Episode 22: Birth Trauma & Hope for Healing with Diana Tayan

brith trauma expert Diana Tayan

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Birth trauma happens in 1 out of 3 births, so why are we not informed about birth trauma?

In this powerful episode with birth trauma expert Diana Tayan, we explore the commonality of birth trauma, obstetric violence, the lack of education about birth trauma, and how birth trauma can absolutely be healed.

brith trauma expert Diana Tayan

Diana is a writer, speaker, and podcast host. She is the co-founder of Healing Birth, a perinatal support organization dedicated to supporting women in various ways who have experienced birth trauma. Diana is trained with birthing from within as a birth story listener and offers. One-on-one nonclinical support to mothers who seek her help to process their birth experiences. Diana’s passion and commitment for this work comes from her own personal experience with a traumatic birth, it’s aftermath and ultimately her healing. She is the mother of two sons and was with her family on Kauai, Hawaii.

Show Notes

In this episode, Diana Tayan and I…

  • share what birth trauma and how common it is (1 in 3 births)
  • discuss obstetric violence as a large contributor to birth trauma
  • speculate on postpartum depression as a symptom of birth trauma
  • discuss the lack of education about birth trauma
  • discuss the many ways in which women respond to birth trauma and the emotional, physical, and mental consequences birth trauma can have
  • share the importance of somatic healing of birth trauma
  • discuss secondary trauma experienced by dads, non-male partners, midwives, and doulas who attend births
  • share resources for processing and healing birth trauma