.

And give me became passionate about it because they’re like, Hey, this is whatever you’re telling me over here. Entity is not true. I need to like. And I’ll do it at personal risk and so more and more people are doing that and having those conversations and getting out, having podcasts, those are also people part of the second wave.

Cause they’re brave enough to be messengers. They’re brave enough to stick their neck out. They’re brave enough to get smeared and smear campaigns by the entity mob, and that wants to shut it down, but there is no shutting down sovereignty, like we’re moving into sovereignty. So good luck.

So what’s happening is that the more that you hold your sovereignty, just knowing that this is a transition we’re going through and people like, why do people engage in swarm activity? Why do people like unquestionably follow the swarm is because they’re afraid they want a solution actually navigating your own journey is difficult when you’ve been told not to question anything.

That’s why I loved our interview on my podcast. When you’ve been told that you’re not allowed to question any. And you’re not allowed to go against the, the authorities when you’ve been told all that for so long, you don’t know how to do it, unless somebody taught you. Luckily I had a feisty mom and she taught me don’t believe all the things that they say.

So I got, I had it’s once again, I’m so grateful for my mom. She didn’t believe anything. I said, but she also taught me not to believe anything anybody else said, because she had to determine it for herself. And and so this is where we’re making this huge evolutionary leap. So just if you’re in your sovereignty and you’re like, you know what you know okay, like a few weeks, like a month ago, couple months ago I was sitting in this.

I got all my blood work done. I hadn’t been to the doctor. I don’t go to rested Western doctors very often, but I was like, I better go get my GYN. I better go D okay, I’ll go get the test. And when I went in, she said, let’s do a full. Bloodwork, just test all your levels. So she did their version of a full panel and it came back showing my thyroid was out of balance and I was like, huh, that’s interesting.

So I get blind sights too. I get blindsided by myself. I get lost in my shadows. I get lost in my addiction patterns still, I’m not like exempt from the human experience. And I realized I had been not taking care of myself. I hadn’t been following my protocols from the four winds society.

I hadn’t been following my Lightworker protocols. I’ve been eating sugar and pizza and even drinking wine again. And in, during COVID because everybody else, I was also emotional eating, so that I’m not above that. It’s just that I was willing to recognize it. So I’m sitting in this fibroid, Western medical doctor’s office.

And he tells me, he looks me in the eye and he says, diet and exercise don’t have anything to do with your thyroid levels. You should just take the pill. And my, and I’m thinking, wow. I said why don’t I take a month? Try some diet and exercise change, and then we’ll do another blood test and see my, and when I went back in a second time, he said, again, diet and exercise don’t have anything to do with your thyroid levels.

You should just take this pill. And I didn’t push him to get the results of my second blood test at that moment. I, but I did get it from the office the next day. And my levels had gone down from 7.1 to 4.65, and he had the Udacity to sit there and say that to me in a session and not share my results with me, but you know what, Lindsay, that motivated me because I said, this person is clearly overcome by the swarm and is protecting his, his castle made of sand, which is about to be swept away by the ocean.

Good luck with that, dude. I’m going to go to the functional medicine doctor because even though right now, functional medicine is not often covered by insurance. We’re in the middle of a huge change up and God’s coming in. And I’ll tell you what it’s covered, so like you’re yeah. Take care of your, no lies.

Please, if you have a patient willing to take care of their bodies and make changes, hello, do the right thing. Don’t just push some focus solution. But see, this is, this just illustrates this the swing or in some people have built their empires on this old system that is clearly wrong and they’re, what are they gonna do?

Yeah, that’s the valley. That’s exactly what my, my guest Holly and I, we did the Instagram live this morning. She’s the former pharmacist. That’s what she and I were talking about is she said that as a pharmacist, even if somebody was questioning their medication and she was like trying to answer their questions, if she was in her ego XL four in a dysregulated nervous system state, what she was for a very long time, like her answer was always to try to do whatever she needed to do to heard the person towards the outcome of eventually, even if they had questions, they still accepted the medication.

That was always the intended outcome because there’s no money other than. They’re not making money if they’re not prescribing and selling drugs. And I actually also met for my annual psychiatry visit because I still keep a psychiatrist. I don’t take any psychiatric medications, but I have a suicide attempt in my history and I know the value of a really incredible psychiatrist.

And so I keep one in my back pocket. But I had my annual meeting with him this week and we were talking about my history and he wanted to know everything about my life. He wanted to know about the podcast. He wanted to know about my coaching. He wanted to know like everything, my cold plunges my psychedelic journeys, like all of it.

