Nervous System Hygiene (Group Coaching)


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If you purchased a ticket to my Nervous System 101 Workshop, Nervous System Hygiene is Action Step #1.

And, to make Nervous System Hygiene as accessible and affordable as possible, I’m going to knock $222 off the price because you invested in NSYS101!

Q: Lindsey, if you’re not a licensed therapist, how can you teach these nervous system skills?

I show you my own Nervous System Hygiene Practices and invite you to try them for yourself. I’m also teaching to a group, so I am not customizing anything for you. You’re the one who’ll do the customizing! You ALWAYS have sovereignty, though. If something feels unsafe or you’re not interested, you are under no obligation to try it out.

Q: I have a disability that limits or impedes my mobility. Will I benefit from Nervous System Hygiene?

Great question! To be totally transparent, I am not trained in adapting nervous system skills for disabled bodies. Most of the practices I demonstrate in this group program are going to be adaptable (like sitting in a chair instead of standing). Some of the practices I demonstrate are done lying down. So, if you feel comfortable adapting things to your own level of ability and can do so safely, then yes, I believe Nervous System Hygiene will be beneficial for you. You’re also more than welcome to ask your own healthcare providers, therapists, etc. to help you adapt any of the practices you’re most interested in to your ability.

Q: Is Nervous System Hygiene basically just meditation, shaking, and cold plunges?

Not at all. I’m going to be demonstrating a wide variety of nervous system skills and regulating tools that you can pick and choose from to create your own practice. In fact, I won’t be demonstrating or suggesting meditation at all!

Q: What if I feel triggered or emotionally flooded during this program?

Your safety is my #1 priority, so if anything I demonstrate feels triggering to you, you have complete control over your level of participation. Nervous System Hygiene helps you build the skill of listening to your body, so it’s important to stop or slow down any time your body is saying NO. I honor your personal choice and sovereignty. You’re in the driver’s seat of your own Nervous System Hygiene Practice.


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