Episode 111: The Importance of Nourishing Your Metabolism to Support Optimal Health and a Regulated Nervous System with Kate Deering

Kate Deering
In this episode, Lindsey interviews Kate Deering, a nutrition coach and author of How To Heal Your Metabolism. They discuss the best way to eat for the nervous system and how to heal the gut. Kate emphasizes the importance of self-love and increasing cellular metabolism through real food, rest, sleep, and the right type of exercise. They also discuss the pitfalls of restrictive diets and the hamster wheel of wellness. Kate explains the benefits and limitations of keto and low-carb diets, highlighting the importance of carbohydrates for a well-functioning metabolism and nervous system. They also touch on the confusion in the health and wellness world due to conflicting research. In this conversation, Lindsey discusses her struggles with weight gain, hormone changes, and confusion about what to eat. Kate offers insights and suggestions for addressing these issues. They discuss the importance of nourishing the metabolism and the nervous system and how various factors like stress, sleep, sunlight, and nutrient deficiencies can impact weight and overall health. Kate recommends focusing on breakfast as an anchor meal, experimenting with macronutrient ratios, and incorporating nutrient-dense foods like beef liver and oysters. She emphasizes the need to address the underlying stressors and create a balanced approach to nutrition and lifestyle.

⁠How To Heal Your Metabolism by Kate Deering⁠
Kate’s Instagram & Facebook handle – @KateDeeringFitness