And then he blew me away. By saying Lindsey, we always knew that the traditional psychiatry model was never going to work for you. Like biologically the drugs are not compatible with your body. And I have like DNA testing that proves that, which he was wise enough to understand. So biologically, most of these medications are not compatible with your body, but also like you just have the determination of someone or the determination that a lot of people don’t have, which is they get a pill and that’s the answer they’re seeking.

And that was never going to be the answer for you. And he even said I don’t want my patients on medications, but most of them won’t accept anything else because they don’t realize that there’s something else that’s possible for them. And you’ve proven that something else is possible and I’m so happy to not have to prescribe you medications anymore.

So he’s one of those that I think is like awake and. Is, but confirming that there’s money in it for the pharmaceutical industry. These drugs, they’re having to constantly come up with new SSRS and other drug, psychiatric medications, because the old ones Paxil and Prozac and whatever, don’t make money anymore.

Cause they’ve been around for forever. So there’s always this new like effort to one up, everything like even the drugs and there is no money. If you’re not taking drugs, there’s no money if you’re not getting it so if you heal, why is there any incentive to heal yourself? There’s not because then there’s no money, for them, they don’t want you to know that you can go change your diet and do some exercise for a month and lower your thyroid levels.

Like they don’t want you to know that. Yeah. And this is the part that really, this is the part where, it’s like this shift because when you as a medical professional, Or giving someone advice that’s based in keeping your personal castle made of sand in place, rather than doing what’s best for the person in front of you.

You have just broken your Hippocratic oath, which isn’t just a piece of paper with the government. This is a God contract, so now you’ve just broken that contract and the it’s about to come home to roost. That’s the part that I look and I looking at this man, and I’m just like, do you even realize that I’m a sovereign being and I’m sitting in front of you and I’m a witness.

He doesn’t, I’m a witness cause I’m awake, I’m awake and I’m a witness. And I really, I still contemplating, I still have an appointment set up with him next week and I’m still contemplating like how I wanted to handle that. Because like I said, we’re in a one room class. All ages at the same time, I’m awake.

I see what’s going on. I fully know that why he’s doing what he’s doing. And I also know that there’s a lot of women, my age that are going in to see him that are being misled. And because they’re being misled, the conditions underneath that pill are never going to get resolved. They’re going to get exacerbated because they’re not being addressed.

And then that only they’re going to have the thyroid issue. They’re going to have the next level of challenge. And so they’re just going to get sicker and sicker because they’re not actually having anybody help them heal the first thing. And so I’m just sitting here okay, where is my karmic involvement?

And what is, what am I meant to do in this situation? I know I meant to speak about it, which is why I’m speaking about it. But it’s like locally in my town and all of that, so it’s we have to find our place. Cause sometimes really bad things happen. And it’s because we have to experience that this man obviously needs to experience being a healer that plays his greed over serving his clients.

He’s experiencing that. It he’ll be experiencing that long after this lifetime is over. Yeah. And that’s actually a person. Segue into reading the next quote from the book that I have. Great. Which is, this is on page 57 and you wrote the stagnant understandings of Western psychology paradigms. Do not know how to handle spiritual awakening.

Thus, there are record numbers of credentialed psychologists leaving behind formal methodologies in favor of spiritual training. They actually want to help people not lock them up. And I think my, I know you talked about psychologists, but my experience with my psychiatrist is the same thing. I don’t know if my psychiatrist has a spiritual journey or not, because we’ve never talked about his spiritual journey that probably wouldn’t be appropriate for the doctor patient relationship.

But I have been not shy at all about my own spiritual journeys. And I’ve talked to him very openly about all of my psychedelic journeys. I’ve talked to him openly about my plant medicine. I talked to him openly about like downloads that I receive from the universe. And because that’s, what’s been guiding me all along, right?

Like I’ve been sovereign for a very long time. This is not a new thing for me. I’ve always gone against the grain and I think that’s why. What you wrote, what the first quote that I read from the book where I felt like you were describing me. I do for the majority of my life, other than the times of my life, when I was really hardcore fawning, I do feel like there was still a part of me that was like like it knew something isn’t right here.

Like something doesn’t fit, something doesn’t align. And I was willing to ask questions and I got shut up a lot. Like a lot people told me not to ask questions. And so there were times when I listened to them and I did shut up and I didn’t ask the questions. And then later on I had that six satisfaction of being like, seeing it come tumbling down and being like I told you.

