Episode 104: A Peek Into My Annual Appointment with My Psychiatrist

In this episode, Lindsey delves into her personal experiences with psychiatry, tracing her struggles with anxiety, insomnia, and a suicide attempt in 2019. Misguided medical advice led her to self-advocate and push against standard practices, especially concerning tapering off medications. A turning point came when she met a supportive psychiatrist in the summer of 2019, forging a unique bond based on mutual respect and understanding. This episode features a telehealth session between them, exploring Lindsey’s emotional traumas, especially relating to her mother and past experiences, and their impact on her present life. Throughout their conversation, the importance of understanding, self-awareness, and setting boundaries emerges as crucial for mental well-being. Lindsey’s psychiatrist validates and appreciates her current work as a nervous system coach and trauma educator, noting that her awareness, curiosity, and ability to feel her feelings and meet herself where she is holds the key to most people’s healing. The session ends with gratitude for the supportive therapeutic relationship they share, and Lindsey invites listeners to check out her signature group coaching program FEEL WITHOUT FEAR.


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