Episode 44: What’s Happening This Summer? Summer Solstice Astrology with Tammy Antoinette

Tammy Antoinette

It’s so fun to have my favorite astrologer Tammy come on the podcast at the start of each new season to give us her reading and predictions! This Summer Solstice episode is packed full of good nuggets that you can use from now until the Fall Equinox in September to level up.

Tammy Antoinette

Tammy is an Astrologer and Energy Healing Therapist at thestarqueen.com with over a decade of experience in empowering people to have the opportunity to transform a life of fate into one of destiny and fulfillment.  Her specialties are in the use of Ancient Astrology to chart the blueprint of your life and to find remedies within this soul blueprint together with the moving Universal energies, as well as using her experience as a Reiki Master to clear and balance any blockages and clear traumas with rapid ease.


Show Notes

Ancient astrologer Tammy Antoinette comes on the podcast four times per year to give us her readings and projections.

In this special Summer Solstice episode, Tammy and I…

  • recap how I used the wisdom from the Spring Equinox episode to guide and align my life
  • share how Venus’ new 18-month cycle guides us to use extra caution in our finances and decision-making
  • talk about the intensity of the most recent eclipse season
  • discuss Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto Retrogrades
  • share what we need to keep an eye out for until the Fall Equinox (hint: poison)
  • share why some of us may feel like beginning new endeavors in our home lives in July 2021
  • talk about when is (and isn’t) a good time for research
  • discuss why even the Universe is telling us not to believe everything we see in the media
  • share the ideal times to feel supported in art, creativity, finances, research, healing, and more


Hey Tammy, it has been another season and you are back to talk about what is happening in the sky from the summer solstice to the fall Equinox. And I just want to encourage everyone. If you haven’t heard, Tammy has come on the podcast, this is what is this? Your third or fourth time on the podcast?

Yeah, you are. You are my most repeated. Yes. I love it. Yeah, graduations. But Tammy came on for the first time. We didn’t plan it this way. It just aligned this way. But Tammy came on the first time and that episode aired. On the winter solstice. And so then I was like, Hey, do you want to be the resident astrologer for the podcast and come on every solstice and Equinox.

And she was like, sure. So she was on again in March for the spring Equinox. And now here we are, it is summer solstice time and you’re back. So I just want to say thank you. I personally, after the spring episode, of course I listened to it while I was recording with you. And while I was editing it and then about halfway through from the spring Equinox to now the summer solstice.

So like end of April, I guess I listened to the episode again and. You reminded me during that episode, that it’s a good time to be journaling. The spring Equinox to the summer solstice is a good time to be journaling. And so I took you seriously. I got myself a new notebook and some new pens, and I started journaling and I’ve been journaling every day and so much inspiration and creativity has flowed through, but also I’ve had so much anger come out while I’ve been journaling sometimes to the point that my pen, I couldn’t write fast enough.

And I would just scribble furiously, just like scratching furiously across the page. And there were many days when I was journaling and feeling so angry and also sad at the same time. And I would have a release of crying and of tears. And I just, I feel like I got some shit out. Like I got it out of me and onto the paper.

And it feels so good. So I want to thank you first of all, for the way that you not only tell us like what’s happening, but also like here’s how you can move through it. And the journaling was such a good recommendation. Also in that episode, you recommended I’m probably gonna butcher this. So if I do just tell me, but Venus was hidden for a lot of the spring and I believe it was like end of April, beginning of may, that Venus started to make herself seen again.

And your counsel was don’t start any new projects, don’t get married, don’t make any big financial decisions, like just hang on until Venus makes herself seen again. And so my husband and I did that. We didn’t, we basically were like on pause until the end of April, beginning of may. And I tell you what when Venus was made known, again, I even forgot that Venus was coming out again, but I’ve gone back in my journals and I’ve looked at the dates and right around the first, second, 3rd of May, I was just filled with so much inspiration.

I was ready to work on new projects. I started writing a workshop that turned into a course that I’m getting ready to release. And had someone, I haven’t even shared this with you yet. We had a company reach out to us and this was right around the end of April. And they made an offer to buy my food blog.