That was like an egoic satisfaction, but still satisfying. Nonetheless, I’ll admit. But, yeah and I’m seeing the same thing. I actually have therapists who listened to this podcast and they recommend it to their clients. And I have not a licensed therapist and they’ve told me it’s because within their credentials, there are certain things they are not allowed to say they’re not allowed to do.

They’re not allowed to recommend. And they themselves are stuck between this profession. Isn’t in alignment with me anymore. What else am I supposed to do? This is the credentials that I have. I’m obligated to follow these credentials because there’s a governing body. That’s going to get me in trouble if I don’t.

So what you had to say here about how the paradigm of Western psychology, like if you go into if I did tell my psychiatrist this, but only because I know I can trust him and he’s not going to try to diagnose me with schizophrenia, but like my last psychedelic journey. I felt like my higher self and my best friend’s higher self, because we were doing it together.

I was like, I feel like your highest self and my highest self are pushing on the back of my head and pushing words out of my mouth. I don’t know where these things are coming from. I think I might be hearing voices, but they’re not bad. They’re not scary. It’s your highest self and my highest self coming through and giving us a message.

Do you think I’m crazy? And she was like, no, I don’t think you’re crazy. Like you’re on a mind altering substance. It’s okay for your mind to be altered. And I was like, I know, but isn’t this way. Of course I was in the like paranoia of the psychedelic experience at that point. And so I was like, but do you think you’re not going to try to take me to the hospital or anything.

No fuck. No, that’s like the worst thing I could do. And she was like, yeah, I can handle the fact that you are probably receiving some kind of message or download or whatever, from something beyond the realm that we can’t see. Like I get that. And I shared that with my psychiatrist and he wasn’t bothered by it at all.

But if I had gone to the emergency room and said that, like they would have given me a SAC referral and maybe a schizophrenia or a multiple personality disorder diagnosis, when it is none of those things, I’m just like spiritually awake. And I hear and feel and receive messages from things that you can’t necessarily see with 3d vision and Western psychology and psychiatry has not caught up to that.

No, they haven’t, what’s so fascinating. I wouldn’t just give like a bigger picture that I started getting in the last cup. I’ve had it for a while now, but it’s just keeps getting refined. So there’s people in the collective who never wants a day worked on themselves. Like never once, got the idea that maybe I should go talk to a therapist, like never like maybe not even go get a massage.

Like never even done that. And then all of a sudden they, what they do go is the restaurant, right? So they go to the restaurant and so the waiters and the waitresses are actually the front line. These are the people that are front lining it when someone’s so disgruntled with their life and they can’t even handle it.

So they have to go have a nice meal and it has to be exactly perfect because there’s no way they can survive their life. If this meal isn’t delivered exactly on time with quality and all this stuff, and they just pitch a fit. If it’s not now, I used to be that person. So I know that person. So I’m not calling out anything that I wasn’t.

Okay. I didn’t too. I used to think, now I look back and I watch cause I have presence. I watch waiters and waitresses. I’m like, I know, I often tell them when somebody’s disgruntled walk by. I say, thank you so much for doing the work that you do. You are like, God’s messenger. I love you so much. They probably think I’m Christian, but I’m just like, I just love you.

Thank you for doing your work because you’re like their frontline and they never probably are getting enough help for themselves. And so when people finally get like somebody compassionate and loving as a waiter or waitress, or like a hairdresser that will listen to them because nobody else listens, they have nowhere else to talk about this stuff. The hairdressers, I know, man, they need like regular clearing. Cause they just get smushed by all this stuff. Now maybe they’ll go to a massage. Was I going to get a massage? So then laid down, you get the massage and start to feel better in their body.

And it’s hard to claim that. And then maybe once they do that, they might go, you know what, I’m going to get a therapist. Okay. So by the time all of that’s happened, really this person is just mentally processing everything. Like they. They are just so stuck and they don’t know anything about cause they don’t have any self awareness.

So they’re just like sitting there like barfing, week after week. That’s what I did for 20 years on a psychotherapist couch. I just went and complained like week after week and nothing really moved forward too much. Cause I wasn’t really self-aware, I was just trying to cope with this thing and keep this ship moving with my job and my relationship and my, then I had kids and so I think that psychotherapy is a spot along the journey.

