Episode 107: WEBS OF TRUTH — Responsibility in Coaching from the Perspective of Coach & Client with Kat Lee

Webs of Truth is a monthly sub-podcast of The Rooted Business Podcast with Spiritual Business Mentor Kat Lee and the Holistic Trauma Healing Podcast with Holistic Trauma Educator Lindsey Lockett.

In this conversation, Kat and Lindsey explore the concept of responsibility from both the perspective of coach and client by examining the emotional wounds our clients have carried from past coaching experiences. This is a nuanced discussion that asks us to intentionally dissect how we hold space, invite questions and uphold boundaries to create transparency and safety for our clients.

As trauma-informed coaches ourselves, we firmly believe in empowering clients to see the coach’s role as a guide, not an authority figure. You’ll hear us drawing upon examples from our own experiences as practitioners to share how we embody this energy of guide. We hope to inspire you to think about how you too can create a similar culture of trust that your clients can sink into.