Episode 60: Why Learning About Your Nervous System Might Be the Most Important Thing You Ever Do (solo episode)

For over a decade, I hopped from practitioner to practitioner, spent thousands of dollars on supplements, and cut whole food groups out of my diet. Not a single healthcare provider ever talked to me about my nervous system and how trauma affects it.

Once I learned about how my nervous system works, how my brain and nervous system are impaired by trauma, and what to do about it, the healing I sought for over a decade came very quickly.

Now, I take no supplements.

I can’t remember the last time I had a panic attack.

I’m totally off all psychiatric and sleeping medications.

I am able to enjoy my life, travel without lugging pills and powders and special foods along, eat whatever I want, and invest my time and energy in helping others.

I also have “incurable diagnoses” like Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, Agoraphobia, Chronic Insomnia, and PTSD, but they are meaningless. They’re only incurable if the lens you’re looking through is modern psychiatry and the disease model of mental illness.

When viewed through the lens of nervous system-healing, these “incurable” diagnoses aren’t so scary. They’re simply symptoms of a dysregulated nervous system.

Your doctors and therapists probably aren’t talking to you about your nervous system. You probably didn’t learn about it in school. And yet, IT IS YOUR RIGHT TO KNOW!

Nervous System education should be available, accessible, approachable, and affordable.

That’s why I created…


NERVOUS SYSTEM 101: the one-stop workshop for discovering the root causes of chronic, mysterious symptoms, how trauma impairs the nervous system and brain, and what to do about it.

This 2-hour workshop takes place on Zoom. November 16, 2021 @ 6pm Central.

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About Me

Lindsey Lockett (me!) is the host of the Holistic Trauma Healing Podcast. After leaving behind the dogmas of fundamentalist religion and toxic wellness culture, Lindsey experienced her own dark night of the soul. During the healing journey that followed, she realized that trauma affects us as WHOLE people and therefore, we need to heal as WHOLE people.

Although Lindsey has benefitted tremendously from therapy and psychiatry, these modalities never totally resonated with her because she found that they forced her to fragment herself rather than heal holistically.

She set out to find an affordable and accessible approach that integrates the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and ancestral parts of our being… and discovered the magic of the nervous system!


Show Notes

In this solo episode, I…

  • discuss why the health of our nervous systems is one of the most overlooked aspects of healthcare and mental healthcare
  • share how I chased chronic and mysterious symptoms with supplements, restricted diets, celery juice, designer probiotics, gut health, and more… and got nowhere
  • discuss why I believe the brain and Autonomic Nervous System are the “Holy Grail” of health, not just the gut
  • talk about unlocking our medical mysteries by understanding and healing our nervous systems
  • explain what the Autonomic Nervous System is, what it does, and how our bodies let us know when it’s not functioning properly
  • discuss why my diagnoses (GAD, PTSD, Panic Disorder, Agoraphobia, and Chronic Insomnia) are completely meaningless when viewed through the lens of the nervous system
  • explain why “mental health” should be renamed to “nervous system health”
  • share why talk therapy and CBT aren’t effective at regulating the nervous system and reducing the chronic and mysterious symptoms of a dysregulated nervous system
  • explain why our bodies do not need us to micromanage them
  • tell listeners why I threw away over $1,000 in supplements in August of 2020
  • share why nervous system work is actually faster, safer, cheaper, and easier than taking medications or supplements


Hey, you guys welcome back to the holistic trauma healing podcast. Maybe you noticed that I took a few weeks off. That was intentional. I just didn’t announce it, but I needed a few weeks off. And to be honest, I still need a few weeks off, but what I have to say today is too important. Um, and it’s time sensitive.

So I need to share this today. Um, I’m going to be talking about the nervous system today, and I don’t want you to turn your, your podcast off now, because that sounds like it’s going to be like nerdy and boring. I promise it’s not nerdy. And I promise it’s not boring. And I actually really believe that what I’m going to share in this episode today is going to make some light bulbs go off for a lot of you listening.

So let’s just dive in. I believe that the health of our nervous systems is probably one of the most overlooked aspects of modern day healthcare and mental health care. And from my own lived experience, I spent over a decade hopping from practitioner to practitioner, you know, the chiropractor to the nutritionist, to the functional medicine doctor, to the traditional Chinese medicine doctor.