And the crazy thing is that I never even made it public, that I was open to selling. My food blog, I just had, I’d put it out into the universe. Like I’m open to selling this, I’m holding it with an open hand, ready to let it go to the right person. If and when the time is. Of course I told my husband, but I didn’t tell any of my food blogger friends.

I didn’t share it on Facebook. I didn’t go out looking for a buyer. I just randomly woke up to an email one morning and this was at the end of April. And so we’re still like in the process of that, but anyway, really exciting things have happened. And I feel like I’m so grateful to you for coming on and sharing your wisdom because you helped guide a lot of what I’ve been doing over the last three months.

And I’m, I don’t know much about astrology, but I’m a believer in it. And I just want to thank you for your work. Oh, I love that. Thank you so much for sharing that with me, Lindsay. That means a lot. Yeah. Every time. Yeah. If we can really be in sync with what’s going on in the sky and if we can even look at the sky as often as possible, then it’s, life can be pretty magical because we’re not going against the current we’re going with the flow, we’re not swimming upstream or swimming downstream, so it can be pretty powerful and profound. I love that for sure. So I’m ready. I have my pen here. I’m ready to take notes. Let’s talk about what’s happening from the summer solstice to the fall Equinox. Yeah. So just like you said, we are in a new Venus cycle and this 18 month Venus cycle began when Venus was birthed in late April in Aries.

However she was squaring Saturn. This cycle may feel a little bit a little bit restrictive and we may have to work harder as whenever it comes to love and money. So whenever she was birthed, she was in a tense aspect of Saturn, but in the ancient mythology being Saturn loves of Venus.

So it’s not a detrimental cycle, which means we’re going to have to put more effort into those the new CN, parts of life art and finances and business and relationships beauty, those sorts of things. But Yeah, so a little bit harder work. And then and like you said, Venus actually entered tourists where she loves to be her home at the beginning of may.

And that’s when you started feeling those that upswing of affects because she was at home. And so that really helped a lot of us in business and in money. And so the birth of the Venus cycle. So the birth of Venus and the sky is going to affect her whole 18 month cycle this next 18 months.

Now that we’re recording this, that was April, may, June. So that was two months ago. So the next 16 months is going to be affected by this Venus square, Saturn and Aries. So we do want to be more, more careful of our finances. Don’t make any rash decisions and just be sure we really we really put forth the Saturn rewards long effort like between the tortoise and the Hare.

This is the story where the tortoise is always winning the race. So that, that those small steps day by day in the direction of of our finances of our, for our relationships those sort of things. So Saturn’s going to reward that, that hard work and effort made every day. So this isn’t so not the sprint kind of work, but the long work.

And we’re also in the middle of we dished. May and June, we’ve had two eclipses. So may 26 is a lunar eclipse in Scorpio. So both of these eclipses are on the Scorpio and Taurus axis. So those of us who have prominent points like our sun, moon mid-heaven or ascendant in a side, real Scorpio or tourists are going to feel this affect the most.

So inside real astrology, my son is Taurus and my moon is Scorpio. So you’re saying I’m going to be, I’m feeling these eclipses a lot. Yeah. The affects of these eclipses for three months to three years the eclipses are basically portals that allow something new to enter or to be exposed and open up.

So what types of things in like for a tourist and Scorpio, eclipse, what types of things are revealed? With an eclipse, it’s always a very dramatic event. So the ancients were actually afraid of eclipses because they’ve brought about great changes and we only have four eclipses this year, which is normal.

Last year, we had six eclipses, so it was a more dramatic year, but we’re still feeling the effects of that. So we don’t want to watch the eclipse that’s number one only a strong back in ancient times, only the astronomers who were also priests would watch the eclipse so that they could record it.

For everyone, so they could write it in the diaries and the borescopes. Don’t expose your food or drink to the eclipse or eat or drink during eclipse. It’s a great time to, to meditate. So there’s plenty of apps where you can see online calculators, where you can find exactly the moments of the clubs.

And they’re not very long, just a few minutes. Some only one minute sometimes, it’ll last an hour, but we’re still being affected by the 20, 20 eclipses. And the last one was on the stinger of the scorpion. So we still want to watch out for poisons, so to speak. And I made for it made for a hard year last year, and we’re feeling the effects of that going on through this year and beyond.

