Episode 101: Trusting Yourself After Evangelical Christianity with Catherine Quiring

In this episode of the Holistic Trauma Healing Podcast, Lindsey interviews Catherine Quiring, a licensed mental health counselor and self-trust coach who specializes in religious trauma. They delve into the challenges of growing up in evangelical Christianity, discussing the disconnection from oneself and the body, as well as the lack of questioning and exploration often fostered by religious environments.

Catherine sheds light on control tactics used in high-control religious systems and fear-based elements within religious trauma. Lindsey and Catherine explore topics such as judgment, intervention, and the damaging effects of purity culture. They also discuss the infiltration of evangelicalism into non-evangelical spaces and the harmful messages ingrained by evangelicalism, emphasizing the importance of self-trust and reclaiming personal agency.

About this episode’s guest… Catherine Quiring is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Self-Trust Coach.  She helps exvangelicals learn to trust their desires and reconnect to their inner wisdom. She also helps people-pleasers learn to trust themselves and recenter themselves at the helm of their lives. She is an advocate for liberating spirituality. Outside of work, Catherine is an avid podcast-listener, book lover, paddleboard enthusiast, and toddler-chaser.