Okay. But it’s not the destination. Okay. Like it’s only this next stop because after that and like in psychotherapy can be a bridge to spirituality. So what I’m actually wearing, it’s so funny. We were talking about this because I’ve just started the beginnings of some discussion with a couple of psychotherapists who are actually in this work too.

To put on some events together about bridging psychotherapy, how psychotherapists can actually bridge to spirituality. What’s their role and there’s already existing models. Like youngian psychology is one, there’s some existing models to do that. And there’s plenty of modalities that are available now to bring in easy spirituality techniques like into the middle of a session to start to open people because ultimately psychotherapy is bridging people from, massage therapy or from restaurants to spirituality.

To their connection with source to getting reconnected psychotherapy isn’t necessarily the place that somebody gets reconnected, but it brings them to the place where they can accept, oh, I need a spiritual healing, or I need to do some plant medicine, or I need to take a journey and go out in the woods for a week and just be quiet and, or I need to, practice some Zen or whatever the thing is.

That is the next, that’s the eventual place that we’re trying to bring, talk about hurting people. Like we’re I heard people like, and so we could do it more consciously, like if we have the framework and we start to know, okay, Restaurant people, your first line of defense so that when people get plugged in, you can have those conversations with people and they go, got it.

Thank you. I knew I was in his job for a reason and it wasn’t because I didn’t want to do music anymore. Okay. Okay. Like I’m here to serve people because I’m the first stop. Great. I’m going to encourage them during the session to go get a massage. Cause that’s the next step. We all know. That’s the next step.

Then the massage therapist goes, Hey, have you ever had an energy healing or do you have anybody to talk to you? Do you have a mentor? Do you have a coach? You have anybody. Oh, would you like a referral? Okay. Now they get it. So we could all actually be working together to bring people to the next place.

Yeah, so that they get the help they need so that they, we have another plugged in person, more plugged in people. We have the better, this whole thing is going to work. So I just gave you guys all like the lineup. So wherever you are, like, if you’re going to dinner to solve your problems right now, the next step for you is massage therapy.

And if you’re a massage therapy, the next stop for you might be energy healing, or maybe you need a therapist to talk to. So like just, and if you’re been sitting on a therapist couch for Alano a dozen years, and it’s not really moving you along then the next step for you as a coach, because you need somebody to kick your ass out of that spot and get you motivated to work on yourself and love yourself.

Dang it. Yeah. You need somebody to smack you in the butt and say, Hey, love your dang self. I just say, I feel so validated as a coach right now because I’m like, because that’s exactly my work. Like people who have been in therapy for years, Come to me. And they’re like, I don’t care that you’re not a licensed therapist.

I don’t care that you don’t have a psychology degree. I like what I see you’re doing. I like you living in your authenticity. I want some of that helped me get to that and that they do that. I have my own coach. Why? Because I know that there are things about myself. I’m never going to look in the mirror and face.

I’m always going to pretend like they’re not there or there’s someone else’s problem. And I need someone to kick my ass. Exactly. And so when you’ve had your chance, okay. So like you had your talking stick for 20 years. Like I had my talking stick for 20 years. That’s enough. Kerry. You just, you told this story so many times more.

It’s well, it’s just time to learn how to, not, how to be more conscious with the story you’re telling. So that storytelling piece is really important to Chris for a lot of people that throw track or gets super blacked up. Especially if they’ve been told, not to question anything and to be quiet and subservient well, therapy is a huge gift for people to unblock that throat chakra and to have somebody sitting across from them, that’s not going to dispute what they’re saying, right?

That’s going to just listen with empathy. That’s why that’s that model is part of the, is part of a useful system. And once they’ve been heard for a while, it’s then you need somebody, that’s going to tell you something you don’t like, like you’re creating this whole thing for yourself. This is you creating your life.

And you’re you’re an magician in the quantum space. Quantum physics has shown this and you’re creating this whole thing for yourself. If you don’t like what you’re creating. You’re the only one that can change it. You can sit here and tell me all day long, even as an energy healer, as a shamanic healer, people come to me and I’m like, I’m not doing the healing.

If you’re not ready to heal, it’s not going to do anything. Cause you’re the one doing the healing. I’m just helping you access it. I’m opening the doors. So you can access your ancestors, your guides, your higher self. So you can do the healing. It’s you doing it? Not me. I’m just like a witness. I’m a witness to it.

And that it’s powerful to be a witness. Love it. That’s you know, that’s why. And then the next step after that is people who become earth keepers, which is why I train earth keepers. I train earth keepers along the path of the. And the Mesa is like a mastery path of self-awareness. So you can have many mastery paths on the earth.