I’ve been there and done that with all of them. I spent thousands of dollars on supplements and supplement protocols. I cut entire food groups out of my diet. I did the celery juice and the designer probiotics and the green smoothies and the Reiki and the shocker balancing and all the things, because I had all of these chronic and mysterious symptoms going on that couldn’t be explained by modern medicine.

I would go and have blood work done, and my blood work numbers would come back completely normal. So of course the doctors. I can’t find anything wrong with you. Your blood work is fine, but I still felt off. I still struggled with everything from my hair, falling out to hypothyroid, to PMs, to insomnia, to anxiety, to getting dizzy.

I stood up to heart palpitations, just all of these mysterious things that on their own, you know, like you can handle heart palpitations, you can handle getting dizzy when you stand up every once in a while, you can handle the occasional night of not great sleep, but when you put all of those things together and you’re experiencing all of those things and more on a daily basis for years, It’s a lot.

It’s really a lot. And you’ll do anything. You’ll spend any amounts of money. You’ll try anything to feel bad. And that’s what I did, but not a single healthcare provider that I ever visited, whether natural or allopathic ever talked to me about my nervous system and how trauma affects my nervous system.

And once I learned about how my nervous system works and how my brain and nervous system are actually impaired by trauma and then learned what to do about it, the healing that I was chasing for over a decade. Actually came very quickly. It was pretty incredible. In fact, whenever I still had my food blog, which I no longer have, um, I was one of the only, actually the only food blogger in my niche, which was very health and wellness focused.

So I did a lot of whole 30 keto and vegan recipes and I was the only food blogger in my knee. Like not on the heal, your gut train. So all the other food bloggers, even the ones that were getting cookbook deals that I knew, they were all focused on. Heal the gut, heal the gut, heal the gut. You need more bone broth.

You need more. Mucus supporting herbs. You need more probiotics. Like it’s all about the gut, the gut brain connection. It can’t be denied. Like that was the message. That’s still the message. And that’s actually one of the reasons that I had to get out of food blogging because it no longer aligned with who I was or what I believe.

And I actually don’t believe that the gut as the holy grail of health, I actually believe it’s the autonomic nervous system, which is connected to the brain. So that may be a paradigm you’ve never heard before. And that’s why I’m sharing this podcast with you. I believe that we heal the body by healing, the brain and nervous system.

The dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system is a root cause of many modern diseases and understanding what autonomic nervous system dysfunction looks like. Maybe the key to unlock your medical mysteries. It certainly was from. So I’m alluding to what I call toxic wellness culture. And I talk about this in episode four of the podcast.

So if you haven’t heard that episode, it’s a really good one, but I call this toxic wellness culture, this paradigm, that in order to be, well, we need to micromanage our bodies and we need to restrict certain foods and we need to take certain expensive supplements and we need to. Beyond probiotics. And we need to do all of this work.

Like that’s the only way to be healthy. Right? And we end up spending enormous amounts of time, money, and energy, trying to micromanage our bodies and we chase symptoms. And I’m off that hamster wheel now. And it feels so damn good to be off that hamster. I figured out through learning about my autonomic nervous system, that gluten was never my problem not having the right supplements was never my problem.

My problem was an overstimulated and dysregulated nervous system and a trauma damage to brain that were literally just doing their best to adapt to the stored and stuck energy. Of trauma and the way the brain and nervous system adapt to the stored and stuck energy of trauma is through symptoms. Our bodies can’t speak to us and words.

They speak to us through symptoms and sensations. And whenever we have a nervous system and a brain that have been impaired by trauma, the way that our bodies begin speaking to us is often by manifesting chronic and mysterious symptoms. So. For example, you feel off, right? You can’t really put a finger on it.

Maybe you get dizzy when you stand up, your heart is palpitating. You don’t sleep very well. You don’t seem to be digesting your food very well. You’ve got PMs and you’re like really irritable and have a lot of brain fog. So of course you’re like, I don’t feel good. I should probably go get checked out. So you go to the doctor and.

Hopefully, if they’re thorough, they’re like, okay, let’s do some blood work. They do blood work. The blood work comes back and they’re like, oh, your blood work is totally normal. We can’t find anything wrong with you. Maybe you’ve even been told it’s all in your head. I certainly was told that. So that’s a really common scenario, right?

