Nervous System CPR



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Your nervous system is hella dysregulated…

You’re on the verge of a panic attack…

Or, you’re angry and frustrated af…

Or, you’re feeling really stuck and frozen…

What do you do?

No really. What. Do. You. Do??

Do you know how to quickly self-soothe and bring yourself back to safety?

Nervous System CPR

This is a collection of downloadable videos to help you regulate FAST.

Are you pissed, spitting mad, and you’re about to blow up on your kids, partner, or co-workers?

There’s a tool for that!

Are you anxious as all get out and can’t get out of that pre-panic attack mode? Or you’re already having a panic attack?

I got you, Boo.

Can you feel yourself getting heavier and heavier, more and more stuck, feeling more and more shame?

No worries. I can teach you how to gently but quickly shift your state!

Nervous System CPR is for THOSE moments. You know the ones.

The “nervous system emergency” moments.

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Safety… at your Fingertips!

If you’ve ever panic-searched for a YouTube video for “how to stop a panic attack”, Nervous System CPR is for YOU.

This is a collection of tools, taught on video, and made downloadable for you. Yes, you can actually download these videos from this website onto your smartphone or tablet.

That way, you’ll have them at your fingertips the moment you need them!

No more googling with shaking hands. No more realizing the YouTube video is not actually helpful 3 minutes in.

No more panic-scrolling your saved Instagram reels looking for “that one video I saved that one time”.

Maybe best of all, no more wondering, “Is _____ the right tool for how I’m feeling??”

For $55, you’re getting 9 videos with quick, effective nervous system tools that you can literally have in your pocket — that’s $6.11 per video!

I’m guiding you through each easy tool and suggesting times when that tool might be the most helpful for you.

Because these videos are downloadable to your smartphone or tablet, I’ve made them short — they won’t eat up all your device storage!

Buy Nervous System CPR NOW and keep it for life: just $55!
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