This is one of them. And I just like it because I like to pick up stones and have them help me. I like to believe that my little crystal friends are real and alive and they can like sh and, share information with my body and I can just get it in an embodied way. So whatever that next mastery path is after psychotherapy, after you get through I don’t know, product healing in a Reiki, whatever shamonic healing, it doesn’t matter whatever the path, then you have to go into mastery because what’s your job to master it. So you can bring more people along with you. Like you’re doing Lindsey because you’re bringing people along with you because you’re telling your story. You’re a messenger. That’s how we spread it. That’s how the world heals is one person at a time when messenger at a time, one path at a time and stepping into greater and greater service to spread your message.

Concentrically out. So that more people come along the journey and say, okay I think it’s time for me to move beyond my dinners and go into. I love it. Thank you so much. I love the progression because you’re exactly right. Like it’s like restaurant worker or, like another place that I see people getting really pissed off is like, when they go to have their car worked on, and they like get a mechanic so mad at the auto mechanics thing, my son just signed up to do that all day.

And the mechanic is, maybe they can’t get a part or something like that. And the mechanic is this isn’t my fault. Like I just, they don’t make this part for your car anymore, or I can’t get it or whatever. And people just get so mad and they’re just like spewing all of their own anger and stuff on this poor auto mechanic.

Thank you to all of the servers and people, hospitality workers, and auto mechanics out there for putting up with all the bullshit. Yeah, exactly. Anybody in a service profession, hotel workers, so many people. Yeah, that, you’re interfacing with somebody need to be pampered and because they’re not dealing with their life.

No. Carrie, I want to be respectful of your time, but I am getting the ping to ask you if you have a message for either me or the listeners of this podcast. Yeah. So just remember it’s darkest before the Dawn, the sun is rising. The new age has already begun dawning. You’re in the right spot.

You’re doing it right. There’s no way to do it wrong because you’re doing you. And every step along the journey of you is a unique conversation with the divine. That is you, and it’s unfolding you in ways you can’t even imagine. And from the upper realms, it looks like. Just sprouting left and right in a sea of rainbows is coming.

It just stay the course, trust yourself, that capital S self, that soul self trust yourself as guiding you through exactly what’s needed for you to become the light that shines in the world. That’s so needed right now. And for your voices to be heard, just really know that as you uncover in heal your heart, the resonance of your voice itself is healing.

So frats for all messengers. Love it. I got tingles. I have goosebumps. Yay. Truth tingles. All right. Tell me that listeners tell my listeners where they can find you and how they can work with you if they’d like to do that. Absolutely. So my website is Kerry hemlibra.com, K E R I hummingbird.com. And you can find all my stuff there.

My books. Podcast. And if you want to play an Oracle game, I have an Oracle game it’s called the love mastery game. And it’s freely printable from my website. When you sign up at Kerri, hummingbird.com for slash play, and you’ll learn a little bit about earth-based spirituality. If you don’t know about that yet, you’ll learn about what what allies you have for your journey.

And it’s not meant to tell you like when or how something’s going to happen. It’s more meant to help you determine why something’s happening. What is this challenge in your soul’s curriculum? Why, what are you learning through this challenge actually, and what allies can help you with it? So it’s a fun game.

I want to go sign up for that right now. Those are my assignments. Go get a 12 sided dice too, because then you can roll the dice because there’s 12, 12 things to each of the four sheets. And so if you roll the dice, you can like, it’s like a. I like games. Like my son might have a dice for me. He plays that game.

It’s called magic, the gathering. And it has these dice that some of them have 20 sides or 25 sides. It’s crazy. Yeah. Go see if he’s got one that has 12 sides. Okay. I’ll see if he has a 12 set of dice. So my homework after this episode is to go to your website and get your love mastery game@kerrihummingbird.com slash play.

And my other homework is to go to the gene keys website and check out my gene keys and my parents Jane keys. All right. So curious to hear what you learn. Oh, me too. And for everyone else listening, that’s your homework. Turn this episode off. Go to Carrie hummingbirds website. Get that love mastery game, play it, and then go check your gene keys out.

All right. Thank you so much for being here, Carrie. This was an honor and I’ll have the links to everything that you mentioned about yourself, including your books in the show notes of this episode. Thanks for being. 📍 did you enjoy the show? I’d really appreciate it. If you took a few moments to rate the podcast,

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