And that is when people start going down the rabbit holes of alternative medicine and energy medicine, because conventional medicine can’t help. There’s not a medication that can be prescribed for that particular set of symptoms. There’s not a diagnostic test or imaging that could be run to find what’s causing that particular set of symptoms.

So it becomes a mystery and then it goes on and on for years, and then it becomes chronic. So that’s the chronic mysterious stuff I’m talking to. And this is what I talk about in episode four, about toxic wellness culture is this hamster wheel that keeps us constantly chasing symptoms. And I’m just here to say that if probiotics and kale smoothies and celery juice and $400 of supplements every month and a gluten-free paleo vegan keto diet had been.

What I had needed to be, well, I would have been, well, I followed the rules. I, I did the healing diets. I did the supplement protocols. I practiced sleep hygiene. I even did six straight fucking weeks of celery juice, which I do not recommend. It is the most disgusting thing I have ever choked down in my life.

And I choked it down for six straight weeks because I truly believed that that was what I needed to be. Well, or at least it was one of those things that I was so desperate. I was willing to try anything. And then when I learned about trauma’s effects on the brain and nervous system, it was like a light bulb just went on and I hope that’s what happens for you during this podcast episode.

And the light bulb was that if those are the things I had needed to be, well, I would have been well. And while I do believe it’s necessary to take care of ourselves with nourishing foods and attention to our gut health, or even if you love drinking kale smoothies, I don’t care, but some of us have been led to believe that that’s what taking care of ourselves means.

And yet we’re still struggling with chronic and mysterious symptoms. That causes to go out and buy the supplements and juice the salary and cut out the gluten and the grains and the dairy in the first place. So what do you do when you’re doing all those things? And you’re still experiencing those uncomfortable, painful, chronic, and mysterious.

Unfortunately, most of us, I certainly did this. Um, the, the trauma brain’s reaction is, well, I just need to restrict more foods. I need to take more supplements. I need to choose more salary. I need to spend more money, time and energy on wellness. I need to just find the one food that I’m sensitive to and cut it out of my diet.

How’s that working for you? Do you feel like you’re on a hamster wheel? I certainly did. So my question for you is if the restricted diet probiotics and celery juice and Reiki and shocker balancing and coffee, enemas and therapy is what you. We’re putting all your hopes on in making you well and you’re not getting well, do you need to keep doing more of the same?

Do you need to keep seeking a new practitioner, a new protocol, a new answer. I’m going to let you off the hook. I’m going to say no, you don’t actually need to do that anymore. Go deeper. Go deeper. Those chronic mysterious issues are the result of something deeper. The thing that controls literally every single process and your body.

Your autonomic nervous system. So your autonomic nervous system controls everything in your body. That’s automatic. That means everything that you don’t have to consciously think about or make an effort to do like your circulation, your heartbeat, respiration, digestion, hormone, production, reproductive cycles, sleep cycle, blood pressure, blood sugar.

There’s so much literally everything in your body that, that your body does on its own is controlled by your autonomic nervous system. The tricky thing is, and the thing that the supplement industry doesn’t want you to know, and the thing that your natural doctor doesn’t want you to know, or your medical doctor is that you can’t out supplement your autonomic nervous system and you can’t trick it into feeling safe by taking more probiotics and becoming.

And actually the funny thing is that this sort of rigidity with your health is often also a symptom of the dysfunction of your autonomic nervous system.

Now I’m off of all supplements. I am off of all medications. I sleep like a champ. I don’t restrict anything from my diet. I eat whatever I want whenever I want to. I saved so much money, time and energy because I’m not constantly chasing symptoms and this has freed up again, money, time, and energy so that I can live my life and invest in helping other people live with.

And maybe the best part of all of this. I mean, there’s a lot of really great parts, so it’s kind of hard for me to say what the best is, but one of the greatest benefits of figuring this out is that I can now enjoy my life and travel without having to pack an entire suitcase of pills and powders and special foods and fancy healthcare.

And my blender, all of that. Yes, I really did. I really did travel with my blender. Um, and like I said, I have these quote unquote incurable diagnoses, like, um, generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, agoraphobia, chronic insomnia and PTSD, but they’re meaningless. Those are only incurable. If the lens we’re looking through is modern psychiatry and the disease model of mental illness, or if the lens you’re looking through is that you need to micromanage your body by taking a ton of supplements and cutting a bunch of foods out of your diet.

