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Don’t want to wait for the next live Nervous System 101 Workshop?

For the first and only time… You can snag the recorded teaching portion of this workshop without needing a ticket to the live event!



Are you tired of chasing symptoms?

Have you tried it all?

Restricted diets. Supplement protocols. Tinctures. Practitioner after practitioner. Homeopathy. Acupuncture. Reiki.

Chakra balancing. Probiotics. Essential oils. Coffee enemas. Talk therapy.

Are you ready to be done?

Are you ready to just live your life again without being ruled by your health conditions or “mental illness”?

If this is you, pause and take a deep breath. I SEE YOU. You are not crazy.



I’m your “typical” trauma survivor.

My Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) score is a 6.

I have had to identify, heal from, and overcome physical, emotional, and verbal abuse, religious trauma, sexual trauma from purity culture, birth trauma, postpartum depression, and more.

All of this unhealed, unprocessed trauma took its toll on my brain and nervous system, but I stayed on the hamster wheel of wellness and kept chasing symptoms such as hypothyroidism, anxiety, insomnia, panic attacks, PMS, constipation, tinnitus, heart palpitations, weight gain and loss and more because I truly believed I just had to find the “right” supplement or practitioner or diet or strain of probiotics.

My “official diagnoses” include Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), Panic Disorder, Chronic Insomnia, and PTSD. I also attempted suicide on March 7, 2019.


So you might be wondering…


I don’t even think about my “diagnoses” anymore.

In fact, they don’t really matter because…


I am evidence and so are my clients!

After my own incredible healing (I honestly cannot remember the last time I had a panic attack!), plus the experiences I’ve had with my clients who have also finally found relief from those chronic, mysterious symptoms and “mental illnesses”, I am convinced that the Autonomic Nervous System (not the gut) is the Holy Grail of our physic, mental, and emotional health.


And yet, we aren’t taught this valuable information in school, by our doctors, or in therapy.


So, goddammit, I’m gonna teach you what you have the right to know!

That’s why I created Nervous System 101!


Not what you were expecting?

Maybe you were expecting me to tell you I found a miracle supplement or that I finally healed my leaky gut. Nope!


Health is much simpler than we’ve believed.



I guarantee you won’t find a more comprehensive, educational, or understandable crash course on the nervous system anywhere, including on your therapist’s couch!





But Lindsey, how do I KNOW this will “work”?

I know… You’ve tried IT ALL. You’re exhausted and broke and annoyed and ready to hit the EASY BUTTON.

I know this works because I am evidence that it works. My clients are evidence that it works.

If this is a brand-new concept to you, then you haven’t even tried yet. And the fear you have that this might not help any more than anything else you’ve tried is coming from… you guessed it… your nervous system.

What would it be like to hack into that and create something different?


How can I know that my health issues or mental illness come from my nervous system and not something else?

Well, I can’t say for certain, but I can tell you that you won’t hurt anything by learning about your nervous system and applying the principles and techniques I teach in Nervous System 101.

Your Autonomic Nervous System is involved in literally everything your body does. So, doesn’t it make sense that working on your nervous system can only stand to improve your existing health?

What’s the difference between this recording and the live event?

When I teach NSYS101 to a live audience, I open space for Q&A at the end. The Q&A usually lasts another 90 minutes to 2 hours after the teaching portion of the workshop. It’s kind of like a big group coaching call and is a super valuable (and my favorite!) part of NSYS101. However, to honor the folks who vulnerably share personal details and questions during that time, I do not include that portion of the workshop in this.

So, this recording is the 2-hour teaching portion of NSYS101 without the Q&A at the end. If you prefer access to the WHOLE she-bang, I recommend getting on my Nervous System 101 Waitlist. I’ll email you when another live event is happening and you can get your ticket then. If you don’t care about the Q&A or want the workshop info NOW, I’ve made the teaching portion available for purchase.

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Workshops and Group Programs are non-refundable. Additionally, if there are multiple date/time options available, we cannot switch you from one date to another after you've completed your purchase. This workshop presentation is a standalone product. This was a previously recorded workshop and doesn't include a Q & A session.


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