Episode 109: The Transformational Power of Your Creativity with Sarah Teresa Cook


In this conversation, Lindsey and Sarah Cook, a writer and trauma-informed mentor, discuss the transformative power of creativity and why it’s so important to create simply for ourselves, apart from external validation or goals. Sarah also explores the cyclical nature of creativity, the need for periods of rest and dormancy, and the myth of writer’s block. Childhood experiences impact our creativity and can hold potential for healing through imagination and intuition. This conversation explores devotion to creativity, the difference between creativity as a necessity for survival and creativity for pleasure, and the role of seasons in creative expression. Trauma a societal expectations can hinder our creativity, and it is necessary to reclaim and nurture our creative impulses in every season of the creative cycle. Sarah’s trauma-informed approach to creative coaching recognizes and challenges clients’ limiting beliefs, creates a safe space for exploration, and honors each client’s individual creative process. Lindsey and Sarah also discuss intuition and imagination as powerful tools for reconnecting with your creativity, if you feel that your creativity is elusive.