Episode 103: A Year Without My Mother — Reflections on Complex PTSD & Abandonment Triggers

In this solo episode, Lindsey delves into the insights, lessons, pain, triggers, and progress she has been through. She vulnerably reveals a strained relationship with her mother and a year of non-communication and emotional pain, even while expressing a hope for future reconciliation.

Lindsey discusses her understanding of her own Complex PTSD abandonment triggers caused by inadequate and her commitment to feeling her way through them all while acknowledging that her mother did the best she could. She challenges the definition of the word “healed” when so many have the expectation that “healed” means “totally gone, resolved, done, fixed”. Instead, she offers a new definition of healing — that maybe it doesn’t mean all pain is eliminated but that we learn to navigate and respond to pain and triggers differently.

Lindsey concludes with a commitment to forge emotionally safe and reciprocal relationships, acknowledging her growth in handling her emotional responses amidst the shadows of past trauma, showcasing her resilience, self-awareness, and ongoing quest for recovery and healthier relationships.

FEEL WITHOUT FEAR starts in November 2023.

Are you at the point in your “healing journey” where you’ve learned a bunch of nervous system tools, but something still feels like it’s not… clicking?

  • you’re still repeating patterns and facing the same triggers again and again.
  • that pesky Complex PTSD is turned all the way up in your body and you’re uncomfortable all the time.
  • you’re still in a contracted state, unable to expand to hold more… either more stress or more joy.
  • the anxiety — about your health, your money, your relationship, or life in general — is still constantly buzzing in your body and the best you can do at this point is to distract yourself somehow or power through.
  • you’ve learned a bunch of nervous system regulating tools… and you’re still so dysregulated that you’re reaching for a tool all the time.
  • you see all these posts on Instagram about feeling your feelings, but you have no fucking clue what that means or it scares you.

Being able to FEEL WITHOUT FEAR may be the thread that stitches this jagged patchwork healing quilt of yours together.

This is Lindsey’s signature group coaching program and consists of…

  • 6 in-depth workshops or masterclasses (If you’ve been to one of my workshops before, you know about the “LL workshop experience” as my Instagram followers have come to call it. You will not leave wanting anything.)
  • 6 in-depth group coaching calls for questions, practical application, curiosity, awareness, and support from me and the other FWF students + homework so you can integrate what you’re learning as we go
  • 1 final Integration Ceremony where you will be witnessed and to practice embodying the emotions you learn to fearlessly feel

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