Episode 110: A Vulnerable Mother-Daughter Convo: Bridging Generational Gaps & Feeling Our Feelings

In this episode, Lindsey and her daughter, Addie, have an intimate mother-daughter conversation. While at first listen, it may seem that the focus of this conversation is Addie’s recent awareness about her disordered relationship with food, the heart of this issue is much deeper. Lindsey and Addie discuss how Lindsey’s own dysregulation showed up at a time when she was trying to transition their family to a healthier way of eating. Her patterns of perfectionism, hypervigilance, and binary thinking tainted the message she was trying to teach her kids about food, and now, at 18 years old, Addie is experiencing those consequences in her own relationship with food. Lindsey explains how her dysregulated patterns and voice became her daughter’s Inner Critic voice about food, health, and sugar, in particular. Addie shares about her rebellion with food, developing her first cavity, and her desire to listen to her body about what feels nourishing as she thought-stops her Inner Critic’s messages of guilt about food and expresses feeling safe with her mom’s support.
More broadly, Lindsey shares with Addie about the collective disconnect between Millennials and their Boomer parents and how she desires to foster the intimacy, safety, and authenticity in her relationship with her children that she and many other Millennials do not have with their Boomer parents. Lindsey brings awareness to the “healing journeys” that Millennials are now going through.

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