Episode 106: WEBS OF TRUTH… On Authenticity with Kat Lee

Lindsey is joined by returning guest Kat HoSoo Lee to explore authenticity as a pathway to having our needs met. This conversation was sparked by the requests from Lindsey’s and Kat’s Instagram audiences of, “How do you show up authentically online??”

Many of us have lost touch with our Authentic selves in pursuit of attachment, influenced by childhood experiences and cultural expectations. In this episode, Lindsey and Kat share insights on balancing needs in relationships and explain how authenticity can help us meet our needs while maintaining connection. They share personal anecdotes to illustrate their personal journeys of self-discovery.

Lindsey and Kat uncover how reclaiming authenticity and sovereignty, exploring and actualizing our desires, and giving ourselves permission to follow our passions can empower us on this journey. They discuss the power of reclaiming their own given names and discuss this reclamation as a potent tool for self-identification and fulfilling one’s purpose in this lifetime. As coaches with online presences, Lindsey and Kat discuss the importance of cultivating reciprocity online and overcoming the fear of visibility and accompanying judgment. As they challenge the archetype of The Good Girl, they demonstrate the transformative power of authenticity to inspire you on your own journey of reclamation, self-discovery, resilience, self-love, and self-trust.

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