Episode 99: Feminine Embodiment, Expression, & Spiritual Practice with Peggy Khoucasian

In this episode, Lindsey interviews Peggy Khoucasian, who shares her journey into holistic modalities and her passion for providing women with integrative, sustainable mental and emotional support. The conversation explores self-expression, embodiment, and authenticity in the healing journey and personal growth of women. Peggy emphasizes the importance of recognizing patterns from childhood conditioning, reprogramming our minds, and cultivating awareness. She highlights the significance of daily practices, such as gratitude journaling and embracing the body’s strength.

The discussion also covers the role of nervous system regulation in creating safety within the body and the importance of recognizing and releasing trauma. Peggy reflects on her own experience as an immigrant woman and how yoga helped her find her true self. The concept of feminine embodiment is explored, with an emphasis on moving out of the head and incorporating pleasure, joy, and physical rituals. Stepping into one’s power is discussed, including self-acceptance, distinguishing between fear-based and intuitive resistance, and nurturing the inner child. The episode concludes with a conversation on overcoming complacency and expanding the window of tolerance for being seen. Listeners are encouraged to embrace their own unique forms of expression and explore different modalities to connect with their inner selves.

Peggy Khoucasian is a Certified Somatic Attachment Therapist Specialist, Reiki Practitioner, & RYS300 Yoga Teacher. Founder of the Sisterhood Agency, a women’s alignment coaching platform & the creator of Daughters of Culture, a women’s ethical sustainable clothing brand.