This access of tourists. And Scorpio is has the stars, Regulus and Tara’s and Aldebaran, which are the stars of serious power and the access of money. The access of the the constellation of Perseus, who was the, he was the guy who cut off Medusa’s head. So they’re not positive for the financial markets.

So we do, we want to be extra cautious as far as money goes during the cycle, by this cycle, you mean solstice through Equinox? Is that what we’re saying? Or is it longer than that? Like the Saturn cycle longer than that? So it’s all year, as far as this goes, the, at least this year, if not beyond.

At least this entire, the next 16 months, the Venus cycle, right? So Venus has an effect on that. With the may 26 eclipse that we just had and the June 10th eclipse so regale, the star of regale is on Orion’s belt star of money. So it that solar eclipse that we just had on June 10th is going to have an impact on governments and rulership, the world’s finances.

They may be pushing towards a new financial system. So Jupiter is helping a little bit, but he’s in a bit of a weaker position and the May 26th lunar eclipse can bring up it’s not in, in necessarily benevolent degrees because it is on the fixed star on Tara’s, which is a very powerful star, but it’s it also denotes it’s yeah, it’s in Scorpio, it’s on the belly of the scorpion, so it can be pretty dramatic.

But Venus, mercury and Jupiter are all helping. And the good news is mercury is actually visible during this eclipse and helping. So that one’s, it’s not going to be too bad. The May 26th eclipse were us feeling the effects of it. Shouldn’t be too bad still. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Let’s see on the solstice.

Well, June 21st mercury or the 20th, it depends on where you are in the world. Around that time, mercury goes invisible again, and Saturn goes retro grade. So we do want to be more cautious when Saturn is retrograde, because whenever a planet is retrograde they, it is a bit stronger and we can feel the more negative effects of that planet.

And Saturn is already a planet that has a tendency to have more . Facts if we aren’t in the flow of the the Saturn energies, which is Saturn rules, it rules any rules and restrictions and government and and work career. Just really putting forth. Like I said, that when I was talking about Venus square Saturn, that, that daily effort like Saturn only gives rewards whenever you make the effort, Saturn is definitely the, it’s the opposite of luck.

It’s hard work. And so Saturn retrograde can they can make it, the hard work of it a bit harder and take longer. Saturn is the father of time. So in going retro grade, it can take things can take even longer. So it teaches patients. And with mercury invisible, which mercury is invisible about 88% of the time, but I’m going invisible on the solstice does predict what the next three months is going to be like.

And with Saturn going retrograde there to Saturn will be retrograde for about five months. So we we are going to have to be more meticulous. Just really take our time and be patient with things and do the hard work. And then we’ll get rewarded whenever Saturn goes visible again, if we do it right.

And then June 23rd, Venus goes, moves from John I and into cancer. We’ll find more. More happiness whenever we spend more time at home during that cycle. And with our family, June 23rd and VenaSeal state stays in assigned for about three weeks. And then we have a full moon, June 24th in Sagittarius, and that full moon, when you look at that full moon chart really quick.


So the full moon in Sagittarius is it’s actually, it’s been helpful aspect with Jupiter. Jupiter is actually stationing. Jupiter will be the strongest planet in the sky at that time being an Aquarius and being on the fixed star of spirituality and Aquarius formal hot. So that full moon will feel what will be supported during that time is as any kind of art and spirituality, anything like that.

So I highly recommend that being your focus during those days, the day before, during and after the full moon. If you have any spiritual practice that feels really expansive to you, then that’s going to feel really good. It’s going to help us, and it’s going to help you in the next cycle, which is during the next month of that cycle.


I feel like we’re four days into this cycle and you’ve already dropped so much. Yeah. I know. Taking furious notes, watch out for Saturn, work harder, be patient, be meticulous. Do June 23rd for three weeks be at home with the family. And then, for those three days around the full moon, do a meditation, do some witchcraft, do some art.

You see what I mean, everyone listening. If you take notes about these things, you can write it on your calendar. On June 23rd, I want to do an art project or I want to cast a spell or that’s why, this is so practical and applicable. Yeah, so that, that full moon, you can totally do some work around your beliefs, around the beliefs of others.

