Episode 49: Calling Back the Fragmented Parts of Ourselves with Holly Toronto

body image coach holly toronto

I had never heard the phrase “fragmented parts of ourselves” until I met Holly.

Her message is all about women calling back the fragmented parts of ourselves — the parts we had to piece off to fit in, to please, to be good, to be desirable. We’ve been taught by our culture, our mothers, the patriarchy, religion, and the fashion and beauty industries to give away pieces of ourselves and outsource our behavior, beliefs, and beauty.

Holly says, “No more! Stop fragmenting yourself. Return to wholeness. Return to yourself. Call back those parts of yourself!” And, I gotta be honest: I’m here for it.

Holly Toronto is a Master Level Certified Coach through Health Coach Institute and has 5 years of experience helping women stop prioritizing other people’s expectations of beauty, belief or behavior so that they can live their life from a place of wholeness, fully aligned with the truth of who they are.

She currently live in the Hudson River Valley of New York State with her husband and their sweet fur-child, Gatsby. When she’s not supporting clients, recording episodes for podcast or making dance videos on Instagram, you’ll find Holly hiking, exploring little mountain towns, drinking wine, trying out new recipes or listening to podcasts.

She is a deeply spiritual person and though she grew up Evangelical, that is an identity she needed to release in order to return to wholeness. She practices a spirituality that is rooted in self-remembering, unity consciousness and love.

And because Holly’s a Millennial, of course we want to know all of her personality types and astrological signs.

Astrology: Leo Sun, Aquarius Moon, Libra Rising
Enneagram: 3 (The Achiever)
Human Design: 1/3 Projector
Myers Briggs: INFJ


Show Notes

In this episode, Holly and I…

  • share Holly’s journey into body acceptance and love and how that governs her current work
  • discuss the real truth of how women have outsourced our behavior, beliefs, and beauty to people and systems outside of our authentic selves
  • discuss how women’s bodies have been controlled by religion, purity culture, patriarchy, and shame
  • talk about how Toxic Wellness Culture teaches and manipulates us into hating and controlling our bodies
  • share how we gave our power away when we submitted to religion, wellness culture, patriarchy, and culture
  • talk about how women police each other and “hold each other accountable”
  • share how love and acceptance of our bodies is the gateway back to ourselves
  • explain how body image relates to reclaiming self-responsibility and self-sovereignty
  • explain the role of the nervous system and trauma responses in body image
  • share practical ways we come into awareness about our body image and stop searching outside of ourselves for authority, validation, and acceptance