But when viewed through the lens of nervous system healing, these quote unquote incurable things, aren’t so scary, they are simply symptoms of a dysregulated nervous system. And if this is a whole paradigm shift for you, if you’re kind of like, oh, I don’t know about this Lindsey, this seems like pretty, pretty out there.

Um, just, just keep listening because the truth is, is that doctors and therapists, aren’t talking to us about our nervous systems. We didn’t learn about our nervous systems in school, and yet it literally is a part of every single function of our body. And we have a right to know nervous system education should be available, accessible, affordable, and approachable for everyone.

We are the literal embodiment of our nervous system. I mean, think about it without a nervous system. You could not experience pain or pleasure. We could not feel the heat of the sun on a warm day. We couldn’t feel the cold wind of winter. We wouldn’t be able to experience the heart quickening, butterflies of new love.

There would be no rushes of bonding hormones after childbirth or the ability to enter an intense. The low state of creativity without our nervous systems, we would have no ability to mobilize our entire. Which saves itself from danger, our hearts, wouldn’t beat our lungs, wouldn’t breathe our stomach wouldn’t digest, and we would have no intuition and very sadly, no orgasms.

So I think it’s safe to say that our nervous systems are pretty important and we need to know about them when you know how they. We need to know what happens when they’re not working properly. We didn’t know about the cool shit they do. We need to understand that literally every bodily process is connected and orchestrated by our nervous systems.

And I would also just like to know why in the hell our healthcare providers, aren’t bringing this up. I actually think that health professionals continued neglect or overlooking of the autonomic nervous system’s role in literally every bodily process and system is strange nonsensical and pretty unethical because can you imagine if.

All of this information that I’m sharing right now, we’re to get out there and people were to wake up and realize that the answers to these chronic and mysterious things is not more pharmaceuticals or more supplements or more crazy special diets. Like can you imagine it would be. Revolutionary right.

It would be actually revolutionary. And I actually believe that everything we’ve been taught about mental illness is wrong. I don’t believe that mental health care is about our minds at all. I believe that our thoughts reflect the state of our nervous system. So if you are in a body with a nervous system that is overstimulated over aroused and dysregulated, because of trauma from your childhood.

Throughout your life, then the thoughts you’re thinking, the mental illness you have is actually coming from a nervous system that is sending these confused and Crosswired and dysfunctional messages up to your brain. And you think about those things and your thoughts are actually reflecting the state of your nervous system.

So I think mental health care needs to be relabeled nervous system healthcare. I think that doctors and therapists should put less focus on trying to change our minds and manage our symptoms with medication. And instead start teaching us about our nervous systems and how to regulate. I mean, if the disease model of mental illness was an accurate model, we wouldn’t still be dealing with skyrocketing rates of quote unquote mental illness, right?

Rates of depression and anxiety would not be going up. Rates of suicidality would not be going up. If the disease model of mental illness was an accurate model because SSRI. S NRIs and benzodiazepines are among the most prescribed medications, especially in the United States, but that’s not stopping the rise of mental illness.

Um, talk therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy are two of the most common types of therapy. And if you go see a therapist, unless you’re seeking something more specific like neurofeedback or EMDR, then you’re probably going to end up with a therapist who does talk therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy.

And I’m not dogging on therapists. I think therapists are important and necessary and we need more of them and goddess blessed them for what they have to endure. Particularly with like COVID right. Like we just made their jobs harder with, with COVID. But if talk therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy were effective at helping people cope with their invasive thoughts and unhealthy patterns, then wouldn’t mental illness among those who seek therapy be declining, but it’s not.

And I have nothing against psych meds. I have used them myself. You guys know that I have, I talk about this in episode five of the podcast. I’m a big fan of psych meds whenever they’re needed. And when they’re therapeutic, I’ve also done CBT and it wasn’t super effective for me, but I hold space for the fact that it is effective for a lot of people.

I just don’t think that these are cures. I think they’re. At least for me anyway, the missing pieces of my puzzle, where consciousness and nervous system work. And I’m so glad that I discovered the autonomic nervous system. And I began learning about it because this is not something that I learned in school or from my psychiatrist or from my therapist or from my general practitioner or from any of the natural doctors that I ever saw over the years.