Foreign travel and foreigners will be highlighted. So definitely take advantage of that full moon it’s going to be, it’s going to be a beautiful full moon and then let’s see. Yeah, Jupiter goes retro grade right after that. And with that fixed star, some hot, so that’ll be a really strong period between that full moon and that Jupiter retrograde like about June 23rd to 26 ish.

And even a couple of days after that Yeah, a beautiful time for art and spirituality. So June 28th, mercury goes visible again as a morning star. And mercury as a morning star is also more artistic. So that’s, if you know anything about your Greek mythology, that would be, that would represent the God Apollo in the sky.

And he’s the one who he basically, he gave Hermes astrology. So he’s like the it’s the higher mind it represents the higher mind and connection with God or with God consciousness. My career will be visible then June 28th. And with that fixed star regale, which I I think I mentioned earlier was the point of the eclipse.

And the star of of money, that’s it’s a star of money. It’s on the horn of the bull and tourists. And so a lot of research will be supported too. During that time when mercury goes visible, it’s definitely a good time to do your research when mercury is invisible. You can reach your reach at research can be a little deceptive.

So there’s a lot of there’s a lot of mixed information out there, of course, as we all know. So really take a look at when and you can actually see in the sky, you can go outside and look in the sky when mercury is visible or invisible. So mark will be coming invisible as visible as a Morningstar around June 28th, depending on where you are in the world.

So June can be pretty unpredictable. Because of these eclipses that just passed. So I wouldn’t take any important initiatives during that unpredictable month of June. I would wait for July for anything like that. And yeah. And definitely, and continue to be careful of any poisons because later in the year, we’re going to be feeling the effects of the other two eclipses later in the year, too.

And any, anything use your discernment really do your research during the visible mercury times. And because these eclipses on the tail of the scorpion later this year can trigger illness or death brought on by poisons taken in months prior. So just really be discerning with your research and be careful of the poisons.

And don’t be try not to be driven by fear. And July eight mercury goes into Gemini where mercury loves to be. So with mercury visible in Gemini, July eight, communication is really supported and at an all time high pretty much probably the whole year, I think. Yeah. So during your research during this month of July, you’re going to be, you’re going to be really supported, especially early July, mid July.

And then we have a new moon, July 10th at six degrees cancer. Whenever I say new moon. Whenever we see that first sliver of the moon appear in the sky after the dark moon period. The couple of days leading up to July 10th is a good time to go within and really not a good time to start initiatives when the moon is conjunct.

The sun is so the mainstream astrologer is called the moon conjunct sun, the new moon, but the moon is still black and dark and invisible and hidden. So it’s, you really do want to wait until you can see that first sliver of the moon. And that should be the evening of July 10th over here in America, in the U S and in cancer.

So that can really trigger our emotions and we can set our new intentions. And start new endeavors as far as being in the home and how we feel at home and where we want our home to be at our home land even. So wherever you live really take care to just be mindful of that. And July 14th, Venus is conjunct Mars in the sky.

So Venus and Mars are lovers. So that can be a benevolent time for lovers, July 14th. And that again is in cancer. This is cancer season. The time to be at home and with family and near the home is really good and auspicious. And it’s going to please a lot of our desires. So July 17th, the sun goes into cancer.

And then July 18th, Venus goes into Leo and and that’s the place of let me backtrack to cancer with that new moon in cancer. That’s also in a Nebula. So that time leading up to that new moon a couple of days before that July eight to nine, third, 10th and with the moon and sun being in the Nebula of cancer our emotions can actually feel in life can feel pretty nebulous in a way.

So it could, which is a Nebula. And the sky is it’s like a cloud like a cloud of stars in a sense. So be careful of clouded judgment, even though mercury is in Gemini. We’ll probably get our most our mind will probably work better after that new moon, after that July 10th demon.

So it’s still, it’s a good time to do that research, but don’t come to any definite conclusions until after that new moon. Let’s see, we were we were looking when we have, where we go into Leo season, which is July 18th when Venus goes into Leo and 22nd, when Mars goes into Leo. So there’ll be traveling together in the sky which is auspicious for lovers and for balancing the masculine and feminine.

So after they were conjuncture together, In their home, in the sign of the home in cancer, July 17th or 14th, I’m sorry, July 14th and John Mars and Venus. And then so that would be a good time for making new commitments as far as relationships and business. And for, for going on dates, that sort of thing, July 14th to the 22nd dish, those are good times for that.

