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Do you feel like you’re on the right track in your journey, but something still feels like it’s missing?

Do you struggle to talk to your real-life friends or family about what you’ve been through and how you’re healing yourself?

Does talking to your therapist or psychologist feel cold and sterile?

If we learned nothing else from 2020, I hope it taught us the importance of COMMUNITY.

And let’s face it, doing “the work” can be lonely.

We need other humans to

  • co-regulate with
  • activate our mirror neurons to feel safe
  • bounce ideas off of
  • share their healing stories so we know it’s possible for us too!

And boy, is it ever hard these days to have a genuine conversation with real-life humans who don’t think we’re weird when we want to bypass all the surface-level BS and get straight into restorative, deep, healing relationship and conversation!

I have a fix for that…

I created my online community, The Trauma Healers Circle, to give you a space to go deeper and connect with others on your Holistic Trauma Healing journey.

Calling my online community a Circle was an intentional word choice.

Circles have been used as sacred symbols in spiritual traditions for thousands of years. Circles have no beginning and no end; they’re not linear (kinda like the healing journey).

Sitting around a circular table, everyone is equal and everyone’s voice matters. Circles are non-hierarchical. In fact, I don’t even consider myself to be the leader of The Circle; I simply created the container.

Think about the shape of safe spaces… someone’s arms wrapped around you in a hug, the womb, sitting in a circle around a campfire… they’re all circles.

Circles allow for expansion and flow while also providing boundaries and a container for growth.

The Trauma Healers Circle is the place to dive deeper down the rabbit hole of Holistic Trauma Healing so you can gain more insights and add tools to your trauma-healing toolbox.

Your Trauma Healers Circle membership includes…

  • 2 bonus podcast episodes every month
  • a monthly group coaching call to connect, share, ask questions, learn cool stuff, and build community with other trauma-healers
  • a private community forum off social media
  • immediate access to the archive of bonus podcasts and past group coaching calls
  • access to my course Belief Beyond the Binary (a $797 value!) + any other courses I create in the future
  • & I’m ALWAYS thinking up new ways to make The Circle more valuable, connected, and supportive for you!

Most importantly, you’ll find your people — people who are willing to be vulnerable and are excited to talk all things Inner Child, woo woo spiritual stuff, consciousness, ancestral healing, boundaries, and MORE!

Join now for $29/month!

Trauma Healers Circle FAQs

Who is this for?

  • anyone looking for practical teachings and trauma-healing tools inside the container of genuine community
  • anyone who finds it difficult to talk about “this stuff” with your IRL friends or family
  • anyone needing connection to other folks who are holistically healing their stuff too

Why is The Circle not a Facebook group?

I chose to take the Circle off social media platforms and host it on my own website for a few reasons…

  • social media platforms are GREAT for building audiences, but not communities
  • we all need less social media in our lives, not more
  • the content can’t be censored, “fact-checked”, or taken down

I also have a genuine disdain for Facebook, so it isn’t in alignment for me to use Facebook as the container for my healing community.

Is the Trauma Healers Circle available around the world?

Yep! All you need is an Internet connection to access our community forum, bonus podcast episodes, monthly calls, and courses!

I’ve just started my healing journey. Can I still join?

Absolutely! No matter what stage of your journey you’re at, you’re welcome in our community!

What’s the cancellation policy?

You can cancel at any time, no questions asked. No refunds are issued, but you will not be billed again once you cancel. However, I value feedback and will likely ask you for your feedback if/when you cancel. No pressure to give feedback though!

How do I know my privacy will be respected?

I am committed to your privacy and have a strict, no-tolerance policy for violations of people’s privacy, including screenshots of community forum conversations. If such behavior is discovered, that member will be removed from The Circle immediately. I also encourage Circle members to only share what feels safe to share. There’s no need to tell us every nitty gritty detail of your life in order to heal.

Are there any off-limits topics in The Circle?

Nope, you’re allowed to talk about it all. Trauma is messy and scary, but we have to be willing to go to the hard places to heal. Everyone must go at their own pace and comfort level, always seeking to widen the window of tolerance, even just a little.

Still, certain topics (ie. sexual trauma, physical abuse, chronic illness) can be triggering. Please do not feel like you need to engage with every topic. But, for those who are choosing to “go there”, we will not censor them or ask them to censor themselves.

How much does it cost?


My course, Belief Beyond the Binary, is valued at $797 and it’s included in your membership. At $29/month, it would take you 2 years and 3 months to pay for just that course! AND you’re receiving bonus podcasts, a monthly group coaching call, and our community forum on top of Belief Beyond the Binary!

Join The Circle NOW!