This was never even brought up. It wasn’t even a concept on the. But it’s changed my life. I mean, it’s literally changed my life and I’m so, so grateful. So do you feel like your life is limited because of anxiety, panic, attacks, pain, chronic fatigue, or depression? Have you spent thousands of dollars on practitioners, supplements and fancy health gadgets, but you can’t seem to sustain the results.

Were you like me and you’ve gotten lab work, but it comes back quote, unquote normal. And you still don’t feel like yourself. Um, maybe you didn’t even struggle with anxiety until you had all these chronic symptoms pop up and now you’re like sick and anxious all the time. Have you missed out on your life or given up activities that you love?

Because these mystery symptoms just suck it right out of you. Maybe you felt like you’re crazy or like a hypochondriac because of all these inexplicable things that seem to be coming up wrong with you all the time. Maybe you’ve cut whole food groups from your diet, and yet you’re still searching for the food that must be to blame for your system, or you’ve choked down green smoothies and celery juice because you hoped it would heal your anxiety or your PMs or your IVs or your pots or your migraines.

If any of that sounds familiar, let’s just pause for a moment and just take a deep breath into that.

Maybe you feel seen for the first time. If so, ICU, you are not crazy. And even though I was told this and it was one of the most invalidating things I’ve ever been told it is in your head. But not in the way you think it is in your head, but you’re not making it up. It’s that your nervous system needs some TLC.

And I’m so passionate about the nervous system to say that I’m passionate about it is an understatement. Like I don’t believe I’d be alive today. If I hadn’t learned about my nervous system and how trauma affected my brain and my nervous system and how to work with my nervous system to create more flexibility and resiliency and heal.

And this work taught me that the health of our nervous system. Yeah. Crucial to the health of our whole body, and yet nobody’s talking about it. And I believe that the health of our nervous systems and our brains is actually more important than gut health. And I know that’s a big, bold, controversial statement, but I stand beside it.

I stand beside it because I’ve done all the gut health things and didn’t see nearly the results that I’ve seen since I quit worrying about all that shit and focused on my nervous system and stuff. And so my story is, you know, you guys have heard parts of my story. I’m a pretty typical trauma survivor.

Like my adverse childhood experience score is a six, so it’s not extremely high, but it’s higher than, than anyone’s should be. And I’ve had to identify heal from and overcome. Physical and emotional and verbal abuse, religious trauma, sexual trauma from purity culture, birth trauma, postpartum depression.

After my daughter was born, uh, 2018, which I’ve shared on here and on Instagram a million times was the worst year of my life, physical trauma. Like I’ve had to overcome. And all of this unhealed and unprocessed trauma really took its toll on my brain and nervous system. But I stayed on that hamster wheel of wellness and I kept chasing some DMS because I truly believed that I just had to find the right supplement or the right practitioner or the right diet or the right strain of probiotics.

And I was on that hamster wheel a long time. So. Truly, I went from a panicking anxiety, written suicidal insomniac with PMs and heart palpitations and weight loss and brain fog to a thriving and healthy and empowered overcomer. And I literally did it by learning about my nervous system and how to heal it.

I don’t even think about those diagnoses that I have anymore. They don’t even matter to me anymore because. Underneath all of those scary acronyms and diagnoses is a neuroplastic brain and a nervous system that can heal. And if that’s not the best news you’ve heard in a while, I don’t know what is I’m evidence of this?

My one-on-one coaching clients are evidence of this. We do tons of nervous system work in my one-on-one coaching program. After the healing that I’ve experienced. Plus what I’ve seen with my clients, I am convinced that the autonomic nervous system is the holy grail of our physical, mental, and emotional health.

And honestly, health is so much simpler than we’ve been led to believe. Like our bodies do not need us to micromanage them in order to function. And if, if the route that you’ve gone down involves this, like micro-managing of your body and chasing of symptoms, then that to me is like a flashing neon sign that is pointing to your nervous system saying help, help me.

That’s what that is. And if this is completely new information for you and. W w coming out of nowhere, way out of left field, like, I just want to encourage you to sit with it. Like, does it make sense? Is it something you haven’t thought of or heard of or tried? Like, what’s the worst thing that could happen if you started working on your nervous system, you’re not going to make anything that you’re already dealing with anyway.