And then we have the full moon in Capricorn on July 23rd and. I’m going to take a look at that chart and see what that’s going to trigger.

So that July 24th full moon is with it’s with Saturn, which is actually the strongest planet in the sky at this time, because it is opposing the sun, which means it’s at the acronym. Comical rise. Which is in phase of phase as opposing the sun. So the sun is, and the moon are like super powering this Saturn and Capricorn.

So we may feel, it may feel oppressive just these few days when the moon is there with Saturn. We may have some reality checks. That’s a great time to have your reality checks. If it doesn’t bring that about on its own, just go ahead and plan to just take a hard, good, hard look at what’s going on in, especially your work and home life for everyone.

And especially those who have any any prominent point sun, moon, or ascendant, or mid-heaven. In cancer or Capricorn, which if you’re looking at the I’m looking at the side real side real chart. And if you are looking at tropical than dots, usually about 85% of the time, that would be the the Leo and Aquarius axis in tropical.

So yeah, let me see what’s happening. That was July 24th and then mercury will go invisible. And in cancer, when the sun goes into that cancer Nebula, right after that July 25th. Mercury does not, especially like being in cancer because mercury is a fast moving planet and cancer is very slow and watery and emotional and going invisible. So again, this is a great time to start writing about, really clearing any emotional clutter starting July 25th and probably until America, Rico’s visible again at some point later, but let’s see.

And then with the sun and that cancer Nebula we can feel confused. It can be a time of confusion. And during this time, whenever mercury is invisible or we’ve got prominent planets in a Nebula, then. Sometimes we may feel like we are very sure of ourselves and we really know what’s best.

But later we can find that, that we were under a spell of an illusion and that would be those nebulous and regular invisible times. So August 1st Maurice will go invisible conjunct Regulus. So we may see those who are in higher position a falling from their high positions in a sense.

So those who are rulers of nations. And this is actually a with Mars. Mars is not a very auspicious planet. Mars is Mars is the sign of the ego and and money Evolent intention or the planet of ego and when Evelyn intention. Of course we all have Mars, we all need ego, but this is invisible Mars, which is just like a hidden, like hidden aggressions and hidden ill intent put upon by conjunct the star Regulus, which is the star of royalty.

So put upon by those who are in higher power. So we may see those coming to a fall or a more, could be hidden from us that we don’t see as far as in the in the hierarchy from our perspective. And it’s going to be squaring the nodes of the moon. Opposing Neptune and Jupiter with Saturn at its strongest time at the Chronicle set setting pleasing the sun.

So what that means is beginning of August and may and even late July we may let’s see, how do I put it?

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Don’t believe everything that you see in the media and try not to pass quick judgment because there’s going to, there will be more deception as far as that goes. Anything that you can actually see on a screen maybe deceptive and and with Saturn at its strongest at that time.

I do want to say that Saturn. On January 20th, Saturn hit the horns of the goat, which is the most safe tannic spot in the Zodiac. So January 20th basically marked a time when I would say satanic influences came into power, but these are always destined to fall. They don’t last, so that’s good news, but what’s going on this year is that there’s a lot of deception in our and we are being tested this year.

It’s a year of resilience. Whatever is not resilient in our lives is going through a. Everything is going through a test to see what is resilient. So as far as our finances, our career, our relationships everything. So whatever’s resilient, not resilient is needs to be removed. It’s a good time this year to find what is resilient and how can we make our lives more resilient rather than looking outside of our ourselves and depending on a system to support us, because it’s not a resilient system.

That’s if it is, for example, depending on the government to take care of us and them to keep providing stimulus checks and have everything be, just given to us and, have big brother take care of us or our parents take care of us. That’s not resilient.

That’s not long lasting. So we do want to we want to go into having a more resilient state of mind, more resilient life and relationships and finances this year, and this is going to come up even stronger in August. Be aware of that. And it’s nothing to be afraid of. It’s just, some of us need to make changes and the universe is wise and loving.

