Episode 92: Emotional Freedom Technique for the Nervous System with Theresa Lear Levine

In this episode with EFT practitioner and teacher Theresa Lear Levine, we…

  • share how Theresa found EFT after struggling to figure out how to be more successful, recover from perfectionism, live with ADHD and high-functioning anxiety, and navigate “normal” life traumas like childhood, divorce, re-marriage, and more
  • discuss EFT as a combination of modern psychology and ancient Chinese medicine 
  • share how Theresa initially felt she didn’t have “severe enough” trauma to benefit from EFT and how she changed her mind
  • talk about the “borrowed benefits” of EFT, such as more energy and regulating the nervous system
  • give the background of EFT tapping and share its efficacy for things like past trauma, bothersome memories, future worries, anxiety, physical symptoms, and more
  • share the benefits of EFT specifically for the nervous system
  • answer the question, “Is there anything EFT doesn’t ‘work’ for?”
  • discuss EFT as a possible tool for Lindsey’s chronic psoas muscle pain and for our clients with health anxiety
  • share how Theresa uses EFT to address past traumas, even the stuff from our past we think doesn’t really matter that much
  • talk about how to use EFT tapping to get off the “Hamster Wheel of Wellness”
  • dabble in a little bit of conversation about EFT for ADHD


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