You’re not going to create new things by working on your nervous system. Like you only stand to benefit from working on your nervous system and think about the chronic and mysterious health symptoms or mental health symptoms that you deal with right now. How much has your life limited right now? How much have you had to give up?

Because you can’t do the things you love anymore. How are you unable to show up for your career or your family or your community or yourself? How much money and time and energy would you have if you weren’t on this hamster wheel of micro-managing your body and chasing symptoms, like what becomes possible for you?

Whenever you learn how to work with your nervous system and create space and your nervous system so that your body isn’t constantly having to send you the communication of help, help, you know, what becomes possible, like so much, right. It opens up so, so much. And so that is why, because I have experienced the healing myself.

And because I know what’s possible whenever you work with the nervous system, because in August of 2020, I literally threw in my trashcan over a thousand dollars worth of supplements because I was just done, literally just done. I was not going to do. Any more. I learned about my nervous system and it all clicked and it made so much sense to me that I didn’t even need to hold on to those supplements anymore.

Even though some of them were unopened, some of the bottles were half full. Um, some of them were very expensive, but. I had bought into the paradigm that our bodies are a collection of individual organs and systems, and that’s the way our health care divides us up. You know, it was by conditions like you see your cardiologist for your heart issues and you see your, your pulmonologist or your, you know, um, yeah.

Your pulmonologist for your lung issues and you see the gastroenterologist for your, um, You know, tummy issues and you see the endocrinologist for your hormone issues and you see the gynecologist for your female issues and like, like you’re divided up, right? So you could, you could have multiple health conditions and see like 10 or more practitioners for these various symptoms and diseases.

And have any of them ever like sat you down in a room together and been like, look, you’re experiencing all of these different anomalies and your health. That don’t seem to make sense because the underlying issue isn’t actually your heart. It isn’t actually your uterus. It isn’t actually your small intestine or your large intestine.

It isn’t actually your thyroid. It’s your autonomic nervous system. That’s the common denominator. It’s literally the thing that connects you together and keeps your organs and systems functioning in harmony and perfect timing with each other. And then when it doesn’t, that’s when those chronic and mysterious health symptoms again, that’s when you feel like you have to start hopping from doctor to doctor that’s when you start spending tons of money on fancy supplements, but you can’t out supplement your autonomic nervous system.

You can’t out supplement your brain. So when I figured this out, I was like, well, there’s no sense in me keeping these supplements around. What are they doing for me? They’re not doing anything. I’ve been taking them for all these years. I mean, I had literally like a bathroom cabinet, a drawer in my kitchen, my linen closet in my hallway.

And even some shelves in my basement were taken out by supplements. And in August of 2020, I literally threw them all away. I just threw them all away. And. I haven’t looked back. They were never going to fix me. Like I hope they would never, if they, if that’s what I needed to be, well, I would have been well.

And some people might say that working on your nervous system seems complicated. It seems like it’s the long way to go that maybe taking supplements or medications is faster and easier. Maybe that’s the easy button. I totally disagree. Like I was able to reach a level of healing and under two. Solely by working on my nervous system that I had previously been unable to achieve in the 10 years that I spent on the wellness culture hamster wheel.

Literally, I’m not kidding. That’s how powerful and important this is. And we need to be talking about it more. This is why I talk about the nervous system all the time on this podcast. That’s why I talk about it all the time on Instagram. That’s why I talk about it. When I’m interviewed for other people’s podcasts, like I will keep.

Proclaiming it as loudly and annoyingly as I possibly can, because I’m telling you your health is so much simpler than you’ve been led to believe. And you need to learn about your nervous system. You need to learn about how trauma affects your brain and your nervous system and how that trickles down and creates a storm of chronic and mysterious symptoms, and then how to regulate your nervous system.

And when you do whoa, it opens up so much. So I mentioned earlier that a naturopath, I don’t know if I mentioned it was a naturopath, but I had a naturopath tell me once that it was all in my head and I’d never felt so invalidated. And then I learned about trauma’s effects on my brain and nervous system.

And I actually chuckled, when I thought about the natural path who told me it was all in my head because she was right. It was all in my head, but not because I was making it. It was because my brain and nervous system were impaired by trauma. And no one should be told it’s all in your head ever, or feel like you’re, you’re never going to be healthy until you identify the one food that’s supposedly causing all of your issues or find the one brand of supplements that works for you.

