Episode 102: Business as a Spiritual Practice, Ethical Marketing, & Developing a Reciprocal Relationship with Your Biz with Kat HoSoo Lee

In this episode, we’re chatting about business as a spiritual practice, ethical marketing, and cultivating a reciprocal relationship with one’s business with frequent podcast guest Kat Lee. Kat shares her experiences with various businesses and how they have shaped how she does business today. Lindsey and Kat explore the concept of the Dao, a guiding principle, and its application to business and life. They emphasize the cyclical nature of business, with seasons of growth and contraction, and how these phases can lead to greater alignment and clarity in one’s business. Additionally, they touch upon the importance of support and containment, especially for those with a more expansive and watery nature. They discuss the importance of incorporating earthy practices to provide containment for emotions, using a nature analogy of riverbanks to illustrate the need for boundaries and strength.

The conversation also delves into the drawbacks of fast-paced, high-pressure business growth and the need for a sustainable, long-term approach. The idea of foundational work and flexibility in business development is likened to homesteading and the careful planning and adaptation required to manage land effectively — without immediate gratification. It underscores the value of slowing down and being open to pivoting when necessary.

Kat shares about her one-of-a-kind group coaching program Business Alchemist Mentorship (BAM), which focuses on business as a spiritual practice and developing a reciprocal relationship with your business. The program covers various aspects of entrepreneurship, including clarifying values and ethics, finding your niche, conscious marketing, and more. It also fosters a supportive community among participants, promoting collaboration and networking opportunities.