You’re always going to be supported in this as long as you, as long as you are trusting in that higher power and see August 7th. Pluto retrograde Pluto. Pluto has been retrograde for awhile since may, we’ll go into Sagittarius. We may see our beliefs being tested even more. So Pluto will unearth what what we may not like to see, but on earth, the truth, regardless, as far as our beliefs go.

And as far as dark beliefs go, that would be like the dark side of Sagittarius. Is that my way is the only way as far as the beliefs go, right? Or really respecting other’s beliefs and being open to alternative beliefs and that others beliefs may be true for them, even though they’re not true for you.

And that’s okay. So backtracking into Sagittarius one last time. Pluto goes August 7th. And then we have the new moon on August 9th. That goes, that’ll be in Leo with Mars. And of course that’s an invisible Mars, so it’s gonna trigger even more. We’re going to see even more of what I just explained during that new moon, it’s a good time to

we really take care of our bodies and our egos and really go within and have a good ego check within ourselves. Everyone has an ego and we just have to make sure it’s not running the show, so that’s a good time for that. And for and when Mars is invisible, also, it’s a good time to take care of extra care of our bodies.

And watch out for I don’t know, hidden sharp objects is what comes to mind for me, Mars rules needles and blades and things like that. So hopefully you do want to watch out for those types of things. And you know what I’m talking about this year, there is normally I would not that wouldn’t come to mind so much in this day and age but this year it is in the forefront.

Yeah. I know exactly what you’re talking about. We’ll let our listeners read between the lines there, but I know exactly what you’re talking about. So yeah. And then mercury will go visible again as an evening star conjunct, Regulus, August 11th. So that is a good time to start coming into kind of an, a higher power as far as your mind goes a good time to come out and really take a leadership role Regulus as a star of leadership.

It’s good time for us to take a leadership role after all this nebulous time of us going, doing all this in our work. If we did intentionally do this inner work during these times that I explained, then whenever mercury becomes visible again, conjunct Regulus, then those of us who have done that are really going to be in a good leadership position.

So our minds will be in communication in this place of leadership and royalty so we ask ourselves if I was queen, what would I do if I was king, what would I do? Like a malevolent benevolent clean, benevolent kind of royalty how would I serve?

So that’s really Royalty is supposed to in its most upright position to be in a place of service to others. So that’s a question to ask ourselves and to, and that’s greatly supported right at that time. So yeah. So then Venus goes into Virgo, August 12th and out of cancer and now out of Leo and into Virgo.

And so this is the time to be more discerning in relationships and especially with dating new people time to know where we’re going to be more critical and picky and more discerning in relationships, but be careful not to pick someone apart to death. So be careful of the dark side of Virgo, which is, really yeah, taking them apart and being overly critical.

So August 19th mercury will be conjunction visible Mars. So it’ll be contract, we’ll be triggering that Mars in the sky and invisible Mars. So we’ll be able to see probably more of what’s going on behind the scenes, as far as the the more aggressive and egotistical energies go. So that’ll come to the forefront of our minds.

We’ll be able to actually see that without visible mercury conjunction with Walmart. Can you elaborate on seeing what’s going on behind the scenes of aggressive and egotistical energy? Yeah so it kinda, it sheds a bit of a light on so invisible Mars, 10. Tend to note the dark side of ego energy energies, basically.

So we are going to be able to be more discerning and maybe see things that we didn’t see before, as far as that goes. Does that make more sense? It’s still ambiguous, but sure.

So for example, you may, Tiffany is during that time and big aha moments as far as like your own and our ego conflicts go and with others in relationship with others. So I think that’s what that means. Okay. Yeah. And then we’ll have a full moon on August 22nd in Aquarius with Jupiter. So just like that that Newman that we had, I think it was a new moon.

I talked about Jupiter conjunct from our hot, so yeah, so Jupiter still there since Jupiter’s slow moving right now in retro grade and the sun will be with Regulus, the full moon will be opposed Regulus. So it will be on that access with that fixed star pharma hot, which is a very spiritual, a high spiritual star and then a opposing Regulus, which is the star of leadership.

So they are leadership stars. So for example, the star FOMO hot is isn’t the sacred waters of Aquarius and pouring. Like the most sacred spot on the whole Zodiac right there. And it’s the star of the high priests or the high priestess. And so that full moon on August 22nd in Aquarius with Jupiter, there is going to it’s going to expand on it’s a really positive energy, even though Jupiter’s Rancho grade during that time, Jupiter’s still not, Jupiter is a benevolent planet and Jupiter blesses us.