No one should be manipulated or gas lit by practitioners who push exhausting and cost-prohibitive healing products. Like that is a fuck. No, for me now. So the big exciting announcement is that I am taking everything I know about the autonomic nervous system and the way that trauma affects. The brain and nervous system, and I’ve put it into a workshop that is going to be held live on zoom on November 16th, 2021 at 6:00 PM central time in this workshop, which I have called nervous system 1 0 1.

I’m going to be teaching you what your autonomic nervous system is, how it works and how trauma affects it. And. I’m also going to be teaching you how your nervous system is involved in the development of many chronic and mysterious health and mental quote unquote illnesses. I’m going to be teaching you how the different branches of your nervous system behave when under threat.

So for example, Like what’s going on when you’re in flight mode versus what’s going on when you’re in freeze mode. And I can’t have a conversation about that without talking about polyvagal theory, which you’ve probably heard about, but it’s a very complex body of work and it’s very scientific and kind of boring if I’m honest.

So. I’ve taken polyvagal theory and I’ve like distilled it down into a way that even a fifth grader could understand. So I’m going to be teaching that in nervous system 1 0 1. I’m also going to be teaching how our nervous systems responses to life situations has formed. What we believe is our personality.

And it’s actually not. It’s just the way that our nervous system repeatedly responds. I’m going to be talking about the importance of nervous system hygiene. And most excitingly in nervous system 1 0 1. I am going to be sharing the four pillars of holistic trauma healing. And this is information that I only share with my one-on-one clients.

I’ve never put it in a podcast. I’ve never put it on Instagram, but I’m going to be sharing it in this live workshop. And I’m going to be giving you information ideas and the very same practices that I give my one-on-one clients when I’m working with their nervousness. So, this is very, very exciting. I have been working on this for weeks and it’s finally here.

So I’m inviting you to join me for this two hour live workshop, nervous system 1 0 1. It is a one stop workshop for discovering the root cause of chronic mysterious symptoms. How trauma impairs, the nervous system and brain and what to do about it. It’s going to be on zoom November 16th. 2021 at 6:00 PM central.

If you’re unable to attend live, you will receive the recording or the replay of the workshop in your email when the workshop is over. And if you want to learn more and save your spot, you can do so@lindseylocket.com forward slash. S Y S 1 0 1 incest 1 0 1. I named it like a college class and that might be a silly little URL.

So I will link it below for you in the show notes. So you can just click on it instead of having to remember it and type it in, but it’s nervous system 1 0 1 and. I know, like I know it is going to give you hope it is going to give you answers. It is going to make a light bulb go off and your brain, and you’re going to be like, oh, that’s what it is now.

It makes sense. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Like, what would that whole body sigh of relief feel like when you finally know that it’s not actually in your head? You know, what would that feel like? What is possible? That’s not possible for you right now. If you don’t have those mysterious symptoms and those chronic illnesses like the world, right.

Everything becomes possible. So that’s what this podcast episode is for. I hope that you will join me. I can only sell a hundred tickets to nervous system one-on-one because it’s on zoom and that’s as big as the waiting room gets or the, the zoom room gets is a hundred people. So if you buy your ticket to the workshop, make sure you show up a little bit early so that you can get in because.

Once 100 people have shown up. That’s it. If you pay for it, if you buy your ticket and you can’t make it live, or the, the room is full, when you show up, don’t worry, you will get the replay. It will be sent to you and your email. And again, you can learn all about what I’m going to be teaching in this workshop, the questions I’m going to be answering.

And anything else that you could hope to know about what’s going to be in here@lindseylocker.com forward slash N C. 1, 0 1. I can’t wait for you to learn this. I can’t wait. It’s going to blow your mind. It’s going to blow your mind and change your life. I promise it well, literally promise. Okay. So check it out.

It’s linked below in the show notes and now the podcast is going back on break. Now that I’ve interrupted the break with this very exciting announcement about nervous system 1 0 1. I’m so excited. I’ve never taught a workshop live on zoom before. So this is going to be a whole new experience for me. But I think it’s going to be an even more powerful experience for you because this is life-changing information, really transformational 📍 information.

So link is below. Go sign up, get your ticket, and I’ll see you on November 16th at 6:00 PM central for nervous system 1 0 1 goodbye friends.