We can be the only downside of Jupiter is that we can be overly overly optimistic sometimes, or feel like that we’re like really a lot luckier than we really are sometimes. But again, that’s all based on your perspective, right? That’s a great time during that full moon to I would say to really celebrate and to celebrate being in leadership roles, being being higher minded and or going towards that even more in our life, August 23rd, right after that is Jupiter’s in a strong opposition to the sun still in that Chronicle setting.

So we’re going to feel that on the full moon too. So yeah that’s going to be a really good energy during that time to, I think whatever we start doing, if we full moons aren’t always the best time to start something. It can, because it can be a little bit unpredictable, but if you’re feeling brave, Which did you put her can make you feel brave?

That full moon is a good time on August 22nd to, to start something that has a lot of potential. And if you’re not normally a lucky person, I wouldn’t depend on Jupiter totally for this. But if you do find that luck is off often in your favor, then definitely start something new during that time.

And let’s see. And then September 5th, we have Venus conjunct, the fixed star speaker, which is a star of the high of the of the artist, but also the scientists. So it’s a very spiritual star on its another priestly star training and a really positive aspect of Jupiter Saturn. So Venus there. So anything artistic, any artistic endeavors that you may involved in being involved in or that you may, yeah, that’s a great time for those types of things.

It’s a good time for any art or spirituality. And we do want to be careful because Venus is squaring Pluto at that time. So we want to be careful of being overly obsessive with our work or our relationships or controlling. So be careful of that. But that’s, that’ll pass quickly. And then we have a new moon in Virgo.

That’ll be the last new moon of the summer. At four degrees Virgo with invisible Mars. So again, that’s that first new sliver of the moon, and we can start any new endeavors as far as I would say. That’s a great time to start something as far as bettering your health or your body or any new healing modalities.

That would be a really good time for that to explore new healing modalities and begin those. And September eight, invisible Maras goes into Virgo, which

Mars likes being in Leo better than Virgos. So this is going to slow down the Mars energies and I thought also, again, it’s still a great time to really honor our body and a great time to for more scientific research even. Yeah. And then we have the full moon in Pisces, September 20th at four degrees Pisces.

So this is a good time to actually give back to others for any charitable work. Pisces is the sign of charity and giving back and that full moon you really using that full moon to do that is gonna, I was going to bless you going forward in all areas of your life. And we do it with the intention of blessing others and whatever we do for others is going to happen.

It’s going to come back to us times 10 or some say times a thousand, so that’s September 20th in Pisces and yeah. So I think that’s all I have to say about that because that’s a really great place to end as far as the transits go. Yeah, that takes us right up to the fall Equinox. Yeah.

That’s exciting. Wow. I took three full front and back pages of notes. Yeah. I’m so excited. I have all these things written down and I’m going to add them to my calendar. And this is how I make astrology applicable to. My real life. I’m a very analytical, very give me something tangible to do kind of person.

And so this is very tangible for me to do is I can say, what was it like from July 14th to the 22nd, you’re like, I’ll just put it on my calendar, go on a date, yeah. Yeah this was awesome, Tammy. And as always, I want to encourage our listeners to definitely take what we talk about here.

Like generally. But also to book a reading with you, because you will tell them things about themselves that no one else could know. At least that has been my experience. And I want to encourage everyone. Please do reach out to her. She’s really fantastic to work with. I’ve personally benefited from working with her and I don’t ever plan on making a big decision in my life without consulting astrology again, because it’s just been that helpful and healing for me. So thank you Tammy, for being here.

My pleasure, Lindsay. Thank you for having me. We’ll see you again in the fall. All right. 📍 Did you enjoy the show? Awesome. Here’s what you can do next first. Make sure you’re subscribed second. I really appreciate it. If you took a few moments to rate the podcast, finally, you can partner with me to keep putting this healing information into the world for just $5 per month. You will help keep the show ad free and freely available. If you want to go deeper and connect with me and other trauma healers in community, I invite you to join the trauma healer circle. This community is where the magic happens. You get access